Mingya Decoration 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Annual Planning Meeting Held

Original title: Mingya Decoration 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Annual Planning Meeting Held

It’s the tenth day of the first month,

Spring blossoms, everything recovers,

With the festive colors of the New Year,

Mingya decoration was held.

2017 annual summary and 2018 annual planning meeting,

All the staff and guests gathered together,

Congratulations on the Spring Festival and talk about the development of the New Year.

        In the morning, at Mingya Decoration Guangzhou Operation Headquarters, Chairman Guo Haiming personally distributed a red envelope to every Mingya employee, symbolizing a happy New Year, career progress and family happiness.

Mr. Guo Haiming, the chairman of the board, distributed red envelopes to all employees.

       At 1: 30pm, the summary planning meeting with the theme of "Let’s gather together and build a dream" was formally held. Fu Xiaoyuan, deputy general manager in charge of the company, Zhong Zongguang, engineering director and Duan Lixia, deputy general manager in charge of the company, respectively made the work summary report for 2017 and the work plan for 2018, reported the achievements in their respective jurisdictions in the past year, and made a profound review on the shortcomings in their work. Chairman Guo Haiming made an important speech with the theme of "The Elegant Craftsman Spirit of New Retail". With the help of Internet platform tools, new retail has developed rapidly, warning all Mingya people to seize opportunities, face new challenges, be more professional and focused, and form the elegant craftsman spirit first. At the same time, it analyzes the operation of Mingya Decoration in the past year, points out the shortcomings of Mingya Decoration in the past year, and guides all colleagues how to take advantage of the new challenges and be meticulous.

        The conference selected the long-term service award, business model award, outstanding employee award, high-quality project award, outstanding team award and special contribution award for employees working for more than three years in 2017, and awarded certificates and bonuses. At the same time, Mingya Decoration’s contribution in the past year has been highly recognized by our partners. Goodyear Tire, Michelin Tire and Nexen Tire respectively awarded Mingya Decoration the "Best Supplier" Award in 2017. This heavy medal and honor is the pride of Mingya, the witness of Mingya’s growth and the driving force of Mingya’s continuous progress! In 2018, Mingya people will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, be specialized, stronger and bigger, make more high-quality projects, form Mingya’s craftsman spirit, ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, and provide customers with more professional one-stop service!

Moderator Cai Chunyan announced the meeting discipline and meeting process.

Fu Xiaoyuan, deputy general manager, makes a work report.

Zhong Zongguang, Director of Engineering Department, made a work report.

Duan Lixia, deputy general manager in charge, made a work report.

Chairman Guo Haiming gave a keynote speech.

3-year long service award (40 persons in total)

4-year long service award (41 persons in total)

5-year long service award (59 persons in total)

6-year long service award (39 persons in total)

7, 8 and 9 years long service award (28 persons in total)

10, 12 years long service award (8 people in total)

Speech by the representative of long service award

Business model (28)

Outstanding employee award (18)

Safety and Civilization Management Award (16)

Quality engineering award

Excellent team award

Special contribution award

Mr. Luo Yue, manager of Goodyear tire retail store, made a speech.

Mr. Qi Qi, Retail Marketing Manager of Michelin Tire, made a speech.

Mr. Jin Minzai, Director of Nexen Tire Marketing Department, made a speech.

Mr. Gu Yangyang, Manager of Dunlop Tire Store Development Section, made a speech.

Mr. Chen Weike, Pirelli Tire Manager, made a speech

Mr. Zhu Deli, General Manager of Aiyihang Guangdong, made a speech.  

Mr. Lin Zengsheng, Director of Huasheng Wheel Insurance Project, made a speech.  

Mr. Yan Li, general manager of German intensive care, made a speech

Speech by Mr. Li Tongsheng, President of Guangdong Automobile After-sales Service Industry Association Co., Ltd.  

Guangdong Naiche New Energy Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.Mr. Yang Shoucong, CEO, spoke.  

Speech by Ms. Zhong Yanan, General Manager of FC Business Department of Car Cabin

Mr. Luo Yue, Goodyear Tire Retail Store Manager, presented the award.

Mr. Qi Qi, Retail Marketing Manager of Michelin Tire, presented the award.

Mr. Jin Minzai, Director of Nexen Tire Marketing Department, presented the award.

Chairman Guo Haiming took a group photo with the customer.

All employees of the company took photos with customers as a souvenir.

        After the annual summary planning meeting, we got together to raise a glass and have a drink. All departments actively organized and planned, including wonderful programs such as dancing, singing and chorus. Some guests were infected by the warm atmosphere and sang a song for everyone on the spot, which made the atmosphere on the spot hot. In addition, the party also set up a lucky draw for all employees and customers, and prepared a wealth of prizes, and the atmosphere was full of joy. In an atmosphere of harmony, unity and forge ahead, raise your glass, all the distinguished people, expressed their best wishes and expectations for 2018.

The host announced the start of the dinner.

Mingya manages the team.Present a chorus-"Tomorrow will be better"

Songs brought by handsome guys in the design department-"Decent" and "The brightest star in the night sky"

The Dance Brought by Elegant Beauty —— "Step on Step"

Miss Zhong Yanan, General Manager of FC Business Department of Car Cabin, sang a song-"So you are here".

The big screen scrolls, and the lucky one is born.

       Mingya Decoration 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Annual Planning Meeting was successfully concluded. Thank customers for their support and trust, Mingya colleagues for their hard work in the past year, and for their contributions to Mingya for many years. The vigorous growth of Mingya decoration cannot be separated from the hard work of all employees. I hope all employees will continue to stick to their posts, work hard for the same dream, and strive for the same future to create a better future for Mingya! Once again, I wish you all good health, smooth work and all the best in the new year!  


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Artificial intelligence or have one’s own will Hawking’s last book is full of worries about the future.

  Science and Technology Daily reporter Liu Xia

  On October 16th, the last book of the late famous physicist Stephen Hawking, A Brief Answer to Major Issues, was published, which involved his thinking on the biggest problems facing science and society, including "Will human beings survive on the earth all the time?" (Probably not) ""Is time travel possible? (still can’t rule out the possibility) ",etc.; There are also the final predictions on the most serious threats facing the earth, the "Superman" population, whether there is intelligent life in outer space and how to develop space colonies. These predictions are full of Hawking’s deep worries about the future of mankind.

  According to a report on the US Shi Ying Finance website on the 15th, Hawking said in his book that artificial intelligence may form its own will in the future — — The will that conflicts with us human beings; A "superman" population that uses genetic engineering to surpass its peers will dominate, which may destroy mankind.

  Human evolution has no boundaries.

  Shi Ying Finance website reported on the 16th that throughout the book, Hawking was pessimistic about the future of mankind on the earth. Political instability, climate change and the possibility of nuclear violence make the sustainability of human development on earth unsustainable.

  Hawking believes that the number one threat facing the earth is asteroid collision, similar to the collision that led to the extinction of dinosaurs. He wrote: "However, we can’t defend ourselves."

  The more immediate threat is climate change. "Rising ocean temperatures will melt the ice cap and release a lot of carbon dioxide. The double effect may cause our climate to be similar to Venus, and the temperature will reach 250 C. "

  Hawking believes that nuclear fusion power generation will give us clean energy, no pollution and no global warming.

  In the chapter "How do we shape the future", Hawking disagrees with the idea that human beings are at the peak of evolution. In his view, human evolution and efforts have no boundaries.

  He believes that human beings have two choices in the future: first, explore other alternative planets that can be inhabited by human beings. He advocates space colonization in more than one chapter, including colonizing the moon, Mars or interstellar planets; Secondly, actively use artificial intelligence to improve our world.

  Artificial intelligence will form its own will.

  Hawking also emphasized the importance of standardizing the management of artificial intelligence. He pointed out that "in the future, artificial intelligence may form its own will, which conflicts with our human will." The possible automatic arms race should be stopped. If there is a weapons crash like the flash crash in the stock market in 2010, the consequences will be unimaginable.

  He wrote in the book: "For human beings, the emergence of super-intelligent artificial intelligence is either a blessing or a curse, and the second must be one of them. The real danger of artificial intelligence lies not in malice, but in ability. Super intelligent artificial intelligence will eventually be extremely good at achieving goals. If these goals are not consistent with our goals, then we are in trouble. "

  He advocates that policy makers, the technology industry and the general public should seriously study the moral impact of artificial intelligence.

  The "Superman" population will dominate.

  According to the British "Sunday Times" reported on the 15th, Hawking’s biggest worry is that the rich will soon be able to edit their own and their children’s DNA to improve their memory and disease immunity.

  Shi Ying Finance website reported that Hawking believed that at some point in the next 1000 years, nuclear war or environmental disaster would "seriously destroy the earth". By then, "our talented race may have found a way to get rid of the shackles of the earth, so it can overcome the disaster." However, other species on earth may not be able to do it.

  These people who have successfully escaped from the earth are probably new "Superman". They use gene editing techniques such as CRISPR (commonly known as "gene scissors") to surpass others. Scientists can use such gene editing techniques to repair harmful genes and add other genes.

  Hawking also said that even if politicians try to ban this practice by law, these people will improve their memory, disease resistance and life expectancy regardless of the legal constraints prohibiting genetic engineering, which will pose a crisis to the rest of the world.

  In the selected section published in the Sunday Times on the 15th, Hawking said: "I am sure that people will find ways to modify their intelligence and talent within this century. Politicians may make laws prohibiting human genetic engineering, but there are certainly people who can’t resist improving human characteristics — — Such as memory, disease resistance and longevity. "

  He pointed out: "Once this kind of superman appears, those who fail to improve themselves through genetic modification will encounter major political problems. They are unable to compete, and may become dispensable or even extinct. However, in the future, there will be a self-designed human being who is accelerating and improving. If this human race can constantly try to redesign itself, it is likely to spread and colonize other planets and planets. "

  Hawking admits that there are various opinions about why intelligent life has not been discovered or intelligent life has not visited the earth. He is cautiously optimistic about this, but his preferred explanation is that human beings have "ignored" the form of intelligent life in outer space.

  (Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, October 17th)

today in history

1. On November 25th, 1944, War of Resistance against Japan, China entered the stage of strategic counter-offensive, and China troops fought fiercely with Japanese troops in Changde and Hengyang.

2. On November 25th, 1965, China successfully conducted the flight explosion test of the first surface-to-surface missile with a nuclear warhead.

On November 25th, 1978, China and the United States issued the Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America, announcing that the two countries formally established diplomatic relations the next day.

4. In 1984, the first carbon monoxide leakage accident that killed three tourists occurred, and many people were missing; Liaoning’s "Marshal’s Hometown", Laoting, Hebei, once again showed a series of related cases and past events that sounded the alarm for female cadres of supply and marketing cooperatives; It also caused a special report by Xinhua News Agency: It is this person who is now engaged in corruption and bribery-the disclosure form of all property of state public officials in May 4th, and we should be alert to this phenomenon!

The following are other important events that happened on November 25th in history:

5. In 1967, China carried out the first mechanized coal mining in Datong Coal Mine, which marked the great progress of coal mining technology in China.

6. In 1977, Queen Elizabeth II visited China, which was the first visit by a member of the British royal family to China since 1949.

7. In 1987, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited China, which was her last visit to China during her term of office.