Delivered more than 760 units of Hengchi 5, layoffs exceeded 60%, Hengda Automobile’s revenue surged 541% to 155 million yuan in the first half of the year

On the evening of August 25, Evergrande Motor announced its interim results for the six months ended June 30, 2023 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

According to the financial report data, as of June 30, 2023, revenue was 155 million yuan, an increase of 540.98% year-on-year. Evergrande Automobile said that the increase in revenue was mainly due to the group’s start to sell Hengchi 5. The company’s gross loss was 61 million yuan, an increase of 531.54% year-on-year, mainly due to the rising prices of core components such as batteries and chips and the lack of large-scale production, which made the manufacturing cost higher.

For the six months ended June 30, 2023, Evergrande Motor said it continued to focus on high-quality production and delivery of the Hengchi 5, improving and streamlining its production management system to lay a solid foundation for future high-volume production. Among all pre-orders for the Hengchi 5 (which has been pre-ordered in July 2022),More than 760 units were delivered during the reporting periodIn terms of R & D achievements, the Group has applied for 3,512 patents in similar research fields worldwide, of which 2,715 have been granted patents.

It is worth noting that the results show that in the first half of 2023, the Group’s administrative expenses decreased by 15.54% year-on-year to 935.92 million yuan, mainly due to the decrease in employees, the salary reduction of certain current employees and the decrease in R & D expenses.

As at 30 June 2023, the Group employed a total of 1,597 employees, approximately 92% of whom had a bachelor’s degree or above, and incurred total staff costs (including director’s remuneration) of approximately RMB 313.85 million during the reporting period (H1 2022: RMB 937.98 million).

According to Evergrande Automobile’s 2022 annual report, as of December 31, 2022, the group employed 4,506 employees. According to this calculation, in the first half of 2023, Evergrande Automobile’s staff reduction rate reached 64%.

(Proofreading/Huang Rengui)

126,900 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro was officially listed.

  [New Car Listed in car home] On May 18th, Chery Automobile’s (|) family was officially listed.The new car has launched a total of 9 models.Fuel version modelThe price range is 126,900-171,900 yuan.The new car is young and dynamic in appearance and richer in configuration. There will be 5-seat and 7-seat space layouts and 1.6T and 2.0T engines to choose from. See the table below for detailed models:

Tiggo 8 PRO Guide Price motive force car make and model Price (ten thousand yuan)



Deep Space Edition (5 seats /7 seats) 12.69 Sky Edition (5 /7) 13.39 Vast edition (5 seats /7 seats) 14.19 Storm Edition (5 seats /7 seats) 15.19 Star Edition (5 seats /7 seats) 16.19



Sky Edition (5 /7) 14.39 Vast edition (5 seats /7 seats) 15.19 Vast version of four-wheel drive (5 seats /7 seats) 16.19 Storm edition four-wheel drive (5 seats) 17.19

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

★ New car features

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PRO 2022 290T two-wheel drive vast edition 5 seats.

  Externally, the new car only adopts a large-size front air intake grille, and is equipped with a dot-matrix mesh structure. The headlight groups on both sides are integrated with the front grille and connected by a chrome-plated decorative strip to form a through design. The front sides of the new car are also surrounded by polygonal heat dissipation openings, and the interior is equipped with horizontal LED daytime running lights.

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PRO 2022 290T two-wheel drive vast edition 5 seats.

  On the side of the car body, the new car adopts the standard SUV body structure. The front and rear fenders protrude slightly from the car body, and the whole side lines are relatively flat. Together with the chrome-plated decorative strips under the car door and the large-size rims with dense spokes, it shows the fashionable and dynamic side of the car. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4745/1860/1745mm and the wheelbase is 2710mm respectively.

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PRO 2022 290T two-wheel drive vast edition 5 seats.

  On the tail side, the new car is equipped with a roof spoiler, and the taillights adopt a through design, and the array shape of the internal light group is highly recognizable after lighting. In addition, the new car also adopts the exhaust design of four outlets on both sides, and surrounds the rear diffuser decorative panel in the middle after cooperation, so as to further enhance the dynamic effect of the vehicle.

Chery automobile tiggo 8 PRO 2022 290T two-wheel drive vast edition 5 seats.

  In the interior part, the design style of the overall center console of the new car refers to the previous design idea of Chery OMODA 5, and the double screen design with a size of 24.6 inches is particularly eye-catching. The new car is also equipped with the W-HUD head-up display function developed by Chery, which can display the speed, dynamic ADAS, navigation, telephone and other forms, and can also make the user’s line of sight more focused, which is conducive to safe driving. In addition, the Tiggo 8 PRO is also equipped with SONY luxury 10-speaker surround sound, as well as a full-fledged atmosphere light group.

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

  In terms of space, as a seven-seat model, the performance of the interior space of the Tiggo 8 PRO car is acceptable, and the design of hollowing out the back of the front seat gives more room for the second row of legs, which better ensures the seating space of the third row of passengers, and the performance of storage space is more conventional.

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

  In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a pure fuel vehicle with a 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI engine and the latest Chery Kunpeng DHT hybrid system. Among them, the 1.6T turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 197 HP and a maximum torque of 290 Nm. The maximum power of the 2.0T engine is 254 HP and the maximum torque is 390 Nm. Both power versions are matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a four-wheel drive system is available.

  In the future, the new car will also be equipped with Chery Kunpeng DHT hybrid system, which will provide "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds" with "CHERY AWD" Chery all-scene intelligent control four-wheel drive system, so that the new car has six all-scene road modes including economy, ordinary, sports, camping, skiing and cross-country.

★ Test drive review

  Previously, we have tested the 2.0T model version (the test-drive version, and the test drive experience does not represent the final production version). The engine parameters of this model are 254 HP and 390 Nm, which are in line with the 2.0T high-power engine of the first-tier manufacturers, but there are still some gaps in the actual experience. Mainly reflected in the power output process is not linear enough, and the low torsion performance below 2000rpm is weak. In addition, the stroke of the accelerator pedal is relatively long, and there is still a little empty position in the initial stage, which leads to the need for more accurate control of the ankle when following the car at low speed, otherwise the power will suddenly break out after the speed exceeds 2000rpm, and it is easy to go forward.

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

  But if you are the kind of driving style that you must rush out first, then the performance of this engine will definitely satisfy you, skip the initial fatigue and go straight to the power sweet zone, and this momentum can continue until 5000rpm. Even if the cruise state suddenly accelerates, it can be done in one go, don’t believe you look at the test results.

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

  For dual-clutch gearboxes, the attitude of China brand is mostly to keep comfort and abandon shift speed, and Tiggo 8 PRO is no exception. According to the standard of a family car, its performance is qualified, and the selection of gears and the switching between gears during stop-and-go can be smooth and natural, without any obvious frustration and hesitation. It’s just that in the face of sudden high power request, the speed of downshifting is not fast, and it’s not decisive enough. It can’t be lowered to the right gear at once, and sometimes it needs to be replenished.

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

  The chassis does not adequately filter small bumps, and it is also sensitive to the feedback of road information, and there will be redundant jumping when passing through potholes and speed bumps. But if you insist, it doesn’t count. After all, there is no strong impact transmitted to the car. The long-stroke suspension is not well restrained when facing the roll, and the response of the car body is also lagging behind. Generally speaking, it is comfort and movement, and both sides are not in place, giving people a very general sense of texture and advanced feeling.

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

  In general, the driving texture of the Tiggo 8 PRO is not as young as it looks, coupled with the high sitting posture and fuzzy steering wheel directivity, it still has a strong sense of "middle age". According to the data released by the manufacturers, the proportion of owners of Tiggo 8 over 36 years old is 56%, and that of Tiggo 8 PLUS is 40%. The main car buyers of Tiggo 8 PRO in the future will definitely be middle-aged, so this driving experience is in line with their car demand.

★ Model history

Chery tiggo 8 2021 kunpeng version 290TGDI automatic wind-driven version

Tiggo 8 Kunpeng Edition

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PLUS 2022 Kunpeng Edition 390TGDI DCT Passionate Edition+

Tiggo 8 PLUS』

Chery Automobile Tiggo 8 PRO 2022 Basic Model

Tiggo 8 PRO』

  The Tiggo 8 PRO is the third model of the Tiggo 8 family. At present, it is consistent with the two brothers in the series in terms of three major parts and body size, but it has changed its appearance, interior and configuration. Compared with Tiggo 8, which focuses on economy and practicality, Tiggo 8 PLUS focuses on luxury, while Tiggo 8 PRO focuses on youth and technology. It is aimed at the post-90 s family, which not only inherits the advantages of the large space of Tiggo 8 series to meet household needs, but also meets the needs of intelligent networking and young design after 90 s.

★ competitors

Changan Automobile Changan CS75 PLUS 2022 Second Generation 1.5T Autopilot Model

"Changan CS75 PLUS』"

  As an SUV with a wheelbase of 2710mm and a price range of 150,000, Tiggo 8 PRO will continue to compete with its old rivals such as Changan CS75 PLUS, Haval H6 and Bo Yue X. While the Tiggo 8 family is constantly updating, competing products are also constantly innovating. For example, at the end of February this year, the new CS75Pulse, a powerful competitor in this market, ushered in the market. In terms of paper strength, Tiggo 8 PRO has a good technology and automatic driving assistance configuration compared with competing products. At the same time, Tiggo 8 PRO will launch a hybrid model in the future, and it has taken a leading step in power selection compared with competing products. I hope its appearance will contribute to the sales of Tiggo 8 family.

★ Edit comments

  At present, there are more and more young consumers in the domestic SUV market, and manufacturers have begun to further upgrade and optimize the younger models. Tiggo 8 PRO is a model born in this background, which evaluates the fashionable and dynamic design and rich configuration to attract young consumers. With different product style positioning, Chery has also made a good market segmentation of the Tiggo 8 series models to meet the car purchase needs of more people.

  Looking at the sales volume of the Tiggo 8 family, by 2021, the annual sales volume of the Tiggo 8 family reached 166,000, and the global sales volume of the Tiggo 8 family reached 27,250 in January and February this year, up 12.1% year-on-year. In addition, in less than four years, the Tiggo 8 family has entered the country and marched overseas. At present, the global cumulative sales in dozens of countries around the world such as Russia, Egypt and Brazil have exceeded 480,000. It can be seen that the product strength of the Tiggo 8 family is still trustworthy. I believe that after the launch of the Tiggo 8 PRO model, it will bring better sales performance and product reputation to the Tiggo 8 family. (Text/car home graduated)

Worthy of driving a new benchmark! Aouita 12 opens NCA in "No Map" urban area.

  Aouita 12 is equipped with three laser radars at the beginning, which has a wider and more multidimensional detection range compared with 1-2 laser radars at the same level. In addition, Aouita 12 is equipped with ADS 2.0, Huawei’s latest generation of advanced intelligent driving system, and its intelligent driving strength is leading at the same level. On this basis, Aouita Science and Technology announced that from February 4th, 12 full users in Aouita will open the urban NCA which does not depend on high-precision maps, covering all the national highways, national highways, provincial highways, rural roads, main roads, auxiliary roads and branch roads.

  It is reported that with the gradual increase in sales of Aouita’s flagship models, Aouita’s intelligent driving function has been fully trusted and used at high frequency by users, and the intelligent driving mileage has accumulated over 44 million kilometers, accounting for 23% of the total driving mileage; Intelligent parking assistance has been called over 4.7 million times, with an average of over 10,000 times a day. With the opening of this "no map" intelligent driving, Aouita 12 will get rid of the limitation of high-precision maps, truly realize "all roads can be opened with and without maps" and can be used all over the country.

  It is worth noting that before unlocking the NCA in the "no map" urban area, Aouita 12 also ushered in the first big OTA upgrade, unlocking black technologies such as Huawei DriveOne iTRACK. Specifically, with the blessing of Huawei DriveOne iTRACK, Aouita 12 can ensure the best power output even under extremely complicated road conditions, and ensure the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers with a steady driving posture.

  In addition, Aouita 12 has also added intelligent driving functions such as high-speed LCC, remote parking RPA, straight in and straight out RDA, etc., to give users more care. For example, outside the car, users can remotely park and park the vehicle through the mobile phone Aouita APP, and combine with the intelligent induction electric door to easily realize the automatic welcoming and driving of the vehicle. Secondly, when the driver takes things for a short time and the space in front of the vehicle is limited, it is not convenient to get on and off, the Aouita 12 can move forward or backward through the RDA function, which perfectly avoids the embarrassment of hitting the wall when opening the door and getting into the car.

  In addition, through the remote parking RPA function of Aouita 12 and the RDA, it can perfectly cope with all kinds of extreme parking scenes and expand more parking pain scenes. In a word, after the OTA upgrade, the security, convenience and comfort of Aouita 12 in different scenarios have been improved, which can meet the needs of users for smart cars in all scenarios.

  In the future development, it is believed that Aouita will continue to optimize its algorithm and upgrade its software to unlock more intelligent driving scenarios under the technical empowerment of Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving assistance system ADS 2.0, so that cutting-edge intelligence can redefine the way of life and travel.

A series of press conferences on the theme of "Jiangxi this decade" (comprehensive deepening reform topic) recorded by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province were held in Nanchang.

Press conference site (photo by Li Sui)

On September 27th, the Propaganda Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office jointly held a series of press conferences on the theme of "Jiangxi this decade" (comprehensive deepening reform topic). Li Jizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Political Research Office of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, released and introduced relevant information. Chen Qiang, full-time deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, Zhang Xiaoyong, full-time deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, Zhong Shifu, deputy secretary of Xinyu Municipal Committee, and Sun Min, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Ganzhou Municipal Committee, attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. Wang Yihua, the second inspector of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the press conference.

Wang Yihua, the second inspector of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee (photo by Li Sui)


Dear journalists and friends,

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the press conference on the theme of "This Decade in Jiangxi".

Now, the 29th series of press conferences will be held. The theme of the press conference is: deepening reform, breaking new paths, striving to overcome difficulties and strive for the first place. We are very pleased to invite Mr. Li Jizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Political Research Office of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, Mr. Chen Qiang, Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, Mr. Zhang Xiaoyong, Deputy Secretary of Xinyu Municipal Committee, Mr. Zhong Shifu, and Mr. Sun Min, Member of the Standing Committee of Ganzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, and ask them to introduce our province’s achievements in comprehensively deepening reform since the 18th CPC National Congress and to answer your questions.

Next, please introduce Mr. Li Jizhong first.

Li Jizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Political Research Office of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office (photo by Li Sui)


Ladies and gentlemen, friends of the news media,

Good morning everyone!

On the occasion of the celebration of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, I am very happy to participate in the press conference on the theme of "Jiangxi this decade" organized by the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, and introduce the comprehensive deepening of reform in Jiangxi around "deepening reform, breaking new trails, and striving for the first place". First of all, on behalf of the Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to all news media friends who have long cared for and supported Jiangxi’s comprehensive deepening of reform!



这十年,全面深化改革为江西推动高质量发展注入了强劲动力。我们牢记习近平总书记关于“推动经济高质量发展”的殷殷嘱托,坚持发挥经济体制改革的牵引作用,聚焦进一步解放和发展社会生产力,系统推进基础性、关键性改革,为推动高质量跨越式发展聚势赋能。深入推进“五型政府”建设,大力实施营商环境优化升级“一号改革工程”,在全国率先开启“一网选中介”新模式,推行“一照通办”改革,推广“一件事一次办”集成审批改革,“赣服通、掌上办”“政务服务365天不打烊”等改革获得广大市场主体和人民群众高度赞誉,“江西办事不用求人、江西办事依法依规、江西办事便捷高效、江西办事暖心爽心”的营商环境品牌全面打响。加快推进市场体系改革,深化要素市场化配置、市场准入负面清单、公平竞争审查制度改革,着力打造国企改革“江西样板”,全面落实支持非公有制经济发展改革措施,各类市场主体活力持续迸发。创新实施产业链“链长制”,推行重大科研项目“揭榜挂帅”和“赛马争先”制度,推进重点产业链科技创新联合体改革,全省综合科技创新水平指数实现“七连进”。扎实推进江西内陆开放型经济试验区建设,深化开发区体制机制创新,Copy and promote the pilot experience of the reform of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and make new breakthroughs in cross-border trade reform. We will steadily push forward the reform of the fiscal and taxation financial system, improve the budget management and financial transfer payment systems, and the comprehensive index of green financial development ranks fourth in the country. Take the lead in basically completing the registration and certification of rural land contractual management right, pilot the reform of rural collective property right system in the whole province, prudently promote the pilot reform and standardized management of rural homestead system, actively explore the market entry system of rural collective management construction land, and continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, water conservancy project management system and agricultural water price. "yujiang county House Reform" has become a national model, and Shangrao’s reforms of standardizing the management of farmers’ houses and changing customs in Shicheng have been affirmed by the Central Reform Office. The surging momentum of reform has promoted Jiangxi’s economic strength and innovation ability to leap sharply, and social productivity, core competitiveness and development influence have reached a new level.








人民网记者(黎穗 摄)






Fourth, adhere to a sound mechanism and pay close attention to reform and implementation. The provincial party committee strengthened its leadership in comprehensively deepening the reform, set up the Committee for Deep Reform of the provincial party committee, and coordinated the comprehensive deepening of the reform in the whole province. Since 2014, the Provincial Committee for Deep Reform has held 47 meetings in a normal and high-quality manner, deliberated 325 topics, and formulated a "four beams and eight pillars" reform plan in major areas. Establish a system of leading major reform projects by members of the Provincial Committee for Deep Reform, and lead the implementation of 120 major reform tasks, forming a demonstration effect of grasping reform at the above rate. Give full play to the role of the "headquarters" of the Provincial Committee for Deep Reform, the "main force" of the reform leading department, the reform special group and the "general staff" of the reform office, build a pragmatic and efficient reform decision-making mechanism, a coordinated mechanism linked from top to bottom, and a strong and orderly supervision implementation mechanism, so as to form a reform implementation pattern with clear responsibilities, separate troops and full tracking, and promote Jiangxi’s comprehensive deepening reform to go deep and practical.

China News Service reporter (photo by Li Sui)

China News Service reporter: The 15th Provincial Party Congress proposed that we should vigorously implement comprehensive and deepening reform and tackling key problems. What progress has the province made in comprehensively deepening the reform and tackling key problems? What are you going to do next?

Chen Qiang, full-time deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office (photo by Li Sui)

Chen Qiang:Vigorously implementing the action of comprehensively deepening the reform is a major decision-making arrangement made by the provincial party Committee to profoundly grasp the need of comprehensively deepening the reform into a new stage of systematic, holistic and reconstructive reform, and to promote the deepening of the reform. It is the "main grasp" of the reform work in our province at present and in the future. Since the beginning of this year, under the strong leadership of the provincial party Committee, this work has been fully launched and is being vigorously and orderly promoted.

The first is to benchmark the central government and make overall plans. Accurately benchmark the requirements of the Central Committee for Deep Reform on "increasing breakthroughs in reforms in important areas and key links", formulate and issue the "Action Plan for Comprehensively Deepening Reform in Jiangxi Province (2022-2024)", and clearly put forward the overall goal of "one-year comprehensive roll-out, two-year key breakthroughs and three-year overall improvement". We studied and introduced ten implementation plans for tackling key problems such as optimizing the business environment reform, deepening the reform of science and technology system and mechanism, deepening the reform and innovation of state-owned and state-owned enterprises, deepening the reform of rural revitalization system and mechanism, creating a beautiful "Jiangxi model" reform in China, improving and perfecting the reform of people’s livelihood security system, deepening the modernization reform of municipal social governance, deepening the reform of talent development system and mechanism, deepening the reform of cultural system, and deepening the reform of "three noes" system and mechanism, and refined the specific targets, measures and measures for each action.

The second is careful organization and coordinated promotion. All the top ten reforms will be included in the list of major reform projects led by the members of the Provincial Committee for Deep Reform in 2022, and will be included as the core content in the Work Points of the Provincial Committee for Deep Reform in 2022, and a work account will be established. Every time the liaison meeting of the provincial party Committee reform special group will be specially scheduled and accurately guided. Up to now, a number of key reform projects, such as the "No.1 Reform Project" to optimize and upgrade the business environment, the reform of the scientific and technological innovation consortium of key industrial chains, the pilot reform of rural residential land in the province and standardized management actions, the deepening of the reform of ecological protection compensation system, the reform of provincial cultural enterprises, the "three mechanisms" reform of provincial talent policy, and the reform of home community pension services, have been vigorously promoted, progressed in an orderly manner, and achieved remarkable results.

The third is to improve the mechanism and pay close attention to landing. The "special supervision on comprehensively deepening the reform and tackling key problems" will be included in the supervision work plan of the provincial party Committee in 2022, and the completion of the top ten reform and tackling key problems will be taken as an important assessment content, which will be included in the newly revised "Assessment Measures for Comprehensively Deepening the Reform in Jiangxi Province". The Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee has established a counterpart liaison service mechanism, with full docking, full tracking and comprehensive service to ensure the orderly progress of comprehensively deepening the reform and tackling key problems. According to the actual situation, all cities and counties have introduced the local overall plan and sub-item implementation plan for "tackling difficulties through reform", explored and implemented many pragmatic and effective promotion mechanisms, and formed a good situation and work pattern of linkage from top to bottom and joint efforts to tackle difficulties.

In the next step, we will carry forward the reform spirit of daring to be the first, try first, anchor "be the first to demonstrate", adhere to "dare to encounter difficulties and make breakthroughs", step up efforts to promote the comprehensive deepening of the reform and take effect, focus on solving a number of pain points, blocking points and difficult development problems, focus on forming a number of institutional, mechanism and institutional innovations, and focus on creating a number of original, fresh and distinctive reform experiences.

Jiangxi Daily reporter (photo by Li Sui)

Jiangxi Daily reporter:It is an important method of reform to grasp the typical examples of reform and promote the reform from point to area. What innovative measures does Jiangxi province have to play a leading role in the typical demonstration of reform? What results have been achieved?

省委改革办专职副主任张晓勇(黎穗 摄)



The second is to vigorously promote the reform of the brand. Intensify the propaganda of reform, create a strong atmosphere of striving for Excellence and catching up with learning in the whole province, and continuously expand the radiation and influence of reform. Improve the media publicity mechanism, tell the story of Jiangxi’s reform well, and publicize and report a number of "standing and screaming" reform models in the central and provincial major media every year. We will improve the information exchange mechanism, rely on the internal magazine of Jiangxi Reform Trends and the WeChat WeChat official account of Jiangxi Reform, publish new experiences and practices of reform exploration in various localities and departments in a timely manner, and create a platform of "learning from each other" to enlarge the coordinate system and identify the reference objects. A number of typical experiences and practices of reform in our province have been affirmed by the Central Reform Office and promoted to the whole country. Improve the case selection mechanism, and successively organize the selection of "40 typical cases of Jiangxi’s reform since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee" and "Top Ten Cases of Comprehensive Deepening Reform in 2021", showing a number of influential reform brands. The practice of selecting reform cases in our province has been fully affirmed by the Central Reform Office.

The third is to vigorously promote the reform experience. Constantly improve the replication and promotion mechanism of reform experience, and promote the expansion of typical reform experience from "one place and one domain" to "starting a prairie fire". Since the beginning of this year, combined with the implementation of the comprehensive deepening of the reform and tackling key problems, the provincial party Committee has clearly requested that each city, county (city, district) should explore a reform experience that can be used for reference by other cities and counties every year, and each provincial lead unit of the reform and tackling key problems should promote a reform practice that has been tested by practice and is worthy of promotion throughout the province every year. The Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee has identified 112 reform exploration projects and 33 promotion projects this year, and issued a list of project implementation. We will strengthen overall planning and coordination, do a good job in supervision and implementation, strive to explore more achievements in the reform system and practice, create a number of "new business cards" and "golden business cards" for Jiangxi reform, and give better play to the typical demonstration and leading role of reform.

Phoenix Net reporter (photo by Li Sui)

Phoenix Network reporter:Improving people’s livelihood and well-being is the fundamental purpose of development and the starting point and foothold of comprehensively deepening reform. What are the explorations and achievements of Xinyu City in the system integration reform in the field of people’s livelihood? What are your plans for the next step?

Zhong Shifu, Deputy Secretary of Xinyu Municipal Committee (photo by Li Sui)

Zhong Shifu:Over the past ten years, Xinyu has resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment requirements of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, firmly established the people-centered development thought, took the lead in proposing the goal of building a socialist modern and happy city in an all-round way in the province, insisted on systematic integration and promoted the reform in the field of people’s livelihood, and was selected as one of the top 30 most happy cities in China with the warm image of "small city and great people’s livelihood". Not long ago, we held a high-level seminar on national livelihood system integration reform and "Xinyu Practice" with china society of economic reform, which received wide attention and good response.

First, we will do whatever the masses expect. Focusing on the people’s urgent difficulties and worries, we changed the government’s "problem" into the people’s "order", integrated more than 300 reform measures, and created 40 brands of people’s livelihood reform. We pioneered the "Party Building+Home for the Aged" model in China, and built a home for the aged by using idle houses in rural areas. As long as the elderly over 70 pay 200 yuan every month and the cities and counties support 150 yuan, they can enjoy three meals a day, daily care and leisure and entertainment services. We pay attention to the relevance of reform measures. When promoting the "Xiaokang Clinic" in rural areas, the location should be as close as possible to the home for the elderly, so that the elderly can see a doctor at their doorstep. At present, the city has built 736 homes for the aged in urban and rural areas, benefiting more than 12,000 elderly people. The brand of "Party Building+Home for the Aged" was selected as one of the top ten cases of China’s reform in 2019 and an excellent case of the pilot reform of home and community care services in China.

The second is to integrate idle capital resources and do more with less money. We strengthen the integration of funds, improve the efficiency of use, increase cost control, and promote the sustainable development of livelihood projects. Ten million yuan was integrated from the special surcharge for education to promote the Xiaohe project, so that more than 50,000 rural boarders could eat nutritious meals, take hot baths and put on clean clothes, and be selected as a typical case of basic education in China in 2020. Open a lotus garden in qualified schools, and realize self-sufficiency in vegetables while children receive labor education, saving millions of yuan every year. Our "Splash Action" adopts the methods of social purchase of services and resource integration, and has enabled more than 60,000 students in the city to master swimming skills without building a new gymnasium, a new swimming pool and a new teacher.

Third, the "four-level secretary" grasps people’s livelihood and forms a joint force for people’s livelihood reform. We have established a working mechanism of unified leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, with the "four-level secretaries" in cities, counties and villages taking their respective responsibilities, grasping the first level and implementing it at different levels, transforming the party’s political advantages into governance efficiency and converging into a powerful synergy to promote people’s livelihood reform. We pay attention to activating the grassroots "peripheral nerve" of the village party secretary, so that they can make a charge and show their talents in promoting the home for the elderly, tearing down three houses and building three parks. We also pay attention to mobilizing the forces of the society and other parties, actively guide the members of the Chamber of Commerce to participate in social governance, and donate nearly 900 million yuan for the establishment of a home for the elderly, poverty alleviation, and school aid.

People’s livelihood work has no end, only a continuous new starting point. In the next step, we will further deepen the "Xinyu practice" of people’s livelihood reform and promote the people’s sense of acquisition, happiness and security to be more substantial, secure and sustainable. First, adhere to the leadership of party building. Leading the reform in the field of people’s livelihood with party building, and promoting the tangible and project-oriented work of party building. The second is to adhere to integrated thinking. Adhere to the integration of policies, measures and methods, consolidate and upgrade the existing brands of people’s livelihood, speed up the filling of shortcomings and omissions in people’s livelihood, and promote the transformation and overall improvement of the reform system in the field of people’s livelihood. The third is to respect the grassroots initiative. Encourage the grassroots to try first, summarize, refine, copy and promote the good experiences and practices of people’s livelihood reform in a timely manner, and strive to provide more reform and innovation experience for the whole province and even the whole country.

江西广播电视台都市频道(黎穗 摄)


赣州市委常委、市委秘书长孙敏(黎穗 摄)



Second, vigorously implement the "No.1 Reform Project" to optimize and upgrade the business environment, and strive to build a bridgehead that will be integrated into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Take the lead in setting up administrative examination and approval bureaus at the city and county levels in the province, and carry out reforms such as "the same power in the city and county", "the whole industry runs in one chain" and the policy of benefiting enterprises "enjoy without applying, enjoy immediately after applying"; Strive to cooperate with Shenzhen counterparts, "make something out of nothing" to build a combined port of land port and Ganshen in Ganzhou, and strive to create a business environment comparable to that of Greater Bay Area. Well-known enterprises such as Gree, Geely and Foxconn have successively settled down, and the number of listed companies has increased from 3 to 16, forming 4 industrial clusters with 100 billion yuan and 5 enterprises with revenues of over 10 billion yuan.

The third is to build a more effective regional coordinated development mechanism and focus on enhancing the radiation of provincial sub-center cities. Solidly promote the construction of the national inclusive financial reform pilot zone, the education reform and development pilot zone jointly established by the Ministry and the province, and the national logistics hub of business service, jointly establish the national regional medical center with Nanfang Hospital and Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, and vigorously build the provincial financial sub-center and the "six centers" of regional business logistics, education and medical care. Deepen the reform of fiscal, taxation, urban management and other systems in the central city, and accelerate the coordinated development of "five districts integration". The urbanization rate of the whole city reached 56.4%, which increased by 17 percentage points in ten years, and it was awarded as a national civilized city and a national health city.

The fourth is to explore and broaden the transformation channel of "two mountains" and strive to create a model area for beautiful Jiangxi construction. We made overall plans to do a good job in the pilot projects of ecological protection and restoration of lakes and grasses in landscape forests, experimental areas for soil and water conservation reform, and horizontal ecological compensation in the upper and lower reaches of Dongjiang River Basin, deepened the reform of the management system of national forest parks and key scenic spots, and innovated the mechanism for realizing the value of ecological products, such as accounting and evaluation of the value of ecological products, and trading of rights and interests of ecological resources. The comprehensive reform of collective forest rights took the lead in the country and was awarded the first batch of cities in China to create an ecological civilization.

Fifth, always adhere to the people-centered reform value orientation, and strive to improve the gold content of the comprehensive well-off society in the old areas of southern Jiangxi. Innovate and implement the "five ones" mechanism for industrial poverty alleviation, the "four guarantee lines" for health poverty alleviation, and the "precise poverty prevention insurance", and hand over excellent answers to poverty alleviation; Integratively promote the "three reforms in one" in rural areas, take the lead in carrying out the evaluation reform of professional farmers in the province, and promote the reform experience of "treating guests without accepting gifts and frugally hosting banquets" in the province. Constantly improve the social security system of employment and pension, take the lead in realizing the vertical management of medical insurance departments below the city level in the whole province, and solidly carry out the national pilot project of regional social governance modernization. It was awarded the "Demonstration City of Safe China Construction" for seven consecutive sessions and won the "Chang ‘an Cup" for five consecutive sessions.




Receive relief, be homeless

The United States is not only the largest economy in the world, but also a western country with the most serious polarization between the rich and the poor. For a long time, it can’t get out of the dilemma that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Christmas bells and homeless people
A few days before Christmas, it was cold in new york, USA. On the morning of 23rd, residents went to St. michaels’s Episcopal Church on the west side of Central Park in northern Manhattan. Instead of worshipping, they gathered outside the back door of the church with bags in their hands or shopping carts, waiting for free food and warm gloves, shoes and clothes taken out of the church. Whenever the staff took out some items, the people present rushed to get them into their hands, and the staff had to say loudly, "Learn to share".
The picture shows that on December 24th, in new york, USA, the staff of "new york Public Food Storage Room" distributed free food to the public. Xinhua news agency
On the east side of Central Park, new york Public Food Store, a non-governmental organization there, did not arrange to distribute free food that day, but "regular customers" still came to find out from time to time. After hearing the disappointing news, some people left disappointed, while others kept ringing the doorbell and expected a response.
On the afternoon of 23rd, Jose Aristeo, who was about sixty years old, came here with an empty shopping cart. He told reporters that he had been here once this morning.
The picture shows that on December 24th, in new york, USA, people lined up in the "new york Public Food Storage Room" to receive free food. Xinhua news agency
"I’ve been here twice, I’m tired, and I have asthma." Aristeo showed reporters the medicines he carried with him, and he still kept a certificate in his hand that he could get vegetables from this NGO. On the same day, Aristeo was told that vegetables would not be distributed on this day.
Jose gonzalez, a staff member of new york Public Food Storage Room, told reporters,The number of people who come to receive free food has increased sharply this year, and a new shelter has been opened nearby.Stephen grimaldi, executive director of the organization, said earlier that before the epidemic, the "new york Public Food Storage Room" provided about 6.3 million meals a year, and the supply is expected to exceed 11 million this year.
According to the 2023 annual report released by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development this month,At present, the number of homeless people in the United States exceeds 650 thousand.The year-on-year growth rate was 12%, a record high since statistics began in 2007.
The picture shows that on December 24th, in new york, USA, the staff of "new york Public Food Storage Room" distributed free food to the public. Xinhua news agency
Multiple factors boost the polarization between the rich and the poor in the United States
This is not the first time that such a scene has appeared. In the past 100 years, the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States has shown a "positive U-shaped" trend of change.
The polarization between the rich and the poor in the United States is caused by many factors, including capital monopoly, electoral politics, government policies, the weakening of trade unions and racial discrimination.
A camp for the homeless in San Francisco, USA. Source: China Newsweek
Polarization and unfair distribution of wealth are the normal and inevitable trend of capitalism., leading to the accumulation of wealth and poverty in the United States at the same time. Since the 1970s, American conservatism and liberalism have risen, and the concepts of marketization and internationalization have replaced the values of equality. The American economic system has turned to advocating privatization, giving up imposing progressive taxes, weakening trade unions and relaxing financial control. These policy choices have made the problem of polarization between the rich and the poor even more hopeless.
The weak strength of trade unions intensifies the polarization between the rich and the poor.In the 1950s, about one-third of American workers belonged to trade unions. In 1978, the membership rate of trade unions was still 23.8%, which dropped to 11.3% in 2011 and 10.3% in 2021. The proportion of black workers joining trade unions is higher than that of other races, and the decline of unionization has a particularly serious impact on black workers, aggravating the poverty of black ethnic groups.
The gap between the rich and the poor is closely related to race.The average income of American black, Hispanic or Latino families is about half that of white families, and their net wealth is only 15% to 20% of that of white families. Federal Reserve data show that this gap has widened significantly in the past few decades. Since 1989, the median wealth of white families has tripled, while the wealth of black, Hispanic and Latino families has hardly increased. According to a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve in 2019, the net assets of the median white family in the United States are 10 times that of the median black family, and the total wealth of the 400 richest American billionaires exceeds the total wealth of 10 million black American families.
Racial discrimination in the job market is serious.For a long time, the unemployment rate of blacks in the United States is about twice that of whites. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the unemployment rate in the United States reached a historical low of 3.5%, but the unemployment rate of black and Hispanic workers was still much higher than this. Black Americans are poorly represented in high-paying positions in enterprises. In 2020, there were only four black CEOs in Fortune 500 companies.
The adverse consequences of the widening gap between rich and poor in the United States
More and more evidence shows that high wealth inequality is not conducive to economic and social development.
First of all, with the widening gap between the rich and the poor, demonstrations broke out in the United States in recent years.From the "Occupy Wall Street Movement" that originated in the United States in 2011 to the "Black Lives Matters" parade that opposed the violent law enforcement by American police in 2020, some demonstrations even turned into violent incidents. Behind the large-scale demonstrations are the dissatisfaction and struggle of the bottom people in the United States against racial discrimination, class solidification and wealth differentiation. In the case of constant social conflicts, the economic and social development of the United States will be affected to varying degrees.
Secondly,The polarization between the rich and the poor intensifies social injustice in the United States.In the United States, higher education resources are always disproportionately inclined to the rich, and low-income people lose equal opportunities for education. According to a statistic, among the 38 elite American universities, the number of students from the top 1% American families is more than that from the bottom 60% American families. According to a research report in Journal of American Medical Association, the average life expectancy gap between the poorest class and the richest class in California has widened to 15.51 years due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The deepening of racial conflicts, frequent urban riots and serious violent crimes … The chaos in American society is closely related to the widening gap between the rich and the poor.
Finally, high wealth inequality will breed more rent-seeking behaviors and bring social injustice.Joseph stiglitz, an economist, defines rent-seeking as "the act of trying to get more share of the cake without making a big cake". In American society, politicians generally need private financial support to carry out election campaigns. Moreover, compared with the poor, the rich often have more social influence and discourse power, and economic inequality will aggravate political inequality at this time. On the one hand, the rich tend to support tax relief policies, resist public welfare expenditure items and redistribution policies; On the other hand, the rich will persuade the government to deregulate their interest groups, thus gaining monopoly market and excess income. When the rich have more dominance in political decision-making, while the political participation of low-income people or the working class continues to decline, the division and opposition of American society will become more serious.
Source: China Newsweek
Xiong Yihan, a professor at Fudan University, once said:The measure of a society’s material civilization depends on how its poor people live; A measure of a society’s spiritual civilization depends on how well its rich people do.When the United States moves forward as the world’s number one capitalist country, it may be time to lift the glamorous veil and face up to the cold reality of its polarization between the rich and the poor.
Source: Comprehensive from Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet, China News Weekly and People’s Daily International Report.Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Editor: Liu Chengyu

today in history

1. On November 25th, 1944, War of Resistance against Japan, China entered the stage of strategic counter-offensive, and China troops fought fiercely with Japanese troops in Changde and Hengyang.

2. On November 25th, 1965, China successfully conducted the flight explosion test of the first surface-to-surface missile with a nuclear warhead.

On November 25th, 1978, China and the United States issued the Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America, announcing that the two countries formally established diplomatic relations the next day.

4. In 1984, the first carbon monoxide leakage accident that killed three tourists occurred, and many people were missing; Liaoning’s "Marshal’s Hometown", Laoting, Hebei, once again showed a series of related cases and past events that sounded the alarm for female cadres of supply and marketing cooperatives; It also caused a special report by Xinhua News Agency: It is this person who is now engaged in corruption and bribery-the disclosure form of all property of state public officials in May 4th, and we should be alert to this phenomenon!

The following are other important events that happened on November 25th in history:

5. In 1967, China carried out the first mechanized coal mining in Datong Coal Mine, which marked the great progress of coal mining technology in China.

6. In 1977, Queen Elizabeth II visited China, which was the first visit by a member of the British royal family to China since 1949.

7. In 1987, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited China, which was her last visit to China during her term of office.