The comparison table of children’s height and weight standard shows the height development of children at a glance.

Original title: Comparison table of children’s height and weight standards. The development of children’s height is clear at a glance

Parents, don’t worry! By understanding the child’s height and weight standards, we can better pay attention to the child’s growth process. Take 6.5-year-old boys as an example. According to the international standards for children’s growth and development, their average height is 120.7 cm and their weight is 22.45 kg. These data can help us understand the growth and development of children at the same age, thus avoiding unnecessary worries. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the individual differences of each child. If the child’s height or weight is obviously lower or higher than this level, it may be necessary to further check and consult professional doctors. In short, understanding children’s height and weight standards will help us to pay more attention to and promote children’s growth and development.

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