The world’s first permanently preserved ski jumping platform "Feitian" appeared!

  On October 31, 2019, Shougang ski jumping platform was completed as the first new competition venue in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

  The track structure of Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is 164 meters long, the track width varies from 10 meters to 30 meters from top to bottom, the highest point of modeling is 60 meters, and the height of athletes’ starting area is 48 meters. The track is mainly divided into four parts: the sliding aid area, the take-off platform, the landing slope and the terminal area. The main structure of the platform is steel frame, with about 4,100 tons of steel, all of which are made by Shougang. Among them, the fire-resistant and weather-resistant steel independently developed by Shougang and complete sets of technology are applied to the referee tower structure for the first time, and the steel plates, supporting welding materials and bolts used have strong fire resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

  On October 12, 2021, officials of the International Snow Federation made the last site inspection on Shougang ski platform before the Winter Olympics, and inspected the venue safety protection system, snowmaking system, competition organization function room, general sports equipment, etc., and evaluated the venue streamline design, regional division, technical support, mountain operation and secondary molding preparation. After the inspection, officials of the International Snow Federation spoke highly of the construction and preparation of the venue.

  Song Jiaye, deputy director of the Urban Venue Construction Department of the Beijing Major Project Construction Headquarters Office, said that Shougang Ski Platform is the first newly-built venue completed in the Beijing Division of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and it is also the only snow competition venue. It will host the ski platform competition of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and four gold medals will be produced here during the Beijing Winter Olympics. After the Winter Olympics, it will become the world’s first permanently reserved and used ski platform venue, a professional sports competition and training venue, and open to the public for mass leisure and fitness activities.

  The image of the world’s first permanently preserved ski jumping platform "Flying" was officially unveiled.

  Shougang ski jumping platform consists of three parts: the track, the referee tower and the stand area. The 164-meter-long track is 34 meters wide at its widest point and 60 meters high at its highest point. The form of the competition is as follows: the players rapidly descend from a height, take off from a big platform, and perform high-altitude somersaults, gyrations and other technical actions.

  The design of the ski jumping platform of Shougang incorporated the element of "flying" in Dunhuang murals, a very famous world cultural heritage in China. The meaning of "flying" and the English word "Big Air" in the ski jumping platform project both have the meaning of leaping and flying into the air, and the curve of flying ribbon is very consistent with the curve of Shougang ski jumping platform, and the shape of the building is very beautiful and smooth. Therefore, Shougang ski jumping platform is named after "Snow Flying". The design of the gradient color of the big platform is inspired by the emblem of the Winter Olympics, and there are 24 colors from blue to yellow.

  Shougang ski jumping platform started in December 2018 and was completed on October 31, 2019. The construction period is less than one year, and the renovation time is very urgent. In just over 300 days, the builders turned it from a drawing into a physical object, from a design concept into a reality, which not only met the needs of the competition, but also took into account many factors such as space, function, structure and safety, and built an unprecedented ski jumping platform that was permanently reserved and used.

  Perfect Transformation of Industrial Heritage The concept of "sustainability" runs through the Olympic Games.

  Shougang ski jumping platform is located in the north area of Shougang old industrial park. The original Shougang power generation main building, cooling tower and original Shougang oxygen plant are distributed in turn from north to south. Adhering to the concept of "sustainable development" of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, choosing the address of ski jumping platform in Shougang Park is to make full use of the old factory buildings and industrial structures in Shougang around the big jumping platform for repair and transformation, so as to meet the functions of competition, broadcast and audience service in the Winter Olympics.

  It is understood that the original cooling pump station in Shougang’s old factory area will be transformed into a ticket inspection and security hall and an event management office area during the Winter Olympics, and will be transformed into a multi-functional comprehensive building after the games to provide supporting services for the future Shougang Ski Jumping Platform Sports Park; The old main oxygen plant was transformed into a comprehensive service building during the Winter Olympics.

  The relevant person in charge of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. introduced that Shougang ski jumping platform fully considered the industrial heritage value of the old factory building, reformed and reused the original industrial factory building of Shougang, and carefully designed and built it into a supporting service facility for the Beijing Winter Olympics, realizing the effective transformation and perfect combination of industrial heritage and the Winter Olympics venue.

  Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is backed by an attached building transformed from an industrial cooling tower, with Shijingshan and Yongding River as the natural background, which will become a representative landscape of the perfect integration of Beijing’s old industrial site culture and Olympic culture. At the same time, it will also promote the landscape integration of the surrounding areas, which will become a wonderful landscape center in the western part of the city both during and after the games. This practice has been unanimously affirmed by the International Olympic Committee and the International Snow Federation, and it is also a vivid practice of the sustainable concept of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Innovating and breaking through variable profile technology to help all-season utilization

  Shougang and Tsinghua Architectural Research Institute jointly carried out the national key R&D plan "Technology Research on Track Conversion, Sharing and Facilities Utilization in All Seasons", and conducted in-depth research on the sustainable utilization of the big platform track after the game. The track variable profile is in the inclined platform area of Shougang platform — — An area with a length of about 36 meters, a width of about 14 meters and a maximum height difference of about 3.5 meters is built with about 1,100 modules, so that the curved surface of the track is changed, and the rapid switching between the snowboarding platform and the freestyle skiing aerial skill track is realized. According to the conversion requirements, it can be built repeatedly, saving costs and practicing the concept of sustainable use of venues.

  Shougang ski platform is the world’s first permanently reserved platform competition venue and the only snow venue in Beijing. In order to expand the influence of the big platform project, the International Olympic Committee confirmed in July 2018 that the freestyle ski platform competition was added to the Shougang ski platform. Therefore, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, there will be two competitions, snowboarding and freestyle big air, in Shougang ski platform, which will produce four gold medals, two for men and two for women. Beijing Winter Olympics is the second Olympic Games to host this event and the first permanent track for this event.

  After the game, we will serve the mass movement and dedicate a "sports theme park" to the Winter Olympics.

  The relevant person in charge of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the ski jumping platform is the most popular sport among young urban groups in the Winter Olympics and the World Skiing Championships. The venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics was selected in the central city of Beijing and settled in Shougang Park, hoping to perfectly combine this unique event with our urban culture and further promote urban renewal and development through the Olympics. However, the utilization of the ski platform in Shougang was fully considered at the beginning of design and construction. After the Winter Olympics, the ski platform can realize rapid transformation.

  It is understood that the Shougang ski jumping platform started construction at the end of December 2018, and was officially delivered in November 2019. In December of the same year, the International Class A World Cup was held, which perfectly completed the first show after the completion of the venue and won unanimous praise from the International Snow Federation and athletes from all over the world. In 2020, Shougang Ski Jumping Platform held the "2021 Winter Olympics Global New Year’s Ice and Snow Festival" and BTV New Year Countdown. After the Winter Olympics, the venue can host sports competitions of big platform events at home and abroad, and become a training venue for professional athletes and sports teams, a training base for young reserve talents, and a training base for event managers, which will directly serve the promotion of ice and snow sports in China.

  At the same time, the water outlet was reserved during the construction of the track, and the big platform can not only ski, but also be transformed into more projects such as water skiing and grass skiing according to demand in the future. In the sports square and audience area under the ski jumping platform, the builder has specially set up an "atmosphere lighting" system, which will bring the audience a completely different experience from traditional events in the future, and at the same time, it can also hold large-scale activities such as concerts … … A development model of urban renewal driven by Olympic heritage is being popularized.

  (CCTV reporter Xu Mengzhe Zheng Xinyu Ren Shengyuan)