Kipchogg’s 10 Running Secrets


On October 12, 2019, Kipchogg completed the whole horse challenge in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds at the Platte Park in Vienna, becoming the first person to run the marathon for 2 hours.

"I don’t know where the limit is, but I will keep running towards it."


After the race, he said, "I hope more people can understand the importance of running. If everyone runs together, the world will become better." When he was interviewed by The Telegraph, he talked about 10 running suggestions. Now let’s review them together, hoping to help everyone.


Step 1 keep a training diary

"I have been writing a training diary to record my training plan and my feelings and emotions. Before the London Marathon in 2019, I can look back on last year’s feelings, which is very helpful to me. "


In the past 10 years, he has been writing a training diary, and he can even show the training he did in 2003.??


2. Never stop running for fun.

"I have been running for a long time, but I still remember running mountains and going to school when I was a child. When I was young, I would run for fun. At that time, I didn’t know it would be my career. I like and remember that feeling. “

Your mind and your heart are the driving force to push you forward, and your thoughts will drive your legs.


3. Let yourself have a good training partner.

"I train with first-class athletes (in Kaptagat near the Great Rift Valley in Kenya), and when you train with many other people, it will inspire you. If you train with fast athletes, it will keep you improving. “

Getting ready is more important than anything else.


4. Don’t always run at the same speed

"I run about 200 kilometers to 220 kilometers a week. 42 kilometers is the longest I have run in a day. I think short-distance running (sometimes training at the intensity of 13 x 3 minutes) and long-distance running are both good. If you run 5 kilometers, it will also help your marathon. “

Long-distance running can improve your endurance, but shorter interval running can improve your speed. For long-distance runners, they are mutually beneficial.


Step 5 go up the hill


6. Improve resilience

"Some days I train twice-once at 6 am and once at 4 pm. When you do training twice a day, it will tell you that your body, your heart and your lungs need to be repaired quickly to become healthier. "


Step 7 keep your feet on the ground

"One of the most important things about running is modesty. I am very happy to live in a small house with other athletes, work with the team, wash clothes and cut vegetables. "


I like to help young athletes and become role models.


8. Ukari is the best supply

"On training day, I will drink tea and eat bread in the morning. At lunch or dinner, I like to eat ugali, a Kenyan staple food rich in starch and energy, and some protein from eggs or meat. On the night before the game, I will eat rice, pasta or black curries.


During the competition, I will use isotonic energy gel and caffeine gel. On the day before the race, we also prepared 8 bottles of drinks, which my support team will give me every 5 kilometers. "


9. Monitor with smart watches

"I use my watch to monitor my pace in the race and record the kilometers. This is a good way to know my speed and keep the correct speed throughout the race without running too fast or too slow. "

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate estimates the end of the race.

10. Don’t stay up late

"When you train hard, it is important to take time to relax and recover. I like listening to music and reading books after training. Now I am reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Steven Covey, and I enjoy it very much. During the day, I will sleep between training classes and go to bed before 9 o’clock every night. "


There are many factors affecting the marathon track, and anything can happen. What we can do is to get ready and adjust in time, and look forward to Joe’s next game.

Published in Hongkong, China

In-depth evaluation of dating with Golf 7 1.4T Ultimate Edition

    As of September 2013, (|) Car Series has sold more than 340,000 cars in Europe, firmly occupying the top spot in European car sales. Not only is it sought after by consumers, but also by car media people. After winning the 2013 World Car Award and the 2013 European Car of the Year award, even the Japanese media, which has always protected the calf, awarded the 2013 Japanese Car Award to Golf 7.

    What is the charm that makes Golf 7 so sought after? Can the domestically produced Golf 7 maintain the same quality? How does the torsion beam suspension affect the handling and comfort of the vehicle? Today, we will find the answer through detailed experience and professional tests. Before entering the detailed evaluation, let’s take a quick look at some questions about Golf 7.

Home of the car

Where is Golf 7 new? What’s the difference with Golf 6?

1. New platform: upgrade from PQ35 platform to MQB platform (transverse engine modular platform).

    What benefits can the new platform bring? This starts with understanding the differences between the two platforms. Generally speaking, PQ35 platform is a platform that can only produce and develop compact cars (cars, SUVs, MPVs, etc.), while MQB platform can produce and develop small cars, compact cars and medium-sized cars (horizontal engine models).

Volkswagen FAW-Volkswagen Golf 2014 1.4TSI Automatic Basic Model

    Broader derivatives mean more spare parts can be shared. According to the official introduction, products from the same module platform of MQB can share the same specifications of engines, gearboxes and air conditioners, and the sharing ratio is about 60% of the whole vehicle parts, thus greatly saving the development cost of new cars.

2. New design: the game between inheritance and innovation

    For the public and golf, brand recognition and the retention of traditional elements are often paid great attention to in design. This creates a lot of difficulties for designers, not only to make it look new and beautiful enough, but also not to leave behind the necessary contents such as "public face" and "golf element".

Volkswagen FAW-Volkswagen Golf 2014 1.4TSI Automatic Basic Model

    Compared with the 6th generation, the lines of Golf 7 are tougher and sharper, and at the same time, the proportion of details of the body has been adjusted a lot. For example, lowering the car body and increasing the car width can make the golf 7 look more dynamic. Compared with the 6th generation, the interior of the vehicle has also added more sense of design. The introduction of asymmetric design and the addition of piano paint are all aimed at giving people a sense of freshness and grade.

3. new power: EA211 high-power version has excellent performance

    All the departments of Golf 7 will be equipped with EA211 engines, in which the parameters of 1.6L engine and 1.4T low-power engine are slightly improved compared with the current ones, while the EA211 high-power model we got has a maximum power of 150 HP and a peak torque of 250 Nm, which is not small improvement compared with the current 131 HP and 220 Nm.

Volkswagen FAW-Volkswagen Golf 2014 1.4TSI Automatic Flagship Type

    Our measured 0-100km/h acceleration time of Golf 7 1.4T high-power version is only 8.20 seconds, and its performance is comparable to that of (|) and (|) with 1.6T engine. Compared with the performance of the 6th generation of 9.22 seconds (measured in car home), it has improved by one second, and it is at the leading level in the same level. (Golf 6th Generation Test Link)

4. New suspension: The rear torsion beam suspension becomes a hot spot again.

    As soon as the domestic Golf 7 came out, the change of the rear suspension once again became the target of public criticism. First of all, it can be affirmed that this is indeed a practice to reduce costs, regardless of what space is saved, because the seating space of Golf 7 is exactly the same whether it is equipped with torsion beam suspension version or multi-link suspension version.

Volkswagen FAW-Volkswagen Golf 2014 1.4TSI Automatic Basic Model

    What really makes people feel uncomfortable is that the 1.4T high-powered version is not spared. You know, in Germany, this version is a genuine multi-link. Fortunately, from the actual driving experience, Golf 7 does not decline in sports, but rises. The tighter suspension has stronger toughness than the sixth generation when cornering, but the comfort is weakened a lot, especially when riding in the back row. The feeling of vibration is very obvious.

5. New configuration: electronic handbrake, automatic parking, engine start-stop and adaptive cruise set a new benchmark.

    The Golf 7 comes standard with an electronic handbrake and an AUTOHOLD automatic parking system. No matter in the configuration list or in use, there is a feeling that the competitors at the same level are superior. However, in actual use, the simultaneous starting and stopping of the engine and automatic parking will really affect some comfort, which will be discussed in the configuration part later. Let’s sell it here first.

Volkswagen FAW-Volkswagen Golf 2014 1.4TSI Automatic Basic Model

    Engine start-stop and adaptive cruise belong to the high-altitude configuration, whether it appears on high-equipped models or optional, and the manufacturer has not yet made it clear. There is nothing to say about starting and stopping, but the new version of the adaptive cruise system is eye-catching, and it basically realizes the "follow-up function". Not only can you stop with the front car when you encounter a red light, but you can also continue to follow the front car when you start again.

6. New entertainment system: MIB Standard Plus video details.

Volkswagen FAW-Volkswagen Golf 2014 1.4TSI Automatic Basic Model

    With the overall upgrade of the interior, the car entertainment system has also been replaced by the MIB Standard Plus. In fact, its sales are really average, because the screen size is only 5.8 inches, which is slightly larger than the 5.5-inch screen of Samsung Note2. Of course, the resolution is much worse. The function of the system is comprehensive, but the reaction speed is average.

What versions of Golf 7 will be available? What version is our test car?

    In terms of power, the future Golf 7 will be divided into 1.6 and 1.4T displacement, of which the 1.4T engine is divided into high-power version (110 kW) and low-power version (96 kW). Among them, the 1.6L and 1.4T low-power versions will become the main sales force, while the 1.4T high-power version may only have 1-2 models.

Comparison between new and old golf engines displacement  1.6L group 1.4T group car make and model Golf 6 Golf 7 Golf 6 Golf 7
Low power version
Golf 7
High power version
Maximum power (kW) 77 81 96 96 110 Maximum torque (n m) 155 155 220 225 250 Officially provided
Acceleration time (s)
11.9 10.9 9.5 8.9 8.2 Officially provided
Hundred kilometers
Comprehensive fuel consumption (L)
6.9 6.1 6.0 5.8 5.4

    Judging from the known information given by the government, the future Golf 7 can be divided into fashion type, comfort type, luxury type and flagship type, which is similar to the layout of the current six generations. Fashion models should only be available in 1.6L models, while the configuration of the flagship model is prepared for the 1.4T high-power version. According to the experience of the 6th generation, comfort and luxury will still be the main sales force. Before the price is announced, you can make a calculation according to the configuration.

Analysis of Golf 7 Configuration Configuration vehicle type Fashion type Comfort type luxurious Flagship type Electronic handbrake ● ● ● ● Automatic parking ● ● ● ● Keyless entry – – ● ● 4 probe rear reversing radar ● ● ● –

8 probe front and rear reversing radar

OPS simulation visual reversing

– – – ● Automatic skylight – ● ● ● Xenon headlight – – ● ● Automatic headlight – – ● ● LED taillight ● ● ● ●

rearview mirror power folding

Yingbin floor lamp

– – – ● Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror – – ● ● Cruise control – ● ● ● Front and rear row central armrest – ● ● ● Fatigue reminder – ● ● ●

    Our test car is a 1.4T high-power version of the flagship, which represented the strongest strength of domestic Golf 7 before the 7th GTI went on the market. Can Golf 7 set a new benchmark? In the next evaluation, we analyze them one by one.