The new BYD Tang is officially listed! Sell 165,800-314,800 yuan.

As the benchmark of the global plug-in hybrid industry, Tang has been widely concerned and praised by the outside world since its listing. A few days ago, the official announced that the new Tang will be officially listed on August 16th. The new cars released this time include six models with three kinds of power: fuel version, DM version and EV version. Among them, the fuel version has launched one model with a price of 165,800 yuan. The DM plug-in hybrid version has launched a total of three models, and the subsidized price range is 236,800-286,800 yuan; EV pure electric version has launched two models, and the subsidized price range is 279,500-314,800 yuan. Compared with the old models, the main changes of the new car are concentrated in the interior. The interior of the new car adopts a style similar to that of Han, with black and brown color matching, which pays attention to the improvement of luxury.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new Tang Dynasty adopts the design language of "Dragon Face", with a number of chrome-plated banners in the middle. The headlights on both sides are sharp in shape and equipped with light sources inside. The front face is full of momentum and improves the recognition. Side, the side lines are full of three-dimensional sense, and the waist line extends from the front dragon beard to the position of C-pillar. At the same time, the roof adopts the popular suspended design, and is outlined with chrome trim to enhance the visual experience as a whole. On the tail, the tail is still a simple design route, and the penetrating taillights echo the dragon whiskers on the front face.

As for the interior, the interior of the new car was personally created by Michele Paganetti, the global interior design director, and the interior was completely upgraded. The central control area uses a large number of piano paint materials, which is more exquisite. The multi-layer suspended shape is simple and sci-fi, with a very strong sense of the future. In addition, the floating LCD screen with LCD, a sense of technology arises spontaneously. In terms of seats, the leather dragon scale luxury seat adopts top-level punching and line pressing technology, and the retractable leg rest design of the main and auxiliary drivers provides users with the most temperature-sensitive new luxury experience. In terms of configuration, it is reported that there will be 30 design and configuration upgrades for the 2021 model; The new DM version will have as many as 41 design and configuration upgrades, including DiPilot intelligent assisted driving.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 2.0T, 141kW(192PS), and the peak torque is 320N·m, matching the 6-speed automatic manual transmission. The DM version (plug-in hybrid version) is equipped with a powertrain composed of 2.0T+ motors. The system integrates 321kW and 431, matching the 6-speed and intelligent electric four-wheel drive system. The electric model of Tang Chun is expected to be equipped with the latest brand of Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery. EV models still offer two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, and NEDC has a battery life of 565 km and 505 km respectively.

That’s all about the official launch of the new Tang. Please pay attention to us for more information about the new car.

Mingya Decoration 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Annual Planning Meeting Held

Original title: Mingya Decoration 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Annual Planning Meeting Held

It’s the tenth day of the first month,

Spring blossoms, everything recovers,

With the festive colors of the New Year,

Mingya decoration was held.

2017 annual summary and 2018 annual planning meeting,

All the staff and guests gathered together,

Congratulations on the Spring Festival and talk about the development of the New Year.

        In the morning, at Mingya Decoration Guangzhou Operation Headquarters, Chairman Guo Haiming personally distributed a red envelope to every Mingya employee, symbolizing a happy New Year, career progress and family happiness.

Mr. Guo Haiming, the chairman of the board, distributed red envelopes to all employees.

       At 1: 30pm, the summary planning meeting with the theme of "Let’s gather together and build a dream" was formally held. Fu Xiaoyuan, deputy general manager in charge of the company, Zhong Zongguang, engineering director and Duan Lixia, deputy general manager in charge of the company, respectively made the work summary report for 2017 and the work plan for 2018, reported the achievements in their respective jurisdictions in the past year, and made a profound review on the shortcomings in their work. Chairman Guo Haiming made an important speech with the theme of "The Elegant Craftsman Spirit of New Retail". With the help of Internet platform tools, new retail has developed rapidly, warning all Mingya people to seize opportunities, face new challenges, be more professional and focused, and form the elegant craftsman spirit first. At the same time, it analyzes the operation of Mingya Decoration in the past year, points out the shortcomings of Mingya Decoration in the past year, and guides all colleagues how to take advantage of the new challenges and be meticulous.

        The conference selected the long-term service award, business model award, outstanding employee award, high-quality project award, outstanding team award and special contribution award for employees working for more than three years in 2017, and awarded certificates and bonuses. At the same time, Mingya Decoration’s contribution in the past year has been highly recognized by our partners. Goodyear Tire, Michelin Tire and Nexen Tire respectively awarded Mingya Decoration the "Best Supplier" Award in 2017. This heavy medal and honor is the pride of Mingya, the witness of Mingya’s growth and the driving force of Mingya’s continuous progress! In 2018, Mingya people will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, be specialized, stronger and bigger, make more high-quality projects, form Mingya’s craftsman spirit, ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, and provide customers with more professional one-stop service!

Moderator Cai Chunyan announced the meeting discipline and meeting process.

Fu Xiaoyuan, deputy general manager, makes a work report.

Zhong Zongguang, Director of Engineering Department, made a work report.

Duan Lixia, deputy general manager in charge, made a work report.

Chairman Guo Haiming gave a keynote speech.

3-year long service award (40 persons in total)

4-year long service award (41 persons in total)

5-year long service award (59 persons in total)

6-year long service award (39 persons in total)

7, 8 and 9 years long service award (28 persons in total)

10, 12 years long service award (8 people in total)

Speech by the representative of long service award

Business model (28)

Outstanding employee award (18)

Safety and Civilization Management Award (16)

Quality engineering award

Excellent team award

Special contribution award

Mr. Luo Yue, manager of Goodyear tire retail store, made a speech.

Mr. Qi Qi, Retail Marketing Manager of Michelin Tire, made a speech.

Mr. Jin Minzai, Director of Nexen Tire Marketing Department, made a speech.

Mr. Gu Yangyang, Manager of Dunlop Tire Store Development Section, made a speech.

Mr. Chen Weike, Pirelli Tire Manager, made a speech

Mr. Zhu Deli, General Manager of Aiyihang Guangdong, made a speech.  

Mr. Lin Zengsheng, Director of Huasheng Wheel Insurance Project, made a speech.  

Mr. Yan Li, general manager of German intensive care, made a speech

Speech by Mr. Li Tongsheng, President of Guangdong Automobile After-sales Service Industry Association Co., Ltd.  

Guangdong Naiche New Energy Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.Mr. Yang Shoucong, CEO, spoke.  

Speech by Ms. Zhong Yanan, General Manager of FC Business Department of Car Cabin

Mr. Luo Yue, Goodyear Tire Retail Store Manager, presented the award.

Mr. Qi Qi, Retail Marketing Manager of Michelin Tire, presented the award.

Mr. Jin Minzai, Director of Nexen Tire Marketing Department, presented the award.

Chairman Guo Haiming took a group photo with the customer.

All employees of the company took photos with customers as a souvenir.

        After the annual summary planning meeting, we got together to raise a glass and have a drink. All departments actively organized and planned, including wonderful programs such as dancing, singing and chorus. Some guests were infected by the warm atmosphere and sang a song for everyone on the spot, which made the atmosphere on the spot hot. In addition, the party also set up a lucky draw for all employees and customers, and prepared a wealth of prizes, and the atmosphere was full of joy. In an atmosphere of harmony, unity and forge ahead, raise your glass, all the distinguished people, expressed their best wishes and expectations for 2018.

The host announced the start of the dinner.

Mingya manages the team.Present a chorus-"Tomorrow will be better"

Songs brought by handsome guys in the design department-"Decent" and "The brightest star in the night sky"

The Dance Brought by Elegant Beauty —— "Step on Step"

Miss Zhong Yanan, General Manager of FC Business Department of Car Cabin, sang a song-"So you are here".

The big screen scrolls, and the lucky one is born.

       Mingya Decoration 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Annual Planning Meeting was successfully concluded. Thank customers for their support and trust, Mingya colleagues for their hard work in the past year, and for their contributions to Mingya for many years. The vigorous growth of Mingya decoration cannot be separated from the hard work of all employees. I hope all employees will continue to stick to their posts, work hard for the same dream, and strive for the same future to create a better future for Mingya! Once again, I wish you all good health, smooth work and all the best in the new year!  


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 activity   The third enrollment of EMBA of Jiaotong University started.

Registration is limited to 50 people.

The forecast name has exceeded 40.

Senior recommendation, priority review

115 seniors are waiting for you to join

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The 21st Guangzhou International Auto Show opened on 17th.

  On November 10th, the Organizing Committee of the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition announced that this year’s Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition will be held in the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair Exhibition Hall") from November 17th to 26th, in which the exhibition areas of automobile parts and supplies, automobile modification and new technologies will be extended from November 17th to 20th.

  According to reports, there are 59 first-time cars in the world at this Guangzhou International Auto Show, including 8 first-time cars from multinational companies; 20 concept cars, including 9 international brand exhibition cars; There are 469 new energy vehicles, including 119 foreign brand exhibition vehicles. The total number of exhibition cars is 1132.

  Following the opening of the newly-built Zone D of Canton Fair in the last exhibition, this Guangzhou International Auto Show will continue to expand the use area of Zone D, including six indoor exhibition halls and the outdoor exhibition area of South Square in Zone D, and at the same time, the newly-built International Conference Center will be opened for the first time, with an exhibition scale of 220,000 square meters.

  The global mainstream car companies will all be present, including BMW and MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen brand, FAW Audi, SAIC-GM, GAC Toyota, Guangqi Honda and other international mainstream car brands will be unveiled.

  All groups will participate in this auto show on a large scale with a full range of products. FAW Hongqi, Dongfeng Motor, SAIC Roewe, Changan Automobile, Beijing Automobile and Guangzhou Automobile Group (Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, AION and Haobo) will all make their debut in Guangzhou. Geely, Link, Harvard, Chery, BYD and other enterprises will also take heavy products to the stage of Guangzhou International Auto Show.

  In terms of new forces in building cars, new energy automobile brands such as Weilai, Tucki, Ideality, Zero Run and Nezha will also compete in the same venue, so that the audience can visit and experience the latest new energy automobile products more intensively and conveniently.

  Guangzhou International Auto Show not only keeps pace with the times in the front-end vehicle theme, but also transforms and upgrades to electrification and intelligence, and the supporting parts and supplies exhibition area is also closely followed. The two professional theme exhibition halls are expanded and upgraded with the theme of "new technology" and "new life" respectively, covering the upstream supporting supply including electric motor control, charging and energy storage, automatic driving, artificial intelligence and the whole industrial chain of downstream aftermarket.

  At the same time, the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Development Conference will be held in the International Convention Center of the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall from November 16th to 17th. With the theme of "practicing high-quality development and reshaping the new pattern of China automobile", this conference will invite industry elites, experts and scholars to gather together to discuss the general trend of the industry and explore the development direction from their own unique perspectives.

Turkey officially changed its English name and stopped being a "turkey"

On May 31st, local time, Turkish Foreign Minister cavusoglu posted on his social media platform that he submitted a letter to the UN Secretary-General that day, requesting to change the name of Turkey’s foreign language country to "Türkiye". Cavusoglu said on the social platform: "Under the leadership of President Erdogan, the process initiated by Turkey to improve the national brand value has already yielded results. I submitted a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations today to register the foreign name of our country as’ Tü rkiye’ at the United Nations. "
Turkish foreign minister shows UN documents. Image source: Internet
According to a report by Anadolu News Agency of Turkey on June 1st, at the request of Turkey, the United Nations changed the name of Turkey’s foreign language from "Turkey" to "Türkiye". Earlier, some media believed that the demand for name change in Turkey might not be smooth sailing, because it was not in the Latin alphabet, which would make it difficult for relevant international institutions to change their registered names.
The name change in Turkey has been going on for half a year. As early as December 4 last year, Turkish President Erdogan issued a presidential decree to change his name. Erdogan believes that the new name "Türkiye" can "best represent the culture, civilization and values of the Turkish nation".
In December 2021, Turkey began to use "Türkiye" as its foreign language country name in domestic and international occasions.
In Turkish, Turkey’s name is "Türkiye". In English, the name of Turkey is "Turkey". The word "turkey" has the meaning of "turkey" in English, and is even defined as "a serious failure" or "a stupid person" in Cambridge dictionary. This is also the reason why Turkey launched the name-correcting action.
"British Weekly" believes that this is a rebranding of Turkey, and the Turkish government will give up the English name that has been used for 100 years. This move is also intended to "ease the diplomatic pattern dominated by English." In January this year, Turkey began to ask for a name change. The Turkish government began to negotiate with the United Nations, hoping to replace "Turkey" with "Türkiye" in all international formal occasions.
The Turkish government also requires the use of "Türkiye" in various activities and communications, including formal relations with other countries, international institutions and organizations.
Upstream news is based on CCTV news, extreme news, etc.

Winter is also the fitness season.

  On December 25th, 2016, the 9th China Polar Bear International Winter Swimming Invitational Tournament was held in the frozen Ganhe River in Jiagedaqi District of Daxing ‘anling region. The picture shows the contestants jumping into the water. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Kaishe

  "Cold winter" is the coldest season of the year. As the saying goes, "La Qi La Ba, frozen chin", the twelfth lunar month is in the cold winter. At this time, proper physical exercise and proper health care can not only relieve fatigue, but also make the body healthier.

  Exercise in winter is essential.

  Every winter, the winter swimming area of Nanhu Park in Changchun, Jilin Province is very lively, and there are often winter swimmers who are full of energy and swim in the "ice and snow".

  Wu Zhaorui, an 88-year-old, has participated in winter swimming for more than 20 years. "Come every day, we don’t catch a cold, we don’t fear the cold, and we still swim in winter." Speaking of winter swimming, he seems very confident.

  "Scientific winter swimming brings physical, life and spiritual benefits to winter swimmers, and the benefits of winter swimming have been recognized and accepted by more and more people." Mr. Ma, a winter swimmer in Hubei, talks about winter swimming with a clear head. "Winter swimming is very particular. To talk about science, every minute is the key. According to each person’s physical fitness, we should properly master the swimming volume."

  In fact, besides winter swimming, there are many sports suitable for winter. According to health experts, aerobic exercise with smaller movement range and higher calorie consumption should be selected for winter exercise. Weibo, the official of People’s Daily, once counted nine sports suitable for winter, including skipping rope, jogging, climbing stairs, Tai Ji Chuan, alternating running, badminton, swimming, cycling and walking.

  In addition, the passionate ice and snow sports have become the winter exercise items for more and more people. In recent years, ice and snow sports are heating up all over the country, and skating and skiing have become a winter carnival for many people.

  Winter sports have many benefits.

  There is a folk saying in China: "If you move in winter, you will have less illness;" Be lazy in winter and drink a bowl of medicine. " Proper participation in sports in winter is self-evident.

  According to health experts, winter exercise can speed up the body’s metabolism. When the body is stimulated by cold, it will increase the antibodies against diseases in the blood, and the body’s resistance to diseases will also increase. Therefore, people who insist on exercising in winter are less likely to suffer from diseases such as colds, bronchitis and pneumonia.

  There are many benefits of winter sports. For office workers, winter exercise can speed up blood circulation, increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and enhance the elasticity of blood vessels. This can eliminate the fatigue of the brain caused by long-term work and improve work efficiency; For the elderly, outdoor exercise in winter can fully enjoy the sunshine, promote the body’s absorption of calcium, and effectively prevent osteoporosis; For bodybuilders, when the warm body touches cold air or inhales cold air, the calories burned by exercise will increase slightly, so the effect of losing weight in winter exercise is better.

  Of course, although there are many benefits of exercising in winter, we should pay attention to some problems. "In winter, the weather is cold. Generally speaking, it is best to exercise when the cold gradually fades after sunrise." Dr. Theway, from the Massage Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said, "We should pay attention to minimizing outdoor sports in foggy days."

  Pay attention to health in winter

  Chinese medicine pays attention to "spring life, long summer, autumn harvest and winter storage". "Winter is March, which is called hiding". Winter is the season when vitality lurks and everything stings and hides. Li Yanling, director of the Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that the purpose of beginning of winter’s tonic is to preserve the yang of the human body, keep the body warm, nourish yin and subdue yang. Nursing should be combined with food supplement and medicine supplement, with warm supplement and flat supplement as appropriate. You can choose chicken, mutton, pears, chestnuts and other foods, and eat more foods containing inorganic salts such as potassium, sodium and calcium.

  Pay more attention to hydration in winter health. Dr. Li from Changchun Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that the warm room in winter will be drier and people will lose more water. Being in such an environment for a long time, the body is naturally prone to dehydration. At the same time, Dr. Li pointed out that the most important thing in winter health care is to go to bed early. Adequate sleep should be ensured in winter health preservation, which is beneficial to the hidden yang and the accumulation of yin and body fluid.

  Winter is a season suitable for "tonic", but "tonic" depends not only on eating, but also on moxibustion. Jin Xiaoqing, chief physician of acupuncture department of Zhejiang Hospital, said that when the cold current comes in winter, some people with weak body can play a role in cold resistance and health care through warm "winter moxibustion", that is, moxibustion.

  Our reporter Wang Meng

Exercise and no exercise, the original difference is so big!

Academician Zhong Nanshan said in the online open class: Since he was young, he has always insisted on physical exercise, taking physical exercise as a part of his life like eating and sleeping, so that he can undertake his daily work normally, and the growth of his age is only a number.

The picture comes from the National Healthy Lifestyle Action.

Is there really such a big difference between exercising and not exercising?


Long-term exercise leads to slow aging.

A mouse study conducted in 2020 found that aerobic exercise improved the muscle repair ability of old mice and improved muscle stem cells. The study published in Nature Metabolism mentioned that the exercised mice did not produce more muscle stem cells, but the "old cells" recovered their vitality. In this way, exercise is the most reliable way of "reverse growth".


Exercise can fight against vascular aging

Studies have found that running for six months can make blood vessels 4 years younger. This foreign study has trained people who have no previous running experience for six months and participated in the marathon. After such a process, it was found that six months of exercise significantly reduced their blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, which was equivalent to aging blood vessels.


Exercise "brakes" skin aging.

It is said that exercise is the best skin care product. Domestic studies have found that exercise can promote microcirculation and increase the ability of skin to inhale oxygen. At the same time, with the secretion of sweat during exercise, it will help the waste in the skin to be discharged, which can clean the skin and make the skin smoother.


Long-term exercise can slow down muscle loss.

In the research progress of muscle attenuation syndrome published in the international journal of gerontology in 2012, it is mentioned that after 30 years old, muscles lose 1% ~ 5% every year; After the age of 60, the muscle strength decreases by 3 ~ 5% every year; After 70 years old, the muscle strength of elderly women will drop by 50%~70%. The loss of 30% muscle will affect normal function, and the loss of 40% will be life-threatening. Muscles decrease with age, but exercise can delay this process.


Exercise can slow down heart and lung aging.

Breathless climbing stairs? It’s time to add some exercises to improve heart and lung function. Cardiopulmonary endurance is a person’s ability to continue physical activities. A lot of aerobic exercise can help us exercise cardiopulmonary function and slow down cardiopulmonary aging. The easiest exercise: brisk walking, jogging, cycling and so on.


People who exercise will be in a better mood

A study published in The Lancet Psychiatry found that the average person always has a few unhappy days every month, and those who actively exercise have 1.5 fewer depressed days than those who don’t participate in any exercise. It can be seen that exercise is good for people with mild depression and a history of depression, and depressed days are much less.


It’s better to keep exercising and sleeping.

For people who often suffer from insomnia, exercise is one of the effective ways to regulate sleep. Insomnia people can play a certain role in regulating the excitement and inhibition of the nervous system if they take physical exercise for a period of time, and establish a good cycle for sleep.


People who exercise are less sick.

Most people still stay in exercise to lose weight. In fact, when the weight is controlled, it will promote the regulation of blood pressure and blood lipid, so as to better control diabetes, improve physical condition and reduce the probability of disease.


Exercise makes people digest well.

It feels comfortable to take a walk after dinner. This is because exercise shortens the time of intestinal transmission, is conducive to defecation, and also helps to promote digestion and absorption. Sticking to long-term regular exercise is more beneficial to digestion. For example, when walking, our internal organs tremble slightly, and the diaphragm will move up and down during breathing, which will massage the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion and absorption.


It is better to insist on exercising bones.

Does exercise harm bone health? Improper exercise will affect bone health, but proper exercise will also stimulate the secretion of cytokines and mobilize bone reconstruction units. Especially in sports, under the proper stress, the bones are deformed, and the "bone reconstruction project" of the body begins to start!


Exercise makes people smarter.

Studies have found that even low-intensity exercise can have a significant impact on expanding brain capacity and delaying brain aging. Compared with those who walk less than 5,000 steps a day, it reaches 5,000 ~ 7,499 steps, 7,500 ~ 9,999 steps, 10,000 steps or more, which is equivalent to delaying brain aging for 0.45 years, 1.45 years and 1.75 years respectively.

The text is synthesized from Health Times.


Transfer from: Healthy Yunnan Action

Source: Traffic Police Brigade of Wenshan Public Security Bureau