Yang Mi arrives in Hong Kong to reveal the first video of "Dawudang", claiming to be paralyzed

Fan Shaohuang’s live show of real kung fu caused screams

Yang Mi assumes the martial arts pose in the film

Fan Shaohuang, Yang Mi, director Liang Baijian

Click to watch the high definition video:Yang Mi starred in the debut film of "Da Wudang"   Yang Mi’s "virgin fight" is brilliant  

"Dawudang" meeting Yang Mi showed off his martial arts on the spot, revealing that his limbs were not coordinated

    Movie Network News(Graphic Video/Hong Kong International Film Festival Report Team) Yang Mi and Zhao Wenzhuo starred in the film "The World Code of Great Wudang" (hereinafter referred to as "Great Wudang") on March 19 at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition. Yang Mi played a heavy role in the film, and his performance was quite eye-catching. On the same day, director Liang Baijian, Yang Mi and Fan Shaohuang attended the scene to tell the behind-the-scenes of the film.

Fan Shaohuang, Yang Mi

Yang Mi has a lovely smile

Fan Shaohuang, director Liang Baijian, Yang Mi toast 


Yang Mi Daxiu Wushu POSE exposes to crazy "beating" with Zhao Wenzhuo for 20 days

    In the video behind- the-scene, I saw Yang Mi hanging Weiya with a whirlwind kick, the posture was quite professional and cool, and the director Liang Baijian also praised Yang Mi for his brilliant play, "The first time I saw Yang Mi do the action, I knew that she had no problem filming the play, and this time she played very well. Not to mention Fan Shaohuang, he is real kung fu, not acting."

    Regarding the director’s praise, Yang Mi, who was filming a scene for the first time, modestly expressed his disdain, "In fact, my limbs are not very coordinated. I practiced for a long time, and I only achieved the current results with everyone’s help." Yang Mi also confessed that he was bruised all over his body, "The fight was really hard, and even the last leg could not move, but it was a small injury." Referring to the most impressive fight scene, Yang Mi said with a smile, "The fight with Zhao Wenzhuo, we played for 20 days, and there were many difficult places, and we had to fly down the stairs." Then, Yang Mi also played the POSE of a martial arts master.

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Urumqi Volvo XC60 new energy is on sale! The maximum discount is 140 thousand, and the quantity is limited

Recently, car home Urumqi preferential promotion channel has brought you a wave of good benefits! Now, the price reduction promotion is being carried out in Urumqi, with the highest discount as high as 140,000 and the lowest starting price of 390,900. If you are interested in this luxury SUV, you may wish to click "Check the price of the car" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. As a hybrid vehicle, Volvo XC60 New Energy has a good performance in terms of power and energy saving, and has a luxurious and comfortable driving experience, which is worthy of attention. Act quickly and seize this preferential opportunity!


Volvo XC60 New Energy is a luxury medium-sized SUV, and its design is highly recognizable. The front face adopts a unique Volvo family-style design, and a large area of chrome-plated decorative strips makes the whole car look more exquisite. The air intake grille is hexagonal in design, and the interior is decorated with transverse decorative strips, which are integrated with the "T"-shaped daytime running lights on both sides to make the whole front look wider. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, highlighting Volvo’s consistent Nordic style. The side of the car body uses smooth lines to outline the slender outline of the car body, while the luggage rack on the roof and chrome trim above the window also increase the fashion sense of the car. The tail design adopts Volvo’s family-style "L"-shaped taillights, which are matched with two exhaust pipes on both sides, showing the sporty atmosphere of XC60 new energy. Generally speaking, the design of Volvo XC60 new energy not only keeps Volvo’s simple atmosphere, but also incorporates fashion elements, showing the style of luxury medium-sized SUV.


Volvo XC60 New Energy has a body size of 4708*1902*1656 mm, a wheelbase of 2865 mm, a front tread of 1649 mm and a rear tread of 1653 mm.. The body lines are smooth, the overall shape is fashionable and atmospheric, the front face design is simple and exquisite, and the side lines of the body are simple and smooth, showing a beautiful curve and a strong sense of lines. Tyre size is 255/45 R20, and the rim style is exquisite, which complements the car body. The overall design is exquisite and elegant, showing the consistent low-key luxury style of Volvo brand.


The interior design of Volvo XC60 New Energy is simple and fashionable, made of high-quality materials, creating a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them best. The 9-inch central control screen has a moderate size and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can easily operate multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces, and the front row also has the function of wireless charging of mobile phones, which is convenient and practical. The seat is made of leather, and the main and co-pilot seats support front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, leg rest adjustment and lumbar support, so that both drivers and passengers can get the best comfort experience. In addition, the front seats also have heating function, and the co-pilot seat and the driver’s seat also have electric seat memory function, which is convenient for different drivers to use. The rear seats are laid down in proportion, which can be adjusted flexibly as needed to increase storage space. In a word, the interior design and configuration of Volvo XC60 New Energy are very humanized, providing a comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.


Volvo XC60 New Energy is equipped with a 2.0T 310 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 228 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. Equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, it can provide a smooth shift experience and efficient power output. This engine not only has strong power performance, but also has excellent fuel economy, which can meet the dual needs of drivers for driving performance and energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the engine of Volvo XC60 New Energy also adopts advanced technology and design, which makes it perform well in noise and vibration and bring drivers a more comfortable driving experience.

In the design of Volvo XC60 new energy, we can see the family-style big mouth grille, the LED headlights of Raytheon Hammer and Viking Axe, which undoubtedly add a lot of beauty to the vehicle. As the owner of car home said, the design of this model is tough and unforgettable. The design of Viking Axe is inspired by the ancient Nordic mythology. Incorporating it into the design of headlights not only enhances the recognition of vehicles, but also makes the whole front face more refined. The hammer of Raytheon is more domineering, making the vehicle more eye-catching when driving. The integration of these design elements not only makes Volvo XC60 new energy unique in appearance, but also shows the unique temperament of the brand. Whether on urban roads or mountain roads, Volvo XC60 new energy can become a beautiful landscape in people’s eyes.

BYD released the new energy exclusive intelligent body control system "Yunqi".

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, April 10 (Reporter Yin Peng) On the evening of April 10, BYD released the new energy exclusive intelligent body control system "Yunqi". The intelligent body control system of Yunqi was developed by BYD, which also marked that BYD became the first China automobile enterprise to master the intelligent body control system independently.

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Group, said at the press conference that the launch of "Yunqi" is another safety technical breakthrough after BYD’s blade battery, body integrated technology (CTB) and four-motor independent drive system ("Easy Sifang").

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Group, introduced Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System at the press conference. (Photo courtesy of BYD)

Wang Chuanfu said that "Yunqi" can effectively restrain the change of body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers from systematic control in the vertical direction of the whole vehicle. At the same time, the cloud chariot system can effectively protect the vehicle body under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water, avoid the collision damage of the whole vehicle caused by terrain, ensure the safety and stability of the whole vehicle, and realize the double protection of people and vehicles.

Byd looks up to the model. (Photo courtesy of BYD)

According to reports, the cloud system will be installed in BYD Dynasty series models, marine flagship models, Tengshi brand, Wangwang brand and professional personalized brand models.

Topic | China volleyball set off the "tide of studying abroad" by relying on real skills, reputation and achievements.

On February 11th, the Gdansk Club of Polish Men’s Volleyball announced that Zhang Jingyin, a player from China, will play in the Polish Men’s Volleyball League wearing the same No.22 jersey as the national team. Zhang Jingyin has also become another China player to join a high-level overseas league after Jiangchuan and Zhu Ting. China players are being recognized by overseas clubs and awarded overseas league contracts by virtue of their outstanding performance in the national team and league. Zhang Jingyin hopes that she can play abroad and bring back good experience, so that China volleyball can make progress.

The local team of the Association recommended overseas league recognition.

Recently, China’s men’s and women’s volleyball national teams have assembled in Fujian and Zhejiang training bases to start a new year’s training. Different from previous years, many main players did not appear in the training base. Under the recommendation and operation of China Volleyball Association and local teams, men’s volleyball team captain Jiang Chuan, women’s volleyball team captain Zhu Ting, men’s volleyball league popular king Zhang Jingyin and other players have landed in overseas leagues.

This is a gratifying step for China Volleyball to improve its volleyball level by sending high-level athletes to join high-level leagues. On the other hand, the level of men’s and women’s volleyball in China has also been recognized by overseas leagues. Zhu Ting, the captain of China Women’s Volleyball Team, won an annual salary of one million euros in the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League. Zhu Ting’s performance in the previous national team conquered the top overseas leagues. At the beginning of this year, Yao Di, a setter who just won the China Women’s Volleyball Super League championship on behalf of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, also got a contract with Scandi odd team in Serie A and became a teammate with Zhu Ting.

Zhang Jingyin, a Zhejiang player who performed well in the China Men’s Volleyball Super League, arrived in Gdansk, Poland on the 11th with his coaching team, and will soon join the Polish Men’s Volleyball Super League. Zhang Jingyin’s jersey number in the club is still the number 22 of the national team. The Polish Men’s Volleyball Super League is one of the three top men’s volleyball leagues in the world. As the first China player to play in Bochao, Zhang Jingyin is facing a lot of challenges. First of all, the number of foreign aid players in Bo Chao League is limited to three, and secondly, Zhang Jingyin will also face the test of strong blocking in Europe. In this regard, Zhang Jingyin said that she is going to participate in the competition with a learning attitude.

Serie A welcomed the third foreign aid from China this season. Born in 2000, she served as the main attack and response of Sichuan women’s volleyball team in the past two seasons. As the absolute core of the team, Miao Yiwen averaged 6.59 and 5.86 in the current China Women’s Volleyball League, ranking first in both rankings. In the ranking of effective scoring index of main attack players, Miao Yiwen’s effective scoring index reached 4.37. Second only to Li Yingying. It can be said that Miao Yiwen is a Serie A team impressed by the excellent performance of the League.

There is bitterness and sweetness in studying abroad, and fame and position are played out.

Playing in overseas leagues is both an opportunity and a challenge for China players. Overseas club leagues gather masters from all over the world and various styles of play. On the one hand, China players need to compete with opponents across the net, but also compete with teammates for playing opportunities. Just like Zhu Ting, her fame and position are based on competition and achievements.

With the active operation and recommendation of China Volleyball Association and local teams, China men’s volleyball players set off a climax of "studying abroad". Before the start of the Chinese Men’s Volleyball League, Beijing Auto Men’s Volleyball Team has sent many players, including captain Jiang Chuan, Wang Dongchen and Zhang Binglong, to compete overseas and other teams. At present, Peng Shikun, Yu Yuantai and Yu Yaochen have joined Japanese and Qatari Asian clubs to play. At present, Jiangchuan stands firm in Japan Men’s Volleyball League with his skill and hard work. He won the title of scoring champion in a single game in the Japanese league for many times, and was also selected for the All-Star team. On the other hand, in addition to training and playing ball in Hiroshima Club, Jiangchuan is only responsible for two meals a day on training day and competition day. Other necessities of life must be purchased by yourself. Jiangchuan needs to do it personally in diet and daily life to ensure that his body is in the best condition.

When the China Women’s Volleyball Super League came to an end, Beijing Auto Women’s Volleyball Team helped Jin Ye go through the formalities and joined the Jakarta BIN team of Indonesian League together with Chen Peiyan of Guangdong Women’s Volleyball Team. This shows that Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team supports players to play abroad. In the debut of Jin Ye and Chen Peiyan joining the Indonesian League, they helped the team beat the six-time champion national electric women’s volleyball team in the Indonesian League. Unfortunately, after that, the team terminated the contract with Jin Ye, and the national player failed to play the complete Indonesian league.

Training+Studying in China Volleyball requires walking on two legs.

In the 2023 season, both men’s and women’s volleyball teams in China will face the test of competition. In addition to the World League and the Asian Championship, the China Men’s Volleyball Team also has the Asian Games and the Paris Olympic Qualifiers. The three-month training of China Men’s Volleyball Team hopes to strengthen basic skills, further polish skills and tactics, and prepare for the qualification of the Paris Olympic Games. China women’s volleyball team shouted the slogan that the Asian Games must win the championship. At that time, the players who will fight overseas are bound to become an important part of the national team. From training to studying abroad, China volleyball began to walk on two legs.

In late May this year, China women’s volleyball team will soon go to the World Women’s Volleyball League. The 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament held from September 16th to 24th and the Hangzhou Asian Games held from September 28th to October 7th are the most important. Head coach Cai Bin said that the goal of China women’s volleyball team in the Asian Games must be a gold medal. In addition, China women’s volleyball team should get tickets for the Paris Olympic Games in the qualifying round at the first time.

China men’s volleyball training, because many players such as Jiang Chuan and Zhang Jingyin participated in overseas leagues, the number of China men’s volleyball players participating in the training was reduced from 25 to 18. Zhang Jingyin said: "We can broaden our horizons and recognize a different level of league. In high-level clubs, learn how others train and compete. I hope that we can play abroad and bring back their good things, and then we can study together and make progress together. "

The number of women’s volleyball training in China was also reduced from 23 to 18 because Ding Xia, Zhu Ting and others did not participate in the training. At present, Zhu Ting and Yao Di are fighting fiercely in the Italian Women’s Volleyball League. Zhu Ting’s performance is stable, maintaining a success rate of about 50% in many competitions. Yao Di also began to enter the starting list and found his place in the team.

Overseas leagues also give young players a chance to attack the position of China women’s volleyball team in the future. Sun Jie, an assistant from Shandong, has joined Maccabi Club in Haifa, Israel League until the end of the 23rd season. She is the first player from China in the history of Israel Women’s Volleyball League. Sichuan meets Miao Yiwen and becomes the third China player to land in Serie A this season after Zhu Ting and Yao Di. If these players perform well in overseas leagues, they may be able to impress China women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin.

Since she was promoted to the adult group, Miao Yiwen has not had many opportunities to represent China women’s volleyball team in international competitions. Last year, she was selected for the China Women’s Volleyball Team by virtue of her outstanding performance in the League, and participated in the World Women’s Volleyball League sub-competition. Unfortunately, Miao Yiwen only appeared as a substitute in the match with the Thai women’s volleyball team. Since then, she has failed to be selected for the China Women’s Volleyball World Championships. This time, Miao Yiwen impressed Serie A clubs through league performance, and Miao Yiwen also got another chance to prove herself.

Whether these players studying abroad can become the main force of China volleyball national team in the future depends on their own abilities and the needs of the team. Since the pace of volleyball training+studying abroad in China has been taken, we should boldly move forward. As Zhang Jingyin said when talking about his communication with Wu Sheng, head coach of China Men’s Volleyball Team, "Coach Wu also hopes that I can have a good exercise when I go abroad this time, make a major breakthrough in serving and bring back good experience. In the future, I will play well in the national team competition. "

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Yan Peng

Editor/Wang Haozhou


Beijing: The retail price of fireworks and firecrackers in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is the same as in previous years.

On the 6th, it was the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month, and fireworks and firecrackers were officially put on sale in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox. This year, there are 10 retail outlets of fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing, which will be sold from February 6 to 16 (from the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month to the 5th day of the first lunar month). Buyers need to register their real names with their ID cards. This year, Shijingshan District and Shunyi District were added to be banned in the whole region.
This year, the number of retail outlets for fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing has been reduced to 10, with a total stock of 20,000 boxes.
There are no sales outlets in ten urban areas.
As in previous years, the sale time of fireworks and firecrackers in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is still 11 days, from February 6 (the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month) to February 16 (the fifth day of the first lunar month).
According to the Beijing Fireworks Office, compared with last year, the number of retail outlets in the city has been reduced from 23 to 10 this year, with a total of 20,000 boxes stocked, which is 25.9% lower than last year’s 27,000 boxes.
The 10 outlets are located in six districts: Tongzhou District, Changping District, Pinggu District, Huairou District, Miyun District and Yanqing District. There are no outlets in Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Shijingshan District, Mentougou District, Fangshan District, Shunyi District and Daxing District.
The forbidden area in the city accounts for 32.4% of the total area.
The reporter learned from the Municipal Fireworks Office that the forbidden area in the city has been further expanded this year, about 5,318 square kilometers, accounting for 32.4% of the city’s total area, an increase of 22% year-on-year.
The Fifth Ring Road (including the Fifth Ring Road) is still a year-round forbidden area, and Dongcheng District, Xicheng District and Daxing District continue to implement the whole district ban. Shijingshan District, Shunyi District, Yanqing District and Pinggu District have added forbidden areas. The administrative areas of Shijingshan District and Shunyi District are completely banned, Yanqing District has added four townships as forbidden areas, and Pinggu District has added 64 square kilometers of forbidden areas.
This year, the city’s restricted release area is about 4,107 square kilometers, accounting for 25% of the city’s total area, and there is no obvious change compared with last year.
The Municipal Fireworks Office reminds that fireworks and firecrackers should not be set off in the no-go zone in the Fifth Ring Road and the no-go zone delineated by each district; In restricted areas, fireworks and firecrackers can be set off from 7: 00 to 24: 00 every day from Lunar New Year’s Eve to the first day of the first month, and from the second day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, and fireworks and firecrackers may not be set off at other times; Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in 16 prohibited places throughout the year; When the city issued an orange and red warning of heavy air pollution, fireworks and firecrackers were prohibited in the administrative area of the city.
■ attention
All deliveries and purchases must be registered in real-name registration system.
Since the Spring Festival the year before last, real-name registration system has been adopted in the sale of fireworks in Beijing, and consumers need to swipe their ID cards to buy fireworks. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, the registration system of fireworks and firecrackers was upgraded in an all-round way. For the first time, the escort held the real-name registration system system to scan the code and grab the delivery.
Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the fireworks sales outlets in Tongzhou District that during the unloading process, the escort not only had paper documents, but also held a real-name registration system system scanning gun, and every box of products unloaded was scanned and registered. When people buy fireworks, they must also register in real-name registration system with their ID cards before they can settle their accounts.
It is understood that there are two fireworks wholesale enterprises in Beijing, but at present only one Panda Fireworks Company is operating normally. According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd., in order to effectively crack down on crimes and illegal fireworks and firecrackers, the registration system of fireworks flow was upgraded in an all-round way during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox. Not only the outer packaging of each box of fireworks, but also every single fireworks item in the box was labeled with real-name registration system. In other words, real-name registration system has covered the smallest packaging unit of fireworks, thus truly realizing the traceability of the whole process covering the whole process of production, delivery, shipment, warehousing, warehousing, distribution and sales.
Fireworks and firecrackers are "slimming" and more environmentally friendly.
The reporter learned that in order to meet the new demand, the types of fireworks and firecrackers have also been adjusted this year. The relevant person in charge of Beijing Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd. said that since last year, both fireworks manufacturers and Beijing citizens have changed their requirements for fireworks and firecrackers. Small and medium-sized products such as modeling, flower spraying, thread fragrance and small fireworks are the mainstream, which is more popular among the people in Beijing. Therefore, fireworks and firecrackers have been "slimmed down" this year.
According to reports, there are more than 300 kinds of fireworks and firecrackers this year, of which "Year of the Ox Theme" is more than 20%. "All new products of the Year of the Ox supplied to the Beijing market must meet the environmental protection indicators of sulfur-free light smoke and less residue."
The person in charge said that due to the "upgrade" of environmental protection standards and other reasons, the production cost of fireworks after "slimming" has not decreased, and the production cost of some products has increased after "slimming". "However, if the cost rises, there will be no price increase, and the suggested retail price of all products will be the same as in previous years."
It is understood that WeChat official account’s WeChat "Beijing Panda Fireworks" of Beijing Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd. has updated the map navigation of 10 fireworks outlets, so that citizens can check the "finding the fireworks spot" in WeChat official account and watch the discharge effect of all fireworks products.
■ On site
On the first day of fireworks sale, citizens lined up two hours in advance.
Yesterday was the first day of the sale of fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing during the Spring Festival of 2021. The reporter visited several sales outlets.
At 8: 30 yesterday morning, many people came to buy fireworks in front of the fireworks retail outlet in Songzhuang, Tongzhou District.
The reporter noticed that the most popular choice for people who buy fireworks and firecrackers is a thousand whips. It is understood that this year’s thousand-ring whip price has not risen.
"We buy a few thousand whips every year, which shows a festive atmosphere." Mr. Jin, a citizen, brought his grandson to buy fireworks and firecrackers. In addition to buying a few small fireworks for his children, he only bought three thousand whips, and planned to put one on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day.
In the sales outlets in Yangfang Town, Changping District, the reporter visited and learned that although the sales started at 8 o’clock, there were already people waiting in line at 6 o’clock.
A staff member of the sales point introduced that the unified sales time in the city is 8: 00 in the morning and the end time is 8: 00 in the evening. However, at 6 o’clock in the morning, citizens came to wait, and the official pre-sale team has exceeded 100 meters. Outside the team, the staff kept reminding everyone to keep their distance and wear masks with horns.
At 11 o’clock in the morning yesterday, a father and son came out from the point of sale with bought fireworks. According to reports, the two started from the vicinity of Beichen Bridge at 7 am and drove 50 kilometers to the scene. The queue started at 8 o’clock, and it took three hours to buy it.
On-site staff and police told reporters that the fireworks and firecrackers at the point of sale will be replenished according to the sales situation. Everyone’s buying together is related to the weekend, and it is expected to be reduced today and tomorrow. In addition, in response to yesterday’s sales situation, the retail outlets in Yangfang Town will advance the sales time to 7: 30 in the morning from now on. (Pei Jianfei, Zhang Jingshu)

Why did the top ski instructor die in the snow field?

The end of the trail should not be orthopedics.
On November 10, the news that "the only female coach in China died in a ski resort" was posted on the hot search. A number of media reports said that the accident occurred on the afternoon of November 7, and Zhou Moping, a well-known ski instructor in China, had an accident while skiing in the Cocoto Sea Snow Resort in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. He was unfortunately killed that night because of ineffective rescue.
It is understood that after the accident, the Cocoto Sea Snow Resort also urgently installed a protective net on the whole line. As of press time, the local police are still investigating the cause of the accident. The staff of Fuyun County Government said that the official announcement on the process and details of the accident will be publicly released on the website of Fuyun County People’s Government.
What is puzzling is that a professional ski instructor with strong skiing ability and rich skiing experience will lose his life in the ski resort. What is wrong with the management and medical safety of the ski resort?
Zhou Moping’s skiing map/Zhou Moping Zoye video screenshot
It’s all because of the follow-up?
China Newsweek learned that on the morning of November 8, the news of Zhou Moping’s unfortunate death had already spread in the ski circle.
Huai Wei, the deputy chief physician of the emergency department of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University, who once undertook and carried out the rescue mission of the alpine skiing field in the Beijing Winter Olympics, told China Newsweek that he was shocked and very sad after learning the news of Zhou Moping’s death.
Huai Wei once received professional skiing training under the guidance of Zhou Moping in the early stage of the competition because of performing the medical security task of the Winter Olympics. "We have a lot of ski doctors in the same batch who have been trained by her, and they all feel too sorry, because coach Zhou is a very good person. She is currently the only female coach in China who has passed the certification of the New Zealand Ski System, and the only woman in China who has achieved this achievement. There is no problem with her skiing ability. "
Huai Wei recalled: "Our group of Winter Olympics doctors began to assemble in 2018, and they spent four weeks in Chongli for training every winter. One of the training contents is the training of medical first aid skills in skiing events, and the other is the training of skiing skills. Because for ski doctors, it is very important to adapt to different snow conditions, different slopes and different terrains in snow rescue and reach the injured in the first time. The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has very high requirements for our training, and has arranged a group of high-level coaches for us. Coach Zhou is one of them. "
In Huai Wei’s impression, Zhou Moping has rich teaching experience and outstanding foreign language ability, and can directly be a translator for foreign ski instructors. "Her character is gentle and gentle, and her voice is very light, but she is very serious about teaching, such as the angle of the vertical edge of the ankle, the timing of the shift of the center of gravity, the adjustment of the power part and other sliding skills, and she will also make video recordings for each of us, and resume the training after the training, patiently correcting the wrong actions for each student one by one." Huai Wei said.
The specific cause of death of Zhou Moping has not been officially announced by the local authorities and their families. According to the information from the Internet, "At 14: 10 on November 7, Zhou Moumou slid with Xueyou at Qinggeli Road in Cocotohai International Ski Resort and followed the shot, and slipped to the intersection of Qinggeli Road and Tianhe Stone Road. Because of avoiding shooting Xueyou, he slipped out of control and was injured outside the road. At 19: 25, he died after being rescued by Fuyun County People’s Hospital. "
After the accident, the relevant personnel of Xinjiang Altai Tourism Development Group voiced to the media, saying: "At the time of the incident, male skiers skied behind and female skiers filmed in front of them, and then the female skiers rushed out of the snowy road to avoid male skiers."
This remark proves that Zhou Moping did have a follow-up behavior before the accident.
Nan Chao, a ski instructor at a ski resort in Beijing, also provides a part-time follow-up service. He told China Newsweek that he had attended the course of Zhou Moping, and he also received the news of Zhou Moping’s death in the early morning of November 8, and he was sad for a long time.
For the follow-up shooting with different opinions on the Internet, Nan Chao introduced the current mainstream business form: "At present, the mainstream way of skiing and shooting is to hold miniature panoramic shooting equipment, which is small and convenient. Specifically, the follower can install the micro device on the’ racket pole’, hold the’ racket pole’ to slide with the target object and record it, or take a selfie. The follower skies almost at the same speed as the target object, and can slide in the back, on both sides or even around the front. "
"Some people will tie a motion camera to their head or chest to follow the target object, or ask someone to follow the drone remotely. These two methods are also used by some people. The former does not need a hand-held device, but can’t see the real-time picture. The picture is accompanied by jitter, and the latter can take a spectacular panorama, and the photographer does not necessarily follow the slide, which is relatively safe."
In Nan Chao’s view, the highest level but relatively dangerous method is to hold a pan-tilt stabilizer with a SLR camera to follow. "Because it is a SLR camera, its advantage lies in its very high definition and film quality, which is suitable for some skiers who have high requirements for image quality. However, due to the fact that the PTZ stabilizer and the SLR camera are relatively heavy, and the photographer needs to face the skier and slide backwards, the requirements for skiing technology are extremely high, and the balance direction and shooting quality should be taken into account. "
"Most of the skiers here buy the follow-up service, and generally there are not many requirements. As long as there is a complete and smooth video that can be sent to a circle of friends, they will be very happy, but some people want to show off and improve the coolness of short videos, so they pursue some more difficult follow-ups." Nan Chao revealed that he had been asked by some skiers who bought services. During the sliding process, he extended the "racket pole" to the vicinity of his snowboard and deliberately captured the effect of "lifting a piece of snow" on his snowboard.
"Although this kind of follow-up is not inoperable, it is also difficult. When the photographer slides, he takes care of the position of both of them, and also finds the right time to extend the’ racket pole’ and put it in the right position, so the photographer can’t keep his eyes on the front at all times and is easily distracted. In addition, because the distance between the two is very close, the follower and the subject are easy to collide and wrestle, and the shooting equipment is also easy to be damaged. " Nan Chao said: "The most important thing is that both skiers and photographers should pay attention to avoiding other skiers in time, which is also difficult."
Nan Chao stressed that according to the existing information disclosure, it is not certain that the cause of Zhou Moping’s accident must be related to the filming behavior, and the local conclusions should prevail. But it is almost certain that major accidents in ski resorts are generally related to excessive speed. "In the outdoor snow field, senior experts generally slide very fast, and the speed can reach 80-90 kilometers per hour, which is equivalent to the speed of cars on the highway. Once the speed is too fast, the probability of accidental loss of control may increase whether there is a follow-up behavior or not. "
Ski-following hand-held stabilizer and SLR camera reverse sliding map/video screenshot
The helicopter didn’t participate in the rescue?
According to public information, Keketuohai International Ski Resort is located in the national 5A scenic spot of Keketuohai in Fuyun County, with the highest elevation of 3,100 meters and the maximum vertical drop of 1,350 meters. The ski resort has the longest ski trail "Gemstone Avenue" in China, which can slide for 9 kilometers, and the steepest "Black Diamond Trail" in China, with a height difference of 227 meters and an average gradient of 71.28%, and the "Diamond Trail" which can meet the international competition of downhill skiing in the mountains in China, with a maximum drop of 900 meters. It has been certified by Guinness Headquarters of Shanghai World as the ski resort with the largest drop in altitude of snow trails in China.
"When it comes to the rescue of the Cocoto Sea Snow Resort, it is actually very reliable in my experience." Wang Rui, who went skiing in Cocotohai Ski Resort not long ago, shared two experiences called rescue with China Newsweek.
"First of all, there are many places outside the snowy road of Cocoto Sea where the telephone number of the rescue team is written. At that time, my friend snow goggles, who came to play with me, was foggy. Because it was too cold, my eyes couldn’t see the frozen lenses, so we called for help. Just before we even took off our skis, help arrived. The second time, I fell to my ribs. I felt very painful and called for rescue. At that time, I couldn’t describe my specific location. The rescue team took a video call with me and took me to the infirmary in 2 minutes. I remember that it was a Kazakh eldest brother who came to pick me up. Seeing that I was too painful to walk, he deliberately put the speed of the snowmobile very slowly and carefully avoided those bumpy places. "
The rescue map of the patrol rescue team of Cocotohai Ski Resort/Cocotohai Ski Resort WeChat official account
The video of Zhou Moping’s on-site rescue spread on the Internet shows that there is a team of about 10 people at Keketuohai Ski Resort to handle Zhou Moping’s rescue and transshipment. After that, the rescue team lifted Zhou Moping onto the special stretcher for snow, and a rescue team member slid and dragged the snowy road with two boards. In the process, the snowmobile driver was responsible for evacuation and opening the road.
In Wang Rui’s view, there is no problem with the response speed of the rescue in Keketuohai Ski Resort, but the fast response speed does not mean that it can reach a higher professional rescue level. "The accident that Zhou Moping encountered was sudden and too serious. I think it is beyond the handling capacity of the snow rescue team."
After Zhou Mouping was killed, some netizens questioned why the Cocotohai Ski Resort was far away from Fuyun County People’s Hospital, and why helicopters were not urgently used for rescue.
According to public information, there are indeed helicopters at Cocotohai Ski Resort. China Newsweek has learned from many sources that it is mainly used for tourists’ sightseeing, but it is difficult to undertake the medical treatment and transshipment functions of sudden major crises.
Cocoto Sea Ski Resort Helicopter Service Price List/Tailv Group Official Weibo
Huai Wei told China News Weekly: "Skiers encounter extreme accidents in the snow field. The most ideal, fastest and highest standard rescue method can refer to the guarantee requirements of large-scale ice and snow sports events, but it is difficult to benchmark the daily operation and medical security of the snow field at present."
According to Huai Wei, according to the requirements of the International Skiing Federation, when an athlete falls to the ground in a skiing event, the skier should bring all the first-aid equipment and medicines, carry a rescue bag weighing 15 kilograms, and rely on skilled skiing skills close to professional level to reach the athlete within 4 minutes, and make a preliminary assessment and rapid treatment of the injury in a cold environment, such as fixation of the fracture, dressing of the bleeding part, analgesic treatment, etc., and quickly transfer the injured person off the track on the premise of ensuring the stability of the injury. After that, it needs to be determined as soon as possible and accurately whether to transfer to the athletes’ medical station quickly or call the helicopter to participate in the rescue transfer.
"If it is a helicopter rescue, according to the requirements, in alpine skiing, ski jumping and other projects, the helicopter needs to reach the patient within 5 minutes after the athlete is injured, and deliver the patient to the nearest designated hospital within 15 minutes. A well-equipped medical helicopter is still different from a rescue helicopter. It will be equipped with first-aid equipment such as oxygen cylinders, vacuum stretchers, sputum aspirators, ventilators and defibrillation monitors. "
Ren Hongxiang, director of the Medical Committee of Beijing Ski Association and deputy chief physician of neurosurgery department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, who also has medical support experience in the Winter Olympics, told China Newsweek: "The cost of helicopter rescue is very high. At present, although the economic level of China has been greatly improved, there is still a certain gap compared with the ski tourism countries in Europe and America. At present, it is impossible to realize free helicopter rescue of public welfare nature. This requires the whole society, relevant departments and institutions to establish and improve relevant mechanisms for commercial insurance in the field of special high-risk sports. "
Ren Hongxiang pointed out: "From the practical experience of ski resorts and sports events around Beijing in recent years, because the expressway networks in Beijing and Zhangjiakou are relatively developed and convenient, assuming that there is an accident in Chongli’s ski resorts, ambulances can be transported to local hospitals nearby or sent back to Beijing. Theoretically, most emergency treatments can be handled in time and effectively."
"However, some ski resorts in other provinces and cities are generally located in remote areas, or because of special topography, or because highways are vulnerable to extreme weather closures, etc., resulting in long transshipment time. Therefore, in terms of the application of helicopter rescue in the future, the relevant departments of provinces and cities where such ski resorts are located really need to make some relevant considerations. "
Huai Wei added that under the current objective conditions, some "upgrades" and "reinforcements" should be considered for both personnel and first aid equipment. "On the one hand, the medical training of rescuers in the snow field needs to be strengthened, and the first-aid materials in the infirmary need to be further enriched, which is very important for the accurate assessment and initial disposal of the injured."
For example, Huai Wei said, "If a skier is injured, it is necessary to make local fixation before transport, but the snow clinic may not be equipped with neck brace, sternum strap and other equipment, and the operation of rescuers may not be professional and skilled. In this case, the injured person is prone to secondary injury during transport."
"In addition, in terms of transshipment, in the absence of air transshipment, in addition to promoting safe and fast ground transshipment as much as possible, relevant parties can also consider establishing a remote consultation mechanism for seriously injured patients. In case of sudden major accidents, through modern technologies such as 5G, some experts in big cities will be connected for remote online video consultation, and relevant experienced experts will provide remote guidance to avoid serious adverse consequences caused by some serious injuries and hidden injuries."
Ren Hongxiang also called on the relevant parties to consider establishing a set of national standards for medical rescue in snow as soon as possible, and relying on this standard, extensively carrying out the training of relevant medical rescue personnel nationwide and setting up the examination and certification work, and promoting the continuous increase of the reserve of medical rescue talents is the fundamental and core to solve this problem.
Skiing in wild snow is more dangerous.
Jeff, a skier who also visited Cocoto Sea not long ago, told China Newsweek: "There are more dangerous places near Cocoto Sea Ski Resort than this accident."
"There are almost no skiers who come to Cocoto Sea who don’t go’ skiing wild snow’." Wang Rui also agreed.
The so-called "skiing in wild snow" means skiing in mountains, Woods, rocky forests and other places outside the jurisdiction of ski resorts. Jeff said: "Cocoto Sea Snow Resort is one of the two or three largest snow resorts in China. Because of its terrain, it is famous in two aspects. First, its skiing cycle can be said to be the longest in the country, generally from October to May next year, and the snow period spans about 6 months, while the snow field in the northeast is generally 4 months; The second famous place is the regular and wild snow trails inside and outside the snow field, which are many and long. "
Jeff further explained: "The geographical location of Cocoto Sea is very partial, close to the border line between Mongolia and Kazakhstan, 6 hours’ drive from Urumqi, 2 hours’ drive from downtown Altay and 1 hour’s drive from Fuyun County, so the traffic is not very convenient. Moreover, apart from skiing, Cocoto Sea has almost no leisure, entertainment and catering services. Therefore, the’ Little White’ with a low position generally does not come to experience Coco Tuohai in the beginner’s stage, and almost all of them have grown into talents with certain experience and technology to play. "
"Skiing in the snow field is definitely forbidden, and the safety tips are in place, including both sides of the road, service halls, hilltop cabins, cable car broadcasts, etc., which will constantly remind you of the danger of wild snow." Jeff said, "But the skiers who come to play are tacitly aware of each other. Everyone’s general mentality is that it will take so much time to come here, and if you don’t ski, you will lose. In addition to the regular ski trails, the wild ski trails are also not available in most ski resorts in China, so many skiers who want to experience the excitement basically only come to Cocoto to experience the wild snow. "
Ski lovers take selfies and slide wild snow in the Cocoto Sea/video screenshot
Jeff recalled that he was not very worried and scared when he went skiing in the wild snow. "I think so many people have experienced it, and the online strategy is so full, and there is no reason why I can’t succeed."
"But looking back now, I have a lingering fear." Jeff said, "After all, the wild snow trail has not been developed by the standard of the snow field, and the water is very deep. First of all, it will take a long time to slide on the wild snow trail, and people may be exhausted in the process, and the terrain of the wild snow trail is chaotic. For example, there are some rocky piles, big pits and unpressed snow, and once people get stuck, they may not stand up at all, and there are often wolves in the wild snow trail. "
According to public reports, there are frequent cases in Cocotohai Ski Resort where skiers go skiing in wild snow and lose contact, which requires a lot of manpower to rescue them. "As far as my experience of skiing in the wild snow is concerned, perhaps one of the few things that I did correctly was to buy a walkie-talkie with my friends and take care of each other, because during the skiing in the wild snow, there may be no signal on the mobile phone." Jeff said, "But I didn’t buy insurance before I came. I saw the footprints of wolves during skiing, and I was scared to death. In the future, I guess I won’t go skiing again except normal skiing."
In Ren Hongxiang’s view, many skiers don’t listen to dissuasion to ski in wild snow. Once an accident occurs, it will only cause greater difficulties to the rescue work. "After all, it is very difficult for medical rescuers to get up to these wild snow trails in snowy areas with a relatively large geographical gap, not to mention effective rescue. In addition, there are some forests, even if helicopters can be enabled, it is difficult to stop. "
In the circle of skiers, there is a saying that at the end of the ski trail is orthopedics. However, in the eyes of professionals, as a sport with good participation and appreciation, the end should never be orthopedics, which also requires participants and service providers to constantly improve safety awareness and safeguard measures, fear this sport and respect life.
(At the request of the respondents, Nan Chao, Wang Rui and Jeff are pseudonyms.)
Author: Ye Everest
Source: China Newsweek