Create a sustainable growth path and move towards ecological win-win situation

In the fragmented and fast-paced current, there are many short-lived Internet celebrity products, but very few can exist for a long time. The same is true for the beverage track. Many brands are suddenly known to many consumers through a hot spot or out-of-circle marketing, but soon disappear and be replaced by the next "explosion". But in such a floating and sinking market, the big kiln continues to create value for consumers, channel providers, industries, etc., creating a long-term and stable growth internal driving force, so as to achieve sustainable development and set an example for the industry.

channel humanization

How to quickly build a brand in the market? How can products continue to penetrate into market segments? Channel management is an important part of it. Channel management is an important part of the company’s strategy and marketing strategy, and it is one of the long-term strategies of the brand. Dayao has always attached great importance to channel management and escorted the growth of agents.

In order to expand the market and enhance the popularity of brand products, Dayao has been expanding channels, up the ante catering, supermarkets, etc., to achieve online and offline all-round layout. Secondly, Dayao makes profits for channel providers and consumers, and provides 1V1 assistance to dealers. There is no general representative. According to different market layouts, sales policies are customized separately, so that dealers will not fall into a situation of going it alone. In addition to a professional "four-dimensional evaluation system", partners are evaluated from four dimensions: ability foundation, soft factors, industry status, and cooperation willingness, and a 3-month trial sales cooperation is carried out to reduce risks for dealers. After formal cooperation, it can also adapt faster, make profits faster, and continue to stimulate channel vitality.

Near and Far Strategy

Our country has a vast land area and a very broad market. If you want to make the brand go national, you must find the right method and expand it scientifically and reasonably.

From point to surface, break down one by one. The big kiln, which originated in the north, adopted the market strategy of "from near to far". After gaining a firm foothold in the northern market, it broke through the south of the Qinling Mountains and gradually realized the national layout through the eight self-built production bases, so that the production end is close to the consumer end, which is convenient for product supply and sales. In the process of planning cross-regional development of the big kiln, the number of distributors has increased, and distribution channels have been established all over the country. Store by store visits, promotions, and the strategy of wide distribution and excellent display have allowed the big kiln soda to go nationwide. At present, the big kiln soda has established more than one million retail end points, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and has more than 2,000 distributors.

Quality core barrier

Of course, the sustainable development of enterprises cannot be separated from the most core quality adherence. Since its inception, the large kiln has adhered to the principle of quality first, and has carried out raw material procurement, production, and testing with strict standards, and finally delivered to consumers, continuously earning a good reputation.

In order to ensure the quality of products and meet consumer needs, Dayao controls the quality from the source of raw materials, continuously screens and optimizes, replaces high-quality upstream raw material suppliers, and conducts in-depth cooperation with domestic and even international first-line raw material brands. In terms of production, Dayao actively and decisively implements the implementation of the digital workshop and HACCP management system through the 6S GMP management system and Quality Standard in line with international standards to ensure food hygiene and safety and consumer health. In addition, Dayao Beverage also actively explores and implements the "0471" quality management strategy, builds a quality and safety control system from the production base to the finished product, strictly supervises the source, strictly supervises the whole process of product production, and strictly traceability of quality and safety, and is committed to building an excellent quality engine.

A good business model is that brands, distributors, and consumers all benefit, and it is through the need for value propositions to solve the problems of multiple links. Dayao allows channels to reap long-term benefits and consumers to gain outstanding experience. Dayao brand is also moving towards a national soda leading brand and a century-old brand, achieving an ecological win-win situation.

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One car gives consideration to multi-dimensional safety, which is the reason for choosing the M5 Smart Driving Edition!

  "It costs money to buy an oil car, but it costs life to buy a tram". After witnessing the news that many batteries caught fire, collided and fell apart, and the intelligent driving failed, many users love and fear electric cars. Want to experience its performance and economy, but worry about its security. In fact, we don’t have to give up eating because of choking. Whether an electric car is safe or not depends not on whether it is an "electric car", but on the safety strength of the vehicle itself. So, what kind of car is "safe" in the current new energy market? The answer to this question can be given to you by asking the M5 version.

  Active and safe, high-level intelligent driving covers more scenes.

  Examples of smart driving failures of some brands are not uncommon, which is also the key reason why many users are uneasy about smart electric vehicles. In this regard, I am very cautious about asking the M5 Smart Driving Edition. The HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system equipped with this car is a leading presence in the industry. It is equipped with 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras for lateral and backward visual perception and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can accurately perceive both static targets and dynamic objects. It has laid a solid foundation for every safe trip.

  The excellent hardware configuration determines the active safety performance of the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition in practical vehicles. Previously, some media have tested the pilot assistance function of this car together with Tucki G6 and Ideal L7MAX. In the urban ground road scene, for the intersection passing success rate test project, the crossing passing success rate of Zhijie M5 version reached 98.86%, while that of Tucki G6 was only 96.43%, which shows the superiority of the former in active avoidance. This also means that when we pass through intersections and traffic lights, it can effectively identify and ensure our safe passage. If there are pedestrians on the zebra crossing, they will also recognize courtesy to avoid the risk of accidents due to occasional distraction when driving and failure to pay attention to the pedestrians and vehicles in front.

  In the same scene, the coverage mileage of pilot-assisted driving in Wenjie M5 version is better than Xiaopeng G6, with the former reaching 93.86% and the latter only 82.86%. Obviously, the former has more time to free the driver’s hands and travel more easily. In the test project of the success rate of ramp import and export in the urban elevated road scene, the success rate of Wujie M5 version is as high as 100%, and the ideal L7Max is only 35.71%. Coincidentally, in the MPI (Average Takeover Mileage) of inter-city expressway, the intelligent driving version of the M5 is 270.67km, and the ideal L7Max is only 41.31km. It can be seen that, as far as reliability is concerned, the M5 version of Zhijia has the strength of "real money and silver". No matter the complex road conditions in the urban area, or the road conditions such as urban elevated roads and intercity highways, this car can easily help us cope with it, and it is a close-fitting "old driver".

  At the same time, Wujie M5 Smart Driving Edition also has four MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas for mobile communication, with higher signal strength, wider coverage and smoother smart driving experience. In addition, it has a strong ability to recognize and process objects by integrating the sensing bird’s eye view network (BEV) and the general obstacle detection (GOD) network. This is not to brag about the M5 version, but to have facts and basis. In the AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) test safety response speed boundary test held by Autolab, the performance of many test items set by the media with the M5 intelligent driving version directly surpassed Tesla Model Y, Ideal L9 and other models.

  Specifically, in the mixed scene of stationary cars and pedestrians at the front and rear, the complex environment and changeable factors will test the driver’s concentration and driving ability, and a collision will occur if he is not careful, which is also an important scene to test smart driving. In the test in this scenario, the response performance of Jiejie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition at the speed of 90kph far exceeds the response capability of Tesla Model Y at the speed of 60kph, and the former has faster response and higher safety.

  In addition, "adult ghost probe", as a high-incidence cause of accidents in urban areas, makes many drivers call it "headache". In the actual measurement, when the response speed of Tucki P7i and ideal L9 is 35kph and 65kph respectively, the intelligent driving version of Wenjie M5 is one step ahead with a score of 75kph, not to mention the "side dummy" which is difficult to recognize by other models.

  In fact, people’s living boundaries are constantly being broken, and people are looking forward to exploring the diversity and richness of life. Cars that can meet the needs of multi-scene travel are precious, especially with the label "high safety in smart driving", it is difficult not to become consumers’ hearts. Obviously, among the above-mentioned models, the intelligent driving version of the M5 is obviously more worthy of choice.

  Passive safety is excellent, and multi-dimensional protection eliminates security risks

  The battery safety of electric vehicles has always attracted much attention, and the M5 Smart Driving Edition has adopted many "black technologies" to break everyone’s doubts. This car battery comes from a top supplier, and each battery cell adopts diaphragm fire-proof coating technology to avoid safety risks from the root. At the same time, the advanced BMS battery management system can provide early warning and protection in time after the thermal runaway signal appears, and further kill the safety risks such as fire in the cradle.

  For body safety, this car uses a cage-type safety body with higher safety. More than 60% of the body is made of high-strength steel, and the proportion of thermoformed steel is 19%. This also means that asking for the M5 version is equivalent to protecting every passenger in the car in the "safety net", which greatly reduces the possible casualties after the collision.

  Not only that, in the cockpit, this car is designed according to the standard of "China Automobile Health Index (C-AHI)", and adopts an environmentally friendly water-based glue adhesive which can reduce odor volatilization. A good interior environment can bring health protection to every passenger in the car, and it can also ensure worry-free travel. Previously, this car had won the passenger car Health+ cockpit certification, CN95 health cockpit 5A certification and China automobile health index C-AHI all five stars.


  From the recent industry media measurement, we can intuitively understand that the M5 version of Zhijie has achieved the ultimate in active and passive safety, ahead of many competing products at the same level. An electric vehicle with excellent safety is enough to eliminate everyone’s concerns about the safety of electric vehicles. Based on this, the intelligent and safe version of the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition undoubtedly provides a better direction for everyone’s choice.

BYD released the new energy exclusive intelligent body control system "Yunqi".

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, April 10 (Reporter Yin Peng) On the evening of April 10, BYD released the new energy exclusive intelligent body control system "Yunqi". The intelligent body control system of Yunqi was developed by BYD, which also marked that BYD became the first China automobile enterprise to master the intelligent body control system independently.

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Group, said at the press conference that the launch of "Yunqi" is another safety technical breakthrough after BYD’s blade battery, body integrated technology (CTB) and four-motor independent drive system ("Easy Sifang").

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Group, introduced Yunqi Intelligent Body Control System at the press conference. (Photo courtesy of BYD)

Wang Chuanfu said that "Yunqi" can effectively restrain the change of body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers from systematic control in the vertical direction of the whole vehicle. At the same time, the cloud chariot system can effectively protect the vehicle body under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water, avoid the collision damage of the whole vehicle caused by terrain, ensure the safety and stability of the whole vehicle, and realize the double protection of people and vehicles.

Byd looks up to the model. (Photo courtesy of BYD)

According to reports, the cloud system will be installed in BYD Dynasty series models, marine flagship models, Tengshi brand, Wangwang brand and professional personalized brand models.

Hua Xizi apologized for coming late, and the relevant opinions have been fully recorded, and they have been revised and upgraded one by one.

"Thank you for your concern and support for Huaxizi all the time. I’m sorry we’re late. I have a few heartfelt words to tell you."

On the evening of September 19th, the official Weibo of Hua Xizi, a domestic make-up brand, released a letter to the public, which positively responded to the recent controversy for the first time.

Hua Xizi said in the letter, "I am very sorry for taking up too many public resources. Appreciate everyone’s urging,We have fully recorded the relevant opinions, and the team is also comparing, revising and upgrading them one by one, adhering to the initial heart.To bring you better products and services. In the future, we will continue to share with you what the brand is doing, so that everyone can understand Hua Xizi in more forms. Down-to-earth, steady and far-reaching; Let a hundred flowers blossom and domestic products become stronger. "

From the official Weibo of "Hua Xizi"

Recently, the domestic make-up brand "Hua Xizi", which was pushed to the forefront by Li Jiaqi’s remarks, was picked out by many netizens. Compared with other domestic brands, the price per gram of its products is high, such as the price per gram of eyebrow pencil is comparable to that of gold, and the price per gram of loose powder exceeds that of Chanel, an international brand. The company was once caught in the whirlpool of public opinion because of its "high price".

On September 10th, when Li Jiaqi, the network anchor, introduced a Huaxizi eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan, he saw a netizen leave a message saying that it was getting more and more expensive. He asked, "Where is it expensive? It’s been this price for so many years. Don’t talk nonsense with your eyes open. Domestic brands are very difficult … "Later, Li Jiaqi said:" Sometimes I find my own reasons. After so many years, my salary has not risen. Have you worked hard? " Since then, many topics around the high price of Huaxizi’s products, such as "Huaxizi’s response to the expensive eyebrow pencil", "Huaxizi’s exclusive monetary unit for migrant workers", "How expensive Huaxizi is" and "Huaxizi’s eyebrow pencil can buy two grams of gold for more than 980 grams", have been on hot search for many days.

For a long time, Hua Xizi has positioned herself and aimed to become a high-end makeup brand. Hua Mantian, the founder of Hua Xizi, also admitted that the unit price of Double Eleven Hua Xizi was pulled from 100 yuan to 200 yuan in 2021. "For a long time, the middle and high-end market of China cosmetics has been monopolized by international brands. But today, many products of Huaxizi have cut into the middle and high-end price belt and achieved certain success. "

"This large-scale attention and discussion is a valuable opportunity for us to listen to the real voices of different consumers, and it is also the starting point for the team to self-examine and start again." Hua Xizi said in the letter this time, "I sincerely apologize to everyone. In the past week, Hua Xizi has received great attention from the whole network. We are sincere and at a loss, and the brand has not spoken before. During this time, we have continuously absorbed your criticisms, opinions and suggestions. "

At the same time, Hua Xizi also refuted the previous rumors about "Japanese brands" in the letter. Hua Xizi said that the company was founded in Hangzhou, and its R&D center, production factory and tax payment are all in China. It is an out-and-out China brand. "As a young China makeup brand, Hua Xizi hopes to tell the story of China and inherit the beauty of the East."

Previously, in response to this rumor, Hua Xizi responded to the The Paper reporter that in 2019, Hua Xizi cooperated with a Japanese research institute for short-term production, research and production. With the continuous improvement of the comprehensive strength of domestic beauty research and development and industrial chain, all cooperation with the institute and related factories was stopped in 2020. At present, 100% of Hua Xizi’s research and development centers and production factories are in China.

Zhejiang Yige Enterprise Management Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yige Group), the parent company of Huaxizi brand, was founded in Hangzhou in 2014. It is a China beauty group integrating independent research and development, brand building, product sales and customer service. According to official website of Yige Group, in 2016, the domestic make-up brand "Hua Xizi Florasis" came into being.

In addition to the hot discussion and doubts caused by the high price, some netizens have reported in the past that when the average commission rate in the industry is 20%, Hua Xizi raises the proportion with a wave of his hand, and some anchors can even get 60% to 80% commission. At that time, related topics such as "more than 20% of Huaxizi’s revenue comes from Li Jiaqi" and "Huaxizi responds to Li Jiaqi’s high commission" were also listed on the hot search.

On the evening of September 11th, Hua Xizi responded to the The Paper reporter that the information on the Internet about Hua Xizi’s rebate to Li Jiaqi was as high as 60% to 80%, or even more than 100%, which was false rumor, and the proportion of cooperation rebate between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi was the industry average.

Investigation on mobile phone surfing of college students: over 40% surf the Internet for more than 5 hours every day.

  China Youth Network, Beijing, October 21st "It’s not that I’m not sleepy. I just want to wait. As for what? I don’t know, I just want to wait. "This passage has become the mantra of many college students. And this "wait", most of them are brushing their mobile phones. So, how long do college students surf the Internet on their mobile phones every day? What are you mainly doing? Are you worried about network security?

  Recently, China Youth Network Campus News Agency conducted a questionnaire survey among 1,220 college students around the country. The results show that more than 40% of students surf the Internet for more than 5 hours every day, and more than 80% of students surf the Internet mainly for social chat. Most students think that surfing the Internet by mobile phone makes mobile payment, information acquisition and social communication more convenient. Nearly 90% of students are worried about network security, and most students expect the network speed of 5G to be faster and more convenient for study and life.

  The picture shows the proportion of college students’ mobile phone surfing time every day. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Over 40% of students surf the Internet on their mobile phones for more than 5 hours every day, and over 80% of students mainly chat socially.

  Wu Lin, a student of Sichuan Agricultural University, uses his mobile phone to surf the Internet every day for about 6 hours. "It has become my habit to brush my mobile phone when I wake up every day. Now surfing the Internet is a daily need. I feel that I don’t have much to do except surfing the Internet. I like chatting, watching news and playing games online when I have no classes. I can’t stop playing my mobile phone."

  Like Wu Lin, there are not a few college students who have the habit of surfing the Internet for a long time. According to a survey conducted by a reporter from China Youth Network, 41.56% of college students spend more than five hours on their mobile phones every day. When surfing the Internet, 83.93% of the students mainly chat socially, followed by consulting materials and listening to songs, accounting for 62.46% and 58.61% respectively.

  "I am deeply dependent on the Internet, partly because of my shortcomings in social skills." Joline, a student of Northwest Normal University, told reporters that she is introverted and unwilling to communicate face to face. She can express herself more directly and accurately online. She will keep a diary on the trumpet in Weibo, and what she is embarrassed to say in person can be expressed by WeChat. "Besides, I can also tell my story with strangers through Zhihu."

  The picture shows the proportion of college students’ mobile phone surfing behavior. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Mobile Internet access makes mobile payment, information acquisition and social communication more convenient.

  So what convenience does mobile Internet access bring to college students’ daily life? In the survey, China Youth Network reporter found that most of the students interviewed thought that surfing the Internet by mobile phone made mobile payment, information acquisition and social communication more convenient, accounting for 90.25%, 80.49% and 78.52% respectively.

  "Now you don’t have to bring cash when you go shopping. It’s really convenient to pay by QR code." Zhao Tingting, a student at Guilin University of Technology, said that it used to be troublesome to use cash for shopping. Now, with mobile payment, the mobile phone can scan the code to pay, which not only saves a lot of time, but also brings great convenience to life.

  Chen Yixin, a student at Chengdu University of Information Science and Technology, told reporters that after going to college, she often chats with her parents online. "Sometimes I use WeChat videos, and it is very convenient to contact them anytime and anywhere even if I don’t go home." She also said that now she mainly watches news through Weibo and news apps, so she can keep abreast of the latest hot events, which is very fast.

  The picture shows the proportion of convenience brought by mobile internet access to life. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Nearly 90% are worried about network security, and most students expect 5G network speed to be faster and study and life more convenient.

  Xie Wenyi is a student of Shandong University of Technology, and he attaches great importance to network security. "I have learned that bank card deposits may be stolen by clicking on the link to help bargain, which makes me very worried about network security." In order to avoid the disclosure of personal information, he will be more cautious when registering his account. He told reporters that many friends around him have fallen into the trap of online fraud, so they must strengthen their prevention.

  The results of this survey show that 88.03% of the respondents are as worried about network security as Xie Wenyi. In addition to network security issues, 5G has also become a hot topic this year. When talking about the expectation of the 5G era, 87.38% of the respondents hope that 5G will make the network speed faster, and secondly, it will make the study and life more convenient and the video quality clearer, accounting for 86.64% and 71.31% respectively.

  Hong Yumin studied in Hope College of Southwest Jiaotong University, and she needed to surf the Internet frequently for professional reasons. When talking about 5G, she said that 5G is a "good medicine" for architectural drawing. It doesn’t take a long time to download the software installation package, which greatly shortens the students’ drawing time. Compared with 4G, 5G is more stable and not easy to get stuck. When drawing, you don’t have to worry about network failure, which can guarantee the smooth birth of the work.

  The picture shows the proportion of college students’ expectations for 5 G. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Teachers in colleges and universities suggest that Internet surfing time should be arranged reasonably and network security protection should be done well.

  Yang Mei, an administrative teacher at School of Information Engineering, Sichuan Agricultural University, believes that college students spend more time on the Internet than study time. Although this has become a common phenomenon, students are advised to pay attention to study. "At present, many students will become very anxious when they leave their mobile phones. In fact, students will make good use of the Internet to arrange their free time and pay more attention to WeChat official account and online classes related to their majors or employment, which will be helpful for future postgraduate entrance examinations or job hunting."

  "Don’t easily click on pop-up web pages or unreliable advertising links shared by others, which are likely to contain viruses. When surfing the Internet in Internet cafes outside, don’t connect your USB flash drive, mobile phone and other things containing important personal information to your computer, which is easy to cause network security problems." At the same time, as the class teacher of the students, Yang Mei recommends students with poor self-control to use professional APP for entertainment time management, hoping that students can concentrate on their studies and focus on their studies.

  This semester, Fan Yingjie, a teacher of Marxism College of Chengdu University, asked students to strengthen self-discipline, stay away from the internet at least half a day to one day in class and at ordinary times, and learn to control themselves. She hopes that through these ways, students can understand that instead of constantly paying attention to other people’s lives through mobile phones, it is better to live their own lives and do their own things in a down-to-earth manner.

  Fan Yingjie also mentioned that regarding the issue of network security, the relevant state departments released a lot of warning case materials when promoting network security, hoping that students would learn more about it. "When using mobile phones or computers to surf the Internet, students should not randomly click unfamiliar links to avoid revealing personal information on the Internet, and try their best to do network security protection." (At the request of the interviewee, the names of the students in this article are all pseudonyms.)

  (Reporter Li Huaxi correspondent Yang Qing)

Comments on the operation of the board of directors of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. in 2022

() The business review of the Board of Directors in the first half of 2022 is as follows:

  I. Description of the industry and main business of the company during the reporting period.

(A) the macroeconomic situation in the first half of 2022

1. The global economic situation in the first half of 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, affected by the recurrent COVID-19 epidemic and other factors, the global imbalance between supply and demand intensified, the growth rate of goods trade slowed down, the inflation level increased significantly, and the economic recovery process slowed down. In the second quarter of 2022, both the global supply side and the global demand side faced downward pressure. The growth rate of industrial production, enterprise investment, household consumption and international trade slowed down, the economic growth rate dropped significantly, and the inflation level rose in an all-round way. The international financial market continued to be turbulent, the Federal Reserve initiated a radical interest rate hike policy, the US dollar index rose strongly, major stock markets fluctuated and fell, and commodity prices continued to weaken.

2. Domestic economic situation in the first half of 2022

In the first half of 2022, China’s economy faced unprecedented challenges, especially since March, due to the unexpected factors such as the new round of COVID-19 epidemic in China, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its sanctions, the downward pressure on China’s economy has obviously increased, which has a certain impact on the normal growth of the macro economy. With the easing of the epidemic, combined with the comprehensive efforts of macro-policies and the repair and adjustment of market players, China’s economy rebounded, with GDP growth of 2.5% in the first half of the year, and the economy stabilized and rebounded.

(II) Changes in the US dollar index and exchange rate

From January to June, 2022, the highest dollar index was 105.7913, the lowest was 94.6269, and the average value from January to June was 99.7205, which was 9.57% higher than the average value from January to June, 2021. At the end of June 2022, the closing index was 104.7057, which was 13.36% higher than the closing price at the end of June 2021. (Source:)

From January to June, 2022, the highest value of USD against RMB was 6.8150, and the lowest value was 6.3048. The average value from January to June was 6.4829, which was 128 basis points lower than the average value from January to June, 2021, with a depreciation rate of 0.20%. The closing price at the end of June 2022 was 6.6943, which was 2,331 basis points lower than that at the end of June 2021, with a depreciation rate of 3.61%.

(III) Market situation of nonferrous metals and precious metals where the company is located

In the first half of 2022, the price of non-ferrous metals rose first and then fell. From the beginning of the year to the end of April, driven by energy worries and the supply shortage caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war, non-ferrous metals rose strongly under the influence of inflation expectations and macro-emotions; Subsequently, the American hawkish action was expected to strengthen and the global economic growth rate was lowered. Since the end of April, non-ferrous prices have been under pressure. During this period, the US dollar dominated the rhythm of its volatility and retreated all the gains in the first half of the year.

1. Prices of nonferrous metals and precious metals products.

(1) Copper

From January to June, 2022, the highest price of LME-3M copper contract was $10,845/ton, and the lowest price was $8,123/ton. The average price from January to June was $9,755/ton, which was 7.35% higher than that from January to June, 2021. From January to June, 2022, the highest price of Shanghai copper main contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange was 77,270 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 61,620 yuan/ton. The average price in January to June, 2022 was 71,536 yuan/ton, which was 7.11% higher than that in January to June, 2021.

In the first half of 2022, the overall copper price rose and fell. In the first half of the year, there were inflation expectations in the global economy. In February, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine caused the prices of crude oil, natural gas and other energy sources to rise sharply. At the same time, the extreme long-term crowding caused by the nickel incident in March further stimulated inflation speculation, so the copper price fluctuated sharply from January to April. In late April, the Federal Reserve started to raise interest rates in response to inflation, and constantly accelerated the pace of raising interest rates, which tightened the liquidity of funds. In addition, investors expected the economic recession in Europe and the United States, and copper prices entered a rapid downward trend.

(2) Zinc

From January to June 2022, the highest price of LME-3M zinc contract was USD 4,896/ton, and the lowest price was USD 3,136/ton. The average price in January to June 2022 was USD 3,799/ton, which was 33.36% higher than that in January to June 2021. From January to June, 2022, the highest price of the main contract of Shanghai Zinc in Shanghai Futures Exchange was 28,995 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 25,525 yuan/ton. From January to June, 2022, the average price was 25,843 yuan/ton, which was 19.74% higher than that in January and June, 2021.

In the first half of 2022, the price of zinc rose first and then fell. Among them, Shanghai zinc reached a 15-year high of 28,995 yuan/ton, and fell sharply to a new low this year. Similarly, Lunzinc broke through a record high of 4,896 US dollars/ton in March and was under pressure.

(3) Lead

From January to June 2022, the highest price of LME-3M lead contract was $2,700/ton, and the lowest price was $1,883/ton. From January to June 2022, the average price was $2,265/ton, which was 8.72% higher than that in January to June 2021. From January to June, 2022, the highest price of Shanghai lead main contract in Shanghai Futures Exchange was 16,465 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 14,680 yuan/ton. The average price in January-June, 2022 was 15,323 yuan/ton, which was 0.70% higher than that in January-June, 2021.

In the first half of 2022, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the European energy crisis, high inflation in overseas developed economies and the China epidemic led to limited economic activities in some areas, and the global financial market fluctuated violently. The major economies were "stock and debt bears", and commodities peaked and fell back after high shocks. The drag of the big environment led to the fall of colored high levels and the shock of lead prices. In the first half of 2022, the overall lead price showed a low volatility trend.

(4) Gold

From January to June, 2022, the highest price of COMEX gold was $2,079/ounce, and the lowest price was $1,781/ounce. From January to June, 2022, the average price was $1,877/ounce, which was 4.03% higher than the average price from January to June, 2021.

From January to June 2022, the highest price of spot gold 9999 in Shanghai Gold Exchange was 416.18 yuan/gram, and the lowest price was 368.42 yuan/gram. The average price from January to June 2022 was 391.94 yuan/gram, which was 3.59% higher than that from January to June 2021.

In the first quarter of 2022, due to the sudden escalation of geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, risk aversion rose sharply, and the sharp rise in energy prices once again ignited inflation expectations. With the double boost of safe-haven demand and inflation worries, the gold price, the US dollar index and the US bond yield rose simultaneously. Subsequently, due to the staged easing of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the Federal Reserve started this round of interest rate hike cycle, and the price of gold fluctuated at a high level. Until mid-April, due to inflationary pressure from overseas economies, off the charts, the Federal Reserve turned completely into an eagle, and its determination to curb inflation was firm. As a result, the pace of interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve continued to exceed expectations, and the real interest rate in the United States began to rise, from negative to positive, thus suppressing the price of gold.

(5) Silver

From January to June 2022, the highest price of COMEX silver was $27/oz, and the lowest price was $20/oz. The average price from January to June 2022 was $23/oz, which was 11.79% lower than the average price from January to December 2020. From January to June 2022, the highest price of Huatong Platinum Silver 1# silver was 5313 yuan/kg, and the lowest price was 4490 yuan/kg. The average price from January to June 2022 was 4856 yuan/kg, which was 10.42% lower than that from January to June 2021. (Source: Huatong Baiyin Net)

In the first half of 2022, silver followed the trend of gold price as a whole, but the overall performance of silver was weaker than that of gold because of the double negative effects of financial and commodity attributes.

2. Output of nonferrous metals and precious metals products

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first half of 2022, the industrial added value of non-ferrous metals industry increased by 5% year-on-year. The output of ten kinds of non-ferrous metals was 32.83 million tons, up by 1% year-on-year. Among them, the output of copper, aluminum and lead increased by 2.5%, 0.7% and 3.1% respectively, and the output of zinc decreased by 1.7%.

According to the latest statistics of () Association, in the first half of 2022, the domestic raw material gold output was 174.69 tons, an increase of 21.93 tons compared with the first half of 2021, and a year-on-year increase of 14.36%. Among them, 139.15 tons of gold minerals and 35.53 tons of non-ferrous by-product gold were completed.

3. Profits of non-ferrous metal mining, smelting and rolling processing industries

According to the data of National Bureau of Statistics, from January to May, 2022, the mining industry realized a total profit of 708.27 billion yuan, up 130.9% year-on-year, and the non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry realized a total profit of 29.77 billion yuan, up 54.2% year-on-year.

4. Investment in non-ferrous metals industry

From January to May 2022, investment in mining industry increased by 17.3% year-on-year, and investment in nonferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased by 14.1% year-on-year. Overall, the revenue of industrial enterprises rebounded in 2022. Driven by the gradual recovery of production logistics and the smooth supply chain of industrial chain, the sales situation of industrial enterprises has improved. (Source: National Bureau of Statistics)

(4) Main business of the company

The company’s main business is the mining, smelting, processing and trade of copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals and precious metals. Its business covers the whole industrial chain of non-ferrous metal exploration, mining, mineral processing, smelting and processing, involving domestic and foreign regions. It is a large-scale non-ferrous metal and precious metal enterprise with deep industry accumulation and initially formed an international layout.

(five) the company’s main products and their uses

The cathode copper produced by the company is widely used in various fields such as electricity, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, etc. The downstream customers and enterprises further process the cathode copper to form deep-processed products such as copper rods, copper wires, copper plates, wires and cables. Electric lead is mainly used to manufacture lead storage batteries and anti-corrosion equipment. Zinc is mainly used for electroplating zinc, alloy manufacturing, casting of precision castings and zinc compounds and salts; Precious metal gold and silver are widely used in daily necessities plating and jewelry industries except for some exports.

In 2021, the company ranked 333rd among the top 500 enterprises in China, 22nd among non-ferrous industries and 97th among the top 100 multinational companies in China.

(VI) Business model of the company

During the reporting period, the company’s main business model has not changed significantly.

1. Production mode

In the first half of 2022, the company mainly produced copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver, and comprehensively recovered copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, nickel, tellurium, selenium, platinum, palladium, indium, rhenium, bismuth and other rare precious metals and sulfuric acid. The company’s main products were organized and produced by international standards.

In copper smelting, the company adopts the smelting process of "flash furnace system flash smelting furnace" which has reached the world advanced level.

In the field of lead and zinc, the company adopts low-pollution jarosite wet zinc smelting process and ISP zinc smelting process, with advanced technology and obvious complementary advantages.

In production management, the company relies on the continuous and effective operation of the three systems of GB/T19001-2016 quality management, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management and GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management to ensure that the product quality is strictly controlled, and the main economic and technical indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.

Adhering to the development path of innovative economies of scale, the company continued to vigorously carry out technological innovation, made new breakthroughs in independent innovation of core technologies, steadily advanced the upgrading of production technologies, comprehensively improved the level of comprehensive utilization of resources, gradually formed a new format of circular economy, made new progress in green sustainable development, made solid progress in industrial upgrading, integrated development of resources and international operation, and continuously improved the company’s profitability and competitiveness.

2. Purchasing mode

The company’s procurement mode is mainly divided into domestic raw materials and imported raw materials procurement.

Domestic raw material procurement is divided into two modes: mine direct procurement and trader procurement. According to geographical advantages, mine direct supply is preferred, followed by traders with stable supply and large supply, and the mode of combining long orders with spot procurement is adopted.

The procurement of imported raw materials is mainly based on land transportation concentrate procurement, supplemented by sea transportation concentrate procurement, and sea transportation ore is mainly used for winter raw material reserve.

In the process of purchasing raw materials, the company gives full play to the advantages of production technology, purchases raw materials with price advantages and high added value, and avoids price risks through raw material hedging.

3. Sales model

There are two main ways to sell company products.

First, the local sales of silver are mainly aimed at the local sales of sulfuric acid, slag materials and waste materials.

Second, through the centralized trading of Silver Headquarters, Shanghai Honglu International Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, is used as a platform to realize the sales of main products of copper, lead and zinc, form a sales network in different places, and set up a warehouse in different places according to market demand.

The sales network can not only directly face the market, grasp the local market demand, but also know the customer information in time and provide good after-sales service. The company adjusts the sales price and sales strategy daily according to market conditions at any time to effectively cope with market changes.

Second, the discussion and analysis of the business situation

(1) Production situation

In the first half of 2022, the company’s mining and dressing system produced 123,500 tons of copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum concentrate, an increase of 3,200 tons, or 2.66%, compared with the same period of last year, of which 30,800 tons of concentrate contained copper, or an increase of 6,300 tons, or 25.71%. The concentrate contains 80,100 tons of zinc, which is 5,500 tons less than that of the same period of last year, with a range of 6.43%. The concentrate contains 12,500 tons of lead, an increase of 24,000 tons over the same period of last year, with a range of 23.76%; The concentrate contains 92 tons of molybdenum, an increase of 15 tons over the same period of last year, with a range of 19.48%. The main reasons for the increase of copper, lead and zinc metal in the concentrate produced by the company’s mining and dressing system compared with the same period of last year are: the change of ore grade of Peru tailings and the improvement of mineral processing technology.

The smelting system produced 125,900 tons of cathode copper, an increase of 24,100 tons over the same period of last year, with a range of 23.67%; The production of electrical lead was 0.83 million tons, a decrease of 0.23 million tons compared with the same period of last year, with a range of 21.7%; The production of zinc products was 200,900 tons, an increase of 24,900 tons over the same period of last year, with a range of 14.15%; It produced 4,843 kilograms of gold (including 1,272 kilograms of gold produced by the first gold), an increase of 1,317 kilograms over the same period of last year, with a range of 37.35%; The production of silver was 96.1 tons, an increase of 9.6 tons or 11.1% over the same period of last year; The production of sulfuric acid was 737,800 tons, an increase of 53,500 tons or 7.82% over the same period of last year. The year-on-year increase of non-ferrous metal cathode copper and by-products of gold, silver and sulfuric acid was mainly due to the adjustment of production mode of copper smelting and electrolysis process, and the output of non-ferrous metal products and by-products increased compared with the same period of last year; The main reason for the year-on-year decrease of electric lead is that the production of electric lead decreased year-on-year due to the maintenance of production system; The main reason for the year-on-year increase of zinc products is that the effective production time in the first half of the year of Chengzhou Zinc Smelter under the company increased compared with the same period of last year, and the output increased year-on-year.

(II) Construction of key projects

The 6.8 million tons/year tailings comprehensive utilization expansion project of Shouxin Peru Company is implementing civil engineering and steel structure engineering, and the overall project progress is 82%; The green mineral processing reagent project started construction at the end of April 2022; The upgrading and transformation project of copper smelting technology was completed; Baiyin furnace’s technological innovation and upgrading project is undergoing the main civil engineering construction, and some long-term equipment has been ordered; The comprehensive recovery and harmless treatment project of zinc hydrometallurgy slag has been completed and is currently in the trial production stage; The ultra-fine wire rod capacity improvement project for intelligent equipment is under process equipment installation and is expected to be put into production at the end of the year; Xinjiang Company’s 3# open pit infrastructure stripping project started construction in May 2022.

(III) Technological innovation

The company vigorously expanded external collaborative innovation and deepened the cooperation of "Industry-University-Research", and completed three provincial-level science and technology plan projects in the first half of the year; The company and china environmental science Research Institute jointly declared the "Tenth Five-Year Plan"-the key project of "Key Technologies and Equipment of Circular Economy"-"Real-time Monitoring of the Whole Process of Wet Smelting and Control Technology for Reducing the Source of Anode Mud Hazardous Waste"; Jointly declare the 2022 provincial science and technology major project "R&D and industrialization of high-purity rhenium for aero-engine turbine blades" with the Research Institute of Resources and Environment Technology; Together with Lanzhou University and Lanshi Zhongke, we jointly declared the 2022 provincial science and technology major project "High-value Utilization of Lead-zinc Smelting Tailings"; In close contact with the research and development institutions of "One Institute and Three Institutes" of Chinese Academy of Sciences, we have successfully undertaken the project of "Key Technology Research and Industrialization Experiment of Electrolytic Copper Quality Improvement" funded by the central government to guide local scientific and technological development in 2022 with Lanzhou Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and are currently carrying out preliminary research.

Focusing on the newly promulgated "Measures for the Management of Scientific Research Projects of Revealing the List and Leading the Team", a number of "stuck-neck" technical key projects that can significantly improve indicators and reduce costs in the process of production and operation are condensed. The 173 technical key projects that were signed for docking were all implemented as planned, and nearly 40′ stuck’ technical problems, such as’ research on comprehensive utilization technology of complex lead and zinc resources’ and’ tackling key problems of improving Fe/SiO2 _ 2 technology of flash furnace slag’, have made key breakthroughs, gradually opened up production processes and carried out on-site industrial production. The company gives full play to the role of innovation platform and cultivates leading talents in scientific and technological innovation, in order to create an innovative atmosphere within the company, stimulate the innovation vitality of the company, and ensure that under the guidance of high-quality development, the innovative atmosphere is continuously enhanced and the scientific and technological innovation ability is steadily improved. Up to now, relying on the national enterprise technology center, the company has set up an academician expert workstation and 17 technological innovation platforms, including 2 national, 11 provincial, 4 enterprise-level and 7 subordinate high-tech enterprises.

(IV) Construction of internal control

In the first half of 2022, we will continue to optimize and improve the internal control system based on the company’s articles of association in combination with the relevant requirements of the company’s three-year reform and the construction of the internal control system, so as to effectively improve the company’s governance level, management efficiency and risk prevention and control capabilities. Formulated the Work Arrangement for Improving the Two-level Internal Control System in 2022, and compiled the Internal Control System (Revision) Plan; We revised and improved the Articles of Association and related systems for regulating the construction of the company’s board of directors, and comprehensively completed the phased work of combing and integrating internal control systems that meet the operational requirements of state-owned assets supervision and listing norms in business areas such as scientific and technological development, budget and marketing. Up to now, 29 internal control systems have been newly built, 40 internal control systems have been revised, 73 internal control systems have been abolished, and 401 internal control systems covering 198 key business management processes in 10 categories covering all businesses and management have been established and improved.







The company gives full play to the advantages of party building, ideology and politics, innovation and creation, organization and management of large state-owned enterprises, and actively carries out consumer assistance. In the first half of 2022, it invested 1.48 million yuan in helping Huining County and Chengxian County, mainly for rural revitalization and enriching people’s industries; The company organized to invest 3,819,200 yuan in consumer assistance funds to help solve the problem of difficult sales of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas; The company strives for 150,000 yuan from send warm, Gansu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, and helps 124 people in difficulty; Strive for the Baiyin City Federation of Trade Unions to help fund 687,650 yuan and help 99 employees with difficulties. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the company organized more than 1,000 employees to donate blood for free in stages and batches, and 192 employees have actively participated in voluntary blood donation. At the same time, the company sent anti-epidemic materials and food to the frontline workers at the grassroots level to convey positive energy, establish a new fashion, and fulfill corporate political and social responsibilities with high pattern, high standards and high goals.

Major changes in the company’s operation during the reporting period, as well as matters that have a significant impact on the company’s operation during the reporting period and are expected to have a significant impact in the future.

Third, possible risks

1. Market environmental risks. Non-ferrous metal industry is a basic raw material industry in the fields of national economy, people’s daily life and national defense industry. It belongs to a typical cyclical industry and is closely related to the macroeconomic operation. Macroeconomic fluctuations have a great impact on the prices of non-ferrous metal products. By strengthening the research and analysis of macro-economy, government policies and industry development, the company makes timely countermeasures for possible risks.

2. Industrial policy risks. With the deepening of domestic supply-side reform and the rising competition threshold, head enterprises will accelerate the integration of factor resources, focus on solving the key challenges faced by the industry in terms of resources, energy and technology, and store energy for future industrial development, which will accelerate the reorganization and integration of superior resources, promote the improvement of industry concentration and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. The company will take advantage of the great opportunity of the state to promote the reform of state-owned capital, actively strive for the policy support of the state and Gansu Province, continuously optimize the industrial layout and improve the conditions for industrial development.

3. Political risks. South Africa and Peru, the main investment places of the company, have good political relations with the government of China, and both countries are countries with low political risks. With the deepening of economic cooperation between China and the two countries, the investment risks are controllable. At the same time, the company’s local management personnel actively pay attention to political trends and maintain a high degree of contact with the embassy, and report the relevant situation to the company in time to ensure that the risks are controllable.

4. Domestic and foreign legal risks. The legal risks faced by the company are mainly litigation and arbitration risks, and the laws of the countries where overseas investment is made are different, so it is necessary to face a large number of legal contracts and related legal issues cautiously. The company will do a good job in relevant legal work, continue to improve the legal risk prevention system at home and abroad, establish and improve the legal risk prevention system at home and abroad, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company to the maximum extent, provide professional services and legal advice by hiring a professional team of lawyers, and participate in the transaction process, thus providing a strong guarantee for controlling legal risks.

5. Environmental risks. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements for comprehensive management of ecological environment in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the goal and vision of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality put forward by the state, it has become an important task for mining and metallurgy enterprises to carry out green manufacturing at present. Facing the increasingly severe environmental pressure, the company will strengthen the analysis of industry policies, formulate reasonable production and management strategies, strengthen environmental protection, promote the application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, and realize green development.

6. Product price risk. The prices of the company’s main products such as copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver are mainly determined with reference to domestic and international market prices. The domestic and international market prices of these metals are not only affected by changes in supply and demand, but also closely related to the development of macroeconomics and downstream related industries. Great changes in the global economic environment, market supply and demand, industry development policies, tariffs and exchange rates will have a great impact on product prices and aggravate the fluctuation range and frequency of non-ferrous product prices. By making full use of risk hedging means, the company standardizes hedging to minimize the adverse impact on the company’s operations.

7. Raw material procurement risk. The price of raw materials is closely related to the prices of basic metals such as copper, zinc and lead. The price of base metals is not only affected by changes in supply and demand, but also by the development of macro-economy and downstream related industries. In addition, the epidemic situation will also have an impact on the supply of non-ferrous materials and the price of non-ferrous metals. In the first half of 2022, the epidemic situation occurred repeatedly at home and abroad, which affected the procurement of raw materials at home and abroad to varying degrees. The transportation was blocked and the planned arrival was delayed, which had a certain impact on the production of enterprises. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to an increase in oil prices and freight rates, which led to an increase in procurement costs and production costs of enterprises. If the above factors lead to the continuous decline in the price of basic metals, it will reduce the selling price of the company’s products, which will adversely affect the company’s operating performance.

Measures to deal with the risk of raw material procurement: keep a close eye on the changing factors such as market price, exchange rate, demand, processing fee and supply, keep abreast of the production situation of smelters and mines at home and abroad, and formulate procurement strategies and modes according to market information, inventory situation and production situation; Increase the proportion of mine procurement at home and abroad, and sign long-term strategic cooperation agreements with mining enterprises to ensure long-term stable supply. Dig deep into the market potential, graft the trading platform of subsidiaries, give full play to the channels and advantages of subsidiaries, increase the market share, and enhance the market control ability and raw material guarantee ability. Fine management, standardize the procurement process, optimize the management mode of procurement funds, speed up capital turnover, and improve the level of risk prevention and control.

8. Trading risks of financial derivatives. The financial derivatives transactions conducted by the company are mainly hedging business. Hedging can help enterprises to transfer and avoid price risks, but at the same time, they have to face various risks brought by hedging transactions. The main risks are divided into compliance risk, market risk, cash flow risk, liquidity risk, basis risk, credit risk, operational risk and agreement legal risk. The company will strictly implement the business rules of the futures exchange and the relevant systems of the company’s hedging business to effectively prevent trading risks.

Iv. analysis of core competitiveness during the reporting period

(A) scientific and technological innovation

The company leads technological innovation and management innovation with concept innovation, and continues to carry out technological research and development and tackle key problems, and its technical support role is increasing day by day. In the first half of 2022, the company applied for 154 patents, including 60 invention patents; 64 patents were authorized, including 22 invention patents; Completed 3 patents in Gansu Province and published 33 scientific papers; 198 technical research and R&D projects were carried out, 4 national provincial science and technology projects were declared, and 2 Baiyin science and technology projects were declared.

(2) Information on domestic and overseas resources

Domestic resources: The company has mine resources, with 7,983,300 tons of copper, lead and zinc, including 248,200 tons of copper, 1,578,000 tons of lead and 6,157,100 tons of zinc. The amount of gold metal is 14.56 tons, the amount of silver metal is 1,817.35 tons and the amount of molybdenum metal is 14,500 tons.

Overseas resources: Shouxin Peru Company, a holding subsidiary established by the company in Peru, has achieved a production capacity of 6.8 million tons/year for copper, iron, gold, silver and other polymetallic ores.

As of June 30, 2022, the gold resources of First Gold, a wholly-owned company of the company, were 29.03 million ounces, about 902.9 tons, and the gold reserves were 556,000 ounces, about 17.3 tons; Don Giza Company, a wholly-owned company of the company, controls+infers the amount of gold and metal of 1.5317 tons (about 4.9245 million ounces), including 1.2166 tons (about 3.9116 million ounces) of gold and metal of control level and 31.51 tons (about 1.0131 million ounces) of gold and metal of inferred level.

(C) Circular economy

The company has the key technology of comprehensive utilization of complex and refractory copper smelting slag resources in baiyin furnace, and comprehensively recovered valuable elements such as copper, gold and silver from copper smelting slag.

It has a production line with an annual processing capacity of 1.4 million tons of copper smelting slag, with an annual comprehensive recovery capacity of 22,000 tons of copper, and the comprehensive recovery of copper metal is equivalent to a medium-sized mine.

With the smelting technology of low-sulfur and high-lead secondary copper materials, the efficient separation of copper, lead, zinc, precious metals and impurities has been realized.

Has the key technology of multi-source solid waste collaborative utilization in copper, lead and zinc smelting.

It has a new technology of efficient separation and comprehensive recovery of copper, cadmium and cobalt from zinc smelting purification slag.

It has the technology of efficient and controllable recovery of copper and rhenium from copper smelting acid system.

It has the technology of separating zinc and lead from hard zinc and extracting indium to enrich precious metals.

It has a complete set of technology and production line for treating 140,000 tons of zinc hydrometallurgy slag every year.

(D) A variety of complementary processes

The company is a comprehensive production base of various non-ferrous metals in China, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of copper, 400,000 tons of lead and zinc, 15 tons of gold and 500 tons of silver. It has the unique advantages of comprehensive development of copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver, and the industrial chain is connected and matched, with obvious complementary and synergistic advantages.

In the field of copper smelting, the company’s "Silver Copper Smelting Method" smelting process is the only copper smelting technology with independent intellectual property rights in China. Through years of technical research and development, the overall process and supporting technology of "New Silver Copper Melting Tank Melting Furnace" have been innovated and won the second prize of national invention and the first prize of national scientific and technological progress, with strong applicability of raw materials and unique advantages of technology. At present, the flash furnace system of the upgrading and transformation project of copper smelting technology has reached the production standard, which indicates that the flash furnace will realize a strong alliance with the only new baiyin furnace with independent intellectual property rights in China, and the comprehensive competitiveness of silver nonferrous copper smelting will be greatly enhanced through the substantial improvement of raw material applicability and the complementarity of process comparative advantages.

In the field of lead and zinc, the company adopts the new jarosite wet zinc smelting process and the improved ISP fire zinc smelting process. The 152㎡ fluidized roaster is the first roaster with the largest hearth area in the world, forming a new generation of zinc metallurgical technology with independent intellectual property rights in China, and its energy consumption and environmental protection level have reached the highest requirements of the industry, creating a low-cost green and low-carbon development road for the industry. ISP pyrometallurgical zinc smelting process is the only smelting process in the industry that can realize the mixing of copper, lead and zinc, and has outstanding advantages in comprehensive utilization of resources. It can treat all kinds of low-grade lead and zinc mixed ores, lean ores, refractory ores and secondary oxidized materials containing lead and zinc, and maximize the enrichment and recovery of the associated valuable metals in raw materials. The pyrometallurgical zinc smelting and wet contact process have obvious complementary advantages.

Precious metal treatment system, the Caldo furnace process introduced by OutotecAB, has the production capacity of comprehensively processing 4000 tons of copper-lead anode slime, recovering 15 tons of gold and 500 tons of silver, and producing refined selenium, platinum, palladium, tellurium and other products.

By giving full play to the complementary and synergistic advantages of the process, the associated valuable metals and rare elements in the concentrate can pass through the corresponding smelting process, and the comprehensive utilization of resources can be realized to the greatest extent. It has the annual comprehensive recovery capacity of 6,500 tons of copper metal and about 750 tons of associated and rare metals such as selenium, cadmium, rhenium, tellurium, bismuth, antimony, indium, platinum, palladium, cobalt and nickel.

(E) Extension of high-end industrial chain

The company has a production capacity of 200,000 tons of copper smelting, which has laid a solid foundation for further extending the downstream processing and manufacturing industry chain of the copper industry, optimizing the industrial structure and enhancing the systematic competitiveness of the whole value chain of the company’s copper industry sector.

Changtong company, a subsidiary of the company, is a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan. The leading products are high and low temperature superconducting cables; Fine and ultra-fine electromagnetic wire; Power cable; Cables, overhead conductors and special cables for electrical equipment. The products are used in major projects at home and abroad, such as Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, Tiangong-1, Shenzhou series, State Grid Project, large-scale hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power generation project, high and low temperature superconducting cables for national science projects and international cooperation projects, and many other fields. 40 superconducting cables with a total length of 30 kilometers have been provided for the international thermonuclear fusion experimental reactor and the China fusion experimental reactor project. Up to now, Changtong Company has built a production base of 16,000 square meters of micro electromagnetic wires, forming a production capacity of 10,000 tons of micro electromagnetic wires of various models and specifications, realizing the extreme manufacturing of ultra-micro electromagnetic wires (0.012mm), and the technical level has reached the leading position in China. Simultaneously carry out the capacity expansion project of micro electromagnetic wire, further improve the production capacity of micro electromagnetic wire to 20 thousand tons/year, and lay a good foundation for deepening the development of micro electromagnetic wire market and exerting scale effect.

The Silk Road Big Data Co., Ltd., in which the company shares, further relies on the advantages of shareholders, based on the new platform, and creates new breakthrough points and growth points; Gansu Defu New Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of battery-grade high-grade copper foil. Electrolytic copper foil for high-grade lithium batteries is a key component of lithium-ion batteries, which is at the front end of the new energy industry chain, and is the basis for the development of end products in the fields of information communication, consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive electronics, energy-saving lighting, industrial control, aerospace, military industry and so on. The construction of electrolytic copper foil project for high-grade lithium batteries is a powerful measure for the company to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, extend the industrial chain, optimize the industrial layout and improve the market competitiveness. By the end of June, 2022, Gansu Defu New Materials Co., Ltd. has formed a production capacity of 30,000 tons, and is accelerating the implementation of the third phase of 40,000 tons and subsequent capacity expansion projects. After the overall project is completed, it will further exert the scale effect and enhance economic benefits.

(6) Procurement of raw materials

The main competitiveness of the company’s domestic mine procurement is reflected in its regional advantages. Through the nearby procurement in Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places, the price advantage is obvious.

The procurement of imported minerals is mainly based on signing long-term contracts with foreign mining enterprises to ensure stable supply and reduce logistics costs; At the same time, constantly standardize the contract terms, improve the performance service ability and reduce the procurement risk.

Make full use of the rich mineral resources in Central Asia and the advantages of the national "Belt and Road" strategic policy, strive for national policy support, strengthen project cooperation with foreign mines, logistics groups and border ports along the route, maximize import efficiency, improve customs clearance timeliness and convenience, and reduce import costs.

(VII) Product sales

The company’s main products, copper and zinc, are sold at the spot price of copper and zinc in the month of Shanghai Futures Exchange plus the daily premium. The pricing method is advanced, flexible, closer to the market and highly transparent, and the customer’s purchase intention is enhanced by agreeing on the spot price period.

The company’s sales network covers areas and provinces and cities with rapid economic development in China, which can effectively cope with market changes and ensure that products are produced and sold immediately.

The company hedges products and raw materials to effectively prevent and control price risks.

The company’s domestic market share of copper, lead and zinc is currently 2.5%, 0.4% and 4.2%, and the product quality has also been widely recognized by customers in the market, with high credibility and competitiveness.

(8) Investment and trade business

According to the company’s development strategy, we will continue to accelerate the layout of investment and trade business, gather international high-end talents, and promote transformation and leapfrog development. Focusing on resource development, the company implemented the strategy of "going out" overseas to ensure resources, and successively set up platforms for capital operation, investment management and trade business in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Peru, forming a marketing and trade network at home and abroad, and the pace of the company’s international operation has been accelerating.

The company continues to expand and innovate traditional trading business, accelerate the construction of market-oriented marketing system, serve the company’s main business, fully tap the industrial value and financial value of raw materials and products in the whole value chain of the main business by building a financial trading platform and rationally using hedging tools, increase the trade income of enterprises and enhance the ability to control resources through trade.

(9) Talent team

After years of professional production accumulation, we have cultivated a team of industrial workers who cover all sectors and products of non-ferrous metals, have rich production experience and operational skills, and love their jobs and are dedicated. Forging has trained a group of professionals including geology, surveying, mining, mineral processing, smelting, processing, chemical engineering, futures trading and international and domestic trade expertise; With well-known experts and academic leaders in relevant academic fields in China, a talent echelon construction management system has been established, which includes talent introduction, selection, training, use and dynamic operation of incentive mechanism. By the end of June 2022, the company had 7,456 talents of all kinds, accounting for 50.5% of the total number of employees. Among them, 3,261 professionals (including 1,956 engineers) accounted for 43.7% of the total talents, and 4,195 skilled talents accounted for 56.3% of the total talents. Among professional and technical personnel, there are 40 senior titles, 421 deputy senior titles, 1,241 intermediate titles and 1,463 junior titles; Among skilled personnel, there are 233 senior technicians, 878 technicians, 2211 senior workers, 610 intermediate workers and 263 junior workers. Among all kinds of talents in the company, there are 26 experts who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, innovative talents in Gansu Province, leading talents in Gansu Province, young innovative talents in Longyuan, and chief experts in Baiyin City, and 55 winners of the nonferrous metals industry, Gansu Province’s "technical experts" and skills awards in nonferrous metals industry.

(X) Corporate culture

Focusing on the characteristics of the company’s strategy and transition, it has enriched the new connotation of the times with "hard struggle" as the core value concept, further studied and refined the company’s core cultural concept, and completed the interpretation of the sub-cultural concepts such as gratitude, contract, ecology, leadership, execution, innovation, competence, safety, quality and customers.

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  Author: Qin Chunhua

  □ Education has been simplified into a straight line for further studies. All the processes exist only for that final result: going to Peking University or Harvard. No one told these children what to do after going to Peking University or Harvard. Since then, life has been smooth, and we will never encounter all kinds of troubles, difficulties and hardships?

  -just busy looking for what kind of school for children, what kind of teachers to find, what kind of conditions to provide for children, how much knowledge to teach students, and how many marks to improve students are all lazy practices, and in fact they have given up their educational responsibilities as parents and teachers.

  □ Life is a journey of discovering yourself, and the road has to come out step by step. Realizing what kind of person you will become in the future is like a lighthouse in the distance, which can constantly illuminate the way forward.

  In the first half of this year, I went to Shanghai to interview students. The students have made very serious preparations, one by one, just like the application materials provided by them. Without exception, every student has excellent academic performance — — At least in the top 5% of the grade; Outstanding artistic expertise — — At least one musical instrument; Won awards for scientific and technological innovation at all levels — — At least the second prize at the municipal level; Enthusiastic about public welfare — — Go to the nursing home to wash the feet of the elderly at least once; Wait a minute. While lamenting the high comprehensive quality of Shanghai students, I also have a faint regret: they look so perfect that they don’t seem to see any shortcomings; They look so alike, just like a set of "furniture" made by a mold.

  Including their performance in the interview is also very similar. One by one, sitting in danger, smiling without showing teeth; Speak clearly and cadently, as if reciting a poem affectionately. A student came up and said, "Confucius said … …” I interrupted him and asked him what his name was. After he told me, he went on to say "Zi Yue". I interrupted him again and told him that I didn’t care how to say it, but what I cared about was what you wanted to say. He blushed and couldn’t say a word. Another student sat confidently in front of me, waiting for me to ask all kinds of possible questions, as if everything was under control. I said, I don’t have any questions for you. Do you have any questions for me? She didn’t expect me to ask such a question at all, and suddenly she panicked and was tongue-tied and almost cried.

  Obviously, all the students have received some interview training before coming, and at least have seen some "treasure books" on how to deal with the interview, but perhaps no one told them that I am not interested in who they are, but who they really are.

  What surprises me most is that when I ask them what kind of person you want to be in the future, few people can answer. The students told me that they didn’t think about it at all.

  Really never thought about it? Actually, it is not. He (she) once thought about this question, but it was a long time ago, so long that he (she) even forgot it.

  When I was a child, whenever an adult asked a child, what do you want to be when you grow up? Children always answer happily: scientists, astronauts, pilots, police uncles (aunts) … … However, when the children go to school, these problems are never mentioned again, as if they never appeared. Listening to lectures in class, doing homework at home and attending remedial classes are the whole life of students. As for what children’s interests are, what kind of people they want to be when they grow up and what kind of life they live, no one seems to care, even the children themselves don’t care. Almost all teachers, parents and students only care about one thing: how many points they got in the exam and what school they can go to.

  A growth track that is recognized as a good student, or a perfect education roadmap imagined by parents, looks like this: go to the best kindergarten in the local area; I knew a lot of Chinese characters before I went to primary school, I can do complex math problems, I can recite many classic articles in large paragraphs, and I speak fluent English. Then go to the best local primary and secondary schools; Admitted to the best university in China — — Peking University, Tsinghua; Go to the best university in the world after graduation — — Harvard, wait. Of course, many people have been aiming at famous schools such as Eton and Exeter since junior high school. Not to mention that not everyone can achieve these goals, even if all of them are achieved, then what? Where is the goal of life?

  I really want to ask: what will happen after being admitted to Peking University?

  This is not my imagination. Over the years, I have seen many excellent children all over the world. They are all talented, hardworking, and have never failed. They are always among the top groups of their peers, choosing the best schools and classes, and they are the envy of others. However, few people can observe their inner pain and confusion.

  Many students from Peking University or Harvard told me that going to Peking University or Harvard was their goal since childhood, but one day when they were really in the campus that appeared in their dreams for countless times, they often fell into deep anxiety: What should they do next? Like a mountaineer’s confusion on Mount Everest: Where is the next mountain?

  Life needs goals, but society, schools and families have not taught children how to find and set their own goals. Our understanding of life and education is too simple and lacking in imagination. We always ask our children to be successful, to be better than others, and to be admitted to the best school, but we rarely tell them what success means, where the happiness of life comes from, and what is best for them. Education has been simplified into a straight line for further studies. All the processes exist only for that final result: going to Peking University or Harvard. No one told these children what to do after going to Peking University or Harvard. Since then, life has been smooth, and we will never encounter all kinds of troubles, difficulties and hardships? In 1923, Mr. Lu Xun once thought-provoking asked: "What happened after Nora left?" I also want to ask: "What happened after I was admitted to Peking University?"

  Going to school is to get a good education, but just as savings can’t be automatically converted into investment, going to school doesn’t necessarily mean getting a good education. The reason why we send our children to school is not because they have to go to school, but because they have to be fully prepared for their future lives. Going to school is a process that a person must go through in order to achieve his life goals. In this process, the most important thing is to realize what kind of person you will become in the future.

  It is not easy to do this. Everyone comes to the world with a unique mission, which is the value of independent individuals. The difference is that some people can find their mission and finally achieve great things; Some people don’t find their mission, and they end up doing nothing and living a lifetime. Just like marriage, "a radish is a pit", and everyone has their own "uniqueness". Some people find the "only" that matches them, and their marriage is happy; Some people don’t find it, and marriage is not happy, at least not happy.

  Although a person’s life is long and there seem to be many things to do, there is only one thing that can really be done. This is a person’s mission to the world. Discover that the mission cannot rely on the "apocalypse" — — Although many people do suddenly realize their mission in their dreams or flashes of light — — Education is the most important and fundamental means. The value of education lies in awakening the potential in every child’s heart and helping them find the special mission hidden in the body and the thing they are destined to do.

  This is the real challenge that every school and every family faces in education. It is more important and fundamental to know what kind of person you will become in the future than which school you go to and how many points you get. Avoiding or ignoring this problem, just being busy with what kind of school to find for children, what kind of teachers to find, what kind of conditions to provide for children, how much knowledge to teach students, and how many marks to improve students are all lazy practices, and in fact giving up the educational responsibility as parents and teachers.

  In fact, once a child realizes what kind of person he will be in the future, he will inspire endless motivation from his heart to strive to achieve his goals. Numerous research results have proved that this endogenous driving force is far greater and more effective than the externally imposed force for human growth. We should be soberly aware that life is not a game designed by others. As long as we invest time and money and configure more powerful "equipment", we can get through customs. Once the customs clearance is completed and the game is over, life will immediately face a situation where there is no way out. Life is a journey of self-discovery, and the road depends on yourself step by step. Realizing what kind of person you will become in the future is like a lighthouse in the distance, which can constantly illuminate the way forward.

  Know what you like? Make a negative list first.

  So, how can we know what kind of person we will become in the future? In other words, how can we find the special potential in our life? Everyone’s methods may be different, but the most important thing is to listen to your inner voice, find your real interest and realize why your life will come, just like Steve Jobs who was born for Apple.

  Generally speaking, an excellent person will never do anything too badly. The real difficulty is to distinguish whether it is something you really like. The way to judge whether you really like it or not is very simple, that is, whether you are obsessed with it, whether you can willingly devote time and energy to it regardless of utility and stick to it all the time. True obsession is a state of lovesickness. I think about it during the day and at night, even dreaming. I can’t help laughing when I think of him (her). I will think of him (her) when I see anything, and all I talk to others is him (her). I am excited about it, crazy about it, and even crazy about it. It is a state of immersion in happiness. "If you don’t go crazy, you won’t survive." If you don’t reach this state, you won’t be obsessed, and you won’t be really interested.

  I suggest that every student, no matter how heavy his schoolwork is, must spare some time to be alone every day, leave a little gentle space for his mind, and listen to his deep desire in a completely relaxed state. Sometimes, you can take out a blank sheet of paper and write down your thoughts. No matter how naive, ridiculous or even shocking these ideas seem, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, they are written for themselves and have nothing to do with others.

  Some people say that I just don’t feel anything, I don’t know what I like or even what I don’t like. What should I do? A good way is trial and error. Keep trying everything, and get rid of things you don’t like in the process of trying. Make yourself a negative list. Don’t be afraid of failure. For students, the cost of failure is very small. As long as they are not expelled or dropped out of school, they can return to the classroom and start all over again.

  Be patient with yourself. Not everyone can find their "the only thrill", which takes time and effort. Don’t worry when you can’t find it, take your time, but you must keep looking for it. You may not find it if you look for it, but you won’t find it if you don’t look for it. At the same time, we should have confidence in ourselves. Since you are here for this matter, no one can steal it. It doesn’t matter if you find it earlier or later. The important thing is that you like it from your heart. Remember the American Grandma Moses who picked up a paintbrush at the age of 77? Her story tells us that as long as you really like to do something, you can start at any time, even if you are 80 years old.

  Life is not only a life, but also a quality life. Judging whether a life has quality depends on whether every day is the day you really want. "If you hear the Tao, you will die in the evening." As long as you find something you really like, even for one day, it is a happy and quality life.

  (The author is Dean of Peking University Examination and Research Institute)

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Fully Giving Urban Real Estate Control Autonomy

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Lu Yang
Good news in the real estate market. On January 26th, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held the deployment meeting of urban real estate financing coordination mechanism. The meeting was clear,It is necessary to meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership equally. In addition, local cities will be fully given the autonomy of real estate regulation and control, and real estate policies can be adjusted according to local conditions.
The orderly development and construction of real estate projects is the basis for the stable and healthy operation of the property market and concerns the vital interests of the people. In view of the current financing difficulties of some real estate projects, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed that all localities should focus on projects, pay close attention to research and put forward a list of real estate projects that can be given financing support, coordinate financial institutions in their respective administrative areas to issue loans, and accurately and effectively support reasonable financing needs.
It is more important to manage the funds well. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed that credit funds should be ensured to be operated in a closed way and used in compliance, and misappropriation should be resolutely prevented. At the provincial level, it is necessary to track and monitor the implementation and strengthen supervision and guidance; At the national level, an information platform for urban real estate financing coordination mechanism projects will be established, and weekly scheduling and monthly notification will be implemented. The reporter learned that,Before the end of this month, loans can be obtained after the first batch of projects are listed.
"It is a major measure to meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership and promote a virtuous circle of finance and real estate." The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that for this,The people’s governments of cities at or above the prefecture level should play a leading and coordinating role, quickly establish and operate this important mechanism, timely judge the local real estate market situation and real estate financing needs, build a communication platform between government, banks and enterprises, promote the accurate docking of real estate enterprises and financial institutions, and coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems existing in real estate financing.
Nowadays, the relationship between supply and demand in the real estate market has undergone major changes. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed that all localities should adhere to the policy of the city, precise policy, one city and one policy, and make good use of the policy toolbox. Cities around the world will be fully given the autonomy of urban real estate regulation, and cities can adjust their real estate policies according to local conditions. At the same time, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that it is necessary to rectify the order of the real estate market and correct the chaos in real estate development, transactions, intermediary and property.
Li Yujia, chief researcher of the Housing Policy Research Center of Guangdong Urban Planning Institute, said that in practice, banks are often worried about risks and have low trust in housing enterprises. Therefore, today’s policy focus has shifted to the optimization of the coordination mechanism, that is, pushing the list of qualified loan projects to financial institutions and financing these projects, thus supporting the development and construction of real estate projects and promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.