The China-US Cultural and Entertainment Industry Summit was held on October 30, and Yang Ziqiong confirmed his attendance.

Yang Ziqiong confirmed his attendance at the China-US Entertainment Industry Summit.

1905 movie network news October 6th — The Southern California Branch of the Asia Society announced that it will hold the China-US Entertainment Industry Summit on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. This summit is the ninth year of this benchmark activity, and it is also an important milestone in Sino-US cultural and entertainment industry cooperation.


The honored guests at this summit include Ms. Yang Ziqiong, Mr. Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Ms. Elizabeth Daley, Dean and Professor of Art College of the University of Southern California. Speakers at the summit included Jon Turtletaub, director of the film The Meg, Jiang Wei, CEO of Legendary Oriental Film, and Albert Cheng, chief operating officer and co-head of the television business of Amazon Pictures.


Ms. Janet Yang, President of the China-US Cultural and Entertainment Industry Summit and a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, praised the winners as leaders with global influence.


Janet Yang praised: "Ziqiong’s iconic position is well known, but in Crazy Rich Asians, she once again surpassed herself with her Oscar-level acting skills." Warner Bros released the film Crazy Rich Asians in August. "Looking back on 2018, there is no doubt that this year is called the year when Asians and Asian Americans changed the rules of the game, because of Kevin Tsujihara and Warner Bros.," she continued, "and Dean Elizabeth Daley has steadily and excellently established a solid network of talents in the film industry of China and the University of Southern California."


Yang Ziqiong Crazy Rich Asians stills

Ms Yang Ziqiong will be commended for her outstanding achievements as an actress, producer and screenwriter. Her remarkable achievements in performing arts have created her extraordinary international influence, covering Hong Kong, Hollywood and China. Through numerous film works Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 007: Tomorrow’s Empire, Memoirs of a Geisha and the popular Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians, she has won the love of global audiences and fans.

Mr. Kevin Tsujihara will be commended for his outstanding vision and leadership. At Warner Bros., he took innovation as the driving force to keep the company in the leading position in the dynamic global market, and advocated diversity and inclusiveness. In his two new achievements: the film Crazy Rich Asians has a far-reaching impact on Asian and Asian American filmmakers and is regarded as a masterpiece with watershed significance; Co-production The Meg is by far the most successful Chinese-American co-production film.

Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Elizabeth Daley will be recognized as a pioneer in the field of education. During more than 25 years as dean, she established the world’s top film academy through her commitment to diversity and global education. Under the numerous international initiatives of Dean Daley, the Academy of Film Arts of the University of Southern California has established academic cooperative relations with many universities in China for more than ten years.

 Elizabeth Daley, Dean and Professor of Art College, University of Southern California, USA

Elizabeth Daley said: "On behalf of the Academy of Film Arts of the University of Southern California, I thank the Asia Society for this honor. At the Academy of Film Arts of the University of Southern California, we have a student group, which reflects the global nature of our industry. We cooperate with film projects in China, where students regularly shoot projects. The professional cooperation between Chinese and American companies in film, television and interactive entertainment can be traced back to our classrooms. Our industry is cooperating in a meaningful way, and we are proud to be a part of it. "


The summit in 2018 is based on the excellent heritage of Asia Society, which brings together the most important executives, producers, investors and creative professionals in Hollywood and China as always. Based on the China-US Film Summit Forum, this session was renamed as the China-US Entertainment Industry Summit to reflect the evolution of Sino-US business relations and the digital transformation of the industry. In addition to movies and TV, this year’s summit will discuss topics such as streaming media, games and online markets, ranging from short videos to many story ideas.


Janet Yang said: "I am proud to be the chairman of our ninth summit, with so many outstanding winners and speakers joining us, and we will have more new big coffees. This will be the best summit we have ever had."


High-level speakers at this summit include:

Jiang Wei, general manager of Wanda Film and Television, CEO of Legendary Oriental Film.

Albert Cheng, Amazon Pictures, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Head of Television.

Kevin Lin, Twitch, co-founder

Jon Turteltaub, director of the film The Meg

Jin Yimeng is a famous actor, screenwriter and director.

Yan Erwei, co-producer of film The Meg, executive director of Riggs Communication.

John Penotti, president of SK Global, film producer in Crazy Rich Asians.

Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific Region, Motion Picture Association of America.

Gao Qunyao, CEO of Beijing Yuntu Times Film Technology Company.

Spencer Baumgarten, director of ICM Partners Brokerage Company.

Chantal Nong, vice president of Warner Bros. DC Film

David Unger, Artist International Group, CEO