100 new pure electric taxis were successfully delivered

Business Daily News (Correspondent, Yan Qiang, Trainee Reporter, Gu Shuichen) "The experience of driving the new car is very good. I feel that the braking performance and charging speed of the new car have been upgraded." Talking about the new taxi he bought, Ouyang, an old master with more than 20 years of driving experience, was quite excited.

Yesterday afternoon, the theme activity of Hangzhou’s most beautiful taxis helping a better life "Welcome July 1st" and the signing ceremony of the industry party building joint construction and the delivery ceremony of the new car of "oil to electricity" were successfully held. 100 Geely Automobile geometric A model new energy taxis were successfully delivered to the hands of Hangzhou taxi masters.

The "oil-to-electricity" project for taxis in Hangzhou began several years ago. In 2022, Hangzhou proposed that new and updated cruise taxis in the urban area must be new energy pure electric vehicles, and the vehicles should comply with the "Hangzhou Cruise Taxi Vehicle Technical Standards".

In this standard, specific requirements are made for cruise taxi vehicles to use new energy pure electric vehicles, with a wheelbase of not less than 2700 mm, a trunk volume of not less than 400 liters, and a mileage of not less than 400 kilometers under comprehensive operating conditions (except for electric pure electric vehicles).

Two years on, the project is progressing smoothly. The reporter learned that more than 8,000 cruise taxis have been updated in the city, and more than 6,500 in Shangcheng District, Xihu District, Gongshu District and Binjiang District. Hu Huijian, director of the taxi department of the Hangzhou Road Transport Management Service Center, said, "There are more than 14,000 taxis in Hangzhou, and the current proportion of new energy vehicles has exceeded 60%. We expect that in 2027, all cruise taxis in Hangzhou will be updated to new energy vehicles."

In addition to the delivery of new energy vehicles, the event also awarded the 2023 taxi industry "two excellent and one first" recognition to 23 outstanding party members who have achieved excellent results. The Party Committee of Hangzhou Passenger Taxi Industry Association, the Party Branch of Zhejiang Petroleum Company of China Aviation Oil Group, and the Sixth Party Branch of the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Management Service Center also signed a party building and joint construction contract to gather the power of the charging and replacement industry and the taxi industry, and enjoy the privilege and empower high-quality development.

In addition, on the day of delivery, Hangzhou United Bank also launched the "oil to electricity" special project financial services, which helped transportation companies and car owners to realize the "oil to electricity" renewal and transformation of vehicles.

Chen Jian, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Transportation Industry, said that next, it will also be committed to improving barrier-free travel services, ensuring that more than 500 barrier-free taxis are operated on the road, and further improving the Hangzhou Taxi 95128 hotline.

Don’t get lost in this booth map.

This year’s Chengdu International Auto Show opened a total of 11 vehicle exhibition halls, with 129 automobile brands including German, American, legal, Japanese, Korean, joint venture and independent, exhibiting nearly 1,600 vehicles, including many world premiere and hot-selling explosive models. In which exhibition halls are these heavy new cars worthy of attention distributed? How can I not get lost in the vast Xibo City? Next, this beautiful auto show bitmap will guide you to find your favorite car quickly.

Hall 1

Focus on new cars

Guangqi Honda 2024 Odyssey: In the China market, Odyssey has won the trust of consumers with its spacious space, comfortable ride, rich configuration and stable quality. The 2024 Odyssey made its debut at Chengdu International Auto Show, with a price range of 235,800-439,800 yuan, which meets the latest national emission standard of six B. More than 10 functions such as intelligent switching system of far and near light, digital key, remote operation of air conditioner and intelligent voice recognition have been added. Equipped with a 2.0L hybrid power system, the maximum power is 146 HP (107KW) and the peak torque is 175N·m, matching the E-CVT gearbox. The official fuel consumption is 5.88L/100km.

Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Fenglanda: Fenglanda, which is widely loved by young consumers, is the first choice for entry-level SUVs, and has achieved excellent sales of nearly 160,000 units since its listing. At present, it is an inevitable choice for young people in the era of rational consumption to carry out the premium again after matching the smart electric hybrid dual engine.

Dongfeng Honda CR-V: The sixth generation is larger in size and has a hybrid version.

Ford Ranger: the star pickup truck that has attracted much attention has been made in China for a long time.

Nissan ARIYA ARIYA: The price has just been reduced, which is worthy of attention.

No.2 hall

Focus on new cars

SAIC Volkswagen ID.3: After the price reduction, the order immediately exceeded 10,000, representing the cost performance.

SAIC Volkswagen Weiran: Volkswagen’s flagship MPV model based on MQB Evo architecture is a treasure daddy model. As a modified version, the 2024 Weiran was launched today. The interior design of the new car has been adjusted, and the power and configuration remain unchanged. With reference to the official guide price of 289,800-402,800 yuan for the Weiran system currently on sale in China, it is expected that the new models after the change will also remain in this price range.

Roewe D7: the first new car in the new energy sequence.

Geely Yinhe L6: The first car under the Geely Yinhe brand opened for pre-sale today. It was previously revealed that the pre-sale price range was 140,000-180,000 yuan. There are four models, which are available in 60km and 125km pure electric endurance versions, equipped with Raytheon 1.5T hybrid special engine and 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro. The comprehensive endurance of WLTC is 1320km and 1370km respectively, the acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is 6.5s, and the fuel consumption of WLTC is 4.55L/100km;. The new car comes standard with DC fast charge, and it takes 0.5 hours for 30%-80% of the power.

No.3 hall

Focus on new cars

BYD Song L: This is one of the heaviest models released by BYD at this auto show. It is positioned as a pure electric hunting medium-sized SUV. The car is equipped with blade battery, CTB battery body integration technology, intelligent electric four-wheel drive, cloud system and other technologies. The power system is a rear-drive single motor and a four-wheel drive dual motor. The former has a maximum power of 230KW, while the latter reaches 380KW, and the zero-speed acceleration reaches 3 seconds. Vehicle design is a big selling point. Before that, some netizens commented that it was "the best BYD model designed at present". Frameless doors and concealed door handles are standard, and the highly acclaimed five-star rim has also been preserved. The whole car is smart and not bloated, and the segmented spoiler and the electric lifting tail give it a different taste.

Looking up to U8: The voice is extremely high, and it is called the light of domestic new energy.

Tengshi N8: You can walk the streets in the city or go out for a cross-country "daddy car".

Haobo GT: The cheapest rotor door, quite cool.

Equation Leopard-Leopard 5: Hard-core SUV, the acceleration of zero hundred is only 4.8 seconds, which is hard to imagine.

No.4 hall

Focus on new cars

Great Wall Tank 400 Hi4-T: The pre-sale will be started at the auto show today, and the estimated price is 250,000-300,000 yuan. The new car adopts the latest mecha style of the tank family, with the same wheelbase as the tank 500. It adopts a non-loaded body and is equipped with a 2.0T+9HAT hybrid system. The comprehensive power reaches 300KW, the comprehensive torque reaches 750N·m, the pure battery life is 105km, and it supports the external discharge function.

Mercedes-Benz AMG SL 63: Since its release in 2021, AMG SL 63 has attracted many young consumers with its elegant soft-top convertible structure. At this auto show, the brand-new Mercedes -AMG SL 63 will be launched. The car is equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine, with a maximum power of 430KW and a peak torque of 800 N m. It only takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers. The convertible mechanism can be opened and closed in 15 seconds when the vehicle speed is below 60 km/h.

No.5 hall

Focus on new cars

ICAR 03: the combination of hard-core cross-country and mecha style.

Mazda CX50: a brand-new product of oil and electricity platform, intelligent non-inductive cylinder technology.

Jietu Traveler: Positioning hard-core medium-sized SUV.

Chery eQ7: newly launched, the first model based on the first aluminum-based lightweight platform in China, with a greatly reduced body weight and a curb weight of only 1850kg.

Chevrolet Trailblazer and Star Milo: A "cavity fishing tough guy" tailored for fishing enthusiasts, and a "Shan Ye Star Ride" customized for cycling enthusiasts, following the current outdoor trend, and hitting the red heart directly when listening to the name.

No.6 hall

Focus on new cars

Volkswagen ID.7VIZZION: pure electric "magotan" must be seen.

Red Flag HS7: brand-new appearance, available in 5/6/7 seats.

Jetta ABT limited edition: a limited edition new car jointly built with the internationally renowned modified brand ABT, which is the favorite of players.

No.10 hall

Focus on new cars

Zhiji LS6: The medium and large pure electric coupe launched at the auto show is equipped with 800V fast charging system, which can increase the battery life by 200km after charging for 5 minutes.

SUV Lan Tu FREE: Baidu blessing is renewed inside and outside, and the price has been reduced.

Weilai EC6: Based on the NT2.0 platform, it welcomes a new generation of vehicles.

Hall 11

Focus on new cars

Polar Fox Koala: JiHu Koala, listed at this auto show, as an SUV combining innovative technology, unique design and excellent performance, is destined to become the focus of hot discussion among consumers. The pre-sale price of the new car is currently 150,000 yuan. It is reported that the new car adopts advanced power system combined with efficient energy management to achieve better driving performance and fuel economy. At the same time, it is equipped with a series of intelligent driving assistance systems to provide a higher level of safety and driving pleasure. The new car is expected to be equipped with a single-motor rear-drive system with a maximum power of 120KW and a battery pack of 58.8kWh. CLTC has a comprehensive battery life of 500km.

Feifan F7: Blessed by SAIC, with a wheelbase of 3m and Bach cockpit.

Zero run C11: The sales volume is "dark horse". I wonder what makes it so difficult.

No.14 hall

Focus on new cars

BMW IX1: IX1 is based on the brand-new domestic X1 long wheelbase model, and the interior space reaches iX3 level, which is one of the most eye-catching models of BMW at the auto show. The biggest highlight of the new car is the launch of the car-machine interactive system equipped with iDrive9.0. This is the first BMW car-machine interactive system based on Android, and its openness and application number have ushered in unprecedented growth. In terms of power, it is equipped with a dual-motor powertrain. The maximum power of the front and rear motors is 150KW, and a ternary lithium battery pack of 66.45kWh is used. Under CLTC conditions, the pure battery life is 450km.

Cadillac LYRIQ Ruige: The official price has just been reduced by 60,000 yuan, and the deposit is inflated, which is very tempting.

No.15 hall

Focus on new cars

Jaguar E-PACE: As the only domestic Jaguar SUV, E-PACE effectively lowers the entry threshold of Jaguar SUV. The new car will make its debut at Chengdu International Auto Show, becoming one of the few fuel vehicles to make its debut at the auto show. The new car is equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, and the maximum power is 147KW(200Ps) and 183KW(249Ps) respectively, both of which match the 9-speed automatic manual transmission. In terms of appearance, it continues the style of overseas mid-term redesigned models, and the interior has also changed. The latest 11.4-inch high-definition curved touch screen and brand-new electronic shift lever design will be replaced.

No.16 hall

Focus on new cars

Lotus ELETRE: a pure electric SUV with super-running pedigree.

Extreme Yue 01: Jidu ROBO-01 was renamed Extreme Yue 01 and made its debut at Chengdu International Auto Show. Backed by Baidu, the delivery time is in October. As the reincarnation of the concentration, it focuses on intelligence and deserves attention.

Warrior: Go and feel the grandeur of thousands of electric off-road vehicles.

The 3rd Jiangsu Development Conference will be held in Nanjing on May 20th.

  Cctv news (Reporter Gu Jinrong) On May 14th, the reporter learned from the press conference of the 3rd Jiangsu Development Conference that the 3rd Jiangsu Development Conference with the theme of "Love Jiangsu, Build Dreams Together" will be held in Nanjing on May 20th. It was confirmed that 1002 guests attended the conference, and a large number of academicians at home and abroad, heads of key universities, heads of central enterprises and heads of fortune 500 enterprises attended the conference.

  Yang Genping, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Director of the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee, introduced at the press conference that the guests of this conference were invited according to the ratio of 4: 3: 3 overseas, outside the province and inside the province, and the invited targets were mainly Jiangsu nationals at home and abroad, celebrities with great influence in various fields who have studied and worked in Jiangsu, and celebrities from all walks of life who have contributed to Jiangsu’s economic and social development. Specifically, it includes eight sectors, including science and technology, education, medical and health care, culture and sports, media, finance, industry and commerce, overseas associations and overseas Chinese. As of May 10th, 1002 guests were confirmed to attend the meeting, including 420 overseas guests, 286 guests from outside the province and 296 guests from inside the province.

  According to the activity arrangement, the opening ceremony of the conference and Jiangsu Development Forum will be held on the morning of May 20th. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Comrade Xin Changxing, secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee, will give a keynote speech. At the Jiangsu Development Forum, a number of guests from home and abroad will be invited to give advice on Jiangsu’s development, and major projects will be signed.

  In the afternoon, four theme forums will be held simultaneously: Purple Mountain Science and Technology Forum, Yangtze River Business Summit, Cultural Jiangsu Construction Forum and Sanchunhui "My Su" Forum. With the theme of "scientific and technological innovation, leading the future", the Purple Mountain Science and Technology Forum invited celebrities in related fields to give special speeches on opening up new fields and new tracks, shaping new kinetic energy and new advantages for development, and to make suggestions and suggestions for building Jiangsu into a strong province of education, science and technology and talents. With the theme of "serving to build a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development", the Yangtze River Business Summit invited guests to share forward-looking thoughts and suggestions on Jiangsu’s development, and invited relevant provincial departments to introduce major foreign cooperation projects and industrial policies and hold major project contracts. With the theme of "Jiangsu context and Chinese modernization", the Cultural Jiangsu Construction Forum invited guests to give keynote speeches on "Cultural self-confidence and self-improvement and Chinese modernization", and held dialogues and exchanges on "Cultural inheritance and innovation and the construction of pioneering areas of cultural powers". The theme of Sanchunhui’s "My Su" Forum is "Hometown, Cooperation and Talents", and celebrities at home and abroad are invited to talk to the relevant departments of Jiangsu Province and the heads of various districts and cities around "I offer wisdom for the high-quality development of Jiangsu".Guide Jiangsu celebrities at home and abroad to return to mulberry and participate in Jiangsu’s economic and social development.

  On May 21st, guests will also be organized to return home for inspection. Based on local conditions, 13 districts and cities organized a series of activities of "Jointly Participating in Jiangsu Development Bank", and planned and arranged special supporting activities related to the theme of the conference. At the same time, the relevant departments and units of the province follow up the follow-up work in accordance with the requirements of "accurate docking and accurate service".

Central Meteorological Observatory: A new round of cold air strikes, and the south will welcome the strongest rainfall since the flood season.

Source: Xinhuanet
Although it has been in long summer, the cold air in China is still active recently. The reporter learned from the China Meteorological Bureau that from May 9 to 13, the north was disturbed by cold air, but the southern part of the Yangtze River and southern China will experience the strongest rainfall since the flood season this year. This process has the characteristics of long duration, large accumulated rainfall and fierce local rainfall.
The heavy rainfall in the south is ready to go, and the north is full of coolness. How to strengthen disaster risk prevention? Does it have an adverse effect on spring ploughing and sowing? Chen Tao, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, interpreted this.
Long-term confrontation between cold and warm air leads to long rainfall time and heavy rainfall.
According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, it is predicted that the rainfall in the southern region will increase in the coming week. Among them, from May 9 to 13, southern Jiangnan and southern China will experience the strongest rainfall since the flood season this year. There will be heavy rain in most areas south of the Yangtze River, heavy rain in parts of South China and South Jiangnan, and heavy rain in Guangdong and Guangxi. These areas are accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms or hail.
Chen Tao said that the strongest rainfall period in the process will occur from 10th to 12th, with precipitation concentrated in southern Jiangnan and southern China, and the daily rainfall at individual stations in Guangdong and Guangxi may reach historical extremes.
The main reasons for the heavy rainfall process in the south are: first, the subtropical high in the western Pacific is stable, the warm and humid airflow at its western edge and the cold air in the north continue to meet in Jiangnan and South China, and the cold and warm air confront each other for a long time, which leads to the long duration of the rainfall; Second, the southwest water vapor transport in the lower atmosphere in southern China has been significantly enhanced recently. Affected by the cyclone storm in the Bay of Bengal, it is more conducive to the water vapor transport to the south of China and provides sufficient water vapor conditions for this rainfall.
When the south enters rainy season, the risk of disaster is increased and attention is paid to prevention.
Affected by continuous heavy rainfall, the meteorological risk of mountain torrents and geological disasters in eastern and northern Guangxi, central Guangdong, southwestern Fujian, southwestern Jiangxi and southern Hunan is high; The meteorological risk of floods in small and medium-sized rivers in central Guangdong and eastern Guangxi is high. Chen Tao suggested that the above areas should pay attention to prevent the meteorological risks of mountain torrents, geological disasters and floods in small and medium-sized rivers that may be caused by heavy rainfall.
In addition, according to the forecast of the National Climate Center, this year’s South China Sea summer monsoon will break out in the third season (10th to 15th) in May, slightly earlier than normal (4th season in May), and its intensity is close to normal to weak. Under normal circumstances, within two weeks after the onset of the South China Sea summer monsoon, the monsoon airflow will carry more abundant southwest warm and humid water vapor from the tropical Indian Ocean and the South China Sea to the East Asian continent, and the convective heavy precipitation in the southern region will increase significantly, and the southwest rainy season and plum rain will begin one after another.
Therefore, when the south enters a rainy period, the risk of disaster increases, and extreme weather may occur, so preparations for disaster prevention and relief should be made in advance. Chen Tao said that the public should pay attention to the rolling meteorological forecast and early warning information released by various places and try to avoid going out during periods of heavy rainfall and strong convective weather.
Cold air affects frequently, and many places in the north are full of coolness.
Although long summer has passed, cold air is still active recently. Under the influence of cold air, the temperature in many places in North China Plain in these two days was obviously lower than that in the same period of normal years. On the morning of May 8, affected by cold air and rainfall, the temperature in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Hebei and other places hovered at 10 degrees Celsius, and the body felt cold.
The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be a strong cold air activity in northern China from 10th to 12th. By then, the temperature in Inner Mongolia and most parts of northwest, northeast and north China will drop by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius, and the local temperature will drop by more than 10 degrees Celsius, accompanied by northerly winds of 4 to 6, and gusts of 7 to 9. Chen Tao said that due to the frequent influence of cold air, the temperature in many places in the North China Plain will continue to be low in the coming week, reminding the public to appropriately increase clothes according to the temperature forecast.
In addition to the strong wind cooling, some areas in the north will be accompanied by precipitation weather, and there will be small to moderate rain or thunderstorms and local heavy rain in Inner Mongolia and northwest, north China and northeast China. Low temperature combined with rainfall leads to lower somatosensory temperature.
Spring ploughing and spring sowing are generally smooth, and cooling and precipitation temporarily hinder the process.
Since spring sowing, the weather has been good in most parts of the country, which is conducive to the development of spring ploughing and spring sowing. At present, the progress of spring sowing of grain crops in China has been more than half, faster than the same period last year; Among them, the sowing and planting of early rice has ended, with more than 80% of spring wheat, 70% of spring corn and 20% of soybeans, and the overall progress is smooth. Cotton, spring corn, soybean and one-season rice in Xinjiang, North China, Huanghuai and other places are still being planted.
The process of precipitation cooling in central and eastern China from 9 to 13 is beneficial to supplement soil moisture in northern China, but the spring sowing operation will be temporarily blocked due to precipitation. The average temperature in the northern part of Northeast China, northern part of North China, eastern Gansu, central Shaanxi and other places is below 8 degrees Celsius, and the sowing of dryland crops such as corn and soybeans is suspended, and the germination rate of sown crops is slowed down.
Chen Tao suggested that the northeast region should avoid cooling and windy periods as much as possible, and plant seeds in time according to moisture and temperature changes. In areas with wet soil, pay attention to stepping up moisture removal after the weather improves; For the sown crops in dry land, attention should be paid to field inspection, and remedial measures should be taken in time once powder seeds are found; It is not advisable to transplant rice seedlings early in rice planting areas, pay attention to regulating the temperature and humidity in the seedling shed, and do a good job of wind protection and reinforcement. Areas that have not yet completed the sowing plan should seize the favorable weather, sow while the soil moisture is growing, and speed up the progress of spring sowing. Do a good job in seedling management of sown fields, and check and replenish seedlings in time.
For the southern region, heavy rainfall and strong convective weather are easy to cause rice lodging and short-term waterlogging in farmland, which is not good for harvesting and drying rape in southern Jiangnan. All localities need to clean ditches in time to ensure smooth drainage and reduce the impact of waterlogging.
Producer: Zhu Yonglei and Qiu Xiaomin
Planning: Li You
Reporter: Yu Ziru Wang Meili
Video shooting and production: Chen Zheng Zhang Yubo
Editor: Yang Liu
Xinhuanet and China Meteorological Network jointly produced.