During the Spring Festival, outpatient and emergency arrangements of major hospitals in Pudong →



The Spring Festival in 2023 is approaching.

Xiaowei Xiaowei takes stock for you.

Outpatient and emergency arrangements of major hospitals in Pudong area

If you need medical treatment during the Spring Festival.

You can choose a hospital nearby

Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Renji hospital

1. Resume daily outpatient service from January 30th.

2 emergency and fever clinics are open 24 hours a day.

3. Internet hospitals are open as usual.

Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shuguang hospital

Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Shanghai Children’s Medical Center

Shanghai No.1 Maternal and Infant Health Hospital

Shanghai sixth people’s hospital

Lingang campus

Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

The ninth people’s hospital Pudong campus

Huashan hospital affiliated to Fudan university

Pudong campus

Online Internet Hospital operates 24 hours a day.

Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pudong branch

1. Stop the clinic from January 21st to 25th.

2. Normal consultation from January 26th.

Shanghai Oriental Hospital

Internet hospital synchronous offline clinic; Emergency, fever clinic, nucleic acid detection run as usual.

seventh peoples hospital of shanghai

Shanghai Pudong Hospital

Pudong New Area People’s Hospital

1. Off-line outpatient service will be closed from January 21st to 24th.

2. During the festival, the Internet clinic will open as usual.

3. The general outpatient service is arranged as follows from January 25th to 27th:

Note: There is no specialist or special disease clinic during the festival; The emergency department is open 24 hours a day.

Pudong New Area Gongli Hospital

Pudong New Area Zhou Pu Hospital

General Hospital (No.1500 Zhouyuan Road)

Kangqiao Out-patient Department (No.1476-1478 Kangshen Road)

Pudong New Area Punan Hospital

Pudong new area traditional Chinese medicine hospital

Chuansha General Hospital (No.399 Pingchuan Road)

1. From January 21st to 24th, the outpatient clinic was closed (fever clinic and respiratory clinic were opened).

2. Normal consultation will be started on January 25th.

Luoshan Branch (No.49 Wande Road)

1. The clinic will be closed from January 21st to 24th.

2. Normal consultation will be started on January 25th.

Please pay attention to the service number of Shanghai Pudong New Area Chinese Medicine Hospital for special needs and specialist outpatient service.

Pudong new area Guangming traditional Chinese medicine hospital

1. General clinic: normal clinic.

2. Expert clinic: The actual clinic information is subject to the open appointment of WeChat WeChat official account "Pudong Health".

3. Emergency: normal consultation. Emergency medicine and emergency surgery (24 hours); Orthopedics (Orthopedics) and Pediatrics (8:00-20:00)

4. Comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine: normal consultation (8:00-20:00)

5. Physical examination: normal consultation.

6. Fever clinic: open 24 hours.

Pudong New Area Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Pudong New Area Mental Health Center

Pudong new area Nanhui psyche health center

1. The general outpatient service will be closed from January 22nd to 24th.

2. The general outpatient service will run as usual from January 25th.

Pudong New Area pulmonary hospital

Pudong new area communicable disease hospital

Outpatient and emergency stop

Nanhua Hospital in Pudong New Area

Pudong new area the aged hospital

Pudong new area ophthalmology odontopathy dispensary

community health service centers

1. During the Spring Festival, the fever clinics in the community health service centers in the new district will be opened as usual, and delayed service will be provided (until 8 pm).

2. From New Year’s Eve to the third day, the general outpatient clinic will be closed.

3. From the fourth day to the sixth day, the general outpatient service resumed.

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It will no longer be difficult to promote the development of public fitness norms by taking multiple measures.

  Garden village, Nanma Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, upgraded the square between Jiulian Community and Mafu Community, adding fitness equipment and children’s amusement facilities, laying a plastic floor, and drawing a standard court. Together with the previous dance floor and elderly activity center, it formed a "pocket" fitness square that benefited the nearby people. Photo by Bao Kangxuan (People’s Vision)

  In recent years, Sihong County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province has strengthened the construction of venues and facilities around the masses, improved the fitness function, opened it to the public free of charge, and strived to create a "15-minute fitness circle". The picture shows that a few days ago, the children of the super roller skating training class in Sihong County practiced roller skating in the Weishui Wetland Park. Photo by Xu Changliang (People’s Vision)

  With the improvement of people’s living standards, the national fitness enthusiasm is growing, and square dance, brisk walking and other sports are loved by more and more people. However, the noise disturbing people, venue disputes, traffic safety and other issues caused by this can not be ignored, which brings new challenges to urban governance.

  How to meet the needs of public fitness while taking into account social order? As a city manager, on the one hand, the government should guide bodybuilders to abide by social order and establish a sense of rules; On the other hand, it is also necessary to increase the supply of public fitness space and focus on solving the problem of "where to exercise" for the masses.

  Fitness should not affect others.

  "It’s too painful to live in noise every day!" Liu Xiaoyun complained to reporters.

  Throughout the year, it is not the alarm clock that wakes up Liu Xiaoyun, the office worker, but the square dance aunt who gets up early downstairs to exercise and the chorus uncle who practices singing loudly. Liu Xiaoyun told reporters that there are people dancing in the square dance and singing in his neighborhood every morning and evening. The sound is so loud that you can hear it clearly even if you close the window. What makes her headache even more is that her son in elementary school can’t do his homework with peace of mind every day, which is unbearable.

  Why are public activities such as square dance so popular? Aunt Dong, who often dances square dance, told reporters: "Square dance is not difficult to learn. It can not only exercise, but also make friends. It is refreshing to come out and dance with everyone every day."

  For this reason, more and more middle-aged and elderly people have joined the square dance team, but it has also brought problems such as noise and occupying the venue. Conflicts between square dance participants and surrounding residents have occurred frequently. The square dance was also confronted by throwing water bags and high-pitched guns upstairs, and even staged a fight, which not only brought harm to both sides, but also affected social harmony and stability.

  Not only the square dance, but also the fitness activities such as running, whipping and playing top have been controversial. For example, the "runaway group" arbitrarily encroaches on motor vehicle lanes, ignores traffic lights, and affects traffic safety; Cyclists are crazy about "racing", shuttling back and forth on the sidewalk and accidentally hitting pedestrians; Whip-throwers dance like flies, making the surrounding fitness people jumpy … …

  In this regard, Pang Jiulin, director of Beijing Chunlin Law Firm, said that road rampage and motor vehicle lane "racing" are not only uncivilized behaviors, but also suspected of breaking the law. According to Articles 31 and 61 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, no unit or individual may occupy roads for non-traffic activities without permission; Pedestrians should walk on sidewalks, and those without sidewalks should walk by the roadside. According to Article 57 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, driving non-motor vehicles on the road should comply with the relevant traffic safety regulations, and non-motor vehicles should drive in non-motor vehicle lanes; On the road without non-motor vehicle lanes, you should drive on the right side of the roadway.

  "Exercise is understandable, and everyone should participate, but personal interests should not be based on the distress of others and interfere with the normal life of others." Yang Hongshan, a professor at the School of Public Administration of Renmin University of China, said.

  Combining rigidity with softness to solve the problem of disturbing people

  "It’s not that I haven’t complained, but it has been ineffective. When the managers came, they could only persuade the dancers to turn down the music, and when they left, the sound was loud again. " Liu Xiaoyun said helplessly.

  Yang Hongshan believes that the uncivilized phenomenon of public fitness is frequent, and one of the important reasons is the lack of rules and regulations for uncivilized behavior. The existing norms are not clear enough. "Where and when to dance in square dance, what rules to follow, and the level of sound, even if it disturbs the people, who will coordinate and who will supervise, should have clear regulations."

  In fact, in recent years, the governance of "disturbing people’s fitness" such as square dance has been strengthened. In 2017, the Notice on Guiding the Healthy Development of Square Dance Activities issued by the State Sports General Administration stipulated that the noise generated by square dance fitness activities should not affect the surrounding students’ classes and the normal life of residents. On August 17th this year, the Law on the Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution in People’s Republic of China (PRC) (Draft) was submitted to the 30th meeting of the 13th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) for deliberation, and the existing law was revised, and it was proposed to punish the noise disturbing people in public places.

  Wang Yi, an expert from the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said that the relevant laws are not perfect at present, and he suggested that a law on the management of urban public spaces should be formulated to restrict the behavior of urban public spaces.

  After the specification is clear, it needs to be implemented more forcefully. "The current law enforcement needs to be strengthened. If we can establish a more professional urban management team and increase the law enforcement of behaviors that affect the order of urban management, it will be of great help to reduce such behaviors." Wang Yi said.

  "Civilized urban public space was not formed in a day. Punishment is not an end, and regulations alone cannot be done once and for all. " Yang Hongshan believes that publicity and education should be strengthened to guide people to establish a sense of civilization and improve their own quality.

  "Legal education should start with dolls." Wang Yi believes that legal education should be strengthened from kindergarten and primary school, and the proportion and class hours of legal courses should be increased, so as to enhance the public morality of the whole people and form a self-discipline atmosphere in the whole society that does not cross the border and affect others.

  In addition to hard law enforcement, there are also many places that try to use technical means to solve such problems skillfully.

  Recently, the smart square dance system installed in Shanghai Minhang Gumei Population and Culture Park has been well received by nearby residents. The system uses directional sound technology to control the sound propagation range within the included angle of 30 in front of it. The sound in the directional area is clear, but the sound on the side and back decreases rapidly. The sound that is vaguely similar to the "buzzing" of mosquitoes is heard at the side 70 meters or the back 50 meters. In order to strictly control the upward transmission volume and avoid disturbing the residents of nearby high-rise residential buildings, the grape trellis where the system is located is equipped with a ceiling.

  Since its installation one month ago, the street office has received almost zero complaints from residents about square dance. A resident living nearby said: "After the ceiling is installed, the sound of square dance can hardly be heard at home."

  More and more cities such as Beijing, Nanning, Chengdu, etc. have sprung up "silent square dance": without high-decibel loudspeakers, the whole square is quiet, and the aunts and grandmothers wearing wireless FM headphones move neatly and dance.

  Reasonable planning of urban space

  In the view of Zhang Shangwu, a professor in college of architecture and urban planning, from the disturbance of square dance to the occupation of roads by "mobsters" and "bikers" all reflect the contradiction between the supply of public services and the demand for national fitness.

  Li Jia, a cycling enthusiast, is often troubled by the difficulty in finding a venue suitable for cycling and fitness. "Bicycle lanes on many roads are very narrow. In many places, bicycle lanes and car auxiliary roads are mixed, and electric cars and pedestrians often appear on bicycle lanes, which is very unsafe." Li Jia told reporters.

  According to the data released by the State Sports General Administration, by the end of 2020, there were 3,713,400 sports venues nationwide, covering an area of 3.099 billion square meters, with a per capita sports venue area of 2.20 square meters. This has improved compared with previous years, but it is still far below the level of neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea, and there is a big gap in outdoor sports infrastructure.

  "This is not unrelated to China’s past urban construction standards and construction concepts." Zhang Shangwu pointed out that in the past, urban planning and construction mainly focused on the traffic function of streets, but paid insufficient attention to the slow traffic and daily life functions and activities, and the residents’ daily fitness space was insufficient. In modern urban life, streets are increasingly endowed with multiple roles. An ideal street is not only an infrastructure for vehicles and pedestrians, but also an important space carrier for urban life and public activities. The new street space design should adapt to the new social needs.

  In this regard, many experts interviewed by the reporter said that it is necessary to work hard in increments, increase the supply of fitness venues, open up some sections for sports enthusiasts, and designate special fitness venues.

  From the Healthy China Action (2019— 2030), to Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of National Fitness Facilities and Developing Mass Sports, National Fitness Plan (2021— 2025) and other documents have been issued. In recent years, the state has continuously introduced relevant policy guidelines to promote the creation of a "15-minute fitness circle" and fully solve the problem of "where to exercise" for the masses.

  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission organized and implemented the short-board project of national fitness facilities, and arranged for the central budget to invest 2 billion yuan to support 177 public service facilities projects in sports parks, national fitness centers and public stadiums, including standard track and field runways and standard football venues, social football venues, fitness trails and outdoor sports.

  Zhang Shangwu said that the redistribution of public activity space should be carefully calculated, and the rational use of public space should be guided and the potential of space resources should be tapped and integrated through urban planning and legal construction. "For example, we can integrate the internal space of some units with the urban space, and coordinate the playgrounds and small green spaces within some schools, enterprises and institutions to be open to the public for use in a specific period of time, so as to improve the efficiency of space utilization. Of course, this is inseparable from the improvement of the city’s refined governance capacity. " Zhang Shangwu said.

  Revitalize Kugaji, marginal land and other resources, and plan to build multifunctional sports fields, sports parks, fitness trails and stadiums that are close to the community, accessible and open to the public … … Everywhere is already in action. Beijing will open bicycle lanes, build 36 kilometers of community hiking trails in 2020, and complete the comprehensive management of 378 kilometers of slow-moving systems; Chengdu issued the first "Guidelines for Setting Sports Space at Home" to promote the implantation of sports facilities in "Silver Corners in Phnom Penh" such as old factories, roof spaces and spaces under bridges, and 50 "Community Sports Corners" at home will be built this year; Jiangsu has accelerated the construction of sports parks, and has built more than 1,300 sports parks covering urban and rural areas, with a per capita public sports area of 3.15 square meters … …

  I believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, people with different sports needs can have somewhere to go, and "where to exercise" will no longer be a difficult problem.

Making money while playing games? What kind of "immortal profession" is an e-sports sparring teacher?

  Data Map: On December 3, 2019, the 2019WUCG Sanya E-sports Festival opened in the sailing port of Sanya Mid-Levels Peninsula, Hainan. E-sports teams from 16 countries including China, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia and Spain gathered together and will be launched to the global champions of League of Legends, DOTA2, the glory of the king, Hearthstone and the king of fighters 14. The picture shows the team of Jimei University in China playing League of Legends. China News Service reporter Luo Yunfei photo

  BEIJING, April 24th (Xing Rui) The topic "Wang Sicong spends 666 yuan an hour as a sparring partner in the game" has recently caused a heated discussion among netizens in Weibo. While watching "eating melons", many people are also curious about the profession of "game sparring".

  With the rapid development of e-sports industry, many new occupations have been born. E-sports anchors and professional players have gradually entered the public’s field of vision and are no longer unfamiliar. In the past two years, the e-sports sparring teacher, which has gradually emerged, seems to be "mysterious" a lot.

  Spend 3 million to find a sparring partner

  "E-sports sparring instructor", as its name implies, is paid to accompany others to play games. In terms of industry terminology, the customers served by sparring instructors are called "bosses". If you are willing to spend 666 yuan to find Wang Sicong as a sparring partner, then you will become his "boss".

  Open the game sparring platform where Wang Sicong is located. The price of sparring on it ranges from ten yuan to tens of yuan per hour. It is not difficult to see that Wang Sicong’s fee of 666 yuan is far higher than the general price of game sparring on this platform.

  Wang Sicong entered a platform as a "game sparring teacher".

  As the saying goes, "there will be a market if there is demand", and the part-time game sparring of "national husband" actually reflects the demand of many young people for "finding someone to play games with me".

  According to an industry data previously released by the game sparring website, in 2019, more than 27 million players searched for "Great God" to accompany them to play games, and about 68% of them were "post-95 s".

  There is no doubt that "finding game sparring" has become a trend of entertainment for this year’s e-sports youth. For their favorite video games, many users have shown amazing spending power. Take the above-mentioned platform as an example. Last year, the "Golden Master Dad" with the highest order consumption spent a total of 3.08 million yuan to find someone to play games with him. During the period from January 24th to February 29th this year, a 22-year-old boy from Shanghai spent more than 1500 yuan a day on average, and found 12 "great gods" to accompany him to play 1850 games.

  Data Map: On December 3, 2019, in the e-sports education center of Changchun Health Vocational College, students practiced the popular e-sports games in the classroom, while teachers taught the skills of game operation. The major of e-sports and management opened in September 2018 requires students to study more than 20 courses in three years, and e-sports training is one of them. China News Service reporter Zhang Yao photo

  Millions of people’s "new rice bowls"

  The blowout consumer demand naturally attracted a large number of e-sports enthusiasts to start the career of sparring. According to statistics, a game sparring APP attracted 2.9 million game sparring players last year, and 1.29 million of them made money by sharing game skills. The average monthly income of full-time sparring is as high as 7857 yuan, and the average monthly income of part-time sparring is 2929 yuan.

  In the e-sports industry, it has become a consensus that e-sports game sparring instructors can earn money, and some sparring instructors at the top of the pyramid can even make a fortune through this profession. Earlier, some media reported that a senior game sparring teacher in his early 20 s earned millions of dollars by playing games with others and paid off his mortgage.

  Age distribution of game gods released by a platform.

  Although not every e-sports sparring instructor can achieve the "small goal" of earning 100,000 yuan a month, realistically speaking, this profession has at least become a personalized profession with the opportunity to get a high salary.

  In addition, game sparring may also become the longest career in the e-sports circle. On the platform of game sparring in Wang Sicong, the average age of game gods is 23.27, and the oldest is 39. Compared with the trend of younger e-sports anchors, it seems that the age requirements of players for e-sports sparring instructors are not too harsh.

  "Game sparring" also has official certification.

  In 2019, the E-sports Branch of China Communication Industry Association issued the "Standards for E-sports Trainers in China" after the profession of game sparring was sought after by more and more people. This means that "e-sports sparring instructor" has been officially recognized as a professional skill, and game sparring has officially become a nationally recognized and controlled profession.

  In this document, e-sports sparring instructors are divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. In order to obtain vocational skill certification, they need to pass theoretical knowledge examination and skill assessment, and both of them are qualified with a score of 60 (100%) or above.

  E-sports sparring instructor certification platform.

  Although e-sports sparring teachers have the qualification certification standards, some game sparring platforms do not require their sparring gods to pass the skill certification assessment. It’s just that the price of certified game play is higher than that of ordinary play.

  It is reported that the total number of registered e-sports sparring instructors (including the names predicted by various channels) is about 50,000, and the number of people who have passed the examination is about 2,500-3,000. Although the above data has not been confirmed by official channels, it can at least help people to establish a basic judgment, that is, it may not be as easy as expected to get a paper certificate, and excellent game sparring is only a few people.

  The sadness behind glamour

  It is undeniable that there are "big coffees" in this industry that can earn 100,000 yuan a month by playing games with people, but these people are only rare in the circle. In contrast, many ordinary game sparring partners are far less capital and confidence than Wang Sicong’s asking price of 666 yuan an hour.

  On a game sparring platform, a large number of sparring instructors have never received a single business since they settled in. In the highly competitive industry, an excellent sparring instructor not only has superb game skills, but also shows good comprehensive quality in emotional intelligence and communication skills. As a full-time sparring instructor, playing games may soon become a repetitive, boring and mechanical labor.

  Data Map: On August 23, 2019, the 2019 Hong Kong Computer Communication Festival opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year’s Computer Festival is "Technology improves life and creates infinite possibilities", and many well-known brands in the information industry participated. The picture shows many e-sports players participating in the e-sports competition. China News Service reporter Zhang Yushe

  In the face of mixed players, some game sparring will also encounter "bosses" with impure purposes and bad luck. In the final analysis, e-sports sparring instructor is also a kind of service industry, and the demand for social interaction has been running through it. When the appearance and voice have also become factors for players to consider when placing orders, higher requirements have been put forward for the supervision of the industry.

  As a brand-new profession, the development of "e-sports sparring instructor" is undoubtedly still in its infancy. Behind it, it is not as glamorous as imagined. Some people earn millions a year, while others get nothing. Even if you are full of love for e-sports, the way of a sparring teacher is by no means that you can go.

China brand sails overseas smartphone market.

  Recently, the latest report released by Canalys, an international market research organization, shows that in 2023, the global smartphone shipments were 1.14 billion units, and China’s Xiaomi, OPPO and Voice were among the top five brands. In terms of sub-regions, China’s mobile phone brands have a high market share in India, Southeast Asia and Africa. In Europe, China’s smartphone brands are also accelerating their layout. With the development and maturity of smart phone industry in China, more and more China brands have gone overseas and gained consumer recognition.

  Seek business growth in overseas markets

  "China mobile phone manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative." According to the website of the German newspaper Le Monde, at the recent Mobile World Congress, the glory Magic6 Pro mobile phone uses artificial intelligence technology, and some functions can be controlled by eyes. Previously, Glory launched Magic V2, a foldable smart phone, with a thickness of only 9.9 mm, which is equivalent to that of ordinary mobile phones, which is the first time in the field of foldable smart phones.

  In recent years, with the development and maturity of China’s smart phone industry, China has become the world’s largest producer and exporter of mobile phones with the help of the wave of the global mobile Internet era. According to the statistics of China General Administration of Customs, in 2023, China exported 13.92 trillion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, accounting for 58.6% of the total export value. In the first two months of 2024, China exported 2.22 trillion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, up 11.8% year-on-year, accounting for 59.1% of the total export value, including 123.745 million mobile phones.

  According to the statistics of many international market research institutions, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023, global smartphone sales had been declining for several consecutive quarters, showing a recovery trend. The total smartphone shipments in China market also stopped falling and rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2023.

  "In the bustling shopping area of downtown Nairobi, billboards of China mobile phone brands such as TECNO, itel and Infinix can be seen everywhere, and blue, red and black and white storefront signs attract customers. These mobile phone brands are all produced by Voice. This Shenzhen-based company once sold mobile phones only in Africa, and then gradually expanded its business to other markets such as Latin America, India, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. " The South China Morning Post quoted Ali Sachu, a sub-Saharan geo-economic analyst, as saying: China mobile phone brands are "everywhere in the whole African continent".

  According to a report quoted by Sputnik, in 2023, China brand smartphones accounted for 79% of Russian imported smartphones, which was 4 percentage points higher than that in 2022 and 29 percentage points higher than that in 2021.

  Liu Yixuan, research manager of Canalys, analyzed that at present, overseas markets, especially emerging markets, are an important breakthrough for China smart phone brands to seek business growth, and different mobile phone brands also have their own development areas. Xiaomi has made full efforts in markets such as Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The overseas markets of OPPO and vivo are mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, and the overseas focus of glory is in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Seeking business growth in overseas markets is a strategic choice for many China mobile phone brands.

  From "Winning by Price" to "Excellent Quality and Price"

  Why do China smart phone brands sail in overseas markets? The technological innovation, industrial chain layout, product positioning and marketing strategy of China smart phone brand have attracted attention in the global mobile phone market. Alceni Thiam, an associate researcher at the European Institute for Outlook and Security, said that China’s products have been "winning by price" in the past to "excellent in quality and price" now, and they have advantages in research and development in smart phones, electric vehicles and other fields. China’s products are being favored by more and more countries.

  Bai Ming, a member of the Academic Degree Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with this reporter that at present, China’s smart phones have occupied an important position in the international market and have strong market competitiveness in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. The advantages of smart phones in China are as follows: First, the cost performance is high, and the functional design meets the local needs of overseas markets; Second, China has infrastructure cooperation with many countries in the field of communication, which facilitates the matching of smart phones and communication technologies; Third, China’s domestic smart phone industry is mature, with many sub-categories, complete industrial chain and high product update frequency. After full competition in the domestic market, the products have strong "hard power" when participating in overseas market competition.

  Taking HONOR as an example, Canalys and Counterpoint data show that in the fourth quarter of 2023, it returned to overseas markets for less than two years, and its sales volume in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and other regions has ranked among the top five in the market, and a global sales service network covering more than 70 countries and regions has been established. Zhao Ming, CEO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., said in an interview with this reporter that Glory has maintained a rapid growth trend in the context of the global smartphone market decline, thanks to Glory’s insistence on high-quality development, targeting user needs, strengthening global industrial chain cooperation, and transforming technological innovation into products needed by the market. In addition, glory focuses on adapting to local conditions in different regional markets, providing product portfolios that match the needs of local users, and strengthening communication and cooperation with local partners to better enhance the user experience.

  Advance into the developed market with "hard power"

  According to the trend data of smartphone price segment share in China from 2019 to 2023 recently released by IDC, an international market research institute, the high-end market share of China brands above $600 has been growing continuously for five years, reaching 27.4% in 2023, an increase of 3.7 percentage points over 2022, and a full double of that in 2019.

  According to Canalys data, in the recent fourth quarter of 2023, Apple’s share in the European smartphone market reached 33%, surpassing Samsung for the first time in seven quarters. Among the mobile phone brands in China, Xiaomi’s market share in Europe dropped from 17% to 16%, and Glory’s market share increased from 1% to 3%. At present, entering the developed markets has become a strategic choice for some smart phone brands in China.

  "2023, as a year of vigorous development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, brings a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and also brings new opportunities and challenges to the global smart terminal market. The European mobile phone market is a representative mature market in the world, with a relatively high proportion of high-end users and large operators, and a high demand for innovative products and high-end brands. " Zhao Ming said that Glory regards Europe as the "second local market" and hopes to enter the European market with "hard power" such as innovative technology and high-end products. For example, glory has invested as much as 10 billion yuan in research and development in the AI field, obtained more than 2,000 AI-related patents, and used platform-level AI technology to promote the application of innovative technologies such as cross-device collaboration and next-generation intention recognition human-computer interaction in smart phones.

  According to a recent report on the German newspaper Le Monde, it was not easy to buy a non-Apple brand smartphone in Germany a few months ago because there were not many choices. Previously, due to patent disputes, many Android mobile phone brands disappeared from the shelves of European countries. At the beginning of this year, related companies shelved patent disputes. China mobile phone manufacturers, including OPPO, Yijia, vivo and Realme, may try new things in Germany soon. As these brands re-enter the German market, the mobile phone brands that can be selected in the future should be more diversified.

  "With the emergence of more and more application scenarios and requirements and the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the iterative update of China smartphones in terms of functions and technologies is worth looking forward to." Bai Ming believes that at present, China is still facing a bottleneck in the field of high-end smart phone chips, and it is urgent to continue to promote technological breakthroughs. In addition, in the markets of developed countries in Europe and America, China’s smartphones still face certain development bottlenecks and policy risks, and it is still necessary to speed up localization, strengthen cooperation with local industries, and build a diversified supply chain system.