The stock price plummeted by 30%, and the sales of BYD Wang Chaohan EV and Tang DM-i were weak and the price was reduced.

Zhiyi Automobile/Zhengqi

In the process of the rise of new energy vehicles in recent years, BYD is undoubtedly the most eye-catching force. Byd has gained a huge market advantage by relying on the strategy of parallel battery and vehicle.

Recently, however, BYD’s products have been reduced in price. After all the models of BYD Ocean Network have been reduced in price, BYD Dynasty Network has also announced preferential policies for its popular models. So which models have BYD officially reduced in price? Is it necessary for BYD, which is not worried about sales, to make such a profit?

1. The deposit of Han EV and Tang DM-i is 2,000 to 10,000, and the replacement subsidy can be exempted by 4,000.

On November 8, BYD Wang Chaowang released a message that users only need to purchase its Tang DM-i Champion Edition (112 km model) and Han EV Champion Edition before 24: 00 on November 30, 2023, and complete the car purchase invoice. You can enjoy the activity of 2,000 yuan deposit to 10,000 yuan car purchase.

In this way, these two champion models have been given a discount of 8000 yuan. And the government also provided a replacement subsidy of 4000 yuan. In addition, the government also provided financial policies such as five-year super-long loans with a down payment of 15%, as well as various intelligent services and maintenance services.

Although it seems that the price reduction of BYD dynasty series is not too great, it should be noted that BYD dynasty series has never been a slow-moving model. It is rare to get close to 10,000 yuan.

And BYD’s discount also has some doorways. Tang DM-i and Han EV are high-end products of Dynasty series, and they are also well-known products. Giving them some preferential policies can undoubtedly attract more consumers to the store, and may also promote the sales of other models.

On the other hand, BYD’s two models are indeed facing certain sales pressure in the near future.

2. New forces compete for the market, and BYD is on pins and needles.

After more than ten years of development, China’s new energy vehicle market has entered the second half. The blue ocean, which once had few competitors, has turned scarlet in the cruel killing.

Although BYD has been in deus ex, it has taken the top spot among new energy vehicle companies. But the pressure it faces is not small. In addition to the siege of old car companies such as Geely, Great Wall and Chang ‘an, the advantages of software and hardware established by new forces such as "Wei Xiaoli" are gradually showing strong market appeal.

More importantly, a group of Internet forces represented by Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi, etc. took part in building cars. Under their "empowerment", the car level of many car companies has improved linearly. New energy vehicles that flaunt the function of intelligent driving, such as Wenjie, Zhijie, Jiyue and Aouita, have attracted many consumers’ attention.

Although BYD has its own mature industrial chain, such as batteries and complete vehicles, and the method of reducing costs and increasing efficiency learned from Toyota, BYD can establish a huge advantage in car companies with lower cost and higher production capacity. However, in the face of all kinds of fancy intelligent configuration of new forces, BYD, whose style is relatively "simple", will inevitably be seized in some markets.

However, the pre-sale of the medium and large-sized car Zhijie S7, which Huawei cooperates with Chery, is about to start on November 17th. BYD Han EV, which is also pure electric for medium and large-sized cars, is bound to encounter sales challenges. At the end of last month, Geely and Baidu’s Extreme Yue 01 went on the market. This medium and large SUV, known as the "car robot", will obviously affect the sales of BYD’s products.

What’s more, before Sellers’ M7 went public, it would have exceeded 80,000 a month. BYD Tang DM-i, which is also a seven-seat hybrid SUV, slightly overlaps with the low-priced version of Wenjie M7 in price, so Wenjie M7 is likely to have a certain "blood-sucking" effect on BYD Tang DM-I..

Moreover, BYD Han EV and Tang DM-i are really tired in sales. Since July this year, BYD Han EV has never sold more than 10,000. After the sales volume of Tang DM-i exceeded 10,000 for seven consecutive months this year, the sales volume in August and September continuously returned to below the 10,000 mark. It was not until October that it barely broke through 10,000.

Therefore, BYD’s price reduction this time is an active response to these challenges. In addition, the price reduction of BYD’s main models has the significance of boosting investors’ confidence and completing future planning goals.

3. When the stock is sold by the old stock god, BYD’s share price will return to 300.

Judging from this year’s sales, many people may think that BYD’s top management has no need for anxiety. As of October this year, BYD has sold 3 million cars this year.

But Wang Chuanfu, president of BYD, set a sales target of 4 million vehicles at the beginning of the year. Now there are only three months left, one million short of the target. This requires BYD Group to achieve an average monthly sales of more than 330,000 vehicles in the next three months.

It is difficult to achieve increment in the increasingly fierce new energy market. First of all, BYD’s own dynasty series and ocean series have been difficult to achieve more sales increments without reducing prices.

The high-end route planned by BYD now seems to have many obstacles. Although Tengshi stood firm by the explosive MPV Tengshi D9, the market response of Tengshi N7, N8 and other products launched later was flat.

The ultra-high-end brand that BYD Group strives to build looks forward to the first production car U8, which targets luxury SUVs and off-road vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz G and Land Rover Range Rover, but the annual sales of these high-end products are only a few thousand to early 10,000. Looking up to U8, even if it can compete with it in sales volume, it can’t contribute too much to BYD’s sales target of 4 million.

Therefore, BYD can only choose to reduce the price of the main models in exchange for sales. This seemingly irrational price-for-sales approach actually reflects BYD’s high-level eagerness to boost market confidence. Since last year, a number of financial capitals have been selling BYD’s shares. Take Warren Buffett as an example. Since August 2022, Buffett has sold BYD Hong Kong stocks for 13 consecutive times.

Buffett bought BYD at the price of only 8 yuan, and now BYD’s share price around 250 yuan is at an absolute high level. For investors, when the stock reaches a high level, cashing out is the normal operation. Now, when Buffett sold BYD last year, the share price around 300 yuan really seemed to be a high stage.

If BYD’s top management wants to keep its share price at a high level, it must convince investors with actual performance and technological progress. The sales target of 4 million is more like BYD’s share price, which will continue to attract other investors and nail them here.

Write it at the end

Now, after the crazy selling, Warren Buffett has reduced his holdings of BYD’s Hong Kong stocks by more than half. As an investment vane, he is bound to affect many investors’ decisions on BYD.

If BYD can achieve the sales target of 4 million, it will undoubtedly play an important role in boosting investor confidence. In order to achieve this sales target, BYD’s continuous efforts may make the killing of the new energy vehicle market in the second half of the year even more tragic.

On the 9 th, the organization pushed to buy 6 shares, which was extremely underestimated.

  Poly development

  Low-margin projects reduce performance, and high-priced soil reserves are gradually released.


  On January 5, the company released the 2022 performance report, and it is estimated that the company will realize operating income of 281.1 billion yuan in 2022, which is-1.4% year-on-year; The net profit of returning to the mother was 18.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of -33.2%.

  Guoxin Real Estate’s point of view: 1) Affected by the decline in gross profit margin and equity ratio of the project carry-over, the company achieved a net profit of 18.3 billion yuan in 2022, which was -33.2% year-on-year. This time, the company’s performance was fully released, and with the large number of follow-up high-quality projects carried forward, it is expected that the company’s performance level will be improved; 2) The company’s sales performance is better than the industry average, ranking second in the industry this year, and monthly sales continue to repair. With the economic recovery and the continuous relaxation of demand-side policies, it is expected that the company’s sales performance will still maintain a good trend in 2023; 3) The company actively responds to the policy and plans to raise no more than 12.5 billion yuan for the construction of 14 projects, which will effectively improve the debt structure and enhance the company’s ability to resist risks; 4) As the leader of central enterprises with stable operation, the company’s short-term performance will not change the company’s high-quality fundamentals. We are optimistic about the company’s long-term value and maintain the "buy" rating.

  Guangzhou Automobile Group

  In 22 years, the production and sales exceeded 2.43 million vehicles, and the performance of new energy was strong.

  Event: The company released the December production and sales express. In December, the output was 200,000 units, down by 25.5% year-on-year and 6.1% month-on-month. The sales volume was 206,000 units, down by 11.8% year-on-year and up by 8.2% month-on-month. The reason for the year-on-year decline of the company’s production/sales in December was mainly due to the high base pressure in the previous period and the impact of the epidemic. Cumulatively, the company’s sales in 2022 reached 2,433,800 units, up 13.5% year-on-year.

  In terms of brands, Guangfeng was under pressure in December, and the sales volume of Guangben/Guangcheng rebounded. In December, Guangfeng sold 74,000 units, down 24.7% year-on-year and 12.9% quarter-on-quarter, of which 17,000 units were sold by Ralink and 11,000 units by Fenglanda. Guangben sold 58,000 vehicles, down 25.5% year-on-year and up 24.6% quarter-on-quarter, of which Accord sold 25,000 vehicles per month. The sales volume of Guangchang was 38,000 units, up 18.1% year-on-year and 47.2% quarter-on-quarter.

  In terms of electric vehicles, Ai ‘an’s monthly sales continued to lead. In December, the sales volume of Ai ‘an reached 30,000 units, up 106.9% year-on-year and 4.3% quarter-on-quarter. Among them, Ai ‘an S sold 13,800 units, accounting for 46.1%, and Ai ‘an Y sold 14,300 units, accounting for 47.7%. In 22 years, the cumulative sales volume of Ai ‘an exceeded 271,000 units, up 125.7% year-on-year. In the future, the sales trend of new energy vehicles is generally upward, but due to the price increase caused by the subsidy retreat in early 2003, the sales growth of Ai ‘an is expected to slow down in January.

  Form an autonomous layout of battery electric drive, and continue to promote electric intelligence. The company established Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an Inpai Battery Technology Co., Ltd., and invested 10.9 billion yuan to carry out the industrialization of independent batteries; Ruipai Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established and invested 2.16 billion yuan to carry out independent research and development and industrialization construction of IDU electric drive system. In terms of intelligence, the company released the research and development achievements of the whole vehicle cross-domain standardized operating system Psay OS, the newly upgraded ADiGOSPACE intelligent cockpit system, and the ADiGOPILOT intelligent driving system based on the Spirit architecture, and the new SUV Binzhi of Guangben realized the intelligent upgrade, helping to realize intelligent travel in the whole scene. At present, GAC’s new energy business continues to grow steadily, and the degree of mixing of Chuanqi vehicles continues to increase. We believe that the company’s new energy vehicle sales are expected to continue to grow in 23 years with the gradual formation of the advantages of independent new energy industry chain and the intelligent development of products.

  Profit forecast and investment suggestion. It is estimated that the EPS in 2022-2024 will be 1.02 yuan, 1.12 yuan and 1.31 yuan respectively, and the net profit returned to the mother will maintain a compound growth rate of 23% in the next three years, maintaining a "buy" rating.

  Risk warning: epidemic risk; Risk of chip shortage; The risk that the sales volume of independent and joint ventures is lower than expected; The risk that the price increase of raw materials exceeds expectations; Cost control is lower than expected risk.


  Million-level look forward to the release, leading the brand up.

  BYD’s "Looking Up" was officially launched, and the SUV looked up to U8 and pure electric supercar U9 were released.

  On January 5th, () held the brand and technology conference of "Dare to Leap the Star River" in Shenzhen, officially released the brand-new high-end automobile brand "Look Up" and its core technology "Easy Sifang", and simultaneously released two models, namely, look up to the first million-class new energy hard-core off-road U8 and the million-class pure electric performance super-run: U8 will be the brand’s first mass-produced model, with a car length of over 5 meters and a car width of over 2 meters, giving consideration to excellent off-road. U9 is also equipped with an easy-to-square power system, with an acceleration of 2 seconds at zero speed, and adopts an electric intelligent butterfly door to create an extremely safe body structure. We maintain the company’s net profit forecast for 22-24 years at 113.9/212.3/30.62 billion yuan, and adopt the segment valuation method to give the company a target price of 348.40 yuan, thus maintaining the "buy" rating.

  The brand-new "Easy Sifang" technology platform is equipped with all models as standard.

  "Easy Sifang" technology is a set of power system with four independent wheel motors as the core, which reconstructs the characteristics of new energy vehicles from three dimensions: perception, decision-making and execution. This technology fully strengthens vehicle safety through a more perceptive electric drive system: after a single wheel has a flat tire, the driving wheel makes a powerful compensation intervention in time to help the vehicle brake stably and controllably; It has good tightness of the car body and cockpit, and can obtain emergency floating ability by virtue of four-wheel independent vector control function. In addition to safety, the highest rotation speed of the platform is 20500rpm, and the horsepower of the whole vehicle is over 1,100 horsepower. The fastest acceleration of 100 kilometers can achieve 2 seconds, and it can realize in-situ U-turn on high-adhesion roads such as asphalt roads. When the steering gear and brake are not working, the braking distance of 100 kilometers less than 40 meters and the agile steering ability of less than 12 meters can be realized.

  Tengshi, look up to two high-end brands, and jointly promote the company’s brand.

  In 2022, BYD made a great breakthrough in the mainstream market of new energy vehicles by virtue of the "two-wheel drive" strategy of E platform and DM-i platform, and became the global sales champion of new energy vehicles with annual sales of more than 1.86 million vehicles. The release of Tengshi and brand-new high-end brands fully demonstrates BYD’s cutting-edge technological advantages, which is expected to strengthen the company’s right to speak in luxury markets and high-end markets and enhance brand tonality. Since the beginning of 23 years, BYD’s product matrix of "Dynasty+Ocean+Tengshi+Looking Up" has been formally established, which will fully match the needs of various consumer levels and continue to strengthen brand influence.

  Maintain the company’s "buy" rating

  We maintain the company’s revenue and profit forecast for 22-24 years, and adopt the segment valuation method. Based on the 23-year revenue and net profit forecast, we give 1.91 times PS to the automobile business, 2.01 times PS to the rechargeable battery business, and 16.07 times PE to the electronic business, corresponding to a total market value of 1,014.196 billion yuan and a target price of 348.40 yuan (the previous value was 317.16 yuan), and maintain ".

  Risk warning: the uncertainty of macro-environment throughout the year may affect income; In the future, the competition in the industry will intensify, and the order volume will be less than expected; The fluctuation of upstream materials leads to a sharp increase in costs.

Little red book says no to fake notes! There are tricks to distinguish "brush quantity" goods.

  Recently, Xiaohongshu published the "Brand Partner Platform Upgrade Instructions" online, which set higher requirements for the number of fans and monthly exposure of bloggers. KOL (bloggers) who do not meet the requirements will be disqualified as brand partners. In this regard, Qu Fang, founder of Xiaohongshu, said that the new regulations are to ensure the quality of content rather than cleaning KOL. E-commerce experts have tricks to recruit consumers and identify "brushing" goods.

  Yangzi Evening News/Yangyan Reporter Fan Xiaolin Intern Zhu Menghan

  Little Red Book New Rules: 12 points for traffic fraud

  Recently, some media reported that the industrial chain of writing, brushing, and improving the search ranking of the little red book notes surfaced, so that your notes of "planting grass" may not come from the personal experience of real users, but are "fabricated" by professional writers according to the needs of businesses. Qu Fang, the founder of Xiaohongshu, said that the behavior of black production and brushing reported in the article is the object that Xiaohongshu has been severely cracked down on, and Xiaohongshu has reported such incidents to the police. It is reported that from January to March this year, Xiaohongshu’s anti-cheating technical team handled 1.38 million illegal accounts, 380,000 cheating accounts and 1.21 million cheating notes, and has cooperated with the police investigation to crack many cases of brushing. On May 15th, a new regulation was put forward on Xiaohongshu Online: KOL (blogger) who needs more than 5,000 fans and an average monthly exposure of more than 10,000 can be qualified as a brand partner, and KOL who takes orders in violation of regulations, fails to mark advertisements and makes false notes on traffic will be directly deducted 12 points and terminated. The purpose is to raise the threshold, cancel the low-quality KOL posting qualification, and ensure the high-quality platform content.

  Content fraud, blindfolded by "planting grass"

  According to the monitoring of the network economy and society, in addition to Xiaohongshu, many e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Meituan, Renren, Xiaomi, etc. are frequently exposed to brushing behaviors and brushing platforms such as handshake network and baby brushing network. In this regard, Cao Lei, director of the Research Center of NetEconomy-E-Commerce, believes that the brush industry has always existed, just like the brush list and the Weibo Water Army, where there is interest, there is a drive. Fang Chaoqiang, a Beijing Yingke (Hangzhou) law firm, said that information called sharing but actually promoting soft articles can be identified as Internet advertisements. The merchant who entrusts to publish advertisements is the advertiser, and the main body of the publishing account is the advertising agent and publisher. According to the regulations, they all need to be responsible for the authenticity of advertisements, and at the same time, the advertising identity of soft texts should be marked so that consumers can clearly distinguish them as advertisements. Violators, the administrative department may impose an administrative penalty of less than 100 thousand. False brushing behavior will reduce the evaluation of the authenticity of Xiaohongshu data, which is actually an infringement and damage to Xiaohongshu’s business model. Meng Huixin, assistant analyst of the Legal Rights Department of the Research Center of NetEconomy-E-Commerce, said that brushing, deleting bad reviews, false evaluation and other behaviors not only disrupted the normal trading order of the e-commerce industry, but also damaged consumers’ right to know and cast a shadow over "planting grass". In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, helping others to swipe their bills, speculate on letters, delete bad reviews and fictitious transactions will also be severely punished.

  How to identify "brush quantity" and "brush praise" goods?

  Any false data is a great harm to those who truly respect the rules of the game and do their best to be e-commerce practitioners. So, how should consumers guard against it? Yao Jianfang, an analyst at the Legal Rights Department of the E-Commerce Research Center, reminds consumers that buyers can identify sellers who have the behavior of "brushing" and "brushing praise" in online shopping in the following ways: First, look at the store’s rating and establishment date. Generally speaking, a store with a long establishment time will have a better reputation; The second is to look at the ratio of the number of evaluations to the number of transactions. The number of transactions is huge, but the number of evaluations is very small. This situation is usually caused by the large amount of returns; The third is to look at the content of praise. If you look at all the comments, they are all "good", and most of them are brushed out; The fourth is to look at the photos and bad reviews. Praise will be fraudulent, but consumers who complain maliciously are a minority after all, so the reference value of bad reviews is higher than praise.

Ingenious and unremarkable graduation gifts can also become "online celebrity"

Peking University graduation ceremony ticket information picture.

Beijing Forestry University graduation gift square foot information picture

The graduation gift of Shaanxi Normal University is printed with information and pictures.

  This graduation season is very special. Due to the epidemic, it has become very valuable for graduates to participate in graduation ceremonies on the spot, and more people can only sit at home and watch on the cloud.

  Principal’s speech, teacher’s speech, degree certificate, and group photo … … The process of graduation ceremony, like the standard one, is similar. Graduation gifts, which were seldom noticed in the past, brought surprises to people this year. Tickets, rulers, square seals, graduation gifts that seem to have no "explosion" face, have become popular on the Internet.

  The paper is too short to describe one’s feelings.

  "This is my forever campus. From youth to old age, people walk steadily and behave calmly, and the passers-by around them are probably the eternal scientific giant … …”

  On July 2nd, Peking University’s graduation ceremony kicked off with recitation. Affected by the epidemic, the graduation ceremony was held in 9 venues in Beijing and Shenzhen, and the graduates who were not in school attended the ceremony through live webcast. Every grass and tree in the campus is matched with the situation of the program, which makes the participating teachers and students move.

  Even after the graduation ceremony, Tan Yue, a graduate student of Peking University, was still reluctant to throw away the tickets for the graduation ceremony. Tan Yue found that "this is an exquisite graduation ceremony ticket, which includes all the landmark locations of Peking University".

  The design of graduation tickets is original. When paving, the four kinds of plants and flowers on the tickets, peach blossom, wisteria, ginkgo and plum blossom, lead everyone to regain the four seasons scenery of Yanyuan; After folding along the dotted line, a miniature Yanyuan landscape emerges from the paper, corresponding to four plants and flowers respectively, which are the school’s landmark landscapes: Peking University West Gate, Boya Tower, Library and Centennial Lecture Hall.

  "When I open it again in the future, I will definitely think of the good times when I sat on the stone bench by the unnamed lake, accompanied by the sunset and blowing the breeze." Tan Yue said, "I am lucky to be able to attend the graduation ceremony on the spot. The sense of belonging and ritual when singing "Yanyuan Love" on the spot is very strong. "

  For students who can’t go back to school to attend the graduation ceremony, Peking University promises that all graduates in 2020 will receive this graduation ticket, and those who have not returned to school will be issued tickets through the departments.

  Scale life

  Wu Hao, a recent graduate of Beijing Forestry University, is looking forward to returning to school because of the easing of the epidemic. However, the epidemic in Beijing rebounded in June, and he was informed that he could not return to school. In 2020, graduates of Beijing Forestry University can only attend the online graduation ceremony.

  Goodbye without saying goodbye.

  At the end of June, Wu Hao, who was in Zhejiang, unexpectedly received a graduation gift package from the school. There are three gift certificates in the gift package: a meal voucher to welcome graduates back to their alma mater for a canteen; A lecture ticket, inviting graduates to come back to the familiar classroom and listen to the class again; There is also a degree awarding ceremony voucher, and this year’s graduates can participate in any graduation ceremony after this year.

  There is also a graduation gift with profound meaning in the gift package — — A wooden ruler.

  The structure of the wooden ruler is square: it is four inches long and ten minutes wide, and one millicent. Deep and quiet purple sandalwood is a ruler, and a leaf of ginkgo made of pure copper is inlaid in it. Next to ginkgo, the student number of each graduate is engraved. The back of the wooden ruler is also engraved with the school emblem and motto.

  "There is a ginkgo avenue on campus that attracts many people to stop every year. Ginkgo tree, which is accompanied by classmates day and night, is a special symbol in the eyes of Beilin students. " Wu Hao introduced, are those scenes in memory. There is even an interesting saying in Beilin University that undergraduates can only graduate if they have collected four photos of Ginkgo Avenue.

  Nowadays, Ginkgo biloba leaves are carved on a wooden ruler. Although the wooden ruler is short, it is full of energy. It is also this wooden ruler that will witness and measure the unique life of each graduate. The intention of his alma mater was interpreted by Wu Hao as "No rules, no Fiona Fang". Be a man with a ruler and a degree of restraint. "

  After graduating from undergraduate course, Wu Hao was excluded from a prestigious school to study biomedicine. "The outbreak of the epidemic has had a great impact on my choice. I am willing to do some research in the future. Let the future brushstrokes and paintings be more precise and definite. "

  In recent years, the graduation gift of Beijing Forestry University is unique. The gift of the 2019 graduates is a pair of exquisite wooden chopsticks, "Two chopsticks are one, and two trees make a forest". The two chopsticks piece together the school emblem and motto of Beilin, which also embodies the sincere blessing of the alma mater.

  Printers, letter also.

  Before leaving, Li Qingyu, a graduate of Shaanxi Normal University, received a graduation gift, which was the exclusive seal customized by the school. "On paper, print your own name, solemn and deep."

  The first time we met, it was a letter of admission with an inky brush. When we left, it was a purple sandalwood seal engraved with the seal of Normal University. In Li Qingyu’s view, "this is a kind of echo from beginning to end, and it is also a kind of inheritance and persistence."

  This seal is made of purple sandalwood, and the side of the seal is engraved with the school emblem and the words inscribed by calligrapher Wei Junxiu, which are intended to inherit the fine style of study of Shaanxi Normal University. The message of "Pass on the fire from generation to generation, educate and serve the country" is printed in the box with gold on the red background, which is full of earnest entrustment to carry forward the "Red Candle Spirit in the West".

  "Printers, letter also. Throughout the ages, a seal is like a fingerprint, and it is the keepsake that best represents a person. If you see a seal, you will see the person. " Xin Feng, the designer of this seal and director of the school office of Shaanxi Normal University, revealed that since 2018, the school has considered giving graduates a "permanent souvenir".

  Why did you choose the seal as a graduation gift? It is not surprising that the graduates of Shaanxi Normal University are so accurately targeted.

  "In ancient times, calligraphy and seals were an organic whole. The admission notice received at the beginning of school was written in calligraphy. So, we decided to send a seal to every graduate. In stone, metal, wood and other materials, after repeated selection and comparison, purple sandalwood is selected. This material is calm and weighty. " Xin Feng said, "In the future, every Shaanxi Normal University student will receive a calligraphy admission notice and a graduation seal, which will be their unique memory."

Deconstructing the logic of e-commerce live broadcast industry with a long word

Editor’s Note: This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account’s "Blue Whale Muddy Water" (ID:hunwatermedia), which was published by 36Kr with authorization.

Interview and Writing | Gemee

Content Master Plan | Guo Nan

Live, live, live ……

In 2020, live broadcast seems to be a universal antidote to solve the problem of traffic growth and realization, especially under the impact of the epidemic, all walks of life are generally online or e-commerce.

We have seen more new forms of content consumption, such as Cloud Watch Exhibition, Cloud Music Festival and Yunbengdi. On the other hand, e-commerce live broadcast with fire by Taobao has also ushered in new growth, and content platforms including Aauto Quicker and Tik Tok have gradually increased the realization mode of live broadcast with goods.

After the e-commerce platform with stronger supply chain capability, transaction guarantee and performance ability has occupied a dominant position, live selling has actually solidified into an important shipping channel for the retail industry. After the market cultivation is completed, the fundamentals of both supply and demand sides are stable.

On April 1st, 2020, Luo Yonghao completed his first live broadcast with goods in Tik Tok, and the controversy naturally existed. However, for Luo Yonghao, if more Weibo can be marketed, the high-profile benefits naturally outweigh the hardships.

Sell former friends’ mobile phones, bow down and apologize to the brand, and try razors with goods. ……

No matter how the outside world looks at it, the middle-aged online celebrity’s "re-starting a business" is obviously smoother than before, and he must have more confidence to pay off his debts.

On the same night of Lao Luo’s live broadcast, Viya sold a rocket with a price of 40 million yuan in the Taobao live broadcast room, and Simba’s apprentice "Dan Dan Xiao Pen You" sold a total of 2.78 million items in Aauto Quicker live broadcast, with a total transaction amount exceeding 480 million yuan.

Zhu Guangquan, the host of CCTV, and Li Jiaqi, the anchor of Taobao, partnered with "Xiao Zhu Pei Qi" to bring more than 40 million yuan to Hubei public welfare.

The head anchor is in the limelight, and there are naturally more and more businesses, anchors and MCN institutions that yearn to bring millions of goods once.

Zhaopin’s "Talent Report of Live Broadcasting Industry in Spring 2020" shows that the recruitment demand of live broadcasting industry increased by 132% year-on-year after the Spring Festival. The average monthly salary of Taobao live talent reached 9845 yuan.

In the economic era of online celebrity, e-commerce is an important way to realize cash. It is a natural thing to do some business with influence:

In the general trend, live broadcast will become the standard of e-commerce platform, and content platform will be the standard of e-commerce. 

After the "live broadcast fever" faded and the bottleneck of e-commerce growth, the e-commerce platform tried to drive traffic and revenue growth through live broadcast. This is a change from "live broadcast yearning for e-commerce" to "e-commerce yearning for live broadcast".

The problem is that e-commerce is a typical re-investment model, and the industrial chain involved is far more complicated than opening a Taobao store. Where will this platform and MCN continue to increase the live broadcast competition?

This paper will discuss the following issues:

"Either time for traffic or money for traffic."

An e-commerce anchor once introduced his own experience in this way. The platform allocated traffic to the live broadcast room, which can easily open the difference between the viewing volume and sales of the same anchor by ten times.

Pure e-commerce live broadcast actually lacks a fan base, and the traffic distribution on the platform side has a great influence, so online celebrity with its own traffic becomes a natural choice. Deepening cooperation with merchants and brands has also become another value export that MCN has found after content marketing.

Back to the live broadcast room, the core competitiveness of the anchor comes from two aspects, one is that the price is favorable enough, and the other is the professionalism of product selection and promotion.

Among them, the price comparison is dominant and the product selection is invisible. The former is directly related to the instant conversion rate of the live broadcast room, while the latter affects the consumer evaluation, repurchase and even the return rate.

According to the Online Survey Report on Consumer Satisfaction of Live E-commerce Shopping released by China Consumers Association on March 31st, the top four reasons why watching live broadcast turned into shopping were high cost performance (60.1%), favorite products (56.0%), price concessions (53.9%) and limited time concessions (43.8%).

Generally speaking, the main reason to attract consumers to decide to shop is the cost performance and price concessions of the goods themselves.

Among them, 37.3% of the consumers interviewed have encountered consumption problems in live shopping, and consumers’ false propaganda and concerns about the source of goods are relatively prominent.

E-commerce live broadcast is still a form of social promotion, and each live broadcast room can be regarded as a small promotion festival.

The common problems of e-commerce and promotion will also appear intensively on e-commerce live broadcast, such as high return rate and after-sales problems.

Wei Zhe, founder of Jiayu Fund and former president of Alibaba B2B, once said that taking clothing as an example, the return rate of clothing in traditional stores will not exceed 3%, but the return rate of e-commerce is as high as 30%. The return rate of this kind of shopping festival in double 11, and the return rate of live broadcast goods in Li Jiaqi and Viya are far greater than this ratio.

Promotion is actually a kind of centralized shipment. The so-called concentration lies in the concentration of different elements such as time, channel, category, brand and form, which is particularly obvious in Taobao live broadcast:

With the "Matthew effect" in the field of e-commerce live broadcast becoming more and more obvious, the channel value is constantly increasing, and the bargaining power of anchors has also changed. The anchors not only attract users with the "lowest price in the whole network", but also divide the hierarchy by pit fees and commission rates.

There are also some hidden worries about the direct users of consumer goods. For consumers, shopping is the content of life; For merchants, selling goods is a commercial activity; What consumers need is high quality and affordable, and businesses pay more attention to the efficiency of selling goods.

In this scenario, the demands of the two parties have come to a "hard landing" contact after eliminating the traditional "buffer" of contact between supply chain channels, dealer platforms and branded advertisements.

Therefore, most e-commerce live broadcast categories have very serious double-end appeal mismatch, and it is easy to achieve high sales and high volume in the short term, but the long-term cost of mismatch is the loss of brand value and consumer enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the gameplay of low-cost logic itself is limited.

Sunsink e-commerce represented by Pinduoduo and C2M e-commerce represented by Taobao Special Edition are also attracting price-sensitive consumers with replicable and higher efficiency by increasing subsidies and directly connecting factories.

Back in the live broadcast of e-commerce, the merchants who try to "make quick money" by bringing goods through online celebrity have no branding strategy, but can only constantly seek the purchase and transformation of traffic, and the traffic can even be called "lost volume".

It is inevitable that the industry’s general ROI will decrease. At that time, where will the e-commerce live broadcast go?

The key to channel price lies in the right to speak.

"Bringing users to make businesses", e-commerce live broadcast has raised the right to speak of the head anchor (organization) to a very high level. The anchor should give consideration to providing consumers with "low-priced" goods and the growth of its own income, which will inevitably squeeze the surplus of producers, that is, the profits of merchants and brands.

If the merchant’s profit from shipping through the anchor is lower than the commission fee, he will have to face the choice of whether to lose money to buy exposure.

According to the First Financial Report, the person in charge of Puxi E-commerce revealed that the link fee of Li Jiaqi "double 11" was 150,000 that day, accounting for 20%, and they lost three times in cooperation with Li Jiaqi for five times, and even lost 500,000 on the day of Double Eleven.

Only a few big brands can afford to spend money to change the volume of sound, and it does not constitute a long-term strategy.

Luo Yonghao’s statement that "live e-commerce is not a zero-sum game" is a problem that needs to be inferred again.

"The lowest price of the whole network" can be regarded as an alternative "wholesale" (not completely equivalent). The price is determined by supply and demand, while the formation of "wholesale price" is often determined by the game between manufacturers and distributors. Distributors guarantee the shipment volume, thus sharing the risks of manufacturers and reducing the marginal costs of manufacturers, which is the embodiment of channel value.

In traditional retail, "circulation is cost"-goods generally pass through secondary and tertiary wholesalers (distributors) and then to the final terminal retailer, and the intermediate price increase is easy to exceed 50%, or even multiple price increase;

In e-commerce (online retail), "channel is cost"-goods can reach consumers directly from the first-class warehouse, in which the e-commerce platform is drawn and the operating cost of e-commerce still exists, but the agglomeration effect, channel efficiency and price of e-commerce still have advantages compared with traditional retail;

The general e-commerce live broadcast is based on e-commerce, and the channel of live broadcast is continued. When the shipment volume of the live broadcast room is large enough to still cover the marginal cost of goods under the condition of "the lowest price in the whole network", the merchant is profitable.

From the perspective of game theory, "zero-sum game" is not a result for e-commerce live broadcast, but a trend. To understand with Krugman’s "impossible trinity", it is unrealistic to maintain a long-term balance among merchant benefits, anchor/platform benefits and consumer welfare.

In the link of live broadcast with goods, the beneficiaries of merchants’ profits include platforms, institutions, anchors and consumers, and the consumers have the lowest voice. Once the balance between channel efficiency and value is broken, the cost will eventually spread on consumers.

As a shipping channel, live delivery can only focus on pre-selection and product discount, and the anchor team’s binding force on merchants’ performance and after-sales in the later period of the transaction is actually not high.

There are not a few such things. The reason why Li Jiaqi’s "rollover" looks more is that he is the head, and these things happen during the live broadcast and are more easily seen by everyone on social media.

What needs special explanation is that, although there are many so-called phenomena of "county magistrate selling goods live" and farmers carrying goods live, in essence, both Taobao live and Aauto Quicker, Tik Tok and other platforms are based on the e-commerce model.

A very simple truth is that I sell specialty products live in the village head, not to sell to fellow villagers, but to complete the transaction with someone thousands of miles away through a mature e-commerce platform, channels and after-sales system.

Therefore, what the live broadcast needs to measure is whether it can further improve the operational efficiency in the traditional e-commerce model, rather than comparing it with the traditional offline store operation.

Even from the retail point of view, there is a big difference between online and offline sales and consumption. Many business behaviors that changed from offline to online during the epidemic will eventually return to the original track.

Clean out treasure to train, taobao guest, Beijing Zhuntong, etc., as well as brushing and grading (although they are gray products), are all common buying methods. Live delivery is not only a new form of e-commerce agency operation, but also has the function of "buying quantity".

In addition to "small profits but quick turnover", many merchants and brands can also accept "trading at a loss". In this case, more consideration is given to exposure and brand awareness. Fast and large-scale shipment through live broadcast will also help some new products and stores to improve the recommendation weight of e-commerce platforms.

After the rise of e-commerce, in the process of many traditional brands transforming into online channels, there has been a demand for e-commerce to operate on their behalf. In the traditional e-commerce agency operation, how to balance online and offline business is also critical, such as whether online and offline are the same? Is the same paragraph the same price and homogeneity?

For the retail industry, it is a delicate job to maintain the balance of the price system of each channel. After the popularization of e-commerce, all goods can be compared, but "price is not everything", which ultimately determines consumers’ buying behavior, and it is the common effect of different reasons such as differences in consumer goods, urgency and cultural additional attributes.

On the night of the first broadcast in Tik Tok, Luo Yonghao, e-commerce and price comparison platforms launched special zones such as "Lao Luo Live with the same paragraph" and "Lower than Lao Luo". The "lowest price of the whole network" itself is a comparative discount rather than an absolute discount, and the enthusiasm is obvious.

However, it also reflects a problem that has not been solved by live e-commerce. Will the preferential price of live broadcast have an impact on the price system of manufacturers and brands?

On the industrial side, the regular price (price tag) of standardized brands is generally the actual selling price (often seasonal), in addition to discount prices, promotional prices, activity prices, and hook products (special prices).

The regular prices of more commodities, especially those sold online, are generally confusing. For example, in Luckin Coffee, the regular prices and competing products are all against Starbucks, and after 1.8 and 3.8 discounts, they are actually similar to convenience store coffee. So what gradient is Ruixing’s product itself?

From the consumer’s point of view, the only thing that can be evaluated in the end is the terminal channel price, that is, the difference of the "hand-to-hand price", and "where can the buyer have the seller’s essence" will not change.

Looking back at the e-commerce live broadcast, it is a common measure to give special prices to the goods in the live broadcast room through special channels. For many brands, they want to gain exposure and user growth through this "hook product", but there are also many merchants who are purely for the purpose of fast shipment.

Anson, who is engaged in digital marketing, provided a case. Before that, he met a customer of a traditional manufacturer who wanted to transform. They made a brand positioning plan and a launch plan for the customer and provided a set of digital marketing plans. But the customer said: "The brand is useless. Now online celebrity can sell it with goods."

"You don’t need to be a brand, it’s good to be able to sell goods." Many merchants who blindly enter the live broadcast with goods may think so, but without a brand, there will be no premium, and the profit of bringing goods to online celebrity will not go up.

Merchants want to choose anchors, and anchors are also picking brands and goods. The first-line brands have lower commissions, which is also a manifestation of brand premium.

Anson’s customer has his own factory, which does processing for some high-end brands in Europe and America, so he doesn’t understand "why can’t you take it easy and not make a brand?"

There is a saying that live broadcast is a "what you see is what you get" mode. Is this good for the brand?

From the perspective of exposure and brand, the effectiveness of live broadcast also needs to be fully evaluated, and exposure has advantages and disadvantages. Whether in Li Jiaqi, Viya or Lao Luo, the "rollover" brand is often the most widely spread after the live broadcast.

From the perspective of branding, live broadcast is actually not as good as graphic and short video content. As a part of asset management, brand strategy should be a long-term strategy, and the immediacy of live broadcast is contrary to the long-term demand of brand.

For example, people often say "Ins with the same paragraph", "Little Red Book with the same paragraph" and "Tik Tok with the same paragraph". These contents (which are also commodities) can withstand the spread, consumption and reproduction, and finally form cultural and brand recognition. However, the instant nature of live broadcast makes it difficult for them to have the ability of "planting grass" with pictures, texts and short videos.

Of course, Li Jiaqi has also boosted L ‘Oreal, Guerlain and other brands, which is the embodiment of the anchor’s fit with commodities and brands, and is also directly related to the professional ability of the anchor team. The brand needs to spend money on the right anchor for a long time, and it is hard to say that this income is cost-effective.

Selling goods by live broadcast is not omnipotent. Finding a suitable platform, anchor and pricing can make profit from selling goods. Blind pursuit of "live broadcast effect" can’t do a good job in cost control and income evaluation, not necessarily making money, and it is likely to overturn.

On January 9th, 2020, Yujiahui, the parent company of "Royal Nifang", received an inquiry letter from the management department of the Growth Enterprise Market Company of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking about its cooperation mode and content with online celebrity anchor, and its influence on the company’s operating performance, and whether there was any situation of exaggerating the influence of cooperation with online celebrity.

Qingyan (Beauty Media) reported that on January 14th, Yujiahui issued an announcement in reply to the inquiry letter, saying that it cooperated with Li Jiaqi Live 47 times, Viya Live more than 30 times, and cooperated with more than 1,500 online celebrity anchors such as Kiki and Lieer Baby in Jie Chen, and the total number of live broadcasts exceeded 8,000.

In the first three quarters of 2018 and the first three quarters of 2019, the sales of products involved in online celebrity anchor cooperation accounted for 0.99% and 4.02% of the company’s operating income respectively.

Yujiahui said that more than 8,000 live broadcasts with goods have not yet constituted the main source of sales and have little impact on the company’s operating performance.

In addition, Yujiahui also announced the proportion of its promotion and sales in 2018 and January-September 2019. Yujiahui’s brand promotion expenses decreased significantly in January-September 2019, but the proportion of platform promotion service fees in sales expenses further increased to 38.51% (35.49% in 2018).

The platform promotion service fee in Yujiahui’s announcement is mainly the commission, technical service fee, promotion service fee or software service fee and rebate paid to the e-commerce platform or the brand promotion service, which shows that Yujiahui still has a high platform promotion expenditure.

The reason why Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquired about Yujiahui was that Yujiahui released the facts about the cooperation with online celebrity to investors, but did not explain the specific impact of the business on the company’s operation. In this regard, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires it to explain whether there are situations such as actively catering to market hotspots, speculating the company’s share price, and cooperating with shareholders to reduce their holdings.

It can be seen from the contents of Yujiahui’s announcement that it is a fact to cooperate with online celebrity, and it is also a fact that the level of cooperation with online celebrity is not low and the proportion of sales is not high.

Coincidentally, the storm of live broadcast with goods as an emerging concept in the capital market is not an isolated case.

On February 11th, Xiamen Sanwu Internet announced a major asset restructuring announcement, intending to acquire Shanghai Wanrui (Netstar DreamWorks), a MCN company with more than 700 online celebrity IPs and 500 million fans. At present, Shanghai Wanrui has also increased its investment in live broadcast.

After the announcement, the share price of Sanwu Interconnect continued to limit. Later, Sanwu Interconnect received two inquiries from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and was asked to answer several major questions in the acquisition: whether the disclosure of the plan was prudent, whether there was insider trading, whether the actual controller had a reduction plan, the core competitiveness and going concern ability of the target company, etc.

In the second inquiry letter, the question about Shanghai Wanrui, the target company, is particularly acute:

Please disclose the statistical caliber of "more than 500 million fans", and whether there is "buying fans" and double counting the number of fans;

Please disclose more than 700 online celebrity, and list the number of small and medium-sized incubation online celebrity IP, big coffee online celebrity IP, and head online celebrity IP by classification;

Please disclose the integrated marketing case completed by the target company and the amount of the customer bill;

The Sanwu Internet responded to the inquiry letter of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and disclosed that Shanghai Haorui’s revenue in 2019 was 120 million; Among the 500 million fans, Weibo fans are 260 million, and the active fans of the company’s Weibo account account account only account for 12.61%, which is about 32.78 million.

Regarding the statistical caliber of "more than 500 million fans" in the inquiry letter, Shanghai Wanrui denied the situation of "buying fans" and admitted the problem of double counting. The double counting mainly includes that a fan pays attention to the same online celebrity on multiple platforms and multiple online celebrity IPS on the same platform are paid attention to by the same fan.

It is impossible to effectively count the data of fans. This problem is actually a common problem in the whole field of online marketing and MCN. Especially for the form of live delivery, which emphasizes the purchase and transformation, there is still a lack of transparency about the net value of customers brought by fans.

In recent years, online celebrity and MCN-related concept stocks have experienced capital speculation, and they are also faced with doubts about their business models in the capital market.

After Ruhan Holdings went public, although it is trying to cultivate new head celebrities, more than 50% of the company’s revenue is still created by Zhang Dayi alone; Mei ONE relies on Li Jiaqi, Qian Xun relies on Viya, and it is a common disease in the industry to rely on head talents.

After being inquired about the acquisition case, Sanwu Interconnect also received warning letters from Xiamen Securities Regulatory Commission to its controlling shareholder and actual controller, letters of concern from the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and public condemnation of its controlling shareholder and chairman for alleged violations.

The process that Sanwu Internet wants to acquire Shanghai Wanrui will be difficult to smooth.

On the other hand, live delivery, which relies more on the trust relationship between anchors and fans, needs to cultivate a new business model with stable user base, and also needs to answer the question of industry standardization and large-scale growth.

As a form of e-commerce agency operation, live delivery should return to live delivery to measure its value.

As we said before, live broadcast is just a tool, and the field it builds depends on the existing identities of the recipients at both ends of the screen and the field characteristics of the live broadcast platform.

In the field of live broadcast with goods, anchors and consumers are the main recipients at both ends of this field. No matter whether the live broadcast room is poor, teasing dogs or talking cross talk, it will finally return to a series of problems such as product price, quality and after-sales.

So, how to understand the value of live broadcast as a tool?

Baharat Anand quoted Craig Mo Feite’s "Dumb Tube Paradox" in the fuse to discuss the pipeline role played by cable TV companies in the streaming media era. The image metaphor of "pipeline" can also be used to understand the value of live broadcast.

The paradox of "dumb tube" reveals the reality that American cable TV service providers, under the impact of the Internet, have abandoned their content lines and transformed into information infrastructure providers, and have also fundamentally changed their existence value in the digital age, so they will not be stifled by the rise of online media.

The domestic example is the communication service providers represented by the three major operators. Traditional communication services such as telephone and SMS have been increasingly replaced by network communication software, but as infrastructure providers, operators’ income has been increasing.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the growth rate of telecom business revenue still increased steadily from January to November in 2019, and the telecom business revenue totaled 1,203.9 billion yuan, up 0.5% year-on-year, and the growth rate increased steadily. Looking at the operators’ income again, the operating income of China Mobile in 2019 was 745.9 billion yuan, that of China Unicom in 2019 was 290.51 billion yuan, and that of China Telecom in 2019 was 375.734 billion yuan.

Correspondingly, Alibaba Group’s revenue in fiscal year 2019 (April 2018 to March 2019) was 376.844 billion yuan, and Tencent’s annual revenue in 2019 was 377.289 billion yuan.

Only from the perspective of revenue, the two giants of the Internet can add up to be comparable to an operator of China Mobile.

Even though many people have long lost the habit of texting, during the period from January to November 2019, the revenue of domestic mobile SMS business still reached 35.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2%.

If Internet companies such as Tencent and Ali are cars, communication service providers are the way. This is the value of the pipeline, which is the embodiment of the "channel is king" in the communication industry.

For Internet platforms such as Taobao, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, the principle of pipeline value also applies.

What the platform needs to take into account is the growth of its entire traffic market. It is a very realistic stage growth strategy to encourage short videos when short videos are on fire and stimulate live broadcasts when live broadcasts are on fire.

As far as the field of live broadcast is concerned, an obvious problem is that although the platform side has said a lot to encourage the development of the industry and issued a lot of policies, it is still a few head anchors.

It is enough for the platform to stimulate the participation enthusiasm of the industry through the demonstration effect of the head anchor.

Another question worth thinking about is, will the platform really spare no effort to support live delivery?

The live e-commerce research report of China Merchants Securities pointed out that the essence of live e-commerce is the embodiment of the brand’s desire for private domain traffic. The research report also believes that live e-commerce reshapes the people’s goods yard: 1. People change from active consumption to passive consumption; 2, the goods go to middlemen, and the origin of the products is brought closer; 3. The function of "clairvoyance+clairvoyance" has become a reality.

In 2017, after Jack Ma put forward the concept of "new retail", Zhang Yong, then CEO of Alibaba, continued to interpret the new retail from the concept of "people, goods and fields", pointing out that the key is the reconstruction of all commercial elements and the efficiency improvement brought by element reconstruction.

In the following years, the theory of "people’s goods yard" continued to be widely used in the retail and consumption fields, such as social e-commerce, community group buying, fresh e-commerce and other fields, and even appeared in smart homes, e-cigarettes and other industries.

In the meantime, the theory of "people’s goods yard" has undergone obvious marketing conceptualization, from the relatively complex and macro level of new retail, to more vertical fields and industries, and even to a specific product and function, and at the same time, it emphasizes methodology and quick results.

It can realize a live broadcast of e-commerce with over 10 million goods and over 100 million goods, which seems to perfectly fit the efficiency improvement of the so-called "people and goods yard" reconstruction. However, can the considerable sales ability of an anchor and a live broadcast with goods really verify the "people’s freight yard" theory?

Looking back at the retail industry, there are still too many uncertainties about whether the scale, stability and controllable efficiency necessary for factor reconstruction can be popularized and verified in the industry for a long time:

As we mentioned above, the live broadcast has a head effect and goes further; For another example, even for the head MCN, the research report of China Merchants Securities also said that such institutions are currently small, and their business models and profitability have yet to be verified.

In recent years, whether it is new retail or social e-commerce, the mode innovation of the so-called "people’s goods yard" often falls on the innovation and change of consumption scenes.

In the evolution of consumption scenarios, we can use the concepts of online celebrity economy, sinking market and private domain in recent years to establish a simple analysis framework to further discuss the e-commerce live broadcast:

As we all know, Li Jiaqi was a BA (Beauty Consultant for Cosmetics Counter) of L ‘Oré al in his early years and won the sales champion. At the end of 2016, MCN Institutional Beauty ONE cooperated with L ‘Oré al Group in the Taobao live broadcast project of "BA online celebrity". After Li Jiaqi entered the competition, she signed Beauty ONE to become a beauty expert. Since then, she has accumulated a large number of fans in Taobao live broadcast. After selling lipstick with Jack Ma "PK" in double 11 in 2018, "Lipstick One Brother" has gradually come out of the circle.

Has Li Jiaqi proved the success of the project of "BA online celebrity"?

As of March 29, 2020, the Taobao list shows that the Taobao Live Talent Index ranks in the top 100, and the signing talents of US ONE are only Li Jiaqi and Hu Yueming _demi; In addition, as early as February 2018, Hu Yueming _demi’s Taobao fans reached 850,000. At present, she ranks 18th on the list of people with just over 1.15 million Taobao fans.

There are various accidental and inevitable factors for Li Jiaqi’s popularity. "BA online celebrity" is an opportunity for Li Jiaqi, but the project itself is far from success. It can even be said that Li Jiaqi is an accident of this project, and until now, US ONE still relies too much on Li Jiaqi.

The modest search of the first list of Taobao institutions reflects the other side of e-commerce live broadcast in the operation of Daren:

Although it is not as out of the circle as Li Jiaqi, Viya is still another peak in Taobao anchor, including the accumulation of long-term offline retail and online stores in Viya, and the help of institutionalized operation after the establishment of Qianxun.

In the same period, Taobao Live Talent Index ranked in the top 100, and 14 talents were Qianxun’s artists. Besides Viya, Qianxun was more active in signing talents, such as famous beauty bloggers such as late-night xu teacher and Zhang Mofan, and online celebrity.

Qianxun’s strategy of signing a top talent is in line with the natural trend of "BA-ization in online celebrity" after the outbreak of e-commerce live broadcast, that is, more and more online celebrity and stars with voice want to enter this industry.

This also reflects that MCN institutions such as Midea ONE, Qianxun, Ruhan and Worry-Free still can’t realize the vision of "cultivating online celebrity in batches". In terms of the incubation and liquidity of online celebrity, MCN institutions have hardly changed or improved in recent years.

MCN itself has become a outlet by outlet. Whether it is a content production organization or a service provider with content marketing as its core is a "strange circle" that MCN has not walked out of.

When it comes to online celebrity, Aauto Quicker and Tik Tok, as important platforms for live broadcast of goods in online celebrity, have obvious differences from Taobao live broadcast.

According to the data of China Merchants Securities, the daily average transaction volume of live broadcast goods in Aauto Quicker in 2019 is 100 million, and it is expected to be 40-50 billion for the whole year; Everbright Securities predicts that the narrow-caliber transaction scale of Aauto Quicker live broadcast will be 25 billion (the transaction scale within the platform) and 150 billion (the transaction scale led by the anchor to WeChat).

The limelight of Aauto Quicker live broadcast is not so much the emergence of "e-commerce live broadcast" as the exposure of Aauto Quicker live broadcast itself.

Aauto Quicker’s long-term accumulation of users in the sinking market, anchor trust foundation and live broadcast selling habits are the basis for Aauto Quicker to become the second platform for live broadcast.

As for the sinking market, we have said in previous reports that the "Internet going to the countryside" represented by the sinking market is actually a continuation of the "information equality" movement, and the greatest significance lies in the reconstruction of information elements. Third-and fourth-tier cities, small towns and vast rural markets are related to more intertwined channels, interpersonal patterns and differences in consumption concepts, but they are fundamentally urbanization problems.

From the perspective of urbanization, the sinking market and private domain are actually highly compatible:

Due to the more thorough transformation of commercial culture, cities have typical characteristics of consistent consumer culture, such as consumer brands such as Haidilao and Xicha, and commercial real estate brands such as Vanke Center and wanda plaza, which are very popular in first-and second-tier cities, and even in some third-and fourth-tier cities.

In small towns, rural areas and other areas, the more traditional business model is still very competitive. Even online car rental and take-out services with prominent Internet platform may not compete with local car rental and take-out services in these areas. As for the differences of consumer brands, from the early store sinking strategy of vivo and OPPO, the traditional dealer stores such as VIP Bird and Elcon operated in franchise mode, and the brand recognition in the sinking market was also high.

Another example is that some special fields and specialized services are based on the different needs of different markets, which is the embodiment of the "ten miles of different sounds" in the consumer field.

To put it simply, the difference in lifestyle between first-line and second-line residents is far less than that between county towns and rural areas. Urban culture is consistent, so online celebrity stores can be opened all over the country; Sinking market, city, town and village, each level is a layer, and consumer goods are very different.

The popularity of the term "sinking market" appeared around the time of listing in Pinduoduo, and the term "sinking big three" also appeared. By the end of 2019, the saying of sinking the market was more replaced by private domain.

Because the whole sinking market, in fact, is a collection of countless small private areas, with the characteristics of mutual connection and division. There is a sinking market, but the sinking market is not a big market.

In 2019, Aauto Quicker made great efforts to enter the first and second tier, and Tik Tok adopted a sinking strategy to break down the so-called "inside and outside the Five Rings" based on information services. The actual effect is actually drawing to a close.

Looking back at live delivery, the reason why "online celebrity BA" will become the mainstream is because online celebrity is a shortcut to private domain.

However, online celebrity’s popularity and consumer trust are based on long-term content and social maintenance, and it is not really possible to maintain a good popularity by bringing goods. The artistry of Li Jiaqi is also an example.

With regard to e-commerce live broadcast, the stakeholders, business model and retail reform involved are a very complicated and unsystematic issue. This article is not complete, and there are still many problems that have not been included, such as:

The following are some fragmented thoughts, but I think they have certain reference value:

1, whether Taobao or Tik Tok Aauto Quicker live broadcast with goods, can not break through their own platform positioning. It can be inferred that Aauto Quicker live delivery will encourage self-built and external e-commerce modes, and at the same time strengthen advertising share; Tik Tok’s short video marketing is stronger than live broadcast, and it is still an advertising growth strategy for a long time; Taobao live APP must rely on Taobao’s continuous diversion, and it is difficult to make a separate consumption platform, but it can be made into a tool.

2, Taobao data, about half of merchants have used Taobao live broadcast to sell goods. From an operational point of view, gradually improving the form of self-broadcast by merchants will become an important means to balance costs and operational growth.

In fact, whether it’s live broadcast of Taobao or live broadcast of other content platforms and brands, this kind of "de-online celebrity" live broadcast sales has become more common. From the point of view of employment, the sales model of shop assistants going to online celebrity is traditional BA online, and the ceiling is not very high, but it is sustainable.

In addition, don’t be too superstitious about the effect of live broadcast with goods. taobao guest, Taobao Alliance, Beijing Zhuntong, etc. still have good channel effects, and even lead WeChat and small programs to make deals. The key is cost control and comprehensive efficiency improvement.

3, based on the differences in urbanization, lifestyle and popular culture, the impact on the consumption field can not be ignored. Even in the city, since there are constantly business and brand innovations hidden, such as Modern China Tea Shop, which has not yet left Changsha. The birth and development of a new consumer brand should bring vitality to the consumer market and enrich our urban culture.

4. The efficiency of e-commerce live broadcast matching people’s freight yard should be evaluated on the basis of e-commerce. Many industries in the current epidemic stage are online, which is a last resort. We are still waiting for an opportunity to return to the offline consumption space, not for "retaliatory consumption" but for a more real life.

5, the low-cost strategy of e-commerce live broadcast is hidden in the connotation of promotion, so it is difficult to change. Platform-led low-cost, the other end is C2M, but it is difficult to get through the C2M model.

In the not-too-long history of retail development, "factory goods" often refer to "tail goods" (the sound of factory closure in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province is still there). C2M still needs to be verified by consumer culture, which may lead to the differentiation of consumer groups and categories.

For example, clothing C2M is basically difficult to make, even if it is a basic model, different brands have their own connotations; Another example is Uniqlo’s stolen joint money. Consumption is not only a purchase, but also a kind of self-expression.

From this point of view, C2M may not be as good as OEM, ODM and OBM’s pseudo-factory model.

6, two fundamentals of consumer business, one is manufacturing, and the other is retail. The innovation of retail model is inseparable from the progress of manufacturing industry. Only a more efficient and benign development of manufacturing industry can bring real consumer surplus.

"Consumer surplus is an important indicator to measure consumer welfare."


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CCTV News:Carrier-based aircraft is the main combat equipment of aircraft carrier, and carrier-based aviation unit is the core of aircraft carrier combat effectiveness construction. Tomorrow (May 10th) is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the naval carrier-based aviation unit. At the beginning of today’s program, please follow the reporter and go to the only military school in the whole army that is responsible for training carrier-based aviation personnel — — Take a look at the Naval Aviation University.

What you see now is the daily picture of this university. It is a training base for aviation and coastal defense personnel, and has trained tens of thousands of technical personnel such as flight, command and staff officers. It is one of the 13 key construction colleges of the whole army. Soaring in the sky and dreaming of deep blue, we followed the reporter’s lens into the Naval Aviation University.

This is a base of Naval Aviation University. Among the flight students who graduate every year, only a few students meet the strict requirements for flying carrier-based fighters. Not long ago, a new group of flight students successfully completed the J -15 solo mission, adding new strength to the carrier-based fighter team. Next, they will carry out the qualification certification on the aircraft carrier and fly to the farther deep blue.

As an institution for training naval aviation talents, air crews with special aircraft are also the key direction in the talent training system of the school.

CCTV reporter Zhang Yixiao:Here is an airport of Naval Aviation University. Behind me is the air police 200H early warning aircraft. It can be seen that the graduating air combat cadets are about to practice in the cabin. By being familiar with the equipment operation process, they can improve their operation skills and enhance their post-holding ability in the future.

Air combat personnel are an important part of air information combat forces, and they mainly complete various reconnaissance and early warning tasks through airborne detection equipment.

Practice in learning, learn in practice. In the teaching system of Naval Aviation University, a number of clubs have been set up, and students can learn more about flight and understand it by making model airplanes and crossing planes themselves.

CCTV reporter Zhang Yixiao:At this moment, the flight students beside me are going to use these model planes they made to carry out flight tests. Although we seem to be just flying, they have applied the knowledge of flight principle, aircraft structure and system they learned in class in the design and production of these model planes.

Yang Zijiang, faculty member of Aviation Foundation College of Naval Aviation University:By making an airplane (model airplane), students’ cognition of the whole airplane will be raised to a higher level, and by flying an airplane, students’ cognition of flying will also be raised to a higher level. Compared with our college, the average success rate of all flight students is 20% higher than the average level of those who have participated in model airplane training.

Teach for war and walk for war. In addition to consolidating theoretical teaching, there are courses such as flight simulator and pilot three-degree-of-freedom rotation training in the syllabus.

Flight students will bring what they can’t understand in the theoretical class to the simulated flight classroom for simulated flight training, and solve the problem through practical operation.

In order to speed up the completion of the transformation task and build a perfect talent ability model, Naval Aviation University has formulated a talent training program for carrier-based fighters, helicopter pilots, air combat personnel, etc., which has delivered tens of thousands of outstanding talents to the navy and become the cradle for sea and air eagles to dream of the blue sky.

Investigation on mobile phone surfing of college students: over 40% surf the Internet for more than 5 hours every day.

  China Youth Network, Beijing, October 21st "It’s not that I’m not sleepy. I just want to wait. As for what? I don’t know, I just want to wait. "This passage has become the mantra of many college students. And this "wait", most of them are brushing their mobile phones. So, how long do college students surf the Internet on their mobile phones every day? What are you mainly doing? Are you worried about network security?

  Recently, China Youth Network Campus News Agency conducted a questionnaire survey among 1,220 college students around the country. The results show that more than 40% of students surf the Internet for more than 5 hours every day, and more than 80% of students surf the Internet mainly for social chat. Most students think that surfing the Internet by mobile phone makes mobile payment, information acquisition and social communication more convenient. Nearly 90% of students are worried about network security, and most students expect the network speed of 5G to be faster and more convenient for study and life.

  The picture shows the proportion of college students’ mobile phone surfing time every day. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Over 40% of students surf the Internet on their mobile phones for more than 5 hours every day, and over 80% of students mainly chat socially.

  Wu Lin, a student of Sichuan Agricultural University, uses his mobile phone to surf the Internet every day for about 6 hours. "It has become my habit to brush my mobile phone when I wake up every day. Now surfing the Internet is a daily need. I feel that I don’t have much to do except surfing the Internet. I like chatting, watching news and playing games online when I have no classes. I can’t stop playing my mobile phone."

  Like Wu Lin, there are not a few college students who have the habit of surfing the Internet for a long time. According to a survey conducted by a reporter from China Youth Network, 41.56% of college students spend more than five hours on their mobile phones every day. When surfing the Internet, 83.93% of the students mainly chat socially, followed by consulting materials and listening to songs, accounting for 62.46% and 58.61% respectively.

  "I am deeply dependent on the Internet, partly because of my shortcomings in social skills." Joline, a student of Northwest Normal University, told reporters that she is introverted and unwilling to communicate face to face. She can express herself more directly and accurately online. She will keep a diary on the trumpet in Weibo, and what she is embarrassed to say in person can be expressed by WeChat. "Besides, I can also tell my story with strangers through Zhihu."

  The picture shows the proportion of college students’ mobile phone surfing behavior. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Mobile Internet access makes mobile payment, information acquisition and social communication more convenient.

  So what convenience does mobile Internet access bring to college students’ daily life? In the survey, China Youth Network reporter found that most of the students interviewed thought that surfing the Internet by mobile phone made mobile payment, information acquisition and social communication more convenient, accounting for 90.25%, 80.49% and 78.52% respectively.

  "Now you don’t have to bring cash when you go shopping. It’s really convenient to pay by QR code." Zhao Tingting, a student at Guilin University of Technology, said that it used to be troublesome to use cash for shopping. Now, with mobile payment, the mobile phone can scan the code to pay, which not only saves a lot of time, but also brings great convenience to life.

  Chen Yixin, a student at Chengdu University of Information Science and Technology, told reporters that after going to college, she often chats with her parents online. "Sometimes I use WeChat videos, and it is very convenient to contact them anytime and anywhere even if I don’t go home." She also said that now she mainly watches news through Weibo and news apps, so she can keep abreast of the latest hot events, which is very fast.

  The picture shows the proportion of convenience brought by mobile internet access to life. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Nearly 90% are worried about network security, and most students expect 5G network speed to be faster and study and life more convenient.

  Xie Wenyi is a student of Shandong University of Technology, and he attaches great importance to network security. "I have learned that bank card deposits may be stolen by clicking on the link to help bargain, which makes me very worried about network security." In order to avoid the disclosure of personal information, he will be more cautious when registering his account. He told reporters that many friends around him have fallen into the trap of online fraud, so they must strengthen their prevention.

  The results of this survey show that 88.03% of the respondents are as worried about network security as Xie Wenyi. In addition to network security issues, 5G has also become a hot topic this year. When talking about the expectation of the 5G era, 87.38% of the respondents hope that 5G will make the network speed faster, and secondly, it will make the study and life more convenient and the video quality clearer, accounting for 86.64% and 71.31% respectively.

  Hong Yumin studied in Hope College of Southwest Jiaotong University, and she needed to surf the Internet frequently for professional reasons. When talking about 5G, she said that 5G is a "good medicine" for architectural drawing. It doesn’t take a long time to download the software installation package, which greatly shortens the students’ drawing time. Compared with 4G, 5G is more stable and not easy to get stuck. When drawing, you don’t have to worry about network failure, which can guarantee the smooth birth of the work.

  The picture shows the proportion of college students’ expectations for 5 G. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

  Teachers in colleges and universities suggest that Internet surfing time should be arranged reasonably and network security protection should be done well.

  Yang Mei, an administrative teacher at School of Information Engineering, Sichuan Agricultural University, believes that college students spend more time on the Internet than study time. Although this has become a common phenomenon, students are advised to pay attention to study. "At present, many students will become very anxious when they leave their mobile phones. In fact, students will make good use of the Internet to arrange their free time and pay more attention to WeChat official account and online classes related to their majors or employment, which will be helpful for future postgraduate entrance examinations or job hunting."

  "Don’t easily click on pop-up web pages or unreliable advertising links shared by others, which are likely to contain viruses. When surfing the Internet in Internet cafes outside, don’t connect your USB flash drive, mobile phone and other things containing important personal information to your computer, which is easy to cause network security problems." At the same time, as the class teacher of the students, Yang Mei recommends students with poor self-control to use professional APP for entertainment time management, hoping that students can concentrate on their studies and focus on their studies.

  This semester, Fan Yingjie, a teacher of Marxism College of Chengdu University, asked students to strengthen self-discipline, stay away from the internet at least half a day to one day in class and at ordinary times, and learn to control themselves. She hopes that through these ways, students can understand that instead of constantly paying attention to other people’s lives through mobile phones, it is better to live their own lives and do their own things in a down-to-earth manner.

  Fan Yingjie also mentioned that regarding the issue of network security, the relevant state departments released a lot of warning case materials when promoting network security, hoping that students would learn more about it. "When using mobile phones or computers to surf the Internet, students should not randomly click unfamiliar links to avoid revealing personal information on the Internet, and try their best to do network security protection." (At the request of the interviewee, the names of the students in this article are all pseudonyms.)

  (Reporter Li Huaxi correspondent Yang Qing)

Kipchogg’s 10 Running Secrets


On October 12, 2019, Kipchogg completed the whole horse challenge in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds at the Platte Park in Vienna, becoming the first person to run the marathon for 2 hours.

"I don’t know where the limit is, but I will keep running towards it."


After the race, he said, "I hope more people can understand the importance of running. If everyone runs together, the world will become better." When he was interviewed by The Telegraph, he talked about 10 running suggestions. Now let’s review them together, hoping to help everyone.


Step 1 keep a training diary

"I have been writing a training diary to record my training plan and my feelings and emotions. Before the London Marathon in 2019, I can look back on last year’s feelings, which is very helpful to me. "


In the past 10 years, he has been writing a training diary, and he can even show the training he did in 2003.??


2. Never stop running for fun.

"I have been running for a long time, but I still remember running mountains and going to school when I was a child. When I was young, I would run for fun. At that time, I didn’t know it would be my career. I like and remember that feeling. “

Your mind and your heart are the driving force to push you forward, and your thoughts will drive your legs.


3. Let yourself have a good training partner.

"I train with first-class athletes (in Kaptagat near the Great Rift Valley in Kenya), and when you train with many other people, it will inspire you. If you train with fast athletes, it will keep you improving. “

Getting ready is more important than anything else.


4. Don’t always run at the same speed

"I run about 200 kilometers to 220 kilometers a week. 42 kilometers is the longest I have run in a day. I think short-distance running (sometimes training at the intensity of 13 x 3 minutes) and long-distance running are both good. If you run 5 kilometers, it will also help your marathon. “

Long-distance running can improve your endurance, but shorter interval running can improve your speed. For long-distance runners, they are mutually beneficial.


Step 5 go up the hill


6. Improve resilience

"Some days I train twice-once at 6 am and once at 4 pm. When you do training twice a day, it will tell you that your body, your heart and your lungs need to be repaired quickly to become healthier. "


Step 7 keep your feet on the ground

"One of the most important things about running is modesty. I am very happy to live in a small house with other athletes, work with the team, wash clothes and cut vegetables. "


I like to help young athletes and become role models.


8. Ukari is the best supply

"On training day, I will drink tea and eat bread in the morning. At lunch or dinner, I like to eat ugali, a Kenyan staple food rich in starch and energy, and some protein from eggs or meat. On the night before the game, I will eat rice, pasta or black curries.


During the competition, I will use isotonic energy gel and caffeine gel. On the day before the race, we also prepared 8 bottles of drinks, which my support team will give me every 5 kilometers. "


9. Monitor with smart watches

"I use my watch to monitor my pace in the race and record the kilometers. This is a good way to know my speed and keep the correct speed throughout the race without running too fast or too slow. "

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate estimates the end of the race.

10. Don’t stay up late

"When you train hard, it is important to take time to relax and recover. I like listening to music and reading books after training. Now I am reading Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Steven Covey, and I enjoy it very much. During the day, I will sleep between training classes and go to bed before 9 o’clock every night. "


There are many factors affecting the marathon track, and anything can happen. What we can do is to get ready and adjust in time, and look forward to Joe’s next game.

Published in Hongkong, China

As the New Year approaches, these important new regulations will be implemented on New Year’s Day.

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 31st Question: When the New Year arrives, these important new regulations will be implemented on New Year’s Day.

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Yang

    With the New Year’s bell ringing, a number of important new regulations have been implemented since New Year’s Day. Promote patriotic education with the power of the rule of law, comprehensive legislation for the protection of minors’ network will help teenagers grow up healthily, and new regulations for drug management and use will protect your life and health … A brand-new year of 2024 will usher in a new atmosphere of the rule of law.

   Guarantee and promote patriotism education to be widely, deeply, persistently and effectively carried out.

    The Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Patriotism Education came into force on January 1, 2024, ensuring and promoting the extensive, in-depth and sustained and effective development of patriotism education.

    According to this law, the main contents of patriotism education cover ideological and political education, history and culture, national symbols, the magnificent rivers and mountains and historical and cultural heritage of the motherland, the Constitution and laws, national unity and national unity, national security and national defense, heroism and deeds of exemplary figures, etc. While providing patriotic education for all citizens, we should give prominence to the education of teenagers and children in schools and families.

    This Law requires making full use of all kinds of resources and various forms to carry out patriotic education, including red resources, cultural relics and historical sites, patriotic education bases and various cultural venues, commendation and awards for meritorious service, various commemorative celebrations, folk cultural activities, ceremonial ceremonies such as hanging the national flag, singing the national anthem and taking the oath of the Constitution, and literary and artistic works, news media and information network platform carriers.

   Create a clear network space for minors

    The Regulations on Network Protection for Minors came into effect on January 1, 2024, which is the first comprehensive legislation on network protection for minors in China.

    The regulations put forward the requirements for personal information processors to strictly set the access rights of minors’ personal information and carry out compliance audits of personal information; Internet products and service providers should establish and improve the early warning, prevention, identification, monitoring and disposal mechanisms of cyberbullying, and set up functions and channels to facilitate minors and their guardians to keep records of cyberbullying and exercise their right to notify.  

   Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of drug management and use.

    The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Quality of Drug Trading and Use shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    Methods Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of drug management and use, further clarify the division of responsibilities of drug supervision departments at all levels, clarify the responsibilities of cross-regional supervision, enrich administrative measures, and clarify the requirements of the connection between execution and discipline.

    The measures stipulate the quality management departments and personnel, storage and maintenance, handling and recall of drug quality problems and drug traceability of medical institutions. Medical institutions and other drug users are required to establish a drug quality management system, which is responsible for the drug quality management in the whole process of drug purchase, storage and use.

   Measures to increase the convenience of administrative reconsideration

    The revised Administrative Reconsideration Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    The revised Administrative Reconsideration Law has added a number of convenience measures to provide convenience for the parties to apply for and participate in administrative reconsideration, and to protect the rights of the parties in administrative reconsideration.

    Where an administrative organ serves a written decision on administrative act through Internet channels, it shall also provide an Internet channel for submitting an application for administrative reconsideration. If an applicant refuses to accept the decision on administrative punishment made on the spot or based on the illegal facts recorded by electronic technology monitoring equipment, he may submit an application for administrative reconsideration through the administrative organ that made the decision on administrative punishment.

   Focus on solving the "difficult service" of foreign-related civil litigation cases

    The NPC Standing Committee’s decision on amending the Civil Procedure Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    In recent years, the number of foreign-related civil disputes tried by people’s courts has risen rapidly, and the number of cases in which foreign parties voluntarily choose the jurisdiction of our courts is increasing. The revised Civil Procedure Law further improves the relevant provisions on foreign-related service, makes efforts to solve the problem of "difficult service" in foreign-related cases, improves the efficiency of service, and earnestly safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in foreign-related cases; We will improve the judicial assistance system for foreign-related civil cases and add relevant provisions for overseas investigation and evidence collection.  

   Promote the construction of marine environmental supervision and management system

    The revised Marine Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China shall come into force on January 1, 2024.

    The revised Marine Environmental Protection Law requires that the coastal local people’s governments should be responsible for the quality of the marine environment in the sea areas under their management, implement the target responsibility system and evaluation system for marine environmental protection, and promote the capacity building of marine environmental supervision and management.

    In addition, the system of ecological environment zoning control, comprehensive management of key sea areas, interview and rectification, information sharing, credit evaluation, seizure and detention will be added. Improve the planning, standards, monitoring, early warning, investigation, environmental assessment, emergency and other systems.