The Information Office of the Municipal Party Committee and Government held a press conference on the successful destruction of the "skinhead gang" criminal gang by the public security organs at the t

   The Information Office of the Municipal Party Committee (Government) held a press conference at 4 pm on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 to introduce to the press and the society through the press that the public security organs at the two levels in the city successfully smashed the criminal gangs of "skinheads". More than 20 journalists from 15 news media in the central, autonomous regions and municipal levels attended. Jia Yingxiang, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, attended the press conference, and Jia Jie, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the press conference..

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Jia Jie, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Municipal Party Committee, presided over the press conference.

   Moderator Jia Jie: Hello, friends from the press! Thank you for attending today’s press conference. Today, a press conference was held here, mainly to invite comrades from public security organs at two levels in the city to introduce that a criminal gang involved in triad activities was successfully destroyed, most gang members were arrested, and a number of cases were cracked, which effectively safeguarded the social order in Linhe area, and the broad masses of the people applauded.

   Liu Jingang, director of the Public Security Bureau of Linhe District, is invited to introduce the case investigation.

Liu Jingang, director of the Linhe District Public Security Bureau, introduced the investigation of the case

   Published by Liu Jingang: According to the deployment of the Bayannaoer Public Security Bureau’s unified action of "cracking down on evils", with the great attention and support of the Linhe District Party Committee and the government, after more than three months of careful investigation by the public security organs at the city and district levels, the two were "bald" and "tattooed" as the main signs, and they were surrounded by Hu, lending money, illegally collecting debts, collecting protection fees, stealing and robbing money as their economic sources. Organized criminal gangs of black and evil forces who beat others at random, gathered in armed fights, raped women, illegally detained women and forced women to engage in prostitution were destroyed in one fell swoop. A total of 90 gang members were arrested and 169 criminal cases were cracked. A breakthrough was achieved in the special struggle against black and evil forces, which eliminated a "cancer" that affected the stability of social order in Linhe area, demonstrating the determination, confidence and ability of public security organs to crack down on black and evil.

   The Party Committee of Linhe District Public Security Bureau has always insisted on "cracking down on evil" as an important task for public security organs to safeguard people’s livelihood and maintain social stability. At the end of May, 2009, the Regional Bureau organized various police types to combine their daily work of handling cases, management and service, focusing on industries, places and regions that are easy to breed evil forces, and adopted methods such as thorough investigation and unannounced visits to understand and master deep-seated information. In the process of in-depth investigation and understanding of the public security situation in Linhe District, in early October, the Party Committee of the Bureau found that in the process of investigating many public security and criminal cases, there were a group of "bald-headed and tattooed" social youths, who were called "bald-headed gangs" by the masses, openly gathered in public casinos to fight, stir up trouble and collect protection fees, with a large number of people involved in the cases, and the circumstances of illegal crimes were bad. At that time, the public security organs all committed crimes as individual cases. The Regional Bureau attaches great importance to this situation. Through comprehensive analysis and judgment on many cases of affray, affray and intentional injury investigated and dealt with since 2008, the Party Committee of the Regional Bureau is keenly aware that these cases are likely to involve an organized criminal gang of black and evil forces, and immediately set up a task force with Director Liu Jingang as the team leader, Political Commissar Liu Ruiping, Deputy Director Zhang Yongping and Captain Tao Fazhi as the deputy team leader, and transferred elite police force from the Interpol Brigade to take charge of secret investigation and evidence collection. In view of the unusual complexity of the case and the vague internal structure of the organization, the task force went deep into the public entertainment places in Linhe District to secretly investigate and collect evidence, and went to several police stations in the city to collect the police records of each police station in recent years. The characteristics of the perpetrators are as followsIn all kinds of cases of baldness, the relevant cases have been carefully sorted out and investigated, and similar cases have been analyzed in series and parallel, and the basic situation and organizational structure of criminal suspects have been gradually grasped in the massive case information. The task force has also stepped up its efforts to detect and interrogate the existing cases in which the perpetrators are characterized as "bald heads", and investigated the composition of the gang and the characteristics of committing crimes.

   After more than two months of secret investigation, the task force obtained some criminal evidence and members of the "skinhead gang". The gang has a large number of people. Usually, it is divided into several small gangs. The economic source is to surround Hu, lend money, illegally collect debts, and collect protection fees. The members of the gang collectively board and board, and gang up in groups to beat others at random, illegally detain, and force women to engage in prostitution around the campus and public entertainment places. The criminal arrogance is very arrogant. The secret investigation of the task force also learned that in January 2008, two groups of "skinheads" gathered more than 50 people with machetes, bayonets and pickaxes in a remote part of the development zone because of a "site" dispute, causing many injuries, two of whom were seriously injured. Later, neither side reported the case and left the scene. The activities of the "skinhead gang" evil forces have extended to Wuhai, Wuqianqi, Wuyuan and other places, posing a great threat to social security and people’s sense of security.

  After the task force reported the investigation to the project leading group, the regional bureau quickly reported the case to the leaders of the district party Committee, the government and the municipal public security bureau. The leaders of the district party Committee, the government and the municipal public security bureau attached great importance to the case and instructed the Linhe District Public Security Bureau to carefully organize and deploy, find the right time, and strive to catch all its key members. Immediately, the public security organs at the two levels in the urban area set up a task force on "Cracking down on Gangsters’ Crimes", with Jia Yingxiang, director of the urban area bureau, Su Yong, deputy director of the urban area bureau, and Liu Jingang, director of the regional bureau as deputy heads, Li Jun, political commissar of Linhe District Public Security Bureau, Zhang Yongping, deputy director, and Tao Fazhi, the police force at the two levels in the urban area, totaling more than 100 members, to fully solve the case.

  According to the instructions of the leaders, the task force organized a lean police investigation to master the activities and characteristics of the gang. On December 24, 2009, the investigation by the task force learned that the main leaders of the "skinhead gang" and most of the key members of the gang will meet in the two entertainment cities of "0478" and "San Diego" on Christmas Eve. After the district bureau reported the situation to Director Jia Yingxiang, the public security organs at the two levels in the city thought that the time had come to arrest, and resolutely decided to adopt the method of centralized police use to arrest the gang. In order to create conditions for the arrest, the Municipal Bureau specially deployed the "Winter Fox Hunting" to carry out a unified city-wide inventory operation on the same day, and the city’s police force carried out inventory and rectification of entertainment places. The regional bureau made detailed arrangements in accordance with the instructions of Director Jia Yingxiang. The task force secretly formulated the best arrest plan, surveyed the action route and refined the arrest measures. Under the condition of strict confidentiality, the task force scientifically divided more than 600 police officers at two levels in the urban area into arrest group, alert group, on-site standby group, peripheral control group, traffic control group and other working groups, and each group was clearly divided. At 9 o’clock that night, Director Jia Yingxiang of the Municipal Bureau and Director Liu Jingang of the Regional Bureau came to the scene to direct, and all the police officers who participated in the war arrived at the arrest position on time. In a lightning-fast manner, they quickly launched a centralized arrest operation, arresting 34 key members of the gang of "skinheads" in two entertainment cities, "0478" and "San Diego", and collecting 21 controlled knives such as daggers and machetes on the spot.

   After most of the main members of the gang were arrested, the task force immediately set up a hunting group, an interrogation group and an investigation and evidence collection group to refine their responsibilities and carry out their work. The pursuit team took many measures at the same time, fixed personnel, fixed time and fixed responsibility, carefully designed the pursuit action, and made full efforts to arrest. It successively traveled to Shanxi, Qinghai, Wuhai, Baotou, Ordos, Wuyuan, Hanghou, Dengkou and Qianqi, with a journey of more than 20,000 kilometers, and arrested 55 people involved in the organization’s escape, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth investigation and arrest of the case. After investigation, the task force learned that Zhao Guang, the leader of Haotianshe, might be hiding in Xining City, Qinghai Province, and sent a pursuit team to Xining to arrest him. After careful arrangement, the hunting team learned that there were several people from Inner Mongolia staying in this private room in the Sanhe Hotel on Gonghe Road, most likely Zhao Guang and others. The pursuit team immediately monitored the hotel and waited in the pit. At about 17 o’clock on January 21, 2010, the pursuit team found that one of the three men who went out was very similar in physical characteristics to Zhao Guang. After confirming his accommodation room, he requested the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau to assist in the arrest. The Public Security Department of Qinghai Province sent 15 policemen armed with live ammunition and formed three encirclement circles with the pursuit team, and captured three "Haotianshe" principals, including Zhao Guang, who was ready to fight with a knife.
   After the case of the "skinhead gang" gang was transferred to the stage of public investigation, evidence collection and trial, the project headquarters insisted on special projects, increased the trial offensive and made every effort to tackle the problem. Relevant leaders at the two levels in urban areas have listened to case reports many times and made important instructions. Jia Yingxiang, director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Su Yong, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, came to the front line to directly guide the police participating in the war to carry out the trial. The People’s Procuratorate of Linhe District gave strong support to the investigation of the case. On the second day after the concentrated arrest of the members of the "skinhead gang", Procurator-General Qi Pingxiang personally rushed to the District Public Security Bureau to understand the case, and sent eight professional and experienced prosecutors to intervene in advance to participate in the investigation of the case, guide the investigation and guide the handling of the case.

   Because most of the members of these two gangs have been dealt with by the public security organs, they have strong anti-investigation and anti-interrogation capabilities. To this end, the task force adjusted the interrogation strategy and focus in time. According to the idea of "detention in different places, centralized interrogation, different people, highlighting key points, internal audit and external investigation, and overall promotion", the key members of the organization were taken as the focus of review, and interrogation strategies such as detention in different places, disintegration, policy attack, and sincere influence were used to break the offensive and defensive alliance of gang members and force them to truthfully confess the facts of the crime. The police of the investigation and evidence collection team went to Shanxi, Wuhai, Baotou, Ordos, Wuyuan, Hanghou, Dengkou, Qianqi and other places to carry out a lot of investigation and evidence collection, comprehensively and fully collecting fixed criminal evidence and forming an evidence chain.

   Through the above measures, the timeliness and quality of case investigation and crackdown were ensured, and more criminal facts of these gangs were dug up. After a lot of work, it was initially found that the "skinhead gang" in Linhe area was divided into two gangs, namely "Eagle Club" and "Haotian Club". The two gangs swaggered around in public places of entertainment, beating innocent people for no reason, causing troubles, openly abducting and raping women, and forcing women to engage in prostitution, taking protection fees, lending money around Hu, illegally collecting debts for others, stealing and robbing money as their economic sources. Among them, the number of "Eagle Club" is more than 70, and its members are marked by bald heads and tattoos. It has certain management regulations. The gang is divided into four levels, with unemployed Zhang Xiongying as the boss, seven backbone members under it, and several small leaders under the seven backbone members. The small leaders control several members respectively. All members are pyramid-shaped, the organizational system is tight, the superior controls the distribution of interests at the lower levels, and the personnel level and structure are clear.

   There are more than 30 members of the evil gang of Haotianshe, whose members are marked by baldness and tattoos. The gang is divided into four levels, headed by unemployed Zhao Guang and libing, with five backbone members on the second floor and several small leaders on the third floor. Under the small leaders, members are controlled separately and instructions are passed step by step. There are strict rules for Haotian Society to join: first, it must be introduced by the internal staff of Haotian Society; second, it must unconditionally obey Zhao Guang’s instructions; third, it must not contradict the internal staff of Haotian Society; fourth, it must be approved by Zhao Guang in person before joining.

   At present, the task force has arrested 90 members of the skinhead gang, and has approved the arrest of 57 people, criminal detention of 12 people, bail pending trial of 11 people, and other handling of 10 people. After the trial, gang members confessed that 169 crimes had been committed in Linhe, Wuhai, Erdos, Wuyuan, Wuqianqi, Zhongqi and Houqi since 2008. At present, the police have verified 111 cases involving ten crimes. Among them: 7 cases of intentional injury, 2 cases of affray, 56 cases of affray (16 cases verified), 6 cases of intentional damage to public and private property (4 cases verified), 2 cases of forced prostitution of women, 1 case of illegal detention, 5 cases of extortion, 63 cases of theft, 4 cases of robbery and 23 cases of rape (7 cases verified).
   In the 23 rape cases confessed by two gangs of evil forces, none of the victims reported the case to the public security organs because of the criminal suspects’ arrogance. However, in some cases of picking quarrels and causing troubles, some owners of entertainment places are afraid to take revenge and dare not report the case to the public security organs. Instead, they solve it by paying protection fees and settling it privately, which, to a certain extent, encourages the arrogance of these two criminal gangs. In view of this situation, the police of the task force patiently and meticulously did the ideological work of the victims under strict confidentiality, dispelled their ideological concerns and truthfully stated the case, which laid the foundation for severely punishing the crime.

   After the organized criminal gangs of the "skinhead gang" were smashed, the number of cases in Linhe City dropped significantly, especially the cases of fighting, trouble-making and extortion in the society decreased significantly. Netizens were very supportive of the actions taken by the public security organs and posted highly praises. Some owners of entertainment venues sent pennants and thank-you letters to the task force specially. The people applauded the smashing of the "skinhead gang" and thanked the public security organs for killing the people. The successful destruction of the gang of "skinheads" and evil forces fully demonstrated the position and ability of public security organs to crack down on evil forces and protect the people, deterred and contained crimes, stabilized the people’s hearts, purified the social security environment in the whole region, demonstrated fairness and justice, and achieved good legal and social effects.

   The case is still under further investigation. The police are telling the fugitive suspects to rein in from the brink and surrender themselves, and the political and legal departments will be lenient in accordance with the law. If you persist in absconding and endanger society, you will be severely punished by law. At the same time, the police called on the people and insiders to actively report and expose the illegal and criminal facts of the "skinhead gang" and the hidden clues of the fugitives. The police will reward those who have made meritorious deeds in strict confidentiality.

   Moderator Jia Jie:Next, please invite Jia Yingxiang, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, to introduce the ideas and ideas of cracking down on evil in our city in the coming period.

Jia Yingxiang, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, made a press release.

   Publisher Jia Yingxiang: Hello everyone! First of all, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the guests and friends in the press who came to attend the press conference, and express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your long-term concern and support for the city’s public security work!

   Just now, Liu Jingang, director of the Public Security Bureau of Linhe District, gave a briefing on the detection of the gang of "skinheads" and evil forces. After listening to it, it was really shocking. The number of people involved in the gang was as high as 126, and violence was the main means. They fought with open fire, ran roughshod over, committed crimes, oppressed the people and harmed one side. For the benefit of the gang, even for a small matter, they go to war, fight bloody battles, resort to brutal means, recklessly, openly challenge the law and undermine social order. The gang has committed 169 crazy crimes, including more than 10 charges of intentional injury, rape, robbery, forcing women to engage in prostitution, illegal detention, theft, affray, extortion, intentional destruction of property, etc. The nature is bad, the means are brutal, and some plots are simply insane. The gang’s serious crimes not only disrupt the social production and life order in our city, but also pose a serious threat to social security, and seriously endanger the safety of the people and the peace and stability of society. The people hate this, and the victims hate them even more, but they are afraid of arrogance, violence, and fear of being hurt and retaliated. They dare to be angry and dare not speak, dare to be angry and dare not argue, often talk about black and hate, and even dare not report the case.

   The detection of the case was carried out with the strong leadership support of the Party committees, governments and political and legal committees at the two levels in urban areas, the joint efforts of public security organs at the city and district levels, and the close cooperation of various police types. After more than three months of hard work and careful investigation, the police handling the case destroyed the "Eagle Society" headed by Zhang Xiongying and the "Haotian Society" headed by Zhao Guang, which is also known as the "skinhead gang". This is the largest organized crime case with underworld characteristics successfully investigated by the public security organs in our city, and it is also the case in which the public security organs in our city have destroyed the most members of criminal gangs, involved the most cases and committed the most kinds of crimes over the years. The successful cracking of the case and the arrest of key members can be said to be a great joy to the people and a great boost to their hearts. The people clapped their hands and told each other, giving firm support and high praise through the internet and thank-you letters. The success of the case has dealt a severe blow to the arrogance of the evil forces, severely deterred all kinds of illegal and criminal acts, effectively curbed the breeding and spread of the evil forces and many public security problems caused by them, played a groundbreaking role in the long-term stability of the city, and demonstrated the majesty of the law and the strong strength and strong determination of the public security organs to crack down on crimes and protect the people.

   In the process of detecting the case, the police handling the case at the two levels of public security organs in urban areas hold high the banner of loyalty and victory, sharing common enemy and being selfless and fearless; Hard work, no regrets, always with high fighting spirit, full enthusiasm, rigorous style, fighting day and night in the workplace, for nearly three months without rest, made extraordinary efforts and outstanding contributions, laying a solid foundation for the detection of the "skinhead gang" criminal gang case. In order to further boost morale, inspire fighting spirit and arouse vigilance, we will hold a special summary and commendation meeting to reward those who have made meritorious deeds in solving crimes.

   By detecting the criminal gang case of "skinhead gang", we are soberly aware that the criminal harm degree and social harm consequences of black and evil forces are much more serious than those of ordinary criminal crimes, and we have accumulated a lot of valuable experience and gained many useful inspirations in the detection of the case, which has strengthened our confidence and determination to fight against black and evil forces. At present, we are still in a period of prominent social contradictions, high incidence of criminal cases and complicated struggle against the enemy. Crimes committed by evil forces, economic crimes involving stakeholders, Internet crimes, crimes against intellectual property rights, and crimes of producing and selling fake and inferior agricultural materials have intensified, which has brought new challenges to public security organs in maintaining social order and stability. We should always maintain the trend of cracking down on serious criminal crimes, further deepen the special struggle to crack down on gangs and eliminate evil, continue to adhere to the principle of "cracking down early and cracking down on small crimes and eliminating evil", adopt effective methods such as combining key investigations with unannounced visits, combining special intelligence with mass reports, comprehensively collect clues about all kinds of gangs and evil-related crimes, put them into the line of sight of cracking down on investigation in time, include them in the target of cracking down, and continuously carry out accurate and effective strikes. In order to further intensify the crackdown on evil forces and other criminal crimes, we should do a good job in the following tasks:

   First, strengthen coordination and linkage, and truly form a joint force. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party Committee and the government, we should mobilize all sectors of society and the broad masses of the people to take courageous actions to fight against evil forces and all kinds of illegal crimes, actively provide all kinds of clues and evidence, and support public security organs in investigating and solving cases. All departments and police of public security organs should cooperate with each other and work hard to form a joint force to crack down.

   Second, we must adhere to both the symptoms and the root causes. We should seriously study and grasp the trends and laws of crimes committed by evil forces, correctly analyze the evolution process and characteristics of crimes committed by evil forces, and take targeted countermeasures and measures in time to eliminate them in the bud at the first time. And fundamentally eradicate the breeding ground of evil forces, stifle their space for survival and development, and never let the evil forces that dominate one side exist in our city.

   Third, I sincerely hope that the broad masses of the people, especially the victims, will take the initiative to expose the illegal and criminal facts and evidence of the criminal gang of the "skinhead gang" and give strong support to the public security organs to severely punish these criminals. I solemnly promise here that the public security organ will keep the informer confidential and resolutely protect your safety.

   4. Through today’s press conference, on behalf of the public security organs, I am here to severely warn criminals who dare to break the law, immediately stop from the brink, stop committing crimes and voluntarily surrender. Severely tell the criminal suspect who is at large in this case to surrender to the public security organ as soon as possible, and strive for leniency, otherwise we will take hell to pay. 

   If evil is not eliminated, the people will be uneasy and the society will be unstable. It is a great historical mission and lofty political responsibility of public security organs to severely crack down on and eradicate crimes committed by evil forces to protect the fundamental interests of the people and maintain social harmony and stability. Here, on behalf of the city’s public security police, I solemnly promise to the people of the city: No matter how strong the economic foundation of the evil forces is, who is the backstage, and how crazy and vicious the criminal means are, we will give a devastating blow, completely destroy the soil where the evil forces grow and spread, and eradicate the survival foundation of the evil forces. Resolutely achieve the "three never allow": that is, the evil forces will never be allowed to act rashly and run amok; Never allow evil forces to take root and spread; The evil forces will never be allowed to sit on their feet and form a climate. I also sincerely hope that friends and guests in the press can, as always, care about and support the public security work in our city, publicize the achievements made by public security organs in cracking down on evil, mobilize people from all walks of life to expose clues about black and evil crimes, and actively create a good public opinion atmosphere in which the whole society participates in cracking down on evil.

   I believe that with the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the full cooperation of the procuratorial organs and the relevant departments of the courts, the support of the people of the whole city, and the extensive participation and supervision of all sectors of society, especially friends from the press, we have the determination, confidence and ability to maintain the long-term stability of Bayannaoer City and ensure the people’s livelihood and happiness!

   The Spring Festival is coming. On behalf of the Party Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, I would like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to the people of the city, friends in the news media and the public security police in the city. I wish you good health, smooth work, happy family and all the best!

   Thank you!

   Moderator Jia Jie: Today’s press conference is over, thank you!

Preventing and resolving financial risks has achieved initial results, and city commercial banks are stable and far-reaching

CCTV News:Preventing and resolving financial risks is the top priority of China’s financial supervision in recent years. Some city commercial banks, which are based in cities and mainly provide loan support for small and medium-sized enterprises, once experienced a situation of high non-performing loan ratio and unsustainable operation due to insufficient financial strength and low market risk tolerance. Local governments and financial supervision departments took a series of innovative measures in time, which successfully resolved the risks.

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located in the southwest of Sichuan Province, is rich in local mineral resources and has nearly 1,000 large and small mining enterprises. In 2014, in the last round of market volatility, the price of iron ore once dropped by 50%, and local mining enterprises were in trouble, and this risk was also transmitted to the financial system.

Lu Ningyuan, head of Liangshan Branch of Sichuan Bank and former vice president of Liangshan Commercial Bank:The vast majority of mining-related enterprises are in trouble, the interest on bank loans cannot be paid, the loans due cannot be repaid, and a large number of non-performing loans (loans) have also appeared in the loans of mining-related enterprises of the former Liangshan Commercial Bank.

Established in 2007, Liangshan Commercial Bank covers 17 local counties and cities. Among its total loans, loans from mining-related enterprises account for a relatively high proportion. This kind of loan structure is in western Sichuan, not only Liangshan Commercial Bank. Almost at the same time, Panzhihua Commercial Bank also experienced a crisis. As a shareholder of Panzhihua Commercial Bank, Luo Yangyong keenly felt that there were problems in bank operation.

Luo Yangyong, Chairman of Anning Iron and Titanium Co., Ltd.:When dividends were gone, bad debts and bad debts gradually increased. Other indicators have also deteriorated seriously, and we feel that the investment will fail, and it is estimated that we will lose all our money. All the shareholders are worried, but they are helpless and don’t know how to do it.

It never rains but pours. The guarantee company, which should have provided guarantee for the mine-related enterprises in the loan process, has not played its due role.

Today, many parties admit that in this process, banks themselves also had problems such as inadequate risk management and control. When the risks were exposed, even though Liangshan Commercial Bank and Panzhihua Commercial Bank, two city commercial banks, took various measures to deal with non-performing assets to resolve the risks, the non-performing assets continued to climb. By 2019, the total balance of non-performing assets of the two banks will be nearly 30 billion yuan. Among them, the non-performing loan ratio of Panzhihua Commercial Bank was as high as 53.4%, while the average non-performing loan ratio of 134 city commercial banks nationwide was only 2.3% in the same period.

Nearly 30 billion yuan of non-performing assets and more than 50% of non-performing loan ratio, once not properly disposed of, the consequences are unimaginable. Faced with such a huge challenge, the Sichuan provincial government and financial supervision departments decisively intervened, merged two high-risk municipal city commercial banks and established a new provincial bank.

As the chairman of Sichuan Bank, Lin Gang participated in the risk resolution of Liangshan Prefecture Commercial Bank and Panzhihua Commercial Bank and the establishment of Sichuan Bank. He told reporters that the working group faced many difficulties as soon as it was established in 2019.

Chairman of Sichuan Bank Lin Gang, former director of Sichuan Bank’s preliminary work promotion group office:The first is the problem of how to resolve and digest the bad assets of these institutions on such a large scale.

After a thorough investigation of non-performing assets, in February, 2020, the Working Group launched a 60-day battle to clear and close non-performing assets in Panzhihua, Chengdu and Liangshan.

Zheng Ye, President of Sichuan Bank and former Deputy Director of the Office of the Pre-work Promotion Group of Sichuan Bank:It is very, very difficult to collect interest from one household, collect the bad loans they owe, and increase the collateral of loans from one household to another.

While collecting and transforming some non-performing assets, the working group adopted the strategy of digesting part of the old shareholders’ equity at a discount, keeping part of the books, packaging and stripping part, and the new shareholders taking part. With the decrease of non-performing assets, a more intractable problem has surfaced.

Zheng Ye, President of Sichuan Bank and former Deputy Director of the Office of the Pre-work Promotion Group of Sichuan Bank:In the bank, the shareholder himself has a record of breaking the law and needs to be cleaned up. If the shareholders have non-performing loans in the bank, you can either pay off the principal and interest of your non-performing loans or pay off your shares to repay the non-performing loans. There is another problem: the shareholder’s loan exceeds the requirement of regulatory concentration, and he should also bear the responsibility and correct it.

With the vigorous promotion of local government departments, the two banks cleaned up and rectified 258 old shareholders. In order to prevent the same problem from appearing again, the supervision of the new shareholder team must also keep up. The working group hired external professional institutions to formulate strict plans for the bank’s internal processes and governance structure.

Wu Weijun, Vice Chairman of Deloitte China:As a shareholder of a bank, I have a responsibility, not to say that this bank is mine, so I can trade at will. Any shareholder’s transaction with the commercial bank he has invested in is a related party transaction from the perspective of our accounting, and it should be disclosed. In this risk prevention, we signed an agreement with shareholders to follow the regulatory requirements.

The newly established Sichuan Bank has a registered capital of 30 billion yuan, and the share price is 1.3 yuan/share, of which 1 yuan/share is the share capital and 0.3 yuan/share is the premium fund, and the premium part is specially used for the disposal of non-performing assets. At that time, the valuation P/B ratio of listed banks in China was around 0.8, and the P/B ratio of Sichuan Bank was 1.3. It was a great challenge for the working group to raise enough funds.

Chairman of Sichuan Bank Lin Gang, former director of Sichuan Bank’s preliminary work promotion group office:At that time, to be honest, we were all worried about the uneven fundraising. In the end, the capital raised was about 34.8 billion yuan, and 4.8 billion yuan was returned. Some shareholders did not come in. Sichuan Financial Holdings, as the main sponsor, holds a lot of 20%, a few percent and a few percent. Therefore, from the perspective of the market dispersion of shareholders, it should be said that it is more reasonable.

On November 7, 2020, Sichuan Bank opened its doors for business. After two years of risk mitigation, it achieved initial results.

Chairman of Sichuan Bank Lin Gang, former director of Sichuan Bank’s preliminary work promotion group office:From the quality of its assets, the non-performing (loan ratio) has dropped from the original high to about 2.08% at the end of April, and our goal is to drop below 2%, so I think this is a very, very good thing.

The establishment and steady operation of Sichuan Bank has explored a new path for the regulatory authorities and local governments to resolve the operational risks of city commercial banks, and Shanxi and other places are also resolving the risks of city commercial banks through similar models.

On April 28th this year, Shanxi Bank officially opened to the public. Shanxi Bank was formed by the merger of five original city commercial banks: Datong Bank, Changzhi Bank, Jincheng Bank, Jinzhong Bank and Yangquan City Commercial Bank.

Ceng Gang, Deputy Director of National Finance and Development Laboratory:It is not a simple merger. During the merger process, it has a lot of institutional mechanism optimization to enhance its long-term development ability. In fact, it is not only capital injection, but also wisdom injection, so as to improve the management ability and management concept.

According to industry insiders, there are currently three main modes for risk resolution of city commercial banks — — Bankruptcy, short-term rescue and merger and reorganization have indeed played a role in stabilizing local economic development and maintaining the stable operation of the financial system.

Xing Guijun, Director of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission City Banking Department:After more than three years of efforts, the risk preference of city commercial banks has been gradually revised, the extensive business model has been gradually reversed, the business behavior has become increasingly standardized, the risk level has continued to converge, and it has gradually changed to high-quality development.

In addition to resolving risks of city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and high-risk trust institutions, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has made positive progress in dismantling high-risk shadow banks and strengthening credit risk prevention and control. From 2017 to 2020, the cumulative disposal of non-performing loans was 8.8 trillion yuan, exceeding the sum of the previous 12 years, and the scale of shadow banking dropped by about 20 trillion yuan compared with the historical peak.

Liang Tao, Vice Chairman of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission:A number of city commercial banks and rural commercial banks have made positive progress in risk resolution. At the end of the first quarter (2021), the balance of non-performing loans in the banking industry was 3.6 trillion yuan, and the non-performing loan ratio was 1.89%, down 0.02 percentage points from the beginning of the year.

On Taiwan’s election and criticism of "Taiwan independence" remarks, the Taiwan Affairs Office responded to cross-strait hot spots

  BEIJING, April 24 (Xinhua) On the morning of the 24th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference. Spokesperson Ma Guang Xiao answered reporters’ questions on the recent 2020 election in Taiwan Province, Tsai Ing-Wen’s "Taiwan independence" remarks, cross-strait exchanges, and the draft amendment to the Regulations on People’s Relations across the Taiwan Strait. Ma Xiaoguang said that the mainland has never intervened in the elections in Taiwan Province, and the DPP authorities have constantly obstructed and restricted the exchanges and contacts between compatriots on both sides of the strait, suppressed the calls for reunification on both sides of the strait, and raised cross-strait opposition, exposing its true features of seeking one-party interests and "Taiwan independence".

  Profile photo: Guo Taiming, chairman of Taiwan Province Hon Hai Group, decided to participate in the primary election of 2020. reporter Li Junshe

  [Talking about the 2020 election: the statement of "mainland intervention" is sheer nonsense]

  Tsai Ing-Wen said a few days ago that in the "general election" in 2020, Kuomintang candidates appeared in South Korea’s Yu and Guo Taiming successively. She did not believe that the mainland did not intervene. Ma Xiaoguang said that we have emphasized many times that we have never been involved in elections in Taiwan Province. The DPP authorities are used to spreading slanderous words and spreading rumors to discredit the mainland. The question of Taiwan Province is an internal affair of China, and no external interference is allowed. The so-called "mainland intervention" is sheer nonsense with ulterior motives.

  [criticizing tsai ing-Wen’s "Taiwan independence" remarks: undermining the peaceful development of the two sides of the strait]

  In an interview a few days ago, Tsai Ing-Wen declared that he did not accept the "1992 Consensus" and insisted on the so-called "sovereign independence", saying that "maintaining the status quo" means maintaining the so-called "independence" status quo. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that the remarks made by the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities are unprejudiced, exposing a political plot to overthrow the common political foundation of the "1992 Consensus" and undermine the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, which fully shows that the DPP authorities are the makers of cross-strait conflicts, the saboteurs of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the injurers of the interests of the people of Taiwan Province.

  In addition, Li Yi, a mainland American scholar who was invited to visit Taiwan, was expelled from the country by the Taiwan authorities a few days ago. Tsai Ing-Wen said, "If people from mainland China come to Taiwan to promote ‘ One country, two systems ’ 、‘ Unification by force ’ Wait, control measures should be taken to refuse entry when necessary. " Ma Xiaoguang said that for some time, the DPP authorities have constantly obstructed and restricted the exchanges and contacts between compatriots on both sides of the strait, suppressed calls for reunification on both sides of the strait, raised cross-strait opposition, and exposed its true features of seeking one-party interests and "Taiwan independence".

  On April 14th, local time, South Korea Yu, Mayor of Kaohsiung, Taiwan Province, delivered a speech in Los Angeles, talking about his political career. China News Service reporter Zhang Yushe

  [Comment on South Korea’s remarks on Yu’s visit to the United States: Cross-strait affairs should be discussed by family members]

  South Korea Yu said during his visit to the United States a few days ago, "Taiwan Province ‘ National defense ’ Relying on the United States, technology depends on Japan, and the market depends on the mainland. " In this regard, Ma Guang Xiao emphasized that compatriots on both sides of the strait are a family, and cross-strait affairs are the family affairs of compatriots on both sides of the strait, which should be handled by family members through consultation. I hope all Chinese people, including Taiwan Province compatriots, will conform to the historical trend, share the national justice, firmly hold the national destiny in their own hands, and create a bright future for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  [On the Draft Amendment to the Regulations on Cross-Strait People’s Relations: Ruining the Future of Taiwan Province]

  The "Draft Amendment to the Regulations on People’s Relations between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Strait" recently passed by Taiwan’s administrative authorities, in which it is proposed to add that "the signing of political agreements through cross-strait negotiations should be subject to double deliberation and referendum by the legislature" and stipulate that "it shall not be an item of agreement". Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that the DPP authorities violated the common aspiration of compatriots on both sides of the strait for peace and development for the sake of one party and one self-interest. The peaceful development of cross-strait relations is the common aspiration and common interest of compatriots on both sides of the strait. Everything that is beneficial to the interests of compatriots on both sides of the strait and the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation should be vigorously promoted.

  On April 17th, Chief Executive Chui Sai On (right) of the Macao Special Administrative Region met with James Soong, Chairman of the People First Party, at the government headquarters. The two sides exchanged views on deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two places and promoting Taiwan Province compatriots to participate in the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future. China News Agency issued Zhong Xin photo

  [The Taiwan authorities distorted James Soong’s delegation’s visit to Hong Kong and Macao: obstructing exchanges and cooperation]

  A few days ago, James Soong, Chairman of the People First Party, led a delegation to visit Hong Kong and Macao to enter the Liaison Office of the two places and met with the directors of the Liaison Office of the two places respectively. The Mainland Affairs Council claimed that the mainland arranged this trip with the intention of "united front" and eliminating the so-called "sovereignty of Taiwan Province". Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that James Soong led a delegation to visit Hong Kong and Macao, and the heads of the Liaison Offices in Hong Kong and Macao met with him respectively, which was a normal exchange. The DPP authorities distorted and slandered, fully exposing their attempts to obstruct cross-strait and Hong Kong and Macao exchanges and cooperation and harm the interests and well-being of compatriots.

  On September 13, 2018, Luo Tianhao, a Taiwan compatriot who worked in chengdu normal university for five years, took over the residence permit of Taiwan Province residents from the staff. China News Service reporter An Yuan photo

  [Taiwan people’s residence permit in the mainland has not been declared or the practice of being punished by the Taiwan authorities is unpopular]

  A few days ago, the Taiwan Province Affairs Council worked out to issue an administrative order in the second half of the year, stipulating that people who receive mainland residence permits must declare voluntarily, or they will be punished. Ma Xiaoguang said that the mainland issued residence permits to Taiwan Province compatriots in order to meet the needs of Taiwan Province compatriots, which was a good thing to benefit Taiwan and the people, and was also welcomed by the vast number of Taiwan Province compatriots. The DPP authorities, out of one-party selfishness, are everywhere against the interests of our compatriots in Taiwan Province and sabotage the good deeds of our compatriots in Taiwan Province. This is unpopular and will not succeed.

  [The mayor of Taixian County came to the mainland to communicate and meet the needs of the people]

  Recently, many county mayors in Taiwan Province visited the mainland for exchanges. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that the mayor of Taiwan county came to the mainland to meet the needs of the people. We are willing to continue exchanges and cooperation with Taiwanese counties and cities in various fields on the basis of adhering to the "1992 Consensus" to enhance the well-being of Taiwan Province compatriots.

  [Encourage Taiwanese enterprises to invest in the mainland without discrimination]

  Want Want Group, a Taiwan-funded enterprise, has issued a statement to refute the report that it has received high government subsidies in the mainland and tried to "smear and discredit" the enterprise. Ma Xiaoguang said, over the years, we have encouraged and supported Taiwan-funded enterprises to invest and start businesses in the mainland, and taken active measures to provide them with various conveniences and equal treatment, so as to share the opportunities for development in the mainland and help them achieve greater and better development in the mainland. Our policy is inclusive, in accordance with laws and regulations, and all Taiwan Province enterprises are treated equally.

  The 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition will be held in Yanqing, Beijing from April 29th to October 7th. China News Service reporter Hou Yushe

  [Introduction to two activities: the Straits Forum is well prepared, and the Taiwan Province Garden of the World Expo has its own characteristics]

  When introducing the situation of the Straits Forum in 2019, Ma Xiaoguang said that the 11th Straits Forum will be held in Fujian Province on June 15th, and will continue to focus on and serve grassroots people and youth groups. At present, all preparations are progressing smoothly. Taiwan Province compatriots are welcome to actively participate in this forum, and media friends on both sides of the strait are also welcome to report.

  Regarding the 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition to be held in Yanqing District, Beijing on April 29th, Ma Xiaoguang said that at the invitation of the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Bureau, Taiwan Province Garden covers an area of 2,000 square meters, which is divided into six landscape nodes: Xiangshan, Orchid, Time Road, Sun Moon Lake, farmland and mountain top. The garden is very attractive with Taiwan Province characteristics.

It’s enough to read this article, which is a quick cheat sheet for World Cup fans.

At 0: 00 Beijing time on November 21st, 2022, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will officially kick off in 2022. As a large-scale sports event in the world every four years, the World Cup always attracts many people’s attention.

However, most netizens may not always pay attention to football matches, watching people around them talk about the World Cup in full swing, but they don’t know how to join the topic. What should I do? Don’t panic,CCTV News World Cup series feature "Come and watch the ball! 》Take you for 10 minutes to learn something about football.

A few things you need to know about football and the World Cup.

one There are 11 players from each side in the football match, and these 11 players also bear different responsibilities. The goalkeeper is mainly responsible for guarding the goal; The defender is mainly responsible for the team’s defense; The midfielder is mainly responsible for organizing and dispatching, intercepting the ball and making offensive; The striker is mainly responsible for attacking the city and pulling out the village for the team.

2 The regular time of a football match is 90 minutes, and the first half is 45 minutes each.

three If the two sides are tied in the regular time and the winner must be decided, it will take 30 minutes of overtime.

four After the overtime, if the two sides are still tied, a penalty shootout is needed. The players on both sides decided the outcome of the game by shooting penalties at each other.

△ Penalty shootout-one of the most exciting links in football match

five In FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, each team can change five players in a game at regular time. In the knockout stage, if you enter overtime, each team can get an extra substitution quota.

six However, the replaced players can no longer play, which is different from basketball and volleyball. So, if you see a player playing badly, don’t angrily accuse him: "Why don’t someone else go up quickly?" After all, substitution is a technical job, and the head coach of the team may be more worried than you.

seven There are no players such as Ronaldinho, Kaka, Beckham and Rooney in this World Cup. They used to be the stars of the shining World Cup, but now they have hung up their boots and retired.

eight There are no Jordan, James, Curry and Durant on the American team. They are all basketball players. Don’t confuse them.

nine There are no clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern in the World Cup. Players only represent the associations of their countries or regions.

10 In addition to Italy’s regret, teams familiar to everyone, such as Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Spain and England, all came to Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Mbappé are not absent. The group list of the World Cup finals is listed by Xiaobian for you:

Do you still use "staying up late to explode your liver" in this World Cup?

A bad news and a good news.The bad news is that there are still many wonderful games in this World Cup that kick off at 3:00 am Beijing time. The strong dialogue in the group stage (for example, Spain VS Germany) and almost half of the competitions in the knockout stage are arranged at this time. The good news is that the kick-off time of the final is 23: 00 on December 18th, Beijing time, and the finish time is about 1: 00 on December 19th. In this final, you don’t need to set an alarm clock at two or three o’clock at night to watch the whole game with sleepiness.

I wonder which one to watch. Xiaobian helps you with your ideas.

France is the defending champion of the World Cup, with many stars, while Denmark ranks 10th in the world. In last year’s European Cup, it also reached the top four, with strong strength. It is worth mentioning that in the last three encounters between the two sides, the Danish team remained unbeaten against France with 2 wins and 1 draw. This game is a strong dialogue worth looking forward to.

Two traditional strong teams, both of which have won the World Cup, will stage a "Mars hit the earth"-like confrontation in the group stage. Although the two teams are close in world ranking and paper strength, Spain beat Germany 6-0 in the last European League match. In this World Cup, there is no shortage of highlights in the contest between the two teams.

Both teams are led by the world’s top strikers. Who can lead the team to victory, lewandowski of the Polish team or Messi of the Argentine team, deserves attention.

In the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, the two teams competed for qualifying in the final round of the group stage. In that game, two players of Portugal were sent off by red cards, while South Korea scored a goal in the dominant position, which knocked Portugal out of the group. Now, 20 years later, what will be the result of the second match between the two sides in the history of the World Cup? The game is worth watching.

For many people, when watching a football match, if you don’t know any of the 22 players on the field, you may be sleepy before you see half of the 90-minute game. How to choose when you don’t watch the ball and face 32 strange teams and players?

If you only know Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo …

For those who rarely watch football and only know Ronaldo and Messi when it comes to football, choose to watch.Portugal, ArgentinaThe match between the two teams is a good choice. Of course, in addition to these two core players, the two teams also have many world-class stars in other positions.

Portugal has a luxurious lineup, with midfielder Fernandez and defender Diaz having great strength in their respective positions. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, has not been in a satisfactory state recently. This World Cup is also the last chance for the star who has been playing for Portugal for nearly 20 years to realize his dream of winning the World Cup.

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, this tournament is also likely to be the 35-year-old Messi’s last World Cup. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi has been in relatively good shape recently. In addition to Messi, lautaro Martinez is a stable attack point for Argentina, while Romero and other players can provide Argentina with defense protection.

If you are keen on enjoying the feeling of victory …

Brazil and France, the two favourites to win the World Cup, can pay attention.

Brazil has a team that can hit the championship. In many positions, there are excellent players in the team, even substitutes, who can reach world-class standards. The only fly in the ointment is the position of full-back, and the relatively short talent pool may become Brazil’s weakness.

The French team has the world’s top player Mbappé, the young midfield star Chuameni, and the defensive line with a talent blowout. However, the football match has never been a competition of paper strength. In this year’s European League, France lost to Denmark twice, and it is hard to win in the face of Croatia. The strength of the players in the French team can be said to be the top 32, but how to arrange a suitable starting lineup and let the players exert their greatest strength is also a problem that coach Deschamps needs to consider.

If you want to chase an unpopular team …

If you don’t like conformity, then Xiaobian recommends it to you.Senegal, DenmarkTwo teams that are expected to make great achievements in this World Cup.

Senegalese, the African champion, has world-class stars such as coulibaly and Eduardo Mendi in the team, and the team members basically play in the five major leagues in Europe, so their strength cannot be underestimated. The withdrawal of the top star, Mane, due to injury will affect the strength of the team to some extent, but in the group stage, Senegal still has strong competitiveness.

Denmark ranks 10th in the FIFA world rankings. In last year’s European Cup, the team reached the top four without Eriksson, the core of the team. Today, Eriksson has recovered from injury, and players such as Heibel are in the prime of their careers, which makes Denmark a team worth looking forward to in this tournament.

If you pay more attention to face value …

For fans who are concerned about players’ face value, Xiaobian recommends several "drop-dead gorgeous" in their respective teams.

Of course, the judgment of face value varies from person to person. In the one-month competition, I believe you will also find your own football star.

As a true fan, if you see beautiful passes and goals, you can only say "this ball is awesome!" " It would be unprofessional. Xiaobian has prepared a set of necessary terms for you to watch the ball, turning the commentator’s "heavenly book" into an easy-to-understand language and chatting happily with friends.


In a game, we often hear commentators mention 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2 and other formations. In most cases, the number at the top of the formation name represents the number of guards, the number at the bottom represents the number of strikers, and the number in the middle is the number of midfielders, excluding the goalkeeper. As shown in the figure below

According to the team’s staffing, tactics and opponents’ situation, the head coach may arrange various formations. "Changing the array" can often become a magic weapon for a team to defeat the enemy.

"Forbidden area", bottom line and sideline

Look at the picture ↓↓↓↓


The defender kicked (touched) the ball out of his own baseline and the attacker got a corner kick.

△ Corner kick should be taken from a specific corner kick area (data map)

penalty kick

The defender fouls or intentionally handballs in his own restricted area, and the attacker gets a penalty.

wave of the world

It means a wonderful goal. If you see a shocking and unforgettable goal in the game, you can say, "This is a world wave!" "

"Score twice", "hat trick" and "Big Four Happiness"

A player who scores two goals in a game is called "scoring twice", scoring three goals is called "hat trick" and scoring four goals is called "big four happiness".

own goal

Our players kick (throw) the ball into their own goal to help their opponents score.

△ There is no doubt that this is indeed an own goal that has appeared in the official competition.


Video Assistant Referee (video assistant referee). Through video playback technology, they help the referee to correct mistakes and omissions and improve the accuracy of the penalty.

△ In the last World Cup, VAR already appeared in the competition.

yellow card

When a player commits a relatively serious foul, the referee will show a yellow card to warn him. Some commentators also call it the "Golden God of War Card".

red card

If a player commits a serious foul or gets two yellow cards in total, the referee will show a red card. Players who get a red card must leave the stadium, which some commentators also call "the Ruby God of War Card".


Offside is one of the most complicated rules in football. To put it simply, the commentator said that the ball was offside, so nine times out of ten it was offside …

Seeing this, you must have known something about football and this World Cup. Tomorrow at 0: 00 am, prepare fried chicken for drinks, or put a hot pot on the shelf, and watch and talk about the ball together!

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