The ride-hailing business went offline indefinitely, and the president of Didi apologized

  A former flight attendant passenger was killed, and then a Yueqing girl was victimized. Two murders occurred in just three months. Didi’s internal management was questioned, and it was interviewed and ordered to rectify by multiple regulatory departments in many places. Now, the regulatory storm that belongs to Didi has arrived. On the 28th, Didi Chuxing founder Cheng Wei and president Liu Qing issued an apology statement saying that the ride-hailing business model was reassessed and it would be offline indefinitely before the safety protection measures were not recognized by users.

  Online insults of murdered girls

  A man is under administrative detention

  On August 24, Zhao, a girl from Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, was raped and killed by her driver on her way to Yongjia in Didi Hitch. Three months ago, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a flight attendant passenger was killed by a Didi Hitch driver. The two cases are the same, the same Didi, the same Hitch, and the same female passenger died.

  After the incident, Didi claimed that "for all criminal cases that occur on the platform in the future, Didi will give compensation three times according to the standard of personal injury compensation stipulated by law". However, any compensation and accountability after the incident cannot restore the lost lives.

  On August 27, the People’s Procuratorate of Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province approved the arrest of the alleged offender Zhong Yuan on suspicion of robbery, rape, and intentional homicide. After accepting the case materials submitted by the Yueqing City Public Security Bureau for approval of the arrest of the alleged offender Zhong Yuan on August 27, the People’s Procuratorate of Yueqing City found that Zhong Yuan’s behavior was suspected of robbery, rape, and intentional homicide, and met the conditions for arrest. According to the provisions of the first and second paragraphs of Article 79 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, the decision to approve the arrest of Zhong Yuan was made according to law on August 27 and handed over to the public security organs for execution.

  Previously, the Didi platform said in an apology and statement: "The license plate was forged offline by Zhong at the time of the crime." The alleged offender confessed that he had been running Didi Hitch with the license plate at the time of the crime since May and June last year. According to the police report, at the time of the crime, Zhong Yuan was driving a car with the license plate of Sichuan A31J0Z. When the police applied to the Didi platform for owner information during the case, they also got the license plate of Sichuan A.

  The alleged offender, Zhong Yuan, also acknowledged that the Sichuan A31J0Z vehicle was the vehicle at the time of the crime. However, in an apology and statement issued by Didi’s platform, it mentioned that "the license plate at the time of the crime was forged offline by Zhong." In an interview with reporters, Didi did not explain.

  Shenzhen police issued a police report on the evening of the 27th, saying that a man was detained by the police according to law for making some remarks in the QQ group that seriously insulted the girl who was killed by Yueqing Riding Didi Hitch.

  According to reports, after the murder of the Yueqing girl on Didi Hitch, a QQ user nicknamed "Shenzhen-No Car" made insulting remarks about the murdered girl in the "Shenzhen Didi Exchange Group" QQ group of more than 1,000 people, which immediately aroused the indignation of netizens and has seriously caused adverse social impact. On August 27, the Shenzhen Internet police seized the suspect in an industrial park in Bao’an District based on a tip. After trial, Zhang Moujin (male, 22 years old) confessed to his illegal act of spreading insulting remarks online.

  The public security organ reminded that online platforms are illegal, and citizens should take responsibility for their online speech. Words and deeds that insult others and disrupt social order on the Internet will be punished by law.

  Hitch business offline indefinitely

  According to the official Weibo news of Didi Chuxing platform, on the 28th, Didi Chuxing founder Cheng Wei and president Liu Qing issued an apology statement saying that Didi no longer uses scale and growth as a measure of the company’s development, and the business model of Hitch is reassessed. Before the safety protection measures are not recognized by users, it will be offline indefinitely.

  The following is the full text of the apology statement:

  Solemnly apologize

  In the past few days, our hearts have once again fallen into incomparable pain and suffering. In just over three months, during the process of safety rectification of the platform, tragedy happened again. As the founder and president of the company, we are very sad and remorseful. Although all words are pale in the face of the lost lives, we still solemnly apologize to the victims, to the families of the victims, and to everyone. Sorry, we failed everyone.

  When we set out six years ago, we firmly believed that we could use the power of technology to make travel better, but the tragedy we experienced made us realize that we lacked awe. Because of our ignorance and arrogance, we caused irreparable damage. We knew that in the end, it was our competitive spirit that overshadowed our original intention. In just a few short years, we relied on aggressive business strategies and the power of capital to run all the way to prove ourselves. But today, in the face of lost lives, all this false name has lost its meaning. Many colleagues began to waver, wondering if they were really doing the right thing, and the whole company began to deeply examine and even question whether our values were correct. Everyone was caught in the emotions of self-examination, self-doubt, and self-denial.

  In this sad moment, the only thing we can do is to lead the team to face the pain, take responsibility, race against time and do our best to solve the problem, let the original intention return, and express our condolences in this way.

  In the past few days, the team has repeatedly sorted out every detail of the case, and deeply reflected on the reasons and management issues behind it, and will implement actions in the following areas:

  1. Didi no longer uses scale and growth as a measure of the company’s development, but takes safety as the core assessment indicator, and its organization and resources are fully tilted towards safety and customer service systems.

  2. The overall function of the safety product is upgraded to optimize functions such as emergency help and itinerary sharing. For customer service complaints about personal safety, we will take a three-way connection to dial 110 to ensure that the relevant information is given to the police as soon as possible;

  3. The Hitch business model is reassessed, and it will be offline indefinitely before the security protection measures are not recognized by users.

  4. Work with the public security department to build a user security protection mechanism, respond efficiently to the needs of local public security departments in accordance with the law, and start testing the developed police self-service inquiry system.

  Although safety work is never-ending, and although it is difficult for us to completely prevent people with ulterior motives from using the platform to do illegal things, we will do our best to protect passengers and drivers on the platform, so that the crime rate of the online ride-hailing industry continues to decrease, and cooperate with the police to bring all criminals to justice. I implore all sectors of society to supervise and criticize us, and always spur us on.

  In the face of the loss of life, we have no excuses and once again offer a solemn apology to everyone.

  Cheng Wei, Liu Qing

  August 28, 2018

  Order Didi to make a comprehensive rectification

  data access supervision platform

  On the afternoon of the 25th, after the Yueqing police arrested the alleged offender, the Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Management Bureau urgently interviewed the person in charge of the Zhejiang District of the Didi platform. In view of the major safety hazards of the Didi platform ride-hailing business, the Didi platform was required to rectify immediately, and its ride-hailing business in the Zhejiang area was suspended during the rectification period.

  On the afternoon of the 26th, the Ministry of Transport, together with the Ministry of Public Security and the Beijing and Tianjin transportation and public security departments, conducted a joint interview with Didi Company in response to the above incident, ordering it to immediately carry out comprehensive rectification of the ride-hailing business, accelerate the compliance process, strictly abide by the safety bottom line, effectively implement the main responsibility of the carrier’s safe and stable management, protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of passengers, and promptly announce the relevant rectification to the society.

  On the 27th, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other relevant departments in Guangdong Province all conducted interviews with Didi. Among them, the Guangzhou side stressed that the Guangzhou traffic department will strengthen the law enforcement linkage with the public security, market supervision and other departments, and take a "zero tolerance" attitude to resolutely investigate and punish all kinds of illegal acts such as illegal operation of online car-hailing and illegal operation in the name of Hitch.

  Nearly 5,000 drivers in the city did not obtain relevant operating certificates, did not transmit data to government departments as required, and did not cooperate with the public security organs to check the driver’s background… Shenzhen multi-department ordered Didi platform to complete four comprehensive rectification work by the end of September, otherwise, it will take joint punishment, revoke the business license, and remove the APP from the shelves.

  In addition, the Hubei Wuhan Municipal Traffic Commission and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly interviewed 9 online car-hailing platforms such as Didi Chuxing on the basis of the Wuhan Customer Management Office, and ordered the city’s online car-hailing companies to speed up the compliance process.

  A few days ago, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Management Bureau, the Municipal Traffic Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Corps Passenger Transport Detachment interviewed Didi Chongqing Branch and ordered it to obtain the legal business qualification for online car-hailing within a time limit in accordance with the requirements of the national and Chongqing road transportation laws and regulations. According to reports, since Didi entered the Chongqing market in 2014, it has not obtained the business qualification due to its failure to meet the relevant requirements of the national and Chongqing road transportation laws and regulations. In addition, according to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Transport, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Management Bureau has repeatedly asked Didi to connect its business data to the data platform of the management department for supervision, but Didi has not yet connected.

  In addition, the Chongqing Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Department has seized multiple cases of Didi drivers engaging in cross-regional illegal operations in the name of Hitch, and has interviewed Didi many times to order them to standardize and rectify, but with little success.

  During the interview, the Chongqing transportation management department put forward a number of mandatory rectification requirements for Didi Chongqing Branch, requiring it to put the safety of people’s lives and property first, and obtain legal business qualifications within a time limit, including timely cleaning up of non-compliant vehicles and drivers on the platform, connecting vehicle and driver data within the scope of Didi Chongqing to the government supervision platform, establishing a passenger complaint platform and processing replies in a timely manner.

  Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News, China News Service

Delivered more than 760 units of Hengchi 5, layoffs exceeded 60%, Hengda Automobile’s revenue surged 541% to 155 million yuan in the first half of the year

On the evening of August 25, Evergrande Motor announced its interim results for the six months ended June 30, 2023 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

According to the financial report data, as of June 30, 2023, revenue was 155 million yuan, an increase of 540.98% year-on-year. Evergrande Automobile said that the increase in revenue was mainly due to the group’s start to sell Hengchi 5. The company’s gross loss was 61 million yuan, an increase of 531.54% year-on-year, mainly due to the rising prices of core components such as batteries and chips and the lack of large-scale production, which made the manufacturing cost higher.

For the six months ended June 30, 2023, Evergrande Motor said it continued to focus on high-quality production and delivery of the Hengchi 5, improving and streamlining its production management system to lay a solid foundation for future high-volume production. Among all pre-orders for the Hengchi 5 (which has been pre-ordered in July 2022),More than 760 units were delivered during the reporting periodIn terms of R & D achievements, the Group has applied for 3,512 patents in similar research fields worldwide, of which 2,715 have been granted patents.

It is worth noting that the results show that in the first half of 2023, the Group’s administrative expenses decreased by 15.54% year-on-year to 935.92 million yuan, mainly due to the decrease in employees, the salary reduction of certain current employees and the decrease in R & D expenses.

As at 30 June 2023, the Group employed a total of 1,597 employees, approximately 92% of whom had a bachelor’s degree or above, and incurred total staff costs (including director’s remuneration) of approximately RMB 313.85 million during the reporting period (H1 2022: RMB 937.98 million).

According to Evergrande Automobile’s 2022 annual report, as of December 31, 2022, the group employed 4,506 employees. According to this calculation, in the first half of 2023, Evergrande Automobile’s staff reduction rate reached 64%.

(Proofreading/Huang Rengui)

From Chongqing to Mount Everest, the proportion of intelligent driving is 91%, and the official announcement of Aouita has made NCA a success!

At the beginning of October, 2023, the HarmonyOS edition of Aouita 11 launched the "Intelligent Driving Everest Challenge". The total mileage is over 3,376 kilometers, and the altitude difference is as high as 5,000 meters. It took 9 days. Aouita 11 HarmonyOS Edition climbed six mountains with a height of more than 4,000 meters, crossed rivers and rivers, broke through the obstacles of complex terrain, and successfully reached the Everest Base Camp, with a total mileage of 91%.

Obviously, this 3,376-kilometer route from Chongqing to Mount Everest uses a smart driving without high-precision maps. Because at present, only six cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chongqing, have opened the pilot application of high-precision maps, and only Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai have relatively complete high-precision maps. The whole journey from Chongqing to Everest is almost out of the coverage of high-precision maps.

What is the specific performance of 91% of the smart driving?

This challenge began in the mountain city of Chongqing, where there are many cliffs, unpaved roads and thousands of turns, and the road conditions can be described as difficult and dangerous; In addition, unpredictable and complicated situations such as pedestrians or animals passing through, accidents occupying roads, construction road closures, falling rocks and landslides, and high-frequency rainy and foggy weather may occur along the way. These factors jointly construct the "hell-class" working condition of intelligent driving, which extremely tests the capacity limit of intelligent driving system.

Facing the "all-black tunnel", Aouita 11th HarmonyOS Edition has the strength to cope with the situation of occupation of roads, sudden change of light and shade, no lane line and slippery road surface, and has repeatedly taken the initiative to avoid lane change and take over the tunnel construction in the all-black environment of 3 kilometers, so as to truly see clearly, judge accurately and control stably.

Thanks to Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, Aouita 11 has applied BEV fusion sensing algorithm and GOD network based on lidar, which has superior environmental awareness; Even if it passes through the 20-kilometer gravel road in Nujiang Gorge, or even the muddy road without the basic shape of the road at all, the intelligent driving system can still accurately identify the road edge and automatically plan the drivable area, which can be called "both good roads and bad roads can be opened".

In the face of the "Nujiang 72 Turn", the performance of the intelligent driving system is still steady and calm. With strong road perception accuracy and accurate dynamic target tracking ability, Aouita 11 HarmonyOS Edition can automatically slow down before entering the curve and speed up before leaving the curve like an "old driver", and can flexibly avoid the opposite car, and take over the continuous curve with a safe passage of 16 kilometers.

In response to all kinds of dynamic/static, standard/abnormal obstacles on the road, Aouita 11 HarmonyOS Edition has achieved 100% automatic avoidance, and achieved 100% safety with zero mistakes.

According to statistics, the average driving speed of Aouita 11 HarmonyOS version reached 62km/h, the driving power consumption per 100 km was 14.69kWh, and the battery life of "one box of electricity" was 535 km, showing the far-ahead intelligent driving ability and solid and reliable endurance level.

In September, Aouita said that its intelligent driving mileage exceeded 17 million kilometers. After this hellish test, the steady intelligent driving performance of Aouita 11th HarmonyOS Edition in the "Intelligent Driving Challenge" once again confirmed that it has become a map-free NCA, and it is capable and necessary to open it to users in Aouita. Therefore, on October 9th, Aouita announced that it would gradually open the map-free NCA, which would realize intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps. The specific opening steps are as follows: No map NCA will complete the delivery according to the progress of 6 cities -16 cities-nationwide, and the intelligent driving function of expressway-urban area-parking will be realized nationwide by the end of 2023.

Li Pengcheng, vice president and chief marketing officer of Aouita Science and Technology, said: "From horse-drawn carriages to cars, from refueling to charging, from self-driving to intelligent driving, human travel modes have never stopped evolving; Today, Aouita, as a pioneer, has opened up a new way to enter Tibet, bringing users a more relaxed, labor-saving and green travel experience, which is also the greatest value of this intelligent driving of Mount Everest. "

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway in the "no-brainer’s zone" challenges the intelligent driving without a map, and achieves 91% of the intelligent driving results, which proves that Aouita’s intelligent driving NCA can be developed to users on a large scale, and also proves that Huawei’s ADS 2.0 intelligent driving strength is really superior, and the intelligent driving ability of Aouita 12 HarmonyOS version will also be a big selling point in the future.

Making money while playing games? What kind of "immortal profession" is an e-sports sparring teacher?

  Data Map: On December 3, 2019, the 2019WUCG Sanya E-sports Festival opened in the sailing port of Sanya Mid-Levels Peninsula, Hainan. E-sports teams from 16 countries including China, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia and Spain gathered together and will be launched to the global champions of League of Legends, DOTA2, the glory of the king, Hearthstone and the king of fighters 14. The picture shows the team of Jimei University in China playing League of Legends. China News Service reporter Luo Yunfei photo

  BEIJING, April 24th (Xing Rui) The topic "Wang Sicong spends 666 yuan an hour as a sparring partner in the game" has recently caused a heated discussion among netizens in Weibo. While watching "eating melons", many people are also curious about the profession of "game sparring".

  With the rapid development of e-sports industry, many new occupations have been born. E-sports anchors and professional players have gradually entered the public’s field of vision and are no longer unfamiliar. In the past two years, the e-sports sparring teacher, which has gradually emerged, seems to be "mysterious" a lot.

  Spend 3 million to find a sparring partner

  "E-sports sparring instructor", as its name implies, is paid to accompany others to play games. In terms of industry terminology, the customers served by sparring instructors are called "bosses". If you are willing to spend 666 yuan to find Wang Sicong as a sparring partner, then you will become his "boss".

  Open the game sparring platform where Wang Sicong is located. The price of sparring on it ranges from ten yuan to tens of yuan per hour. It is not difficult to see that Wang Sicong’s fee of 666 yuan is far higher than the general price of game sparring on this platform.

  Wang Sicong entered a platform as a "game sparring teacher".

  As the saying goes, "there will be a market if there is demand", and the part-time game sparring of "national husband" actually reflects the demand of many young people for "finding someone to play games with me".

  According to an industry data previously released by the game sparring website, in 2019, more than 27 million players searched for "Great God" to accompany them to play games, and about 68% of them were "post-95 s".

  There is no doubt that "finding game sparring" has become a trend of entertainment for this year’s e-sports youth. For their favorite video games, many users have shown amazing spending power. Take the above-mentioned platform as an example. Last year, the "Golden Master Dad" with the highest order consumption spent a total of 3.08 million yuan to find someone to play games with him. During the period from January 24th to February 29th this year, a 22-year-old boy from Shanghai spent more than 1500 yuan a day on average, and found 12 "great gods" to accompany him to play 1850 games.

  Data Map: On December 3, 2019, in the e-sports education center of Changchun Health Vocational College, students practiced the popular e-sports games in the classroom, while teachers taught the skills of game operation. The major of e-sports and management opened in September 2018 requires students to study more than 20 courses in three years, and e-sports training is one of them. China News Service reporter Zhang Yao photo

  Millions of people’s "new rice bowls"

  The blowout consumer demand naturally attracted a large number of e-sports enthusiasts to start the career of sparring. According to statistics, a game sparring APP attracted 2.9 million game sparring players last year, and 1.29 million of them made money by sharing game skills. The average monthly income of full-time sparring is as high as 7857 yuan, and the average monthly income of part-time sparring is 2929 yuan.

  In the e-sports industry, it has become a consensus that e-sports game sparring instructors can earn money, and some sparring instructors at the top of the pyramid can even make a fortune through this profession. Earlier, some media reported that a senior game sparring teacher in his early 20 s earned millions of dollars by playing games with others and paid off his mortgage.

  Age distribution of game gods released by a platform.

  Although not every e-sports sparring instructor can achieve the "small goal" of earning 100,000 yuan a month, realistically speaking, this profession has at least become a personalized profession with the opportunity to get a high salary.

  In addition, game sparring may also become the longest career in the e-sports circle. On the platform of game sparring in Wang Sicong, the average age of game gods is 23.27, and the oldest is 39. Compared with the trend of younger e-sports anchors, it seems that the age requirements of players for e-sports sparring instructors are not too harsh.

  "Game sparring" also has official certification.

  In 2019, the E-sports Branch of China Communication Industry Association issued the "Standards for E-sports Trainers in China" after the profession of game sparring was sought after by more and more people. This means that "e-sports sparring instructor" has been officially recognized as a professional skill, and game sparring has officially become a nationally recognized and controlled profession.

  In this document, e-sports sparring instructors are divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. In order to obtain vocational skill certification, they need to pass theoretical knowledge examination and skill assessment, and both of them are qualified with a score of 60 (100%) or above.

  E-sports sparring instructor certification platform.

  Although e-sports sparring teachers have the qualification certification standards, some game sparring platforms do not require their sparring gods to pass the skill certification assessment. It’s just that the price of certified game play is higher than that of ordinary play.

  It is reported that the total number of registered e-sports sparring instructors (including the names predicted by various channels) is about 50,000, and the number of people who have passed the examination is about 2,500-3,000. Although the above data has not been confirmed by official channels, it can at least help people to establish a basic judgment, that is, it may not be as easy as expected to get a paper certificate, and excellent game sparring is only a few people.

  The sadness behind glamour

  It is undeniable that there are "big coffees" in this industry that can earn 100,000 yuan a month by playing games with people, but these people are only rare in the circle. In contrast, many ordinary game sparring partners are far less capital and confidence than Wang Sicong’s asking price of 666 yuan an hour.

  On a game sparring platform, a large number of sparring instructors have never received a single business since they settled in. In the highly competitive industry, an excellent sparring instructor not only has superb game skills, but also shows good comprehensive quality in emotional intelligence and communication skills. As a full-time sparring instructor, playing games may soon become a repetitive, boring and mechanical labor.

  Data Map: On August 23, 2019, the 2019 Hong Kong Computer Communication Festival opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year’s Computer Festival is "Technology improves life and creates infinite possibilities", and many well-known brands in the information industry participated. The picture shows many e-sports players participating in the e-sports competition. China News Service reporter Zhang Yushe

  In the face of mixed players, some game sparring will also encounter "bosses" with impure purposes and bad luck. In the final analysis, e-sports sparring instructor is also a kind of service industry, and the demand for social interaction has been running through it. When the appearance and voice have also become factors for players to consider when placing orders, higher requirements have been put forward for the supervision of the industry.

  As a brand-new profession, the development of "e-sports sparring instructor" is undoubtedly still in its infancy. Behind it, it is not as glamorous as imagined. Some people earn millions a year, while others get nothing. Even if you are full of love for e-sports, the way of a sparring teacher is by no means that you can go.

Drop! Drop! Drop! From July, your life will change because of these new laws and regulations.

  CCTV News:Since July, a number of new policies and regulations have been implemented. Let’s take a look.

  Central adjustment of endowment insurance fund


  On July 1st, China officially implemented the central adjustment system of endowment insurance funds. Prior to this, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees in China was coordinated at the provincial level, and the income and expenditure and balance of each coordinated area were very unbalanced. The implementation of the central adjustment system of endowment insurance funds can increase the overall anti-risk ability of the endowment insurance system and make the timely and full payment of pensions in various places more secure. 

  Import tariffs on daily necessities have been greatly reduced. 


  From July 1st, the import tariffs on consumer goods will be lowered to a large extent. The average import tariff rate of clothing, shoes, hats, kitchens and sports and fitness products decreased from 15.9% to 7.1%; The average import tariff rate of household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators was reduced from 20.5% to 8%; The average import tariff rate of processed foods such as aquaculture, fishing aquatic products and mineral water decreased from 15.2% to 6.9%; The average import tariff rate of washing products, cosmetics such as skin care and hairdressing, and some medical and health products decreased from 8.4% to 2.9%. The downward adjustment is basically above 50%.

  Import tariffs on automobiles have been considerably reduced. 


  From July 1st, China will reduce the import tariffs on automobiles considerably. Reduce the tariffs on automobiles with tax rates of 25% and 20% respectively to 15%; Reduce the tariffs on auto parts with tax rates of 8%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% to 6%.

  The maximum discount for railway fare readjustment is 6.5%.

  Three months after the last map adjustment, the railway department will implement the train diagram adjustment in the second phase of this year from July 1, and at the same time, from July 5, optimize the published fares of some high-speed trains, with a maximum discount of 6.5 fold. Compared with the current situation, the adjusted executive fare has generally increased and decreased.

  Mobile phone traffic roaming will be cancelled.


  China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom announced that the roaming fee (excluding the traffic from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) will be cancelled from July 1st, and the traffic of mobile phone users in the province will be upgraded to domestic traffic, and the mobile phone traffic will no longer be divided into provincial, provincial/local and national. Since the "long-distance" call fee was completely abolished in September last year, there will be no difference in the main fees generated by the use of mobile phone numbers in all parts of the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) except the difference in attribution.

  Fees for higher education degree certification are cancelled.

  From July 1st, China will completely cancel the fees for domestic higher education degree certification services. In the next step, the Ministry of Education will vigorously promote the electronic inquiry authentication service to better meet the social needs such as data inquiry of domestic higher education degree certificates.

  The central bank will targeted cuts to required reserve ratios by 0.5 percentage points. 

  From July 5, the central bank will reduce the RMB deposit reserve ratio of large state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, postal savings banks, city commercial banks, non-county rural commercial banks and foreign banks by 0.5 percentage points, further promote the marketization and legalization of "debt-to-equity swaps" and increase support for small and micro enterprises.

  Foreign investment access list is smaller and more open.


  From July 28, a series of restrictions on foreign investment in banking, securities, automobile manufacturing, power grid construction, railway trunk road network construction and chain gas station construction will be lifted. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce recently released the negative list of foreign investment access in 2018, and launched a new round of opening-up measures in 22 fields including finance, infrastructure, transportation and trade circulation. 

Tell the story of China with a documentary to make the image of China brighter.

In recent years, under the vigorous promotion of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television, documentaries reflecting the current progress in China have attracted increasing attention, and a multi-theme and three-dimensional documentary creation and dissemination pattern in China is taking shape.

Author: Zhang Yanli

Source: People’s Daily (abridged original)

Documentary creation and dissemination is an important part of strengthening international communication capacity building. For a long time, documentaries with authenticity as their essential features, because of their credibility, appeal and artistry, are easy to gain people’s understanding and recognition under different cultural backgrounds, and then become cultural and artistic carriers to tell the story of China well, spread the voice of China and show the true three-dimensional and comprehensive image of China.


In terms of subject matter, documentaries on natural science and technology, history and culture are favored in the international community. In recent years, under the vigorous promotion of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television, documentaries reflecting the current progress of China have attracted increasing attention, such as the theme of building a century-old party, building a well-off society in an all-round way, tackling poverty and fighting the epidemic. A multi-theme, three-dimensional China documentary creation and dissemination pattern is taking shape.

Pay attention to international expression, co-production and cooperation into common forms.

The international dissemination of documentaries includes two ways: promoting domestic documentaries to "go global" and strengthening international cooperation in co-broadcasting.


Since 2021, Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television have jointly implemented the China Documentary Promotion and Support Project, which supports and rewards outstanding domestic documentaries that have achieved good international communication effects every quarter, accelerates the "going out" of domestic documentaries, tells the story of China to the world, spreads Chinese culture well, and shows a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China.

At present, some excellent domestic documentaries have brought international communication into their field of vision from the beginning of their creation. Qinghai Our National Park, which is directed by the State Administration of Radio and Television and focuses on the protection and construction of the first batch of national parks, pays attention to international expression. The documentary is broadcast on the international mainstream media platform and won the prize in the international documentary festival.

A series of documentaries "Remember Homesickness" organized by CCTV Chinese International Channel of the Central Radio and Television General Station launched an international edition, which refined the elements of Chinese excellent traditional culture and launched a new exploration of perceiving Chinese culture.

With the continuous updating of the concept of documentary international communication, appropriate international expressions have been used more effectively, and co-production and cooperative communication between China and foreign countries have become a common form of documentary "going out". The number of works created by this way of cooperation is increasing, the themes are increasingly rich, and the partners are increasingly diverse.


Producer of the State Council Information Office, the documentary "On Rice, Oil and Salt" about realizing a well-off society in an all-round way is broadcast simultaneously by domestic and foreign mainstream media platforms and market-oriented new media organizations by adopting the co-production and cooperative communication mechanism.

The documentary "The Great Poet Du Fu" filmed by CCTV in cooperation with the British media tells the story of China’s Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. The whole film is told by British historians in the process of pursuing Du Fu’s life footprint, and Du Fu is compared with Shakespeare and Dante, which are familiar to western audiences, so that foreign audiences can understand the story of Du Fu, a poet in China.

Through the cooperation between China and foreign countries, the story is told from the audience’s perspective, the contextual barriers are broken, and the common empathy points are found, which makes the story easier to understand and accept, and the works are easy to obtain better communication effects.

Pay attention to effect orientation, realize quality and efficiency improvement by internal and external linkage

After the normalization of co-production and cooperative communication between China and foreign countries, there are higher and higher requirements for further improving the ability level of cooperative communication, strengthening the effect orientation of cooperation, and continuously enhancing and optimizing the effectiveness of domestic and international communication of China documentaries.


The second season of the documentary "From Chang ‘an to Rome", which was planned by the Central Radio and Television General Station and co-produced by China and Italy, uses the parallel perspective of "A Tale of Two Cities" and short video to tell the story of past lives, two ancient capitals, blending and learning from different civilizations in a simple way, which is an example of cooperative communication of national TV media platforms. Directed by Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Foreign Promotion Bureau, the documentary "Return to the City of Thorn" takes the Oriental Travel Notes "The City of Light" written by Jacob D ‘Ancona as the lead, decoding the oriental color and influence of China’s marine civilization from a global perspective, and showing Quanzhou as a world cultural heritage to the world.

As the first English documentary showing the course of Wuhan’s fight against COVID-19 epidemic, China International Television, the general radio and television station of China Central, let netizens around the world know the real situation of China’s fight against COVID-19 epidemic in time.


Under the background of the rapid development of Internet industry and the deepening of media integration in China, documentaries have entered the "Internet Age". The network platform is not only a communication channel, but also an important emerging force to tell the story of China well with documentaries through highly market-oriented joint production, self-control and cooperation. Tencent video self-made series documentary "Flavor Origin" has won the favor of overseas streaming media platforms. The third part of this series, Flavor Origin Gansu, has been broadcast in more than 190 countries and regions around the world, providing a window for people all over the world to know and understand China culture.


"Borrowing the exhibition to the sea" is also an important channel for documentary international communication. By participating in international mainstream documentary festivals and exhibitions, we will take the opportunity of participating in the awards to attract potential partners. Excellent documentaries such as "Love in the Yangtze River" jointly produced by several provincial satellite TV stations along the Yangtze River under the guidance of the State Administration of Radio and Television and led by Shanghai Radio and Television Station have entered the international stage by participating in international mainstream documentary festivals and exhibitions.

Pay attention to humanistic care, and win the recognition of the people through emotional resonance.

Telling the story of a century-old party with a documentary has become a beautiful scenery for the documentary to spread abroad in 2021. The large-scale documentary feature film "Dare to Teach the Sun and Moon to Change the Sky" was carefully translated in a more acceptable way for the target audience. It was broadcast on six channels in five languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian, and on various new media platforms at the Central Radio and Television General Station. While strengthening the global expression, the program paid attention to regional and differentiated expression, and achieved good external communication effects.

The "Vitality Code" produced by China International Television, the Central Radio and Television General Station, shows the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s unswerving spirit in an international narrative voice, and vividly depicts the historical leap of China’s development. The documentary Return to the Red Flag Canal, co-produced by China Education Television and other units in conjunction with France, explores the era significance of the Red Flag Canal through the eyes of two travelers, and presents the era glory of the Communist Party of China (CPC) people’s spiritual pedigree. The documentary "Journey of the Brave" focuses on the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s great party-building spirit, tells the real experience of revisiting Jiajin Mountains, Wujiang and Qiongya with the help of guests, and vividly explains the great party-building spirit.


On the basis of real records, documentaries bear the presentation and construction of human emotions and values, and shoulder the aesthetic pursuit and humanistic care that film and television art should have. Documentary creation should establish a sense of community of human destiny, focusing not only on China’s theme and China’s story, but also on the common concerns of human society, so as to open the channel of emotional resonance with genuine dialogue, thus realizing value recognition and promoting the common feelings of the people.


The documentary "The Frozen Kingdom of Snow Leopard", initiated by the Central Radio and Television General Station and co-produced by several international teams, tells the story from an anthropomorphic perspective and endows the work with strong feelings and humanistic care. After the program was broadcast on the opening day of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, it attracted the attention of the international community and showed the natural beauty and cultural charm of China in winter to overseas audiences. The China News Agency of China Foreign Languages Bureau interprets the documentary "Approaching Daliangshan" produced by China Studio and Japanese documentary director Takeuchi Ryo, and tells the story of getting rid of poverty in Daliangshan based on a Japanese director’s personal travel experience in Daliangshan. After the film was launched in mainstream media at home and abroad, it touched many Chinese and foreign netizens.


The story of China told by documentary makes the lovely and respectable image of China brighter. Documentary creation has a broader vision, is closer to the times, tells a more peaceful tone, and pays more attention to touching people’s hearts with human empathy.

Editor | Rao Wenyuan Xu Lei

Strive to be small farmers and grow potatoes together. The natural labor practice activities of primary and middle school students in Wuhan started

Hubei Daily News (reporter Li Xianhong, correspondent Zhang Wei, Wang Lu and Lu Wei) strives to be small farmers and grow potatoes together. On March 8th, Wuhan Agriculture and Rural Bureau sent 1000 Jin of virus-free potato seeds to Wuhan Foreign Language School, and officially launched the natural labor practice activities for primary and middle school students in 2024. On the same day, students planted potatoes in the school labor practice base under the leadership of agricultural experts, spreading the hope of spring.

Zhu Hua, an agricultural expert and senior agronomist, told the children the story of potato introduced to China, demonstrated the growth pictures of potatoes in different periods, explained the skills of potato planting and maintenance, and led the children to dig, dig pits, plant seedlings and water … The students carefully planted potato seedlings in the soil, and they will grow under the careful care of the children.

According to the relevant person in charge of Wuhan Foreign Language School, since 2021, the school has carried out a series of labor ecological education courses with the theme of "practicing labor education and creating an ecological campus" to let children experience labor and gain happiness.

According to reports, Wuhan Education Bureau and Wuhan Agriculture and Rural Bureau organized 20 pilot schools, including Wuhan Foreign Language School, Wuhan Qiyi Huayuan Middle School, Jianghan District Wansongyuan Primary School, Wuhan No.4 Junior High School, Wuhan Erqiao Middle School, Hubei Wuchang Experimental Primary School and Optics Valley No.15 Primary School, to carry out labor practice activities of planting potatoes. Next, Wuhan will expand the labor practice of planting common crops to 100 pilot schools in the city. The education department will also work with the agricultural department to build a number of off-campus bases for natural labor practice. Through these activities, children can learn about "five grains" and practice "four bodies", cultivate patience and perseverance, learn to cooperate with others, and improve teamwork ability.

Wuhan Agriculture and Rural Bureau will give full play to the advantages of Academician Deng Zixin’s popular science studio team, agricultural technology experts and professional growers, and jointly promote a series of natural labor practice activities for primary and secondary school students with the education department, and guide primary and secondary school students to work and love labor through practical projects such as crop planting, maintenance, processing, picking, cooking, handicrafts and intangible skills.

Zhu Hua said: "Nature is the best teacher. Every child can release his nature here and know the natural laws of spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter storage through labor. The agricultural and rural departments are willing to care for the growth of children like watering crops."

The world’s first permanently preserved ski jumping platform "Feitian" appeared!

  On October 31, 2019, Shougang ski jumping platform was completed as the first new competition venue in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

  The track structure of Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is 164 meters long, the track width varies from 10 meters to 30 meters from top to bottom, the highest point of modeling is 60 meters, and the height of athletes’ starting area is 48 meters. The track is mainly divided into four parts: the sliding aid area, the take-off platform, the landing slope and the terminal area. The main structure of the platform is steel frame, with about 4,100 tons of steel, all of which are made by Shougang. Among them, the fire-resistant and weather-resistant steel independently developed by Shougang and complete sets of technology are applied to the referee tower structure for the first time, and the steel plates, supporting welding materials and bolts used have strong fire resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

  On October 12, 2021, officials of the International Snow Federation made the last site inspection on Shougang ski platform before the Winter Olympics, and inspected the venue safety protection system, snowmaking system, competition organization function room, general sports equipment, etc., and evaluated the venue streamline design, regional division, technical support, mountain operation and secondary molding preparation. After the inspection, officials of the International Snow Federation spoke highly of the construction and preparation of the venue.

  Song Jiaye, deputy director of the Urban Venue Construction Department of the Beijing Major Project Construction Headquarters Office, said that Shougang Ski Platform is the first newly-built venue completed in the Beijing Division of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and it is also the only snow competition venue. It will host the ski platform competition of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and four gold medals will be produced here during the Beijing Winter Olympics. After the Winter Olympics, it will become the world’s first permanently reserved and used ski platform venue, a professional sports competition and training venue, and open to the public for mass leisure and fitness activities.

  The image of the world’s first permanently preserved ski jumping platform "Flying" was officially unveiled.

  Shougang ski jumping platform consists of three parts: the track, the referee tower and the stand area. The 164-meter-long track is 34 meters wide at its widest point and 60 meters high at its highest point. The form of the competition is as follows: the players rapidly descend from a height, take off from a big platform, and perform high-altitude somersaults, gyrations and other technical actions.

  The design of the ski jumping platform of Shougang incorporated the element of "flying" in Dunhuang murals, a very famous world cultural heritage in China. The meaning of "flying" and the English word "Big Air" in the ski jumping platform project both have the meaning of leaping and flying into the air, and the curve of flying ribbon is very consistent with the curve of Shougang ski jumping platform, and the shape of the building is very beautiful and smooth. Therefore, Shougang ski jumping platform is named after "Snow Flying". The design of the gradient color of the big platform is inspired by the emblem of the Winter Olympics, and there are 24 colors from blue to yellow.

  Shougang ski jumping platform started in December 2018 and was completed on October 31, 2019. The construction period is less than one year, and the renovation time is very urgent. In just over 300 days, the builders turned it from a drawing into a physical object, from a design concept into a reality, which not only met the needs of the competition, but also took into account many factors such as space, function, structure and safety, and built an unprecedented ski jumping platform that was permanently reserved and used.

  Perfect Transformation of Industrial Heritage The concept of "sustainability" runs through the Olympic Games.

  Shougang ski jumping platform is located in the north area of Shougang old industrial park. The original Shougang power generation main building, cooling tower and original Shougang oxygen plant are distributed in turn from north to south. Adhering to the concept of "sustainable development" of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, choosing the address of ski jumping platform in Shougang Park is to make full use of the old factory buildings and industrial structures in Shougang around the big jumping platform for repair and transformation, so as to meet the functions of competition, broadcast and audience service in the Winter Olympics.

  It is understood that the original cooling pump station in Shougang’s old factory area will be transformed into a ticket inspection and security hall and an event management office area during the Winter Olympics, and will be transformed into a multi-functional comprehensive building after the games to provide supporting services for the future Shougang Ski Jumping Platform Sports Park; The old main oxygen plant was transformed into a comprehensive service building during the Winter Olympics.

  The relevant person in charge of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. introduced that Shougang ski jumping platform fully considered the industrial heritage value of the old factory building, reformed and reused the original industrial factory building of Shougang, and carefully designed and built it into a supporting service facility for the Beijing Winter Olympics, realizing the effective transformation and perfect combination of industrial heritage and the Winter Olympics venue.

  Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is backed by an attached building transformed from an industrial cooling tower, with Shijingshan and Yongding River as the natural background, which will become a representative landscape of the perfect integration of Beijing’s old industrial site culture and Olympic culture. At the same time, it will also promote the landscape integration of the surrounding areas, which will become a wonderful landscape center in the western part of the city both during and after the games. This practice has been unanimously affirmed by the International Olympic Committee and the International Snow Federation, and it is also a vivid practice of the sustainable concept of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  Innovating and breaking through variable profile technology to help all-season utilization

  Shougang and Tsinghua Architectural Research Institute jointly carried out the national key R&D plan "Technology Research on Track Conversion, Sharing and Facilities Utilization in All Seasons", and conducted in-depth research on the sustainable utilization of the big platform track after the game. The track variable profile is in the inclined platform area of Shougang platform — — An area with a length of about 36 meters, a width of about 14 meters and a maximum height difference of about 3.5 meters is built with about 1,100 modules, so that the curved surface of the track is changed, and the rapid switching between the snowboarding platform and the freestyle skiing aerial skill track is realized. According to the conversion requirements, it can be built repeatedly, saving costs and practicing the concept of sustainable use of venues.

  Shougang ski platform is the world’s first permanently reserved platform competition venue and the only snow venue in Beijing. In order to expand the influence of the big platform project, the International Olympic Committee confirmed in July 2018 that the freestyle ski platform competition was added to the Shougang ski platform. Therefore, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, there will be two competitions, snowboarding and freestyle big air, in Shougang ski platform, which will produce four gold medals, two for men and two for women. Beijing Winter Olympics is the second Olympic Games to host this event and the first permanent track for this event.

  After the game, we will serve the mass movement and dedicate a "sports theme park" to the Winter Olympics.

  The relevant person in charge of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the ski jumping platform is the most popular sport among young urban groups in the Winter Olympics and the World Skiing Championships. The venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics was selected in the central city of Beijing and settled in Shougang Park, hoping to perfectly combine this unique event with our urban culture and further promote urban renewal and development through the Olympics. However, the utilization of the ski platform in Shougang was fully considered at the beginning of design and construction. After the Winter Olympics, the ski platform can realize rapid transformation.

  It is understood that the Shougang ski jumping platform started construction at the end of December 2018, and was officially delivered in November 2019. In December of the same year, the International Class A World Cup was held, which perfectly completed the first show after the completion of the venue and won unanimous praise from the International Snow Federation and athletes from all over the world. In 2020, Shougang Ski Jumping Platform held the "2021 Winter Olympics Global New Year’s Ice and Snow Festival" and BTV New Year Countdown. After the Winter Olympics, the venue can host sports competitions of big platform events at home and abroad, and become a training venue for professional athletes and sports teams, a training base for young reserve talents, and a training base for event managers, which will directly serve the promotion of ice and snow sports in China.

  At the same time, the water outlet was reserved during the construction of the track, and the big platform can not only ski, but also be transformed into more projects such as water skiing and grass skiing according to demand in the future. In the sports square and audience area under the ski jumping platform, the builder has specially set up an "atmosphere lighting" system, which will bring the audience a completely different experience from traditional events in the future, and at the same time, it can also hold large-scale activities such as concerts … … A development model of urban renewal driven by Olympic heritage is being popularized.

  (CCTV reporter Xu Mengzhe Zheng Xinyu Ren Shengyuan)