He suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood and typed with the tip of his tongue against his lips. His science fiction was shortlisted for the grand prize.

Cctv news: Chen Weiqi is an online writer whose pen name is Lobster from Heaven. At the age of 35, it took him ten years to complete a 210,000-word novel "Advanced Life", which was also shortlisted for the 10th Global Chinese Science Fiction Xingyun Award earlier this month.

Chen Weiqi suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood and typed with the tip of his tongue against his lips. His science fiction was shortlisted for the grand prize. When his hands can’t knock on the keyboard, he types with the tip of his tongue against his lips and writes one literary work after another. Although he didn’t finish junior high school, it didn’t stop the "supplies" given to him by active thinking and reading enthusiasm.

At the beginning of this month, the 10th Global Chinese Science Fiction Xingyun Award announced the shortlist of works. Among the best novels, Chen Weiqi’s work "Advanced Life" was among them. Some netizens who are familiar with him lamented that Chen Weiqi’s creative experience itself is an extraordinary advanced process of life.

Chen Weiqi, who suffers from cerebral palsy and can’t stand and walk, can only move his left and right little fingers with his hands. He didn’t finish junior high school. He taught himself by surfing the Internet and wrote works of nearly one million words.

Can’t type with both hands, can’t pronounce clearly, and can’t use voice input. Chen Weiqi has explored a special typing method.

Once, Chen Weiqi tried to click on the keyboard with the only movable left little finger, but this method didn’t work because the arm was out of control. He simply tried all his five senses. His nose is too short and his chin is too large. Typing with his mouth biting chopsticks will make his mouth water … …

Finally, he finally found that typing with the tip of his tongue against his lips, although not fast, could last longer. So, with this method, he sat in front of the computer for more than ten hours every day and clicked the keyboard thousands of times with the tip of his tongue and lips to try to finish his writing.

Chen weiqiIf it hurts, you owe your ass a little. If it hurts on the left, push it slightly to the right. If it hurts on the right, push it harder on the left.

In Chen Weiqi’s science fiction, most of the protagonists can break through their own limitations through scientific and technological means, explore the universe and fight against evil forces, which may be pinning his desire to get rid of the real illness.

For ordinary people, it is natural and simple to control their body movements; For Chen Wei, this is an almost impossible luxury. Because he had cerebral palsy since childhood, he barely learned to walk at the age of seven, but he always had active thinking in his memory.

However, during the first summer vacation, his illness was aggravated by a sudden high fever, and he was bedridden for the next two years. At that time, he felt more desperate than ever. However, with strong willpower, his body gradually changed. Finally, one day, he sat up from the bed and began to teach himself junior high school courses. In 2001, he asked his family to buy him a computer with Internet access.

Through the Internet, Chen Weiqi read materials about medicine, philosophy, literature and so on, and sprouted the idea of writing. After finding a way to type with the tip of the tongue and lips, he kept trying to write and contribute. In 2003, his short science fiction stories were published on a website, which made him see hope.

Writing science fiction, let him regain confidence in confusion. In the next ten years, he completed the manuscript of the long science fiction "Advanced Life" and won many awards in online science fiction essays. However, in 2013, a serious illness struck again, causing him to lose consciousness below the head.

Unable to give up the manuscript of the work and unwilling to fate, Chen Wei made a strong effort to eat and let himself compete with his physical illness.

After half a year, Chen Weiqi’s illness gradually eased. With the help of his family and netizens, his two works were published successively.

A strong desire for creation enabled Chen Weiqi to find the direction, which supported him not to be depressed and not to give up. With the unimaginable efforts of ordinary people, he broke through the crisis and published his first novel.

Writing not only lit up his life, but also made him meet many friends who supported him. The warmth and friendship conveyed more confidence and courage. Today, Chen Weiqi has begun to try to get out of the house and embrace life.

In Chen Weiqi’s home, there is a Bluetooth device that uses the head to control the mouse, which was bought by netizens. Everyone often puts forward opinions and suggestions to help him improve his works. These warm actions are silently remembered by him. After the publication of Advanced Life, Chen Weiqi specially asked his family to buy 60 copies, printed his pen name with the seal sent by netizens, and sent it to those who helped him.

With more and more communication with friends, Chen Weiqi is becoming more and more cheerful.

Now, Chen Weiqi began to walk out of the house in a wheelchair to communicate with literary societies in some colleges and universities, share his writing experience face to face, and convey his goodwill and feelings.

Chen weiqiI am lucky to be born in such an era and such a society. It can be said that if there is no computer, no internet and the development of information technology during this period, I simply can’t imagine that a person like me can do things.

It is unfortunate for Chen Weiqi to be ill and have difficulty in moving since childhood, but the particularity of a writer lies in that any experience may become the source of creation. Chen Weiqi said that when you can’t write, you should also bite the bullet and write down, and then optimize everything. Isn’t this what he learned from the struggle against illness? I will walk till the water checks my path is inevitable in life, and we must never stop at this time. Only by persisting in moving forward can we finally have a day in then sit and watch the rising clouds.

Today, Chen Weiqi has walked out of that room and actively communicated with more people and integrated into society. This is a very happy thing. Finding one’s own existence and advanced way is not only what Chen Weiqi has to work hard to do, but also worthy of our serious consideration.

Girls with cerebral palsy have knocked out 470,000-word novels in three years with one finger (Figure)

  Name card/

  Yu Bin, female, 33 years old, from Panzhihua City. At the age of 3 months, cerebral palsy was caused by pneumonia. At the age of 14, with the help of her parents, she began to learn to read by herself. At the age of 18, she learned to write. In 2010, she joined the Panzhihua Writers Association and was admitted as a member of the Sichuan Writers Association in 2013.

  On March 10th, Panzhihua, the afternoon sunshine was just right. In a residential area in Bing District 3, warm light came in from the window, and the golden retriever at home dozed off in the corner.

  Sitting in front of the computer, meditating for a while, Yu Bin stretched out his right hand, struggled to cock his index finger, and struggled to press a few words on the keyboard. In her mind, the hero of the novel seems to be moving in front of her eyes. Such a day is three years in a flash. In three years, with this index finger, she knocked out 470,000 words and became a novel.

  Previously, she also completed two books: Doubtful Love, published by Writers Publishing House; Love in Heaven, published by Inner Mongolia Publishing Group.

  At the age of 33, she is a cerebral palsy patient.

  Cerebral palsy writer/

  Computer typing is not easy for bin. She wants to control her swaying body, hold the mouse with her very disobedient left hand, free up her slightly obedient right hand, and press the keyboard with one finger … … In this state, nearly 800,000 words of works have been completed.

  Yu Bin holds the walker and sits on the stool, while his mother Jie Sha sits opposite her. Mother and daughter often sit opposite each other and chat.

  The activities of Yu Bin’s hands, feet, head and other body parts are hard to control by his brain. Facing the reporter, she seems to have a lot to say, but after talking for a while, the reporter failed to understand. Mother Jie Sha told the reporter of Huaxi Dushi Bao: "What she meant by this sentence was that all her previous works were too monotonous. The book" Grey Star "involved love and crime, and the theme was richer than before." After listening to her daughter, Jie Sha added: "She said that she didn’t feel good enough, and she felt a little nervous."

  Only mother Jie Sha can understand her words. Her communication with the outside world depends only on her mother as a translator. In this way, she struggled to communicate with the world, felt the warmth and coldness of the world, and accumulated her own materials.

  On March 26th, her new book "Grey Star" will be signed at the Xinhua Wenxuan Bookstore in Panzhihua. During this time, Yu Bin felt a little uneasy: Will someone come to join us then? Can this book be recognized by everyone?

  Gray Star, the third book published by Yu Bin, is a novel with 470,000 words. If you only look at the words, it is almost impossible to imagine that the author behind these delicate words is a girl with cerebral palsy who can’t speak normally, can’t walk freely, and doesn’t even go to school for a day. 470 thousand words, all by her right hand, which is not very obedient to her brain, are hard to type out one by one. This book, which she wrote from 2012 to 2015, has been revised five times. The two books she wrote before also exceeded 300,000 words.

  Compared with her daughter’s nervousness, her mother Sha Jie felt sincerely gratified and happy. When Yu Bin was 3 months old, she suffered from severe pneumonia. Although the doctor pulled her back from the death line, she has been a child with cerebral palsy since then. Some doctors have estimated that she may not live to be 13 years old.

  Without giving up easily, Jie Sha and her husband took their daughter everywhere for medical advice and massage her every day, breaking the "curse" of "not living beyond 13 years old". When her daughter was 14, Jie Sha began to teach her to read. Besides the language barrier, Yu Bin can’t walk freely. Walking around the house, she needs a walker specially made for her by her father: a circular opening on the top and a small wheel on the bottom to help her move and walk.

  Yu Bin has never been to school, because no school is willing to accept it, so he has to study at home. But surprisingly, it is such a girl with cerebral palsy who has an unusual literary heart, and her writing is exquisite and rich.

  13-year-old curse/

  Yu Bin’s cerebral palsy was caused by severe pneumonia. Other children of the same age are jumping, but the daughter’s legs are soft, and there is no way to stand up, let alone walk. The doctor made it clear to her that if there was a case first, her daughter would probably not live beyond the age of 13.

  In the afternoon, the sunshine in the room was a little tilted, and the shadow of the golden retriever dragged on. Jie Sha recalled the past of the couple and their daughter for more than 30 years, and suddenly felt a little sad. However, she quickly adjusted her state and made a joke with her daughter.

  "Death at the age of 13" lies in the fact that Bin was 13 years old. This sentence seems to be like a "curse" that lingers. According to the time, my daughter can’t live past 1996.

  Jie Sha didn’t believe what the doctor said at first. But there is a neighbor around him. His son also suffered from cerebral palsy and left in his teens. But the couple are very stubborn and unwilling. Can the daughter really only live to be 13 years old? After deliberation, the couple thought that it was impossible to leave things to chance.

  Yu Bin lacks exercise and his muscles atrophy. In order to help her recover, the couple worked out a plan: Yu Jun picked up her daughter from her shoulder, and Jie Sha massaged her daughter’s feet and let her walk on the ground, so as to help her exercise her leg muscles every day.

  At that time, the couple still had an idea. If the daughter really wants to leave at the age of 13, then let her eat better and play better. As workers in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company, their income is not high, but as long as they have holidays, the couple will travel with Yu Bin on their backs. Dad’s back is tired, so mom will carry it.

  Once, the couple took Yu Bin to Chengdu. Yu Bin said that she had never eaten western food, and the couple found a hotel, but found that western food here was very expensive. "Expensive is expensive, you can’t let your daughter come for nothing." Jie Sha said, so the family told the waiter that they were not hungry, and only ordered a western food for their daughter to eat alone.

  In 1996, Yu Bin was 13 years old, which was the most difficult year in the couple’s life. In this year, they were all living in fear.

  1996 passed quickly. Happily, what the doctor said then did not come true. The couple were relieved and thanked God for not taking away their daughter.

  The road to literature/

  At the age of 14, with the help of his parents, Yu Bin began to learn to read by himself. At the age of 18, he began to try to write. After a live composition, God opened another window for her … …

  Time goes by day, and Yu Bin is growing up day by day. Mother Jie Sha also thought about sending her daughter to school, but no school would accept her.

  At the age of 14, when Yu Bin saw the subtitles displayed on TV, he often asked: What does this mean and what does that mean?

  Shajie thought, maybe we can teach her to read. So, she cut some cards by herself, on which were written words such as father and mother. First, teach my daughter the pronunciation and usage of these words separately, and then mix the cards into a pile for her daughter to distinguish. Yu Bin seems to have a unique talent for writing, and she soon learned the above words. After that, by reading magazines and books, Yu Bin’s writing level was further improved.

  At the age of 18, Yu Bin was given a computer by her grandparents. Jie Sha stopped the teacher who came to help install the computer. She said that her daughter wanted to learn computers, and she asked him to teach her how to use the computer.

  The master glanced at Yu Bin and expressed great surprise: "Your daughter looks like a fool and still wants to learn computers?"

  Jie Sha brimming with tears, politely off the computer master. She managed to find five roots and some computer introductory books for her daughter to teach herself. Yu Bin is very competitive, thinking for himself and memorizing his own roots. Because her hands are not strong enough, she often stands in front of the computer for hours, and the radical table is turned over.

  A year later, Yu Bin has been able to skillfully use computers and likes to write short stories. Jie Sha thought her daughter’s writing was good, so she took her to the local radio station to contribute, but she didn’t want to, and it was really adopted. When listening to the story written by her daughter and playing it on the radio with music, Jie Sha’s eyes were moist.

  Sha Jie took her daughter to contribute to the local newspaper. After seeing the words written by Yu Bin, many people expressed doubts: Is this really written by her? Jie Sha asked Yu Bin to write on the spot, which shocked everyone at the scene. At that time, under the advice and guidance of teacher Pan Puzhou, the editor of the newspaper, Yu Bin compiled the previously published words into the first book "Doubtful Love" and embarked on the road of literature.

  Know people by reading literature/

  It is hard to imagine that a weak woman who has never been to school, can’t stand, can’t walk by herself, and has suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood has written such a work. Every word and punctuation in this book embodies Yu Bin’s sweat. In my years of editing career, there is no second person like Yu Bin.

  — — Pan Puzhou, a Panzhihua writer, spends more than 10 hours writing every day, which makes Yu Bin’s thin legs suffer from varicose veins. Pain and typing fatigue make this seemingly weak little girl very happy. Literature has brought her not only a few stories and poems, but also a different self, and she can experience the melodious music of life in the words.

  — — Writer a feng

  Text excerpt/

  Or the sad music you love, telling the beautiful experience; You and my melody are always humming in my heart and have never been forgotten by me. It’s still the words you said, striving for the deepest memory in this life; A little bit of you is my secret book, accompanying me to write a sweet ending.

  Two months in many people’s life journey, perhaps just a small intersection. Most people will rush past these obscure intersections, go forward, turn left, turn right or go back to their original place. And I met, knew and left a middle-aged man named Cheng Wensen in two months when I was 29 years old.

  (Yu Bin: Excerpt from Grey Star)

Meteorologists analyze the typhoon "fireworks": they walk slowly and fickle, and may not be as "powerful" as Lichima.

Public Network Poster Journalist Liang Wen Jinan Report
Typhoon "Fireworks" has started to affect Shandong since yesterday. According to the forecast issued by Shandong Meteorological Bureau at 15: 00 on July 27th, the center of "Fireworks" will enter our province from Lunan in the early morning of 29th, and enter Bohai Sea from Binzhou to Dongying on 30th. Why does the "fireworks" travel slowly and the path changes again and again? Which areas of Shandong will be mainly affected by the transit of "fireworks"? On the afternoon of July 27th, the poster journalist of Dazhong.com interviewed Hou Shumei, chief forecaster of Shandong Meteorological Bureau, and listened to meteorologists analyze the typhoon "fireworks".
Hou Shumei introduced that the biggest feature of the No.6 typhoon "Fireworks" this year is slow. Before landing at sea, the "fireworks" moved slowly, and the path changed again and again, and the path could be said to be "strange".
"At first, we thought it might come north or turn around and go south." Hou Shumei explained that this happened mainly because steering flow, the "fireworks", was not obvious, just between the offshore subtropical high and the inland continental high, and steering flow was very weak, so there was no obvious force to lead it, so sometimes the "fireworks" didn’t walk for a day in the early stage, and the distance was very small. "This situation is more difficult for forecasting." Hou Shumei said that the moving speed of "fireworks" is still relatively slow, but it may be faster than the previous speed after turning to the north in the future.
At present, the peripheral cloud system of "fireworks" has begun to affect Shandong and bring precipitation. According to the forecast of Shandong Meteorological Bureau at 15: 00 on July 27th, there will be heavy rainfall from south to north in our province from today’s night to 30th, and there will be heavy rain to heavy rain in southern Shandong, central Shandong and northwestern Shandong, and moderate to heavy rain in the peninsula. The heavy precipitation period is from the day of 28th to the night of 29th. The cumulative average precipitation in the whole province is 80 ~ 120mm, and the maximum rainfall intensity in Jining, Zaozhuang, Linyi, Rizhao, Jinan, Tai ‘an, Zibo, Weifang, Liaocheng, Dezhou, Binzhou, Dongying and Qingdao is 100 ~ 150mm, and the local area is more than 250mm, and the maximum rainfall intensity in one hour is 60 ~ 80mm. Heze, Qingdao, 50 ~ 80 mm in the east, more than 100 mm in some areas; Yantai and Weihai are 10 ~ 30 mm, and locally more than 50 mm (Figure 2). At the same time, the wind gradually increases from south to north, with 7-8 grades in the central Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, Bohai Strait and northern Yellow Sea, 9-10 grades in gusts, 6-7 grades in inland areas and 8-9 grades in local gusts.
Through the real-time route map of "Fireworks", we can see that after the center of "Fireworks" moves into Shandong, it may go deep into southern Shandong, covering the whole of Shandong. Hou Shumei said that typhoons that went deep into southern Shandong were rare for many years, but they appeared more in the past two years. For example, the typhoons Capricorn and Wambia in 2018, and the typhoon Lichima in 2019. From the path, the moving path of "Lichima" in Shandong is eastward, and the path similar to that of "Fireworks" is "Wambia". Hou Shumei said that "Wambia" came in from Heze to Zaozhuang at that time and entered the sea from Dongying, which had a serious impact on Shandong.
Compared with "Wambia" and "Lichima", what is the influence of "fireworks" on Shandong? Hou Shumei said that it is impossible to rule out the possibility that the precipitation brought by "fireworks" will break through the historical extreme value at present, but from the analysis of the current situation, the conditions of "fireworks" are not as favorable as those of "Wambia". As the fireworks are gradually pushed northward in the later period, how the circulation evolves still needs attention. In addition, Hou Shumei said that "fireworks" is different from "Lichima". At present, there is no sign that the degree of rainfall caused by "fireworks" will exceed that of "Lichima", but this possibility cannot be ruled out. "With the approach of’ fireworks’, we need to continue to pay attention."

Plaid, the fashion in British blood.

Photo caption 1: Princess Kate’s style in plaid dress.
Photo caption 2: The late Princess Diana dressed in plaid.
Special correspondent of this newspaper Chen Jiacun
Recently, members of the British royal family "wore" the same plaid scarf in public activities. The designer of the scarf was Charles III, who hoped to show the "soft power" of the British royal family. When it comes to British clothes, many people will see a variety of plaid patterns, such as Scottish plaid with unique national characteristics, iconic plaid of luxury brand Burberry, and plaid of thousands of birds necessary for fashionistas … British people like to wear all kinds of plaid patterns on their bodies, which are traditional, trendy, elegant or everyday. It can be said that plaid patterns have become an important representative element of British fashion.
Scottish tartan is full of historical charm.
Perhaps the most distinctive plaid dress in Britain is the Scottish tartan skirt. Wearing a traditional Scottish knee-length plaid skirt, long wool socks, matching a vest and shawl of the same color, hanging a small pocket with exquisite workmanship on the waist, and then picking up an organ, the piano bag is relaxed and the piano sounds melodious …
In people’s impression, plaid is a crisscross of different color lines on wool fabric. These lines are divided into multiple rectangular patterns to form a multi-color plaid combination, showing the aesthetic feeling of interwoven color blocks. It is reported that the earliest tartan in Scotland appeared around the 3rd century AD, and was woven from two different types of wool.
With the development of the times, the plaid pattern on wool fabric becomes more and more complicated. According to statistics, at present, there are as many as 7,000 kinds of plaid patterns registered in Scotland, and more than 500 kinds can be woven. Each plaid has its own name, fixed color scheme and pattern combination, and some of them have interesting stories behind them.
According to records, Celts are good at dyeing and knitting wool. Historically, Celts have demonstrated a person’s status through the number of stripes on clothes. For example, a king’s clothes can have seven stripes, while farmers can only wear one stripe. Later, tartan was once introduced as the symbol of various families in Scotland. During the war, tartan on the battlefield was regarded as a symbol of unity, used to distinguish between the enemy and ourselves, and also used to convey the determination to defend their homes. Scottish tartan tells the development, history and culture of Scottish textile technology. No wonder some people call it "a British history".
British royal family, with fire plaid fashion
In thousands of years, tartan patterns have also been inextricably linked with the British royal family. The plaid patterns in Britain are mainly divided into general patterns and non-general patterns. The general patterns can be worn by anyone, but the production and use of non-general patterns need to be approved by the designer. For example, Barmor Lear Plaid, which came out in the 19th century, can only be worn on the body with the explicit permission of the British monarch for a long time. This plaid pattern was designed by Queen Victoria’s husband, and it is in three colors: gray, black and red. Almost all British monarchs after Queen Victoria have passed through the Barmor Lear plaid. At that time, the only non-royal member who was allowed to wear Barmor’s Lear Plaid was a bagpiper who served the British monarch.
Some tartan patterns have changed from strictly restricted non-universal to universal, such as Royal Stewart tartan. This pattern is Queen Elizabeth II’s "exclusive plaid". Apart from the Queen, many other members of the royal family have also appeared and taken photos in clothes with this pattern, making it one of the most famous plaid patterns in the world. Royal Stewart plaid patterns include red, blue, green and black, and there are many variations, representing different clan branches. Charles III also has his own plaid style.
The British royal family also carries many plaids, such as the famous Prince of Wales plaid. People often think that this plaid will be more elegant in suits. Charles III, Princess Diana, Princess Kate and even Beatles have worn clothes with Prince of Wales plaid. Prince of Wales Plaid is also called Glen Plaid, and its name is inspired by a manor in Scotland. This plaid is composed of three colors of black, white and gray, and the pattern is somewhat complicated-small plaids are intertwined with large plaids. King Edward VII of England first fell in love with this pattern of fabric, and Edward VIII completely brought it into the fashion circle. This pattern is suitable for outdoor scenes, can be paired with jeans, casual and chic, and is also suitable for more important occasions, and can be slightly decorated like a king.
Another plaid style favored by the royal family is the houndstooth plaid, which originated from Glenge, also known as the dog’s tooth plaid-two colors of "canine teeth" are interlaced and diagonally woven together, and the queen, princess, duchess and so on have all worn houndstooth plaid coats to attend public activities.
Living in England, plaid is everywhere.
The British people are still full of love for plaid. Apart from the Scottish plaid skirt worn by the guards of honor at the festival ceremony, plaid also goes deep into all aspects of British life, such as shirts, windbreakers, scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, cloaks, slippers and handbags … Global Times reporters live in London and find that English or traditional or modern plaid can be found in almost all textiles, even to home decoration, floors and ceilings.
In order to better protect and count the traditional Scottish tartan patterns, in 2009, the Scottish tartan registry was officially put into operation, which was responsible for registering the information of existing tartan patterns and providing registration services for new patterns. Its database is constantly expanding. According to the website information of the registry, at the end of 2023, a newly registered plaid pattern was named "Light of Prism" to pay tribute to Newton and his book "Optics". The designer said that this work is not only a pattern, but also a story about light and discovery.
From classical to avant-garde, from tradition to trend, the love of plaid in British blood has flowed from the past to the present, and the inspiration from different cultures and eras has blended and gathered, allowing the British to wear more tolerance and diversity. ▲

Starting the real estate debt basket and accurately serving the real estate financing needs Zheshang Bank increased its support for real estate.

Chao News Client Reporter Wu Enhui
Recently, the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that real estate is closely related to the lives of the broad masses of the people, and the financial industry is duty-bound and must be strongly supported. On January 26th, the General Administration of Financial Supervision held a meeting to deploy and promote the implementation of the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, accelerate the implementation of the coordination mechanism for urban real estate financing, more accurately support the reasonable financing needs of real estate projects, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.
Zheshang Bank actively responded to the national policy call, implemented the relevant requirements of the General Administration of Financial Supervision, took the lead in the interbank market, officially launched the real estate debt basket on January 25, 2024, and independently underwritten and issued the first asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises.
Through a series of innovative measures, the bank’s real estate bonds provide market liquidity, accurately support real estate enterprises, boost the market confidence of real estate enterprises and help their financing needs while meeting the trading needs of investment institutions.
Initial real estate corporate bond basket
Bond basket is an innovative product launched by China Foreign Exchange Trading Center for institutional investors. Market institutions can achieve strategic trading or index tracking by trading a basket of bond portfolios, aiming at enriching market-making means and improving trading efficiency.
The real estate bond basket (basket code: BBX026002) launched by Zheshang Bank this time has a trading unit of 30 million yuan, and the portfolio includes three real estate corporate bonds, each of which is 10 million yuan. All of them select high-quality real estate bonds with a remaining maturity of less than 5 years, which have both allocation value and market liquidity. The bonds in the portfolio will be adjusted according to the actual market situation.
According to reports, this basket is the only one in the whole market that provides bilateral quotations for real estate bonds. Zheshang Bank prefers real estate corporate bonds to provide effective click quotations for market investment institutions to help realize the batch trading of real estate bonds.
The relevant person in charge of the fund operation center of Zheshang Bank said that the launch of this basket is a brand-new attempt of Zheshang Bank in the financial services real estate industry, and it has also fulfilled the obligations of market makers and has been widely supported by market institutions. On the first day of the listing of this basket, banks, brokers, funds and other institutions actively inquired about this basket, and on the same day, funds clicked on the quotation to realize the first landing transaction.
Independently underwriting asset-backed debt financing instruments of real estate enterprises.
While launching the real estate debt basket, Zheshang Bank also innovatively launched the asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises.
On January 25th, Zheshang Bank independently underwritten and issued the asset-backed debt financing instrument (CB) of Huayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., with a total scale of 290 million yuan and a term of 2 years.
As one of the earliest listed real estate enterprises engaged in real estate development in China, Huayuan Real Estate takes Beijing as the core and radiates Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, western China, central China and southern China. While doing the main business of excellent residential development, enterprises are constantly forging ahead, actively seeking change and testing new development models and industrial formats.
The asset-backed debt financing tool issued this time, with its unique asset guarantee model, has revitalized the assets of enterprises in Beijing, Changsha and Guangzhou and realized the effective dispersion of risks. All the funds raised are used for the construction of residential real estate projects, which plays a key role in completing the task of "guaranteeing the delivery of buildings". At the same time, it optimizes the capital structure of the enterprise and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development and strategic transformation of the enterprise.
The relevant person in charge of Huayuan Real Estate Finance Department said that Zheshang Bank fully recognized the enterprise transformation and development strategy, accurately supported the financing needs of the enterprise at this stage, and with the professional financial team and rich industry experience, this innovative financing tool was tailored for the enterprise. With the joint efforts of all parties, it was successfully launched, demonstrating the professional level of the bank in financial innovation and service.
It is worth mentioning that this business is the innovative practice of Zheshang Bank to accurately support real estate enterprises through the investment banking toolbox, and it is the first asset-backed debt financing tool for real estate enterprises in China, which is expected to provide new financing ideas for the real estate industry.
It is understood that Zheshang Bank will continue to give full play to its professional advantages, actively respond to the call of the state, make good use of the policy toolbox, provide enterprises with more diversified and personalized financing services, more accurately support the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises, and further improve the liquidity of real estate bonds, promote the accurate docking between real estate enterprises and financial institutions, and contribute financial strength to the stable development and transformation of the real estate industry.
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Wang Chen: My heart is still China’s heart.

  "The change of a paper’s nationality will never change the strong flavor of Beijing in me, or the fact that I was cultivated by China. My heart is still China’s. The Beijing Olympics is the pride of Chinese people all over the world. I wish Beijing well and cheer for the Olympics. " -Wang Chen

  BEIJING, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) According to the American Overseas Chinese Weekly, the American Olympic Committee recently announced a list of events to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games. In the list, five Chinese athletes were selected, including China-born table tennis player Wang Chen, which attracted the attention of many table tennis fans and people familiar with Wang Chen.

  Anyone familiar with table tennis knows Wang Chen’s position in China’s national women’s table tennis team in the last few years of the last century. Wang Chen has won nearly 30 women’s singles titles in her career, including professional tour, Asian Cup and World Table Tennis Championships. Among them, in 1997, Wang Chen won the women’s team championship for three consecutive times in cooperation with Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Li Ju and Yang Ying at the 44th World Table Tennis Championships held in Manchester, England. Wang Chen, who became famous in the early 1990s, was once regarded as the most potential newcomer of China team after Deng Yaping and Qiao Hong. She is one of the few tall players in the China team. She has defeated all the first-team players such as Deng Yaping and Qiao Hong, and has maintained a technical advantage over the younger generation of players Wang Nan, Li Ju and Yang Ying for a long time.

  Now, as a Chinese athlete, a former world champion, a former main member of China’s national table tennis team and now a main member of the American women’s table tennis team, Wang Chen has been selected as the American Olympic delegation and will soon participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  At present, Wang Chen runs a table tennis club named after himself in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, new york. I have obtained the qualification to represent the United States in the Olympic Games held in Beijing. Wang Chen said indifferently that he was lucky to realize his Olympic dream at the age of 34. For the 34-year-old Wang Chen, this will be her last fight in the international table tennis competition, and it will also be a perfect curtain call for her personal career. With many questions about the former national player’s naturalization in the United States and curiosity about the eight-year struggle history of the United States and the story of Beijing’s Olympic dream, the reporter came to the table tennis club in Wang Chen as promised.

  At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, it was the time for lunch and lunch break, and he came to a small office of the table tennis club named after him. At this time, Wang Chen was being interviewed by local news media in new york. After our interview was delayed for about 15 minutes, Wang Chen appeared in the reporter’s field of vision.

  Olympic dream of Beijing

  Talking about the Beijing Olympic Games, Wang Chen seemed very excited and excited. "It is a rare opportunity for every athlete to get tickets for the Olympic Games, and this Olympic Games is held in Beijing, so I will take part in whatever I say," Wang Chen told reporters with a smile.

  In order to compete for the Olympic qualification, Wang Chen traveled around the world nonstop to participate in various tournaments to collect points. According to the regulations of ITTF, the top 20 athletes in the world will automatically get seats in the Olympic Games. Wang Chen is currently ranked 29th in the world, but Wang Chen can be ranked 14th because of the rule that only two players can be submitted by one country. From this, Wang Chen automatically won the seat of the Olympic Games.

  Regarding getting a seat in the Olympic Games, Wang Chen said that he has been an athlete for most of his life and has never let go of his love for table tennis. It is his first time to participate in the Olympic Games and he is really excited to return to his hometown. At the same time, Wang Chen also feels lucky.

  During Wang Chen’s eight years in the United States, Wang Chen not only didn’t give up table tennis, but also worked harder than before. She changed her raw rubber playing method to two-sided anti-rubber attack to give full play to her height and arm length. Tactics have obviously become more flexible than before, and the murderous look has also increased. She has won the women’s singles championship in the North American Championship for the United States many times.

  From 1993, 19-year-old Wang Chen made a blockbuster in the women’s singles final at the Seventh National Games, competing with Deng Yaping, who was in full swing at that time, to now representing the United States in the Beijing Olympic Games. After 15 years of table tennis career, Wang Chen finally realized his life wish and participated in the Olympic Games this summer.

  My heart is still China’s heart

  When it comes to the "Overseas Corps", which is controversial by Chinese people, as one of them, Wang Chen didn’t feel embarrassed. Wang Chen said that it was only his love of table tennis that kept him going. At present, the women’s team in China has particularly advanced technology, so it can’t pose a threat to the women’s team in China in the Olympic Games to switch to other national teams after retiring from China. In fact, in recent years, the "Overseas Corps" has never posed a direct threat to the China table tennis team’s gold medal, and the Chinese people have lost a lot of criticism.

  What will happen when the reporter puts forward the assumption that he will meet China athletes at the Beijing Olympic Games? Wang Chen said that table tennis has already transcended national boundaries, and in recent years, he has returned to China from time to time to compete, learn from each other and practice with China team members. Everyone has a deep friendship with each other. Ask again, if you meet China athletes during the Olympic Games, will your heart change? She said, "After all, this year’s Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, and the atmosphere will naturally be very warm. However, every time I meet a player from China, my hands are tight and I am easily influenced and distracted by the audience. It is possible that my heart is still because of China’s heart. "

  When it comes to the prospect of Olympic achievements, Wang Chen seems very calm. Wang Chen said that in the United States, unlike China, there is systematic training and preparation for war, and it can only be self-reliant. She now represents the Dutch club in the European League and warms up for the Olympics through the competition. Speaking of the event, Wang Chen said that the Olympic women’s table tennis singles competition is a strong dialogue, without high expectations, and it is a fight. As for the women’s team, the US team is still promising to compete for medals. After all, there are two people, Gao Jun and me. Except for China, no team can guarantee to win both of us.

  Wang Chen is very excited about returning to Beijing. She said that Beijing now is very different from Beijing where she used to live, and every time she returns to Beijing, she is very novel and excited. The change of my own nationality will never change the strong smell of Beijing in me, or the fact that I was cultivated by China. My heart is still China’s. Beijing Olympic Games is the pride of Chinese people all over the world. Bless Beijing and cheer for the Olympic Games.

  Sweet and sour, eight-year trip to America

  In 1999, Wang Chen, who was only 25 years old, chose to retire because there was no more room for promotion and development in the women’s table tennis team in China. In the year after retiring, she has not found a suitable way out for various reasons. At that time, my sister was running a fur business in New Jersey, USA. With her sister’s help, she applied for special talents to immigrate to the United States. Now Wang Chen’s sister has returned to China to settle down, while Wang Chen has stayed in the United States to develop. 

  Wang Chen said frankly that when he first came to the United States, he wanted to give up the cause of table tennis completely, engage in a brand-new job and create a new future. Later, it was found that there are many die-hard fans and fans of table tennis in the United States, many of whom are Americans and many immigrants. One of the die-hard fans is Jerry, the owner of her current club? Jerry Wartski. Jerry also completely changed the fate of Wang Chen.

  Jerry, 77, is a big fan of table tennis. Engaged in real estate work in new york in his early years. In 2002, when Wang Chen began to teach Jerry, Jerry already owned a table tennis club on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, new york, and later named it after Wang Chen.

  Knowing Jerry can be said to be a turning point in Wang Chen’s life in America. When I first arrived in new york, Wang Chen once offered to work as a temporary worker for Jerry, with an income. Jerry sternly refused. He said, "No, you are a China champion, an American champion or a world champion. I can’t let you be a temporary worker. You must stay in the arena." To this, Wang Chen is very emotional. She said that Jerry gave me a platform to continue my favorite table tennis career in the United States.

  Through several years’ hard work, Wang Chen Table Tennis Club has become more and more famous in Manhattan, and many celebrities include Keanu, the hero of The Matrix. Reeves and mcenroe, the "bad boy" in tennis, are frequent visitors to Wang Chen Table Tennis Club. For the present results, Wang Chen did not show pride. She said that I have learned a lot from eight years of living in the United States, which is my greatest gain.

  Love in the swimming pool

  Zhou Yue, Wang Chen’s husband, is a native of Xi ‘an. He studied in Xi ‘an Institute of Architecture and Engineering, and now he is studying for a master’s degree in environmental engineering at Columbia University, and has passed the examination of a professional certified real estate appraiser in the United States.

  She met her husband Zhou Yue in the swimming pool of Columbia University. At that time, I often went to Columbia swimming pool to practice because I couldn’t swim. One day, I felt that I could never teach myself. I had to ask someone else. I found a man who was very proud of breaking waves in the water. I thought, why don’t you ask him? So I swam over, and the first thing I asked him was, "Do you speak Mandarin?" He stood in the water and said, "I’m from mainland China and Xi ‘an. I also taught myself from teaching CDs." Then we started talking. Slowly, our contact will be more, and the circle of Columbia University is very small, so we will get familiar with each other when we get together frequently.

  In July, 2004, at the US Open, Zhou Yue rushed to watch the game in Wang Chen, and Wang Chen lived up to expectations and won the women’s doubles championship with Liu Jia, the former sister of the Beijing team. A few months later, Zhou Yue took out a carefully selected Tiffany diamond ring worth more than 6,000 US dollars and formally proposed to Wang Chen. Both parents were quite satisfied with the background and personality of the two young people. Soon after, Wang Chen and Zhou Yue registered to get married in new york.

  After eight years of ups and downs, Wang Chen has gone through years with great difficulties. Besides Wang Chen’s own hard work. In the United States, Wang Chen is lucky. With table tennis as a link, she has been helped by good people from different classes. (Zou Bin)

Editor: Lu Wei