The 3rd Jiangsu Development Conference will be held in Nanjing on May 20th.

  Cctv news (Reporter Gu Jinrong) On May 14th, the reporter learned from the press conference of the 3rd Jiangsu Development Conference that the 3rd Jiangsu Development Conference with the theme of "Love Jiangsu, Build Dreams Together" will be held in Nanjing on May 20th. It was confirmed that 1002 guests attended the conference, and a large number of academicians at home and abroad, heads of key universities, heads of central enterprises and heads of fortune 500 enterprises attended the conference.

  Yang Genping, Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Director of the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee, introduced at the press conference that the guests of this conference were invited according to the ratio of 4: 3: 3 overseas, outside the province and inside the province, and the invited targets were mainly Jiangsu nationals at home and abroad, celebrities with great influence in various fields who have studied and worked in Jiangsu, and celebrities from all walks of life who have contributed to Jiangsu’s economic and social development. Specifically, it includes eight sectors, including science and technology, education, medical and health care, culture and sports, media, finance, industry and commerce, overseas associations and overseas Chinese. As of May 10th, 1002 guests were confirmed to attend the meeting, including 420 overseas guests, 286 guests from outside the province and 296 guests from inside the province.

  According to the activity arrangement, the opening ceremony of the conference and Jiangsu Development Forum will be held on the morning of May 20th. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Comrade Xin Changxing, secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee, will give a keynote speech. At the Jiangsu Development Forum, a number of guests from home and abroad will be invited to give advice on Jiangsu’s development, and major projects will be signed.

  In the afternoon, four theme forums will be held simultaneously: Purple Mountain Science and Technology Forum, Yangtze River Business Summit, Cultural Jiangsu Construction Forum and Sanchunhui "My Su" Forum. With the theme of "scientific and technological innovation, leading the future", the Purple Mountain Science and Technology Forum invited celebrities in related fields to give special speeches on opening up new fields and new tracks, shaping new kinetic energy and new advantages for development, and to make suggestions and suggestions for building Jiangsu into a strong province of education, science and technology and talents. With the theme of "serving to build a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development", the Yangtze River Business Summit invited guests to share forward-looking thoughts and suggestions on Jiangsu’s development, and invited relevant provincial departments to introduce major foreign cooperation projects and industrial policies and hold major project contracts. With the theme of "Jiangsu context and Chinese modernization", the Cultural Jiangsu Construction Forum invited guests to give keynote speeches on "Cultural self-confidence and self-improvement and Chinese modernization", and held dialogues and exchanges on "Cultural inheritance and innovation and the construction of pioneering areas of cultural powers". The theme of Sanchunhui’s "My Su" Forum is "Hometown, Cooperation and Talents", and celebrities at home and abroad are invited to talk to the relevant departments of Jiangsu Province and the heads of various districts and cities around "I offer wisdom for the high-quality development of Jiangsu".Guide Jiangsu celebrities at home and abroad to return to mulberry and participate in Jiangsu’s economic and social development.

  On May 21st, guests will also be organized to return home for inspection. Based on local conditions, 13 districts and cities organized a series of activities of "Jointly Participating in Jiangsu Development Bank", and planned and arranged special supporting activities related to the theme of the conference. At the same time, the relevant departments and units of the province follow up the follow-up work in accordance with the requirements of "accurate docking and accurate service".