100 new pure electric taxis were successfully delivered

Business Daily News (Correspondent, Yan Qiang, Trainee Reporter, Gu Shuichen) "The experience of driving the new car is very good. I feel that the braking performance and charging speed of the new car have been upgraded." Talking about the new taxi he bought, Ouyang, an old master with more than 20 years of driving experience, was quite excited.

Yesterday afternoon, the theme activity of Hangzhou’s most beautiful taxis helping a better life "Welcome July 1st" and the signing ceremony of the industry party building joint construction and the delivery ceremony of the new car of "oil to electricity" were successfully held. 100 Geely Automobile geometric A model new energy taxis were successfully delivered to the hands of Hangzhou taxi masters.

The "oil-to-electricity" project for taxis in Hangzhou began several years ago. In 2022, Hangzhou proposed that new and updated cruise taxis in the urban area must be new energy pure electric vehicles, and the vehicles should comply with the "Hangzhou Cruise Taxi Vehicle Technical Standards".

In this standard, specific requirements are made for cruise taxi vehicles to use new energy pure electric vehicles, with a wheelbase of not less than 2700 mm, a trunk volume of not less than 400 liters, and a mileage of not less than 400 kilometers under comprehensive operating conditions (except for electric pure electric vehicles).

Two years on, the project is progressing smoothly. The reporter learned that more than 8,000 cruise taxis have been updated in the city, and more than 6,500 in Shangcheng District, Xihu District, Gongshu District and Binjiang District. Hu Huijian, director of the taxi department of the Hangzhou Road Transport Management Service Center, said, "There are more than 14,000 taxis in Hangzhou, and the current proportion of new energy vehicles has exceeded 60%. We expect that in 2027, all cruise taxis in Hangzhou will be updated to new energy vehicles."

In addition to the delivery of new energy vehicles, the event also awarded the 2023 taxi industry "two excellent and one first" recognition to 23 outstanding party members who have achieved excellent results. The Party Committee of Hangzhou Passenger Taxi Industry Association, the Party Branch of Zhejiang Petroleum Company of China Aviation Oil Group, and the Sixth Party Branch of the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Management Service Center also signed a party building and joint construction contract to gather the power of the charging and replacement industry and the taxi industry, and enjoy the privilege and empower high-quality development.

In addition, on the day of delivery, Hangzhou United Bank also launched the "oil to electricity" special project financial services, which helped transportation companies and car owners to realize the "oil to electricity" renewal and transformation of vehicles.

Chen Jian, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Transportation Industry, said that next, it will also be committed to improving barrier-free travel services, ensuring that more than 500 barrier-free taxis are operated on the road, and further improving the Hangzhou Taxi 95128 hotline.

On July 29th, Jet Li said that patriotism is the premise of friendship.

1905 movie network news On April 21st, the film was released in Beijing, attended by Yu Dong, president of Bona Film, Xiang Huaqiang, chairman of China Star Film, and Chen Lan, together with Jet Li and Zuo Zuo, and announced that the film will be officially released on July 29th. At the press conference, Jet Li recalled his co-production with China Star, and said with emotion that the most important value guarantee for co-operation with him is to safeguard the dignity of the motherland and territorial integrity.


"The Legend of the Gods" stars gathered in Jet Li to join hands with China Star again.


The story of the Romance of the Gods is widely known in China: Jiang Ziya assisted Zhou Shi (Zhou Wenwang and Zhou Wuwang) in the crusade against the wanton tyrant Shang Zhouwang, and people, immortals, demons and demons fought wits and fought bravely, and finally the gods returned to their places, making the world awe-inspiring. Jet Li, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Wen, Louis Koo, Angelababy, Jacky, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Summer Xu, Zu Feng and Chen Xiaochun were invited to perform in this film "Legend of Gods", with Xu An as the director and Ye Weixin as the producer. Xiang Huaqiang said: "It has its own world. We also have our own world of gods, so I spent a lot of money on costumes and landscaping, and made a lot of CG special effects. I hope it will be a family movie."


At the press conference, besides the 30-second trailer of The Legend of Gods, a wonderful video about the cooperation between Jet Li and China Star was also shown. This carefully edited video is a gift to Jet Li, the couple’s old friend. In the video, the wonderful moments of classic works such as Black Xia, which was co-produced by Jet Li and China Star, were flashed back. Jet Li couldn’t help looking back on the past years. "Speaking of which, the last time I worked with China Star, it was in 1998, which was already in the last century. After so many years, I am really happy to be able to catch up with my old friends today. "


Jet Li recalled the friendship with Xiang Huaqiang and emphasized the importance of patriotism.


It is understood that Jet Li’s participation in "The Legend of the Gods" is entirely due to Xiang Tai’s sentence, "Everyone is a friend for many years, not pointing a gun at his head like the legend." Xiang Tai also revealed that the age span of Jiang Ziya played by Jet Li is from two months to two hundred years old. "So everyone hopes to see Jet Li’s handsome appearance at the age of 17." Jet Li also recalled his friendship with the couple with great emotion: "They influenced my life’s values, that is, to safeguard national dignity and territorial integrity at all times. Everyone may think that they are legendary, but they are all very patriotic. In the past 30 years, we have experienced the tsunami together, and the One Foundation was also helped by them. Unlike the legend in the gossip, our friendship is very heavy. "


In the film, Xiang Huaqiang’s son plays a muscular version of Lei Zhenzi to the left: "He loves to help others, is also very honest and frank, is very filial, and is still a bit like me." To the left, Jet Li, the "Jiang Ziya" in the film, is also a life mentor in his life. "My martial arts study was influenced by Jiege. This time I saw him play Jiang Ziya, who is 200 years old. It was very hard to stick that beard. He was too dedicated." Jet Li said with a smile: "Dedication is dedication, but complaints are definitely flying all over the sky." Jet Li also said that he grew up from a little fat man to the left. "I have always advised him to learn more knowledge and become a boss in the future, but he won’t listen and must be an action star. I want to say let him practice wrestling. I didn’t expect him to persist for five or six years from the age of 25."

Topic | China volleyball set off the "tide of studying abroad" by relying on real skills, reputation and achievements.

On February 11th, the Gdansk Club of Polish Men’s Volleyball announced that Zhang Jingyin, a player from China, will play in the Polish Men’s Volleyball League wearing the same No.22 jersey as the national team. Zhang Jingyin has also become another China player to join a high-level overseas league after Jiangchuan and Zhu Ting. China players are being recognized by overseas clubs and awarded overseas league contracts by virtue of their outstanding performance in the national team and league. Zhang Jingyin hopes that she can play abroad and bring back good experience, so that China volleyball can make progress.

The local team of the Association recommended overseas league recognition.

Recently, China’s men’s and women’s volleyball national teams have assembled in Fujian and Zhejiang training bases to start a new year’s training. Different from previous years, many main players did not appear in the training base. Under the recommendation and operation of China Volleyball Association and local teams, men’s volleyball team captain Jiang Chuan, women’s volleyball team captain Zhu Ting, men’s volleyball league popular king Zhang Jingyin and other players have landed in overseas leagues.

This is a gratifying step for China Volleyball to improve its volleyball level by sending high-level athletes to join high-level leagues. On the other hand, the level of men’s and women’s volleyball in China has also been recognized by overseas leagues. Zhu Ting, the captain of China Women’s Volleyball Team, won an annual salary of one million euros in the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League. Zhu Ting’s performance in the previous national team conquered the top overseas leagues. At the beginning of this year, Yao Di, a setter who just won the China Women’s Volleyball Super League championship on behalf of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, also got a contract with Scandi odd team in Serie A and became a teammate with Zhu Ting.

Zhang Jingyin, a Zhejiang player who performed well in the China Men’s Volleyball Super League, arrived in Gdansk, Poland on the 11th with his coaching team, and will soon join the Polish Men’s Volleyball Super League. Zhang Jingyin’s jersey number in the club is still the number 22 of the national team. The Polish Men’s Volleyball Super League is one of the three top men’s volleyball leagues in the world. As the first China player to play in Bochao, Zhang Jingyin is facing a lot of challenges. First of all, the number of foreign aid players in Bo Chao League is limited to three, and secondly, Zhang Jingyin will also face the test of strong blocking in Europe. In this regard, Zhang Jingyin said that she is going to participate in the competition with a learning attitude.

Serie A welcomed the third foreign aid from China this season. Born in 2000, she served as the main attack and response of Sichuan women’s volleyball team in the past two seasons. As the absolute core of the team, Miao Yiwen averaged 6.59 and 5.86 in the current China Women’s Volleyball League, ranking first in both rankings. In the ranking of effective scoring index of main attack players, Miao Yiwen’s effective scoring index reached 4.37. Second only to Li Yingying. It can be said that Miao Yiwen is a Serie A team impressed by the excellent performance of the League.

There is bitterness and sweetness in studying abroad, and fame and position are played out.

Playing in overseas leagues is both an opportunity and a challenge for China players. Overseas club leagues gather masters from all over the world and various styles of play. On the one hand, China players need to compete with opponents across the net, but also compete with teammates for playing opportunities. Just like Zhu Ting, her fame and position are based on competition and achievements.

With the active operation and recommendation of China Volleyball Association and local teams, China men’s volleyball players set off a climax of "studying abroad". Before the start of the Chinese Men’s Volleyball League, Beijing Auto Men’s Volleyball Team has sent many players, including captain Jiang Chuan, Wang Dongchen and Zhang Binglong, to compete overseas and other teams. At present, Peng Shikun, Yu Yuantai and Yu Yaochen have joined Japanese and Qatari Asian clubs to play. At present, Jiangchuan stands firm in Japan Men’s Volleyball League with his skill and hard work. He won the title of scoring champion in a single game in the Japanese league for many times, and was also selected for the All-Star team. On the other hand, in addition to training and playing ball in Hiroshima Club, Jiangchuan is only responsible for two meals a day on training day and competition day. Other necessities of life must be purchased by yourself. Jiangchuan needs to do it personally in diet and daily life to ensure that his body is in the best condition.

When the China Women’s Volleyball Super League came to an end, Beijing Auto Women’s Volleyball Team helped Jin Ye go through the formalities and joined the Jakarta BIN team of Indonesian League together with Chen Peiyan of Guangdong Women’s Volleyball Team. This shows that Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team supports players to play abroad. In the debut of Jin Ye and Chen Peiyan joining the Indonesian League, they helped the team beat the six-time champion national electric women’s volleyball team in the Indonesian League. Unfortunately, after that, the team terminated the contract with Jin Ye, and the national player failed to play the complete Indonesian league.

Training+Studying in China Volleyball requires walking on two legs.

In the 2023 season, both men’s and women’s volleyball teams in China will face the test of competition. In addition to the World League and the Asian Championship, the China Men’s Volleyball Team also has the Asian Games and the Paris Olympic Qualifiers. The three-month training of China Men’s Volleyball Team hopes to strengthen basic skills, further polish skills and tactics, and prepare for the qualification of the Paris Olympic Games. China women’s volleyball team shouted the slogan that the Asian Games must win the championship. At that time, the players who will fight overseas are bound to become an important part of the national team. From training to studying abroad, China volleyball began to walk on two legs.

In late May this year, China women’s volleyball team will soon go to the World Women’s Volleyball League. The 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament held from September 16th to 24th and the Hangzhou Asian Games held from September 28th to October 7th are the most important. Head coach Cai Bin said that the goal of China women’s volleyball team in the Asian Games must be a gold medal. In addition, China women’s volleyball team should get tickets for the Paris Olympic Games in the qualifying round at the first time.

China men’s volleyball training, because many players such as Jiang Chuan and Zhang Jingyin participated in overseas leagues, the number of China men’s volleyball players participating in the training was reduced from 25 to 18. Zhang Jingyin said: "We can broaden our horizons and recognize a different level of league. In high-level clubs, learn how others train and compete. I hope that we can play abroad and bring back their good things, and then we can study together and make progress together. "

The number of women’s volleyball training in China was also reduced from 23 to 18 because Ding Xia, Zhu Ting and others did not participate in the training. At present, Zhu Ting and Yao Di are fighting fiercely in the Italian Women’s Volleyball League. Zhu Ting’s performance is stable, maintaining a success rate of about 50% in many competitions. Yao Di also began to enter the starting list and found his place in the team.

Overseas leagues also give young players a chance to attack the position of China women’s volleyball team in the future. Sun Jie, an assistant from Shandong, has joined Maccabi Club in Haifa, Israel League until the end of the 23rd season. She is the first player from China in the history of Israel Women’s Volleyball League. Sichuan meets Miao Yiwen and becomes the third China player to land in Serie A this season after Zhu Ting and Yao Di. If these players perform well in overseas leagues, they may be able to impress China women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin.

Since she was promoted to the adult group, Miao Yiwen has not had many opportunities to represent China women’s volleyball team in international competitions. Last year, she was selected for the China Women’s Volleyball Team by virtue of her outstanding performance in the League, and participated in the World Women’s Volleyball League sub-competition. Unfortunately, Miao Yiwen only appeared as a substitute in the match with the Thai women’s volleyball team. Since then, she has failed to be selected for the China Women’s Volleyball World Championships. This time, Miao Yiwen impressed Serie A clubs through league performance, and Miao Yiwen also got another chance to prove herself.

Whether these players studying abroad can become the main force of China volleyball national team in the future depends on their own abilities and the needs of the team. Since the pace of volleyball training+studying abroad in China has been taken, we should boldly move forward. As Zhang Jingyin said when talking about his communication with Wu Sheng, head coach of China Men’s Volleyball Team, "Coach Wu also hopes that I can have a good exercise when I go abroad this time, make a major breakthrough in serving and bring back good experience. In the future, I will play well in the national team competition. "

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Yan Peng

Editor/Wang Haozhou


Shanghai Sports Lottery issued a notice of closing for the Spring Festival holiday.

Recently, Shanghai Sports Lottery issued a notice of suspension during the Spring Festival. According to the notice, according to the Announcement of the Ministry of Finance on the Arrangements for the Closing of the Lottery Market in 2024 (Announcement No.73 of the Ministry of Finance in 2023), the closing time of the sports lottery in the Spring Festival of 2024 is from 0: 00 on February 8 to 24: 00 on February 17. During the closing period, except for instant lottery tickets, the sales, lottery and redemption of other lottery games in the country will be stopped.

The national networking lottery and digital games of sports lottery stopped selling at 0: 00 on February 8, 2024, and resumed selling at 0: 00 on February 18; The arrangement of quiz sessions, opening time, closing time and drawing time of traditional sports lottery football games shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant quiz sessions announced by the Lottery Center of the General Administration of Sports. The sales of national online single quiz football games and basketball games stopped at 22: 00 on February 7 and resumed at 11: 00 on February 18. The specific matters are subject to the announcement of SMG.

It is worth noting that the manual service of Shanghai 95086 Sports Lottery Customer Service Hotline Platform was suspended during the closing period and resumed at 9: 00 on February 18th.

In terms of redemption, during the closing period from February 8 to February 17, all sports lottery stores in Shanghai stopped paying small prizes of less than 20,000 yuan (including 20,000 yuan) for computer-based lottery tickets, and resumed redemption on February 18. The redemption time of CCB grand prize is from February 8 to February 17, when the market is closed, the redemption of grand prize will be suspended, and the redemption will be resumed from February 18.

In order to protect the rights and interests of lottery buyers, if the last day of the redemption period of various games falls during the Spring Festival holiday, the deadline for redemption will be postponed to the first day after the holiday (February 18); If the game redemption period includes 10 days (including February 17th) during the Spring Festival holiday, the deadline for redemption will be extended by 2 days. (From January 30th, China Sports Daily, 08 edition) 

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Plaid, the fashion in British blood.

Photo caption 1: Princess Kate’s style in plaid dress.
Photo caption 2: The late Princess Diana dressed in plaid.
Special correspondent of this newspaper Chen Jiacun
Recently, members of the British royal family "wore" the same plaid scarf in public activities. The designer of the scarf was Charles III, who hoped to show the "soft power" of the British royal family. When it comes to British clothes, many people will see a variety of plaid patterns, such as Scottish plaid with unique national characteristics, iconic plaid of luxury brand Burberry, and plaid of thousands of birds necessary for fashionistas … British people like to wear all kinds of plaid patterns on their bodies, which are traditional, trendy, elegant or everyday. It can be said that plaid patterns have become an important representative element of British fashion.
Scottish tartan is full of historical charm.
Perhaps the most distinctive plaid dress in Britain is the Scottish tartan skirt. Wearing a traditional Scottish knee-length plaid skirt, long wool socks, matching a vest and shawl of the same color, hanging a small pocket with exquisite workmanship on the waist, and then picking up an organ, the piano bag is relaxed and the piano sounds melodious …
In people’s impression, plaid is a crisscross of different color lines on wool fabric. These lines are divided into multiple rectangular patterns to form a multi-color plaid combination, showing the aesthetic feeling of interwoven color blocks. It is reported that the earliest tartan in Scotland appeared around the 3rd century AD, and was woven from two different types of wool.
With the development of the times, the plaid pattern on wool fabric becomes more and more complicated. According to statistics, at present, there are as many as 7,000 kinds of plaid patterns registered in Scotland, and more than 500 kinds can be woven. Each plaid has its own name, fixed color scheme and pattern combination, and some of them have interesting stories behind them.
According to records, Celts are good at dyeing and knitting wool. Historically, Celts have demonstrated a person’s status through the number of stripes on clothes. For example, a king’s clothes can have seven stripes, while farmers can only wear one stripe. Later, tartan was once introduced as the symbol of various families in Scotland. During the war, tartan on the battlefield was regarded as a symbol of unity, used to distinguish between the enemy and ourselves, and also used to convey the determination to defend their homes. Scottish tartan tells the development, history and culture of Scottish textile technology. No wonder some people call it "a British history".
British royal family, with fire plaid fashion
In thousands of years, tartan patterns have also been inextricably linked with the British royal family. The plaid patterns in Britain are mainly divided into general patterns and non-general patterns. The general patterns can be worn by anyone, but the production and use of non-general patterns need to be approved by the designer. For example, Barmor Lear Plaid, which came out in the 19th century, can only be worn on the body with the explicit permission of the British monarch for a long time. This plaid pattern was designed by Queen Victoria’s husband, and it is in three colors: gray, black and red. Almost all British monarchs after Queen Victoria have passed through the Barmor Lear plaid. At that time, the only non-royal member who was allowed to wear Barmor’s Lear Plaid was a bagpiper who served the British monarch.
Some tartan patterns have changed from strictly restricted non-universal to universal, such as Royal Stewart tartan. This pattern is Queen Elizabeth II’s "exclusive plaid". Apart from the Queen, many other members of the royal family have also appeared and taken photos in clothes with this pattern, making it one of the most famous plaid patterns in the world. Royal Stewart plaid patterns include red, blue, green and black, and there are many variations, representing different clan branches. Charles III also has his own plaid style.
The British royal family also carries many plaids, such as the famous Prince of Wales plaid. People often think that this plaid will be more elegant in suits. Charles III, Princess Diana, Princess Kate and even Beatles have worn clothes with Prince of Wales plaid. Prince of Wales Plaid is also called Glen Plaid, and its name is inspired by a manor in Scotland. This plaid is composed of three colors of black, white and gray, and the pattern is somewhat complicated-small plaids are intertwined with large plaids. King Edward VII of England first fell in love with this pattern of fabric, and Edward VIII completely brought it into the fashion circle. This pattern is suitable for outdoor scenes, can be paired with jeans, casual and chic, and is also suitable for more important occasions, and can be slightly decorated like a king.
Another plaid style favored by the royal family is the houndstooth plaid, which originated from Glenge, also known as the dog’s tooth plaid-two colors of "canine teeth" are interlaced and diagonally woven together, and the queen, princess, duchess and so on have all worn houndstooth plaid coats to attend public activities.
Living in England, plaid is everywhere.
The British people are still full of love for plaid. Apart from the Scottish plaid skirt worn by the guards of honor at the festival ceremony, plaid also goes deep into all aspects of British life, such as shirts, windbreakers, scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, cloaks, slippers and handbags … Global Times reporters live in London and find that English or traditional or modern plaid can be found in almost all textiles, even to home decoration, floors and ceilings.
In order to better protect and count the traditional Scottish tartan patterns, in 2009, the Scottish tartan registry was officially put into operation, which was responsible for registering the information of existing tartan patterns and providing registration services for new patterns. Its database is constantly expanding. According to the website information of the registry, at the end of 2023, a newly registered plaid pattern was named "Light of Prism" to pay tribute to Newton and his book "Optics". The designer said that this work is not only a pattern, but also a story about light and discovery.
From classical to avant-garde, from tradition to trend, the love of plaid in British blood has flowed from the past to the present, and the inspiration from different cultures and eras has blended and gathered, allowing the British to wear more tolerance and diversity. ▲

World Taekwondo Federation Team World Cup Finals, China mixed team team went straight to the Paris Olympics.

On December 19th, the finals of the 2023 World Taekwondo Team World Cup Championship officially started in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, with nine teams including China. After a day of fierce competition, China won the championship, Uzbekistan won the runner-up, and Brazil and Daejeon City Hall won the third place. As this competition is a straight-through qualification trial for the mixed team exhibition of the Paris Olympic Games, according to the pre-competition regulations, the champion China and the runner-up Uzbekistan took the lead in locking in the qualification for the mixed team exhibition of Taekwondo in the Paris Olympic Games. The two third-place teams were judged according to the total score advantage of the audience, and Brazil won the last place to go straight to Paris.
The World Taekwondo Team World Cup Championship is an event founded in Wuxi, and the World Taekwondo Federation will settle in Wuxi for the annual World Cup finals. The rules and competition system of mixed team events have also been explored and shaped in this event. At present, Taekwondo mixed team events have been an Olympic performance event for two consecutive years (Tokyo and Paris), and have become an official event in the Asian Games and Youth Olympic Games. At this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, China won the championship of this event.
China team sent Jay Song, Zhou Zeqi, Xing Jiani, Cui Yang, Xiang Qizhang and Meng Mingkuan to participate in this tournament. According to the rules of mixed team competition, athletes can only be composed of two men and two women in each competition. Two women generals, Jay Song and Zhou Zeqi, and two men, Cui Yang and Meng Mingkuan, will form the final team against Uzbekistan. According to the principle of male before female, from light to heavy, the four athletes were numbered from 1 to 4 respectively.
The game is divided into three games. The first game lasts for 4 minutes, and the traditional team competition form is adopted. Athletes should compete with athletes of the same number from the other side in the order of light to heavy, and each pair of competitions lasts for 1 minute. The last two games are 3 minutes each. The competition is played in the form of free rotation confrontation. In the battle, the sexes of the athletes of both sides should match. There is no limit to the number of substitutions, but before proposing a replacement, one’s own player should play for at least 15 seconds.
In the first game, Jay Song, who took the lead in the game, scored points in a row, helping the China team to start at 9:0. However, Uzbekistan, with good strength, continued to chase after points, and once overtook at 14:10. Cui Yang scored a precious 3 points at the last moment of his game, followed by Meng Mingkuan, and China led at 16:14 in the first game. In the second game, the two teams played very closely, and the score was alternately ahead. The two games were tied to 20.
After the third game was tied at 24, the China team made a sudden effort, and several players performed extremely well, scoring 11 points in a row to lay the foundation for victory. In the end, China won the championship with 36:30. After the game, Zhou Zeqi said that the game could be won mainly by uniting with everyone and implementing the tactics arranged by the coach. Meng Mingkuan, who participated in the team competition for the first time, said that his task was not to let the other team score. "The performance was ok." Finally, according to the cumulative scores obtained by the two teams in the third game, the outcome was judged.
From December 13th, the 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Championship Series, the 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Series and the 2023 World Taekwondo Team World Cup Championship Finals were held one after another. The three important international competitions are all through cards for the Paris Olympic Games. Among them, the first two competitions produce eight through qualifications for individual taekwondo events and the latter one produces three through qualifications for mixed team events. A total of five competition days, in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, a blessed place, the China team got a full harvest, including the through cards for men’s 68kg class, women’s 57kg class, 67kg class and over 67kg class, and obtained a through Olympic quota for a mixed team Olympic exhibition.
Seize the opportunity, take the tournament as an opportunity, and rely on the World Taekwondo (Wuxi) Center, Wuxi will further improve the operation mode of the whole industry chain of Taekwondo, promote the further flourishing of Taekwondo in China, and actively contribute to the development of global Taekwondo.
Source: China Daily.

China’s complete historical dynasties, pioneers and years of existence, remember to collect them for your children after reading them.

We all know that China has a history of 5,000 years, but it is estimated that few people know which dynasties, founders and years have existed in these 5,000 years.

Xia Shang, Western Zhou and Eastern Zhou were divided into two halves; Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period unified Qin and Han Dynasties; Three-point Wei Shuwu, extended before and after the Jin Dynasty; The Northern and Southern Dynasties stood side by side, and the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties passed;

After the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the dynasty ended.

We should all recite this historical dynasty song, but it is a main framework and not comprehensive. Let’s take a look at the specific content together.

1. Xia Dynasty

The Xia Dynasty was founded by Yu, formed by his son Xia Qi, survived for 470 years by seventeen emperors, and finally died in Xia Jie.

2. Shang Dynasty

Shang Tang established the Shang Dynasty in about 1600 BC, and died in Shang Zhouwang in about 1046 BC, surviving for 554 years.

3. Western Zhou Dynasty

Zhou Wuwang Ji Fa was founded in about 1046 BC and died in 771 BC, totaling 275 years.

4. Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Ji Yijiu, Zhou Pingwang, was founded in 770 BC and died in 221 BC, surviving for 514 years, including the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

5. Qin Dynasty

Ying Zheng, the first Qin Emperor, unified the six countries and established the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC. He died in Hu Hai, Qin Ershi in 207 BC and lived for 15 years.

6. Western Chu Dynasty

The overlord Xiang Yu was founded in 207 BC, which nominally unified most of the territory in the late Qin Dynasty and lived together for four years.

7. Western Han Dynasty

Liu Bang, the emperor gaozu of Han Dynasty, defeated Xiang Yu, the overlord of Western Chu, and established the Western Han Dynasty in 202 BC. In 8 AD, he was usurped by his consort Wang Mang and survived for 210 years.

8. Wang Mang’s new dynasty

Wang Mang, the consort of the Western Han Dynasty, was founded in 8 AD and was overthrown by greenwood hero in 23 AD, with a total of 1 emperor and survived for 16 years.

9. Xuan Han

In 23 AD, Liu Xuan proclaimed himself emperor and restored the Han Dynasty, nominally restoring the rule of the Han Dynasty and recovering most of the territory in the late Western Han Dynasty. Xuanhan belonged to make a new start regime and only existed for two years.

10. Eastern Han Dynasty

Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu of the Han Dynasty, was founded in 25 AD and died in 220 AD, surviving for 195 years.

11. Three Kingdoms Period

Wei, Shu and Wu were the three kingdoms, represented by Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, for a total of 60 years.

12. Western Jin Dynasty

Sima Yan, Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty, established the Western Jin Dynasty in 265 AD, which ended the tripartite confrontation between the three countries and realized the unification of the country. A total of four emperors lived for 51 years.

13. Eastern Jin Dynasty

Si Marui, Emperor of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, was founded in 317 AD and died in 420 AD, surviving for 103 years.

14. Sixteen Kingdoms Period

Sixteen countries are not one of the most chaotic periods in our history. For a total of 135 years, the sixteen countries were: Qianliang, Chenghan, Qianzhao, Houzhao, Beiliang, Xiliang, Houliang, Nanliang, Qianyan, Houyan, Southern Yan, Beiyan, Xia, Qianqin, Xiqin and Houqin.

15. Southern Dynasties

From 420 AD to 589 AD, the Southern Dynasties lasted for 169 years. There were four dynasties: Song Dynasty, Qi Dynasty, Liang Dynasty and Chen Dynasty.

16. Northern Dynasties

From 439 to 581 AD, there were five dynasties, namely Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Qi and Northern Zhou, which survived for 142 years.

17. Sui Dynasty

Emperor Wen of Sui, Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty, ended the division of the country and achieved reunification. The Sui Dynasty was established in 581 AD, with two emperors. Emperor Yangdi Yang Guang died in 618 AD.

18. Tang Dynasty

In 618 AD, Li Yuan proclaimed himself emperor and founded the Tang Dynasty, and he lived for 289 years.

19. Wu Zhou

Wu Zhou was a dynasty established by Wu Zetian and the only feminist dynasty in China. It existed from 690 to 705 A.D. for 15 years, with only one emperor.

20, Five Dynasties

From 907 to 960, there were three dynasties, namely, Houliang, Houtang, Houjin, Houhan and HouFriday, which survived for 53 years.

21. Ten countries

The ten countries are: Qianshu, Yangwu, wuyue, Machu, Min, Nanhan, Nanping, Houshu, Nantang, Beihan, etc., with a total survival of 88 years.

22. Northern Song Dynasty

Zhao Kuangyin, Song Taizu established the Song Dynasty and reunified the country. It survived for 167 years and died in 1127.

23. Southern Song Dynasty

The founder, Zhao Gou, Song Gaozong, existed from 1127 to 1279, with a total of 152 years.

24. Liao Dynasty

The founder, Yelu Abaoji, lived for 218 years from 907 to 1125.

25. Xixia

Li Yuanhao, the Emperor Jingzong of Xia Dynasty, was founded in 1038, experienced 189 years and died in 1227.

26, rulers

Akuta was founded in 1115-1234, with a total of 119 years.

27. Yuan Dynasty

The founder, Kublai Khan of Yuan Taizu, lived for 97 years from 1271 to 1368.

28. Ming Dynasty

Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, was a real self-made emperor in the history of China. The Ming Dynasty existed for 276 years, was founded in 1368 and was destroyed in 1644.

29. Qing Dynasty

The founding emperor of the Qing Dynasty was Nurhachi. According to historical records, the real Qing Dynasty should be counted from the entry of Huang Taiji, and the former was called the later Jin Dynasty. From 1636 to 1912, it existed for 276 years and was the last feudal dynasty in China.

23141 Football Quiz: brentford vs West Ham United

Traditional football 14 quiz games.

Welcome to the 23141 football quiz game:

Brentford vs West Ham United is stronger than brentford. Brentford’s performance in the near future is average, and West Ham United may win or draw; Sheffield United VS Wolves, the current state and strength of Wolves are better than Sheffield United, and they are more likely to win this game.

Everton VS Brighton, although Brighton has certain strength, there is still a gap compared with Everton, and Everton has a greater chance of winning or drawing. Manchester City VS Bournemouth, Manchester City is a strong team in the Premier League, and its strength is obviously higher than Bournemouth. In this game, Manchester City wins, Burnley VS Crystal Palace, and the strength of the two teams in this game is relatively close. Burnley has performed well recently, while Crystal Palace has some ups and downs, but considering Burnley’s situation, it is possible to win or draw.

Newcastle United VS Arsenal, Newcastle United performed in general, Arsenal has a strong lineup and good offensive ability, and Arsenal has a greater chance of winning or drawing.

Frejborg VS M? nchengladbach, although Frejborg also has certain strength, M? nchengladbach is more prominent in attack and midfield control.

Meng Xing wins or draws. Hoffenheim VS Leverkusen, a strong Leverkusen with outstanding offensive and defensive abilities. Although Hoffenheim has certain strength, there is still a certain gap.

Leverkusen wins. Clone VS augsburg, Cologne and augsburg are similar in strength, but Cologne has performed slightly better recently. Augsburg has a lot of ups and downs, and this game is a draw or Cologne wins. Berlin United VS Frankfurt, the Berlin United lineup is poor, and there are problems in attack and defense. Frankfurt wins or draws. Mainz VS Leipzig Red Bull, Leipzig has advantages in attack and defense recently.

Red Bull Leipzig won this game. Dortmund VS Bayern Munich, although Dortmund has certain strength, there is still a certain gap compared with Bayern, and Bayern won the game. Atlanta VS Inter Milan, despite Atlanta’s remarkable offensive ability, Inter Milan has an advantage in lineup and defense.

Inter Milan won the game. AC Milan VS Udinese, the strength of AC Milan, a strong Serie A team, is obviously stronger than Udinese. AC Milan won this game, and the charm of football lies in its passion and unpredictability. Welcome to my sports lottery store to present you with a wonderful football feast.

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