100 new pure electric taxis were successfully delivered

Business Daily News (Correspondent, Yan Qiang, Trainee Reporter, Gu Shuichen) "The experience of driving the new car is very good. I feel that the braking performance and charging speed of the new car have been upgraded." Talking about the new taxi he bought, Ouyang, an old master with more than 20 years of driving experience, was quite excited.

Yesterday afternoon, the theme activity of Hangzhou’s most beautiful taxis helping a better life "Welcome July 1st" and the signing ceremony of the industry party building joint construction and the delivery ceremony of the new car of "oil to electricity" were successfully held. 100 Geely Automobile geometric A model new energy taxis were successfully delivered to the hands of Hangzhou taxi masters.

The "oil-to-electricity" project for taxis in Hangzhou began several years ago. In 2022, Hangzhou proposed that new and updated cruise taxis in the urban area must be new energy pure electric vehicles, and the vehicles should comply with the "Hangzhou Cruise Taxi Vehicle Technical Standards".

In this standard, specific requirements are made for cruise taxi vehicles to use new energy pure electric vehicles, with a wheelbase of not less than 2700 mm, a trunk volume of not less than 400 liters, and a mileage of not less than 400 kilometers under comprehensive operating conditions (except for electric pure electric vehicles).

Two years on, the project is progressing smoothly. The reporter learned that more than 8,000 cruise taxis have been updated in the city, and more than 6,500 in Shangcheng District, Xihu District, Gongshu District and Binjiang District. Hu Huijian, director of the taxi department of the Hangzhou Road Transport Management Service Center, said, "There are more than 14,000 taxis in Hangzhou, and the current proportion of new energy vehicles has exceeded 60%. We expect that in 2027, all cruise taxis in Hangzhou will be updated to new energy vehicles."

In addition to the delivery of new energy vehicles, the event also awarded the 2023 taxi industry "two excellent and one first" recognition to 23 outstanding party members who have achieved excellent results. The Party Committee of Hangzhou Passenger Taxi Industry Association, the Party Branch of Zhejiang Petroleum Company of China Aviation Oil Group, and the Sixth Party Branch of the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Management Service Center also signed a party building and joint construction contract to gather the power of the charging and replacement industry and the taxi industry, and enjoy the privilege and empower high-quality development.

In addition, on the day of delivery, Hangzhou United Bank also launched the "oil to electricity" special project financial services, which helped transportation companies and car owners to realize the "oil to electricity" renewal and transformation of vehicles.

Chen Jian, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Transportation Industry, said that next, it will also be committed to improving barrier-free travel services, ensuring that more than 500 barrier-free taxis are operated on the road, and further improving the Hangzhou Taxi 95128 hotline.

The China-US Cultural and Entertainment Industry Summit was held on October 30, and Yang Ziqiong confirmed his attendance.

Yang Ziqiong confirmed his attendance at the China-US Entertainment Industry Summit.

1905 movie network news October 6th — The Southern California Branch of the Asia Society announced that it will hold the China-US Entertainment Industry Summit on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. This summit is the ninth year of this benchmark activity, and it is also an important milestone in Sino-US cultural and entertainment industry cooperation.


The honored guests at this summit include Ms. Yang Ziqiong, Mr. Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Ms. Elizabeth Daley, Dean and Professor of Art College of the University of Southern California. Speakers at the summit included Jon Turtletaub, director of the film The Meg, Jiang Wei, CEO of Legendary Oriental Film, and Albert Cheng, chief operating officer and co-head of the television business of Amazon Pictures.


Ms. Janet Yang, President of the China-US Cultural and Entertainment Industry Summit and a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, praised the winners as leaders with global influence.


Janet Yang praised: "Ziqiong’s iconic position is well known, but in Crazy Rich Asians, she once again surpassed herself with her Oscar-level acting skills." Warner Bros released the film Crazy Rich Asians in August. "Looking back on 2018, there is no doubt that this year is called the year when Asians and Asian Americans changed the rules of the game, because of Kevin Tsujihara and Warner Bros.," she continued, "and Dean Elizabeth Daley has steadily and excellently established a solid network of talents in the film industry of China and the University of Southern California."


Yang Ziqiong Crazy Rich Asians stills

Ms Yang Ziqiong will be commended for her outstanding achievements as an actress, producer and screenwriter. Her remarkable achievements in performing arts have created her extraordinary international influence, covering Hong Kong, Hollywood and China. Through numerous film works Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 007: Tomorrow’s Empire, Memoirs of a Geisha and the popular Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians, she has won the love of global audiences and fans.

Mr. Kevin Tsujihara will be commended for his outstanding vision and leadership. At Warner Bros., he took innovation as the driving force to keep the company in the leading position in the dynamic global market, and advocated diversity and inclusiveness. In his two new achievements: the film Crazy Rich Asians has a far-reaching impact on Asian and Asian American filmmakers and is regarded as a masterpiece with watershed significance; Co-production The Meg is by far the most successful Chinese-American co-production film.

Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Elizabeth Daley will be recognized as a pioneer in the field of education. During more than 25 years as dean, she established the world’s top film academy through her commitment to diversity and global education. Under the numerous international initiatives of Dean Daley, the Academy of Film Arts of the University of Southern California has established academic cooperative relations with many universities in China for more than ten years.

 Elizabeth Daley, Dean and Professor of Art College, University of Southern California, USA

Elizabeth Daley said: "On behalf of the Academy of Film Arts of the University of Southern California, I thank the Asia Society for this honor. At the Academy of Film Arts of the University of Southern California, we have a student group, which reflects the global nature of our industry. We cooperate with film projects in China, where students regularly shoot projects. The professional cooperation between Chinese and American companies in film, television and interactive entertainment can be traced back to our classrooms. Our industry is cooperating in a meaningful way, and we are proud to be a part of it. "


The summit in 2018 is based on the excellent heritage of Asia Society, which brings together the most important executives, producers, investors and creative professionals in Hollywood and China as always. Based on the China-US Film Summit Forum, this session was renamed as the China-US Entertainment Industry Summit to reflect the evolution of Sino-US business relations and the digital transformation of the industry. In addition to movies and TV, this year’s summit will discuss topics such as streaming media, games and online markets, ranging from short videos to many story ideas.


Janet Yang said: "I am proud to be the chairman of our ninth summit, with so many outstanding winners and speakers joining us, and we will have more new big coffees. This will be the best summit we have ever had."


High-level speakers at this summit include:

Jiang Wei, general manager of Wanda Film and Television, CEO of Legendary Oriental Film.

Albert Cheng, Amazon Pictures, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Head of Television.

Kevin Lin, Twitch, co-founder

Jon Turteltaub, director of the film The Meg

Jin Yimeng is a famous actor, screenwriter and director.

Yan Erwei, co-producer of film The Meg, executive director of Riggs Communication.

John Penotti, president of SK Global, film producer in Crazy Rich Asians.

Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific Region, Motion Picture Association of America.

Gao Qunyao, CEO of Beijing Yuntu Times Film Technology Company.

Spencer Baumgarten, director of ICM Partners Brokerage Company.

Chantal Nong, vice president of Warner Bros. DC Film

David Unger, Artist International Group, CEO

The "family" is amazing! You must have never seen the Wuxi version of Animal World …


For the first time, the activity trace of the Chinese gazelle, a national second-class key protected animal, was found in Zhuhai, Yixing. The fragile snake lizard, which requires extremely high living environment, has a stable breeding small population in Yixing. The bryophyte survey was carried out to fill in the gap and 11 new records were found in Wuxi …


Satellite map of Wuxi administrative region

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning

Investigation on wildlife resources in our city

And the survey of wild plant resources achieved interim results.

Through a year’s field investigation and research analysis, it is shown that


There are 1409 species of higher plants in our city, and Wuxi is one of the areas with the most concentrated plant resources in Jiangsu. A total of 285 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians were found in the city, accounting for 47.2% of the total number of Jiangsu Province, of which 235 species of birds were investigated, accounting for 52.5% of the total number of bird species in the province, and the biodiversity richness can be said to be in the forefront of the province.

Good habitat environment

Crispy snake lizard has a stable breeding small population.

Most wild animals are hidden in deep forests and rivers and springs wetlands, and some of them are not easy to be found by people, but they are important indicators of biodiversity. "The latest survey of terrestrial wildlife resources in Wuxi was conducted in 2011, and it has been more than ten years since then." Feng Yao, who is in charge of wildlife protection in the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, said that this survey is particularly meaningful from the perspective of finding out the "family background" of wildlife resources.

Bird survey

It is particularly worth mentioning that the survey covers not only mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and terrestrial vertebrates, but also insects, with a wider coverage.

Insect investigation

"There are many kinds of insects in the world. Although it is small, it is the species that best reflects biodiversity. Bird migration season and breeding season need to prey and accumulate energy, and the existence of insects plays an important role in the integrity of the biological chain. " Feng Yao introduced that the insect specimens collected in this survey identified 185 species in 12 orders. Among them, a species endemic to China and a national second-class protected animal, Cynomorium songaricum, was found in Yixing Forest Farm, which was recorded for the first time in Wuxi.

The beetle (left) and the tiger-spotted butterfly (right) discovered by insect investigation

At the same time, 40 species of butterflies belonging to 5 families were recorded, among which 4 species were newly recorded in Wuxi.

"The reptiles have extremely high requirements on water quality and habitat environment. The discovery of the brittle snake lizard has excited us for a long time." According to the investigators, 8 species of amphibians in 1 order, 3 families and 16 species of reptiles in 2 orders and 7 families were recorded, including 4 species of national second-class protected animals, namely tiger frog, turtle, flat-breasted turtle and brittle snake lizard.

In particular, the brittle snake lizard is a rare species in the mountain forest area of East China, its behavior is hidden and rarely known to the public, and its distribution and population number are relatively rare in East China. This survey found that there are stable small populations near Zhuhai and surrounding Yixing Forest Farm in Yixing City, indicating that the protection of local habitats is effective.

Infrared camera monitoring photos of some mammal species investigated.

There are also many new discoveries in mammals, including 6 orders, 14 families and 26 species. Among these animals, raccoon, leopard cat and Chinese gazelle are the second-class national key protected animals. Field infrared camera monitoring results show that Apodemus chinensis, Mus musculus, South China rabbit, wild boar, pig badger and Yellow weasel are common mammals in Wuxi.

Surprisingly, through fecal DNA identification technology, the investigators confirmed the existence of Chinese gazelle in Zhuhai, Yixing. Chinese gazelle is a large herbivore of Artiodactyla and Bovidae. "The appearance of this species shows that the environmental quality in Yixing mountain area has improved obviously in recent years, and the protection should be further strengthened to provide favorable conditions for the rejuvenation of the medium-sized carnivore population in the later period." Investigators said.

There are a group of regular birdwatchers in Wuxi, where the sky is blue and the water is clear. What is the "bird situation" in Wuxi? It is reported that a total of 235 species of birds were recorded in last year’s survey, including 6 species of national first-class protected animals such as oriental stork and Chinese merganser duck, and 42 species of national second-class protected animals such as white pelican.

"From the perspective of bird residence type, there are 86 species of winter migratory birds, accounting for 36.6%, followed by resident birds, summer migratory birds and tourist birds, accounting for 32.8%, 26.4% and 4.3% respectively." Feng Yao said that over the past 10 years, birdwatchers in our city have recorded about 370 species of birds, and the specific data need to be further verified and supplemented in the next investigation, so as to "draw a clear picture" of birds as much as possible and build a good database.

Fill the gap in plant investigation

There are more than 220 species of moss alone.

A Newly Recorded Species, Lepidoptera spinosa, in Wuxi City

"Moss is a primitive higher plant group that is extremely sensitive to environmental changes. It is a large plant category in East China. It is the home for insects, microorganisms and so on, and it is of great significance to the study of biodiversity." Feng Yao introduced that in order to reflect the biodiversity of our city more comprehensively, a special survey was conducted on bryophytes, which also filled the gap in the field of wild plant survey in Wuxi.

According to the consulting data and field survey, there are 221 species of bryophytes belonging to 94 genera and 44 families in our city, among which 11 species of bryophytes such as deciduous feather moss, spiny leaf feather moss and dense leaf calyx moss were discovered for the first time in Wuxi.

In terms of vascular plants, gratifying achievements have been made in the protection of biodiversity. A total of 1188 species of vascular plants belonging to 567 genera in 155 families have been investigated, including 47 species of pteridophytes belonging to 28 genera in 19 families, 11 species of gymnosperms belonging to 10 genera in 6 families and 1130 species of angiosperms belonging to 529 genera in 130 families.

Specimens of wax leaves of some plants

"Through the analysis of the geographical elements of plants, it can be seen that the flora of Wuxi has certain antiquity, such as Lycopodium, Selaginella and Equisetum of ferns, Dictyophora of gymnosperms, Magnoliaceae and Hamamelidaceae of angiosperms." According to the researchers, 11 kinds of national protected plants (above Grade II) have been found in Wuxi, namely, Plum, Ginkgo biloba, Dictyophora bungeana, Pistacia crassipes, Zelkova schneideriana, Tenjikukatsura, wild soybean, wild water chestnut, fragrant fruit tree and buckwheat, and many of them are "longevity stars" in the plant kingdom.

The national protected plant Anemone spicata.

Wild soybean, a national protected plant.

For example, in addition to the plum, gingko and money pine that Wuxi people are familiar with, the fragrant fruit tree also has an "ancient" temperament. It is an ancient relict plant, a deciduous tree with a height of 25 meters and a DBH of 1 meter. It is mainly distributed in Xiaoheigou, Longchi Mountain and other places in Yixing in Wuxi. Investigators also found more than ten wild species of rare and endangered plant Cabernet Sauvignon in Xiangyang broad-leaved forest at an altitude of 300-600 meters in Yixing, which shows that the protection of the germplasm resources of Cabernet Sauvignon in our city has achieved initial results.

Torreya grandis, a national protected plant.

Finding out the "family background" is for more targeted protection. On the basis of a comprehensive investigation of the status quo of wildlife resources and habitats, experts put forward suggestions on biodiversity protection. For example, in the Zhuhai area of Yixing, some rare plants such as torreya grandis and Pinus bungeana grow in the Phyllostachys pubescens forest. Because of the extremely fast propagation speed of Phyllostachys pubescens, interspecific competition and interference pose some threats to the habitats of these rare trees. We can create forest gaps and protect the living environment of rare plants by means of appropriate logging.

Yixing National Forest Park is the mountain with the richest wildlife resources and the best natural forest protection in Wuxi at present. However, in the core area of the reserve, it is found that there are signs of collective mountaineering and hiking hanging by donkey friends. It is suggested that mountaineering and hiking activities should be eliminated in the core area to create a better environment for wildlife survival.

Evergreen broad-leaved forest (Xiaoheigou, Yixing)

It is reported that this year, the city will complete the survey of wildlife resources, and will establish a resource database based on the survey results, strengthen dynamic monitoring, and at the same time increase the supervision and protection of nature reserves, forest parks, wetland parks and other nature reserves to protect wildlife resources to the maximum extent.

Original title: "The family is amazing! You must have never seen the Wuxi version of "Animal World".

Turkey officially changed its English name and stopped being a "turkey"

On May 31st, local time, Turkish Foreign Minister cavusoglu posted on his social media platform that he submitted a letter to the UN Secretary-General that day, requesting to change the name of Turkey’s foreign language country to "Türkiye". Cavusoglu said on the social platform: "Under the leadership of President Erdogan, the process initiated by Turkey to improve the national brand value has already yielded results. I submitted a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations today to register the foreign name of our country as’ Tü rkiye’ at the United Nations. "
Turkish foreign minister shows UN documents. Image source: Internet
According to a report by Anadolu News Agency of Turkey on June 1st, at the request of Turkey, the United Nations changed the name of Turkey’s foreign language from "Turkey" to "Türkiye". Earlier, some media believed that the demand for name change in Turkey might not be smooth sailing, because it was not in the Latin alphabet, which would make it difficult for relevant international institutions to change their registered names.
The name change in Turkey has been going on for half a year. As early as December 4 last year, Turkish President Erdogan issued a presidential decree to change his name. Erdogan believes that the new name "Türkiye" can "best represent the culture, civilization and values of the Turkish nation".
In December 2021, Turkey began to use "Türkiye" as its foreign language country name in domestic and international occasions.
In Turkish, Turkey’s name is "Türkiye". In English, the name of Turkey is "Turkey". The word "turkey" has the meaning of "turkey" in English, and is even defined as "a serious failure" or "a stupid person" in Cambridge dictionary. This is also the reason why Turkey launched the name-correcting action.
"British Weekly" believes that this is a rebranding of Turkey, and the Turkish government will give up the English name that has been used for 100 years. This move is also intended to "ease the diplomatic pattern dominated by English." In January this year, Turkey began to ask for a name change. The Turkish government began to negotiate with the United Nations, hoping to replace "Turkey" with "Türkiye" in all international formal occasions.
The Turkish government also requires the use of "Türkiye" in various activities and communications, including formal relations with other countries, international institutions and organizations.
Upstream news is based on CCTV news, extreme news, etc.

Beijing: The retail price of fireworks and firecrackers in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is the same as in previous years.

On the 6th, it was the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month, and fireworks and firecrackers were officially put on sale in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox. This year, there are 10 retail outlets of fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing, which will be sold from February 6 to 16 (from the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month to the 5th day of the first lunar month). Buyers need to register their real names with their ID cards. This year, Shijingshan District and Shunyi District were added to be banned in the whole region.
This year, the number of retail outlets for fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing has been reduced to 10, with a total stock of 20,000 boxes.
There are no sales outlets in ten urban areas.
As in previous years, the sale time of fireworks and firecrackers in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is still 11 days, from February 6 (the 25th day of the twelfth lunar month) to February 16 (the fifth day of the first lunar month).
According to the Beijing Fireworks Office, compared with last year, the number of retail outlets in the city has been reduced from 23 to 10 this year, with a total of 20,000 boxes stocked, which is 25.9% lower than last year’s 27,000 boxes.
The 10 outlets are located in six districts: Tongzhou District, Changping District, Pinggu District, Huairou District, Miyun District and Yanqing District. There are no outlets in Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Shijingshan District, Mentougou District, Fangshan District, Shunyi District and Daxing District.
The forbidden area in the city accounts for 32.4% of the total area.
The reporter learned from the Municipal Fireworks Office that the forbidden area in the city has been further expanded this year, about 5,318 square kilometers, accounting for 32.4% of the city’s total area, an increase of 22% year-on-year.
The Fifth Ring Road (including the Fifth Ring Road) is still a year-round forbidden area, and Dongcheng District, Xicheng District and Daxing District continue to implement the whole district ban. Shijingshan District, Shunyi District, Yanqing District and Pinggu District have added forbidden areas. The administrative areas of Shijingshan District and Shunyi District are completely banned, Yanqing District has added four townships as forbidden areas, and Pinggu District has added 64 square kilometers of forbidden areas.
This year, the city’s restricted release area is about 4,107 square kilometers, accounting for 25% of the city’s total area, and there is no obvious change compared with last year.
The Municipal Fireworks Office reminds that fireworks and firecrackers should not be set off in the no-go zone in the Fifth Ring Road and the no-go zone delineated by each district; In restricted areas, fireworks and firecrackers can be set off from 7: 00 to 24: 00 every day from Lunar New Year’s Eve to the first day of the first month, and from the second day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, and fireworks and firecrackers may not be set off at other times; Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in 16 prohibited places throughout the year; When the city issued an orange and red warning of heavy air pollution, fireworks and firecrackers were prohibited in the administrative area of the city.
■ attention
All deliveries and purchases must be registered in real-name registration system.
Since the Spring Festival the year before last, real-name registration system has been adopted in the sale of fireworks in Beijing, and consumers need to swipe their ID cards to buy fireworks. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, the registration system of fireworks and firecrackers was upgraded in an all-round way. For the first time, the escort held the real-name registration system system to scan the code and grab the delivery.
Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the fireworks sales outlets in Tongzhou District that during the unloading process, the escort not only had paper documents, but also held a real-name registration system system scanning gun, and every box of products unloaded was scanned and registered. When people buy fireworks, they must also register in real-name registration system with their ID cards before they can settle their accounts.
It is understood that there are two fireworks wholesale enterprises in Beijing, but at present only one Panda Fireworks Company is operating normally. According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd., in order to effectively crack down on crimes and illegal fireworks and firecrackers, the registration system of fireworks flow was upgraded in an all-round way during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox. Not only the outer packaging of each box of fireworks, but also every single fireworks item in the box was labeled with real-name registration system. In other words, real-name registration system has covered the smallest packaging unit of fireworks, thus truly realizing the traceability of the whole process covering the whole process of production, delivery, shipment, warehousing, warehousing, distribution and sales.
Fireworks and firecrackers are "slimming" and more environmentally friendly.
The reporter learned that in order to meet the new demand, the types of fireworks and firecrackers have also been adjusted this year. The relevant person in charge of Beijing Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd. said that since last year, both fireworks manufacturers and Beijing citizens have changed their requirements for fireworks and firecrackers. Small and medium-sized products such as modeling, flower spraying, thread fragrance and small fireworks are the mainstream, which is more popular among the people in Beijing. Therefore, fireworks and firecrackers have been "slimmed down" this year.
According to reports, there are more than 300 kinds of fireworks and firecrackers this year, of which "Year of the Ox Theme" is more than 20%. "All new products of the Year of the Ox supplied to the Beijing market must meet the environmental protection indicators of sulfur-free light smoke and less residue."
The person in charge said that due to the "upgrade" of environmental protection standards and other reasons, the production cost of fireworks after "slimming" has not decreased, and the production cost of some products has increased after "slimming". "However, if the cost rises, there will be no price increase, and the suggested retail price of all products will be the same as in previous years."
It is understood that WeChat official account’s WeChat "Beijing Panda Fireworks" of Beijing Panda Fireworks Co., Ltd. has updated the map navigation of 10 fireworks outlets, so that citizens can check the "finding the fireworks spot" in WeChat official account and watch the discharge effect of all fireworks products.
■ On site
On the first day of fireworks sale, citizens lined up two hours in advance.
Yesterday was the first day of the sale of fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing during the Spring Festival of 2021. The reporter visited several sales outlets.
At 8: 30 yesterday morning, many people came to buy fireworks in front of the fireworks retail outlet in Songzhuang, Tongzhou District.
The reporter noticed that the most popular choice for people who buy fireworks and firecrackers is a thousand whips. It is understood that this year’s thousand-ring whip price has not risen.
"We buy a few thousand whips every year, which shows a festive atmosphere." Mr. Jin, a citizen, brought his grandson to buy fireworks and firecrackers. In addition to buying a few small fireworks for his children, he only bought three thousand whips, and planned to put one on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day.
In the sales outlets in Yangfang Town, Changping District, the reporter visited and learned that although the sales started at 8 o’clock, there were already people waiting in line at 6 o’clock.
A staff member of the sales point introduced that the unified sales time in the city is 8: 00 in the morning and the end time is 8: 00 in the evening. However, at 6 o’clock in the morning, citizens came to wait, and the official pre-sale team has exceeded 100 meters. Outside the team, the staff kept reminding everyone to keep their distance and wear masks with horns.
At 11 o’clock in the morning yesterday, a father and son came out from the point of sale with bought fireworks. According to reports, the two started from the vicinity of Beichen Bridge at 7 am and drove 50 kilometers to the scene. The queue started at 8 o’clock, and it took three hours to buy it.
On-site staff and police told reporters that the fireworks and firecrackers at the point of sale will be replenished according to the sales situation. Everyone’s buying together is related to the weekend, and it is expected to be reduced today and tomorrow. In addition, in response to yesterday’s sales situation, the retail outlets in Yangfang Town will advance the sales time to 7: 30 in the morning from now on. (Pei Jianfei, Zhang Jingshu)

The real estate agent said that housing prices in first-tier cities are falling, and buyers said that they "can’t feel it"

  Cctv newsUnder the high pressure of policy, the property market continues to cool down. According to data released by real estate research institutions, the online signing volume of first-and second-tier cities such as Beijing declined in May. Among them, the number of second-hand housing contracts in Beijing in May hit a new low in 27 months. With the sharp decline in transaction volume, house prices are not so firm. Some real estate agencies even said that the second-hand housing prices in Tongzhou District and Yizhuang Development Zone in Beijing fell by 20%. Is it true?/You don’t say.

  Market:The number of second-hand housing contracts hit a new low in 27 months.

  It has been almost three months since this wave of the strictest property market regulation began in March this year. Under the impact of the combination of restricted purchases, restricted loans and restricted sales, the transaction volume of the property market in various places has declined in different degrees. Take Beijing and Guangzhou as examples:

  Statistics from a large real estate agency show that the actual signing volume of the second-hand residential market in Beijing in May decreased by 34.2% compared with the same period in April, and the number of new customer registrations also decreased by 11.9% compared with the same period in April, and the market transaction activity has fallen to the bottom. As of May 30th, a total of 10,236 sets of second-hand houses were signed in Beijing in the month, and it is estimated that the number of second-hand houses signed in the whole month will be less than 11,000, which is the lowest value in the last 27 months.

  In Guangzhou, the overall transaction volume of the property market in Guangzhou in May this year hit a new low in the past two years. As of May 29th, a total of 6,326 first-hand houses were sold in Guangzhou, which was the second lowest since May 2011, only higher than that in May 2014 (5,843).

  Focus:The price increase in first-and second-tier cities has dropped.

  The volume of transactions has fallen sharply. What is the trend of house prices?

  According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, among the 70 large and medium-sized cities in China, 30 cities saw their house price increase decline in April, 6 more than in March. According to preliminary estimates, the year-on-year increase in housing prices in first-tier cities fell for seven consecutive months, while the year-on-year increase in second-tier cities fell for five consecutive months. The data for May has not yet come out, but the situation is not expected to be better than that in April.

  In terms of second-hand housing, the increase in house prices in most cities has dropped, and the price of second-hand housing in Beijing has stopped rising in April. And in May, according to a real estate agent statistics:

  In May 2017, the average transaction price of second-hand houses in Beijing decreased by 2.4% compared with the same period in April.

  Among the 12 regions with transactions, the average transaction price in 8 regions is falling, and the price in 4 regions is rising.

  The biggest drop was in Tongzhou District and Yizhuang Development Zone, both of which exceeded 20%.

  However, many Beijing buyers said that in terms of specific prices, there is still no obvious decline. In this regard, Li Wenjie, president of Beijing Real Estate Agency Association, said that the second-hand housing prices in Beijing have indeed dropped, but "down" means that compared with the high quotation of the owners listed this year, from the fourth quarter of last year to the end of the first quarter of this year, the second-hand housing prices are estimated to have increased by about 20%, so the current decline is still adjusted towards the level at the beginning of this year.

  For example, in Tianjin, the news from the intermediary said that the price reduction of many communities ranged from 5% to 28%, with the highest drop of 28%. And from the current point of view, there is no sign of loosening the regulation of Tianjin property market.

  In Shenzhen, since the introduction of a new round of control policies in Shenzhen last October, the transaction price of new commercial housing in Shenzhen has fallen for eight consecutive months. According to the data released by the Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Land Resources Committee on June 1, the average transaction price of new houses in Shenzhen in May was 54,512 yuan/square meter, down 0.2% from the previous month.

  Trend:The property market is changing to a buyer’s market.

  With a series of strict and strict regulation of the property market, the down payment and interest rate of loans for house purchase have both increased, and many buyers have suspended the pace of buying houses and are gradually turning from radicalism to wait and see, and the phenomenon of real estate speculation has been curbed. Experts said that at present, panic-grabbing houses, owner’s jumping prices and breaking contracts are basically gone, and the game relationship between buyers and sellers has gradually reversed and is changing to the buyer’s market.

  According to industry insiders, in Beijing, the transaction volume of second-hand houses may be close to the bottom of the market. In terms of price, due to the excessive increase in the previous period, especially in some areas with double or multiple increases in the previous period, the decline may be further expanded.

  Nationally, more than 30 cities, including Chengdu, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Qingdao, etc., have initiated the property market regulation policy of restricting the sale for a certain number of years after buying a house for the first time in history. It is widely predicted in the industry that with the continuation of regulatory policies, the overall housing prices in the country will be further adjusted back in the future. However, some insiders believe that the late trend of the property market still depends on the trend of credit interest rates and policy changes. If credit is loose, it does not rule out that house prices will continue to rise.

As the New Year approaches, these important new regulations will be implemented on New Year’s Day.

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 31st Question: When the New Year arrives, these important new regulations will be implemented on New Year’s Day.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Yang

    With the New Year’s bell ringing, a number of important new regulations have been implemented since New Year’s Day. Promote patriotic education with the power of the rule of law, comprehensive legislation for the protection of minors’ network will help teenagers grow up healthily, and new regulations for drug management and use will protect your life and health … A brand-new year of 2024 will usher in a new atmosphere of the rule of law.

   Guarantee and promote patriotism education to be widely, deeply, persistently and effectively carried out.

    The Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Patriotism Education came into force on January 1, 2024, ensuring and promoting the extensive, in-depth and sustained and effective development of patriotism education.

    According to this law, the main contents of patriotism education cover ideological and political education, history and culture, national symbols, the magnificent rivers and mountains and historical and cultural heritage of the motherland, the Constitution and laws, national unity and national unity, national security and national defense, heroism and deeds of exemplary figures, etc. While providing patriotic education for all citizens, we should give prominence to the education of teenagers and children in schools and families.

    This Law requires making full use of all kinds of resources and various forms to carry out patriotic education, including red resources, cultural relics and historical sites, patriotic education bases and various cultural venues, commendation and awards for meritorious service, various commemorative celebrations, folk cultural activities, ceremonial ceremonies such as hanging the national flag, singing the national anthem and taking the oath of the Constitution, and literary and artistic works, news media and information network platform carriers.

   Create a clear network space for minors

    The Regulations on Network Protection for Minors came into effect on January 1, 2024, which is the first comprehensive legislation on network protection for minors in China.

    The regulations put forward the requirements for personal information processors to strictly set the access rights of minors’ personal information and carry out compliance audits of personal information; Internet products and service providers should establish and improve the early warning, prevention, identification, monitoring and disposal mechanisms of cyberbullying, and set up functions and channels to facilitate minors and their guardians to keep records of cyberbullying and exercise their right to notify.  

   Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of drug management and use.

    The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Quality of Drug Trading and Use shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    Methods Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of drug management and use, further clarify the division of responsibilities of drug supervision departments at all levels, clarify the responsibilities of cross-regional supervision, enrich administrative measures, and clarify the requirements of the connection between execution and discipline.

    The measures stipulate the quality management departments and personnel, storage and maintenance, handling and recall of drug quality problems and drug traceability of medical institutions. Medical institutions and other drug users are required to establish a drug quality management system, which is responsible for the drug quality management in the whole process of drug purchase, storage and use.

   Measures to increase the convenience of administrative reconsideration

    The revised Administrative Reconsideration Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    The revised Administrative Reconsideration Law has added a number of convenience measures to provide convenience for the parties to apply for and participate in administrative reconsideration, and to protect the rights of the parties in administrative reconsideration.

    Where an administrative organ serves a written decision on administrative act through Internet channels, it shall also provide an Internet channel for submitting an application for administrative reconsideration. If an applicant refuses to accept the decision on administrative punishment made on the spot or based on the illegal facts recorded by electronic technology monitoring equipment, he may submit an application for administrative reconsideration through the administrative organ that made the decision on administrative punishment.

   Focus on solving the "difficult service" of foreign-related civil litigation cases

    The NPC Standing Committee’s decision on amending the Civil Procedure Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    In recent years, the number of foreign-related civil disputes tried by people’s courts has risen rapidly, and the number of cases in which foreign parties voluntarily choose the jurisdiction of our courts is increasing. The revised Civil Procedure Law further improves the relevant provisions on foreign-related service, makes efforts to solve the problem of "difficult service" in foreign-related cases, improves the efficiency of service, and earnestly safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in foreign-related cases; We will improve the judicial assistance system for foreign-related civil cases and add relevant provisions for overseas investigation and evidence collection.  

   Promote the construction of marine environmental supervision and management system

    The revised Marine Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    The revised Marine Environmental Protection Law requires that the coastal local people’s governments should be responsible for the quality of the marine environment in the sea areas under their management, implement the target responsibility system and evaluation system for marine environmental protection, and promote the capacity building of marine environmental supervision and management.

    In addition, the system of ecological environment zoning control, comprehensive management of key sea areas, interview and rectification, information sharing, credit evaluation, seizure and detention will be added. Improve the planning, standards, monitoring, early warning, investigation, environmental assessment, emergency and other systems.