How to wake up the Xiaomi speaker, how to wake up the Xiaomi speaker [detailed explanation]

  In the current audio market, the function of Xiaomi Audio is deeply loved by many people, because Xiaomi Audio comes with artificial intelligence, allowing us to have a very good experience when using the audio. So how can Xiaomi Audio wake up Xiao Ai? Here’s how Xiaomi Audio wakes up Xiao Ai.

  The specific methods are as follows:

  1. First, press and hold the power button to turn on the Xiaomi stereo.

  2. After long pressing to turn it on, you will hear a ding dong sound and a green light flashing.

  3. Then shout "Xiao Ai" into the Xiaomi stereo to wake up Xiao Ai.

  4. If the Xiaomi speaker cannot be Keyword Spotting, it may be that the network is disconnected. You can reconfigure the network or reset the speaker.

  The above is how Xiaomi Audio wakes up Xiao Ai. Friends who don’t know can operate through the above steps. I hope it will be helpful to you.

The new BYD Tang is officially listed! Sell 165,800-314,800 yuan.

As the benchmark of the global plug-in hybrid industry, Tang has been widely concerned and praised by the outside world since its listing. A few days ago, the official announced that the new Tang will be officially listed on August 16th. The new cars released this time include six models with three kinds of power: fuel version, DM version and EV version. Among them, the fuel version has launched one model with a price of 165,800 yuan. The DM plug-in hybrid version has launched a total of three models, and the subsidized price range is 236,800-286,800 yuan; EV pure electric version has launched two models, and the subsidized price range is 279,500-314,800 yuan. Compared with the old models, the main changes of the new car are concentrated in the interior. The interior of the new car adopts a style similar to that of Han, with black and brown color matching, which pays attention to the improvement of luxury.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new Tang Dynasty adopts the design language of "Dragon Face", with a number of chrome-plated banners in the middle. The headlights on both sides are sharp in shape and equipped with light sources inside. The front face is full of momentum and improves the recognition. Side, the side lines are full of three-dimensional sense, and the waist line extends from the front dragon beard to the position of C-pillar. At the same time, the roof adopts the popular suspended design, and is outlined with chrome trim to enhance the visual experience as a whole. On the tail, the tail is still a simple design route, and the penetrating taillights echo the dragon whiskers on the front face.

As for the interior, the interior of the new car was personally created by Michele Paganetti, the global interior design director, and the interior was completely upgraded. The central control area uses a large number of piano paint materials, which is more exquisite. The multi-layer suspended shape is simple and sci-fi, with a very strong sense of the future. In addition, the floating LCD screen with LCD, a sense of technology arises spontaneously. In terms of seats, the leather dragon scale luxury seat adopts top-level punching and line pressing technology, and the retractable leg rest design of the main and auxiliary drivers provides users with the most temperature-sensitive new luxury experience. In terms of configuration, it is reported that there will be 30 design and configuration upgrades for the 2021 model; The new DM version will have as many as 41 design and configuration upgrades, including DiPilot intelligent assisted driving.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 2.0T, 141kW(192PS), and the peak torque is 320N·m, matching the 6-speed automatic manual transmission. The DM version (plug-in hybrid version) is equipped with a powertrain composed of 2.0T+ motors. The system integrates 321kW and 431, matching the 6-speed and intelligent electric four-wheel drive system. The electric model of Tang Chun is expected to be equipped with the latest brand of Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery. EV models still offer two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, and NEDC has a battery life of 565 km and 505 km respectively.

That’s all about the official launch of the new Tang. Please pay attention to us for more information about the new car.

How to move towards standardization after the uproar of online celebrity in running all the way

  In a melon and vegetable planting base in Qian ‘an City, Hebei Province, villagers used live broadcast to promote tomatoes. Xinhua news agency

  In a business exhibition company in Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, an anchor sells car models in the live broadcast room. Xinhua news agency

  In a flower planting base in Xindian Street, Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province, college students returning home during the winter vacation live broadcast with goods. Song Xinggang photo/bright picture

  In Dinghe Village, Tangqi Town, Linping District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the network anchor is selling special new year goods such as dried herring live. Xinhua news agency

    These days, major e-commerce platforms have launched the "New Year Festival", and Li Dian, a Beijing citizen, is also busy buying in buy buy, but she feels more rational recently. "Now I won’t spend a lot of time in the live room, but I want to take a few minutes to go to the live room of the head anchor when I want to buy something, browse the products of the day, buy them if necessary, and quit the live room immediately if I don’t." Li Dian once bought a lot of good things with good quality and low price in the live broadcast room, and also encountered "things are not as good as the anchor said" or even quality problems. "But overall, the live broadcast industry has become more and more standardized recently."

    On December 20th, 2021, the Inspection Bureau of Hangzhou Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang Province informed that Huang Wei (net name: Viya), the network anchor, had been punished by tax administration according to law, and the tax was recovered, the late payment fee was added and the total fine was 1.341 billion yuan. Subsequently, Viya’s platform accounts were blocked. As soon as the news came out, public opinion was in an uproar. People were both surprised at the wealth myth created by online celebrity’s economy and at how many chaos there were in the live broadcast industry.

    Indeed, this is not the first time that anchor online celebrity has "overturned". "Water Army" swipes bills, sells fakes and evades taxes … … Online celebrity’s economic turnover, which has been refreshed repeatedly, is bound up with all kinds of chaos that has never stopped. In the past two years, with the introduction of various management measures and the strengthening of tax supervision, a clear signal has emerged — —

    The period when online celebrity’s economy ran like a runaway wild horse, such as live broadcast with goods, has passed in a hubbub. Online celebrity’s economy will have a long-term future only if it is standardized in development, developed in standardization and changed into a healthier growth mode.

  Triumphant: Last year, the live broadcast market was nearly 2 trillion yuan.

    “3、2、1! Link! " "Buy it", these familiar slogans, were not "hot" more than two years ago. In Li Dian’s impression, he probably heard the names of Li Jiaqi and other head anchors in 2019, but he didn’t watch the live broadcast at that time. "At that time, I didn’t even know where to watch the live broadcast. After chatting with friends, I realized that Taobao actually had an App dedicated to watching the live broadcast." Li Dian recalled that after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, he spent less time going out and more time at home. Slowly, she started shopping with the head anchor.

    Looking back at the development of e-commerce live broadcast, with the help of the influx of capital flows and the epidemic, the whole industry has made great strides in the past two or three years, and some media even used "rapid ripening" to describe the development of this industry.

    "During the epidemic, many businesses were blocked from operating offline, and the inventory pressure was high. This sales method of live broadcast with goods has found a way out for shops with sales difficulties, and also meets the needs of consumers. With the active promotion of e-commerce platforms and shopping malls, live delivery has developed rapidly. " Pan Helin, member of the Information and Communication Economy Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said.

    According to the Research Report of China Live E-commerce Industry in 2021 released by iResearch, by the end of 2020, the number of live e-commerce users in China reached 388 million, accounting for nearly 40% of the total netizens, and nearly two-thirds of users made purchases after watching the live broadcast. According to the enterprise survey data, in 2020, the number of registered new live broadcast enterprises in China increased by 10 times compared with 2016. Online celebrity’s economy, such as e-commerce live broadcast, attracted a large number of practitioners to enter the market, and the number of MCN agencies engaged in online celebrity brokerage achieved a spurt growth from more than 150 in 2015 to more than 20,000 in 2020. The report pointed out that nearly 1,000 live broadcast rooms with sales exceeding 100 million yuan will be born in 2020, and it is estimated that the size of the live broadcast market will be close to 2 trillion yuan in 2021.

    Online celebrity traffic anchor’s super liquidity has attracted many stars and entrepreneurs, trying to get a slice of it. Judging from the overall sales record, the live broadcast of "Fire Out of the Circle" not only makes many new domestic brands well known, but also opens up more sales for agricultural and sideline products, which also drives the rapid growth of online consumption. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the national online retail sales increased by 14.1% over the previous year, among which the online retail sales of physical goods increased by 12%, with an average growth rate of 13.4% in two years, which was significantly higher than that of offline consumption.

    Undoubtedly, running all the way’s live broadcast with goods and other online celebrity economies have promoted the development of digital economy. "The live broadcast involves a wide range of goods, and the content display and affordable discounts of the live broadcast have stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers, contributed to the prosperity of China’s consumer market, and also played an important role in promoting the development of domestic goods." Pan and Lin said.

    Zhao Ping, vice president of the Research Institute of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, told the reporter that as an iterative mode of traditional e-commerce, live broadcast with goods has accelerated the high growth of online consumption, and online interaction and all-round display of goods have made it easier for consumers to understand and choose goods, which is conducive to expanding the scale of consumption, creating more consumption growth points and further exerting the pulling effect of consumption on economic growth.

  Frequent chaos: exaggerating propaganda, selling fake goods, and "water army" brushing orders are endless.

    Like any other industry that grows wildly, online celebrity’s cargo carrying industry is experiencing problems at the same time, just like a gorgeous robe covered with lice, behind which is a "chicken feather".

    During the Double Eleven last year, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Committee conducted a consumer inspection on the live broadcasts of five platforms and 17 anchors from Taobao, Pinduoduo, JD.COM, Aauto Quicker and Tik Tok. It is found that five anchors, such as Timor Little Crazy and Yunyun Live Room, have some problems, such as exaggerating propaganda, using absolute advertising language and comparing prices with other live rooms. Knowing that the quality of anchor products such as YEATION and Rongwei No.7 (Xiao Xuan Ge) does not meet the standard; In Li Jiaqi and Baibai Rabbit Live Studio, 1 batch and 2 batches of commodity labels were found to be irregular.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Previously, the anchor Simba received much attention because of the "fake bird’s nest" incident. In addition to him, there are many anchors selling fakes. From time to time, the products in the live broadcast rooms of anchors such as Viya and Li Jiaqi have exposed the quality problems, and consumers often encounter the phenomenon that anchors do nothing after sale and kick balls with merchants.

    From the price point of view, Li Jiaqi, Viya and L ‘Oré al had a dispute over pricing during the Double Eleven last year. At that time, some consumers found that the price of products purchased in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi was higher than that in the L ‘Oré al store, and L ‘Oré al explained that it was due to the superposition of official cross-store coupons of Tmall. At that time, the public opinion was quickly divided into two waves. Some people thought that L ‘Oré al’s commitment to the maximum intensity of the whole year was not achieved, which was a sign of dishonesty; Some people think that it is unreasonable for the head anchor to demand the lowest price of the whole network by virtue of its near monopoly position. The term "the world has been suffering from live broadcast for a long time" immediately boarded the hot search. "If you don’t squat down the live broadcast rooms of these anchors, don’t you deserve to buy low prices?" Some netizens issued such a question.

    Some small and medium-sized businesses don’t have much say in the face of well-known anchors, and the actual sales volume in the live broadcast room is not as good as expected after paying high pit fees. The "illusion" created by the "water army" and false transactions has made many small and medium-sized businesses "spend money to buy a loneliness". According to media reports, a company and a online celebrity anchor recently organized a live broadcast of poverty alleviation to help sell agricultural products. The transaction amount was about 450,000 yuan, but the actual sales amount was only 100,000 yuan, accounting for 78% of the total. Similar things are not uncommon. "On the one hand, the falsification of influence indicators such as the virtual high number of viewers and the water injection of sales data has formed an industrial chain. On the other hand, horizontal competition such as malicious brushing, fancy kicking, and false reporting has also polluted the live broadcast ecology. " As early as after the Double Eleven in 2020, China Consumers Association wrote in the report.

    In Pan Helin’s view, there are many problems in the development of online celebrity live broadcast. For example, through the way of water army drainage, improperly gain traffic attention; False propaganda, wrong goods and poor after-sales service; Virtual standard pricing, merchants and anchors raise the price first and then give discounts. Consumers actually do not get benefits, but pay a lot of time costs; Pit fees and withdrawal make the channel cost rise, which is either borne by suppliers or passed on to consumers; Give up the lower limit for traffic, break through the boundary of content creation and so on.

    "These behaviors have undermined the market economic order, affected the user experience and infringed on the rights and interests of consumers. In addition, with the emergence of Matthew effect and 28 phenomena in the live broadcast industry, anchors with head traffic have further raised the threshold for live broadcast, and the increased cost has put some pressure on merchants. " Pan Helin’s view is supported by figures: although the types of anchors are increasingly diversified, the Matthew effect of anchors with goods is prominent, and Li Jiaqi and other head anchors attract most of the traffic. According to the survey and calculation, the Top10′ s head anchor has a market share of nearly 55.75%.

    Zhao Ping said that these problems have sounded the alarm for the development of China’s digital economy. Although the development prospect of digital economy is broad, anchors and enterprises should be upright and innovative, and jointly create a fair market order and a consumer-friendly consumption environment to promote the healthy development of digital economy.

  Regulatory measures: multi-departments tighten the "reins" to make the industry develop healthily.

    After Viya was punished for tax evasion, the tax authorities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places issued notices, requiring celebrity artists and network anchors to pay taxes by self-examination as soon as possible.

    This is not the first time that the regulatory authorities have taken action. In the past two years, the management methods and professional norms of online marketing such as live broadcast and delivery have gradually landed. In November 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Interim Provisions on Regulating Promotion Behavior, and then issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Webcast Marketing Activities to strictly regulate the Webcast marketing behavior. On March 15, 2021, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Online Transactions, which restricts online transactions such as live broadcast from four aspects: online transaction operators, online trading platform operators, supervision and management, and legal responsibilities. In April, seven departments jointly issued the "Management Measures for Webcast Marketing (Trial)", which clarified the behavior red line for the practitioners of live broadcast marketing activities; In September, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Administrative Measures for Network Performance Brokers", which included all the subjects of live broadcast activities in the scope of management. Undoubtedly, the regulatory authorities are tightening the "reins" of online celebrity’s economy, such as regulating live broadcasts.

    When answering a reporter’s question about Viya’s tax evasion case, the Inspection Bureau of Hangzhou Taxation Bureau said that the platform economy is a new format of economic development, which has played a positive role in better meeting the needs of consumers, promoting the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and promoting high-quality economic development. In the process of rapid development of platform economy, some network anchors’ illegal tax behaviors have disturbed the order of tax collection and management and destroyed the market environment of fair competition. The tax authorities will investigate and deal with the illegal tax acts of network anchors according to laws and regulations, which is conducive to the long-term standardized and healthy development of the platform economy. State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China also expressed his firm support for the Hangzhou tax authorities to seriously deal with Viya’s tax evasion cases according to law. At the same time, tax authorities at all levels are required to strictly investigate and punish all kinds of tax evasion, resolutely safeguard the authority of the national tax law and promote social fairness and justice; It is required to conscientiously implement various preferential tax and fee policies, continuously optimize tax and fee services, and promote the standardization and development of new economy and new formats in development.

    This statement made by the tax authorities reflects the consistent attitude of various regulatory authorities: We never deny the contribution of online celebrity anchor to promoting the development of platform economy and the contribution of platform economy to China’s economic and social development. However, whether it is the live broadcast industry or the platform economy, in order to develop healthily for a long time, we must bid farewell to chaos, standardize in development and develop in standardization.

    Zhao Ping believes that in order for online celebrity to grow in a healthier way, it is necessary to bring the economy of online celebrity, such as live broadcasting with goods, into the legal development track, so that it can keep the legal bottom line while developing rapidly and conduct business and innovation activities legally and legally. It is necessary to strengthen the compliance supervision of online celebrity’s economic entities and related behaviors, starting from all aspects of online celebrity’s economic supply chain, from product production, online sales to after-sales service, to meet the requirements of product quality and safety law, advertising law, anti-unfair competition law, anti-monopoly law, consumer rights protection law and other relevant laws and regulations, so as to maintain fair competition market order and protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

    "Yes ‘ The problem of water army ’ , to find together, investigate together, can’t let consumers be ‘ False flow ’ Guide, so as not to undermine the fairness of market competition. Quality and after-sales issues require the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, and organizations such as the Consumers Association need to take action to help consumers protect their rights. In view of the pit parking fee and drawing, industry organizations should issue an initiative to limit the drawing ratio and not excessively increase the cost of merchants. In view of the problem of tax evasion, the tax authorities should crack down on this illegal act on the one hand, and build a normalized tax monitoring system on the other. For the marketing behavior dominated by traffic and abundant, the e-commerce platform should find it early and dispose of it in time through algorithms. The company where the live e-commerce is located should also do a good job in compliance education for the anchor with goods and constrain the anchor behavior. " Pan helin suggested.

    Gao Baohua, a researcher at the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, said that it is necessary to strengthen the key management and compliance inspection of head live broadcast rooms, head anchors and accounts, high-flow or high-turnover live broadcast activities, guide all kinds of subjects engaged in webcasting marketing activities, strengthen industry self-discipline, and build a standardized live broadcast supply chain system from multiple dimensions such as commodity supply, consumer rights protection and platform construction.

    Pan and Lin bluntly said that whether the live e-commerce will ultimately benefit the society depends on two points: First, whether the live e-commerce promotes the circulation and consumption of goods. Second, whether the live e-commerce has reduced the cost of sales channels while maintaining compliance operations, so that both suppliers and consumers can benefit.

    With the tightening of the "reins" of supervision, we expect that after the shock and adjustment, online celebrity’s cargo-carrying industry can really benefit more merchants and consumers and can go more steadily and for a long time.

    (Reporter chenchen)

Geely Automobile’s total revenue reached a new high in 2023, and the achievements of new energy transformation were highlighted.

On March 20th, Geely Automobile (00175.HK) announced its financial report for 2023, and the company achieved an operating income of 179.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21%, a record high. The net profit of returning to the mother reached 5.308 billion yuan, compared with 3.511 billion yuan after deducting the one-time bargaining acquisition income in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 51%; The net cash level increased by 46% year-on-year to RMB 28.4 billion, and the reserves were abundant and stable.

The financial report shows that Geely Automobile’s profitability has improved significantly, and the gross profit situation has improved due to product structure optimization, cost reduction and scale effect. The total gross profit has increased by 31% year-on-year to 27.4 billion yuan, and the gross profit margin has increased from 14.1% in 2022 to 15.3% in 2023.

Behind the bright financial data is the strong market growth potential of Geely Automobile. According to the data of the Federation, in 2023, the cumulative retail volume of domestic passenger cars was 21.699 million, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%. Under the background that the overall growth of the automobile industry is slowing down and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, Geely Automobile has exceeded its annual target of 2023, with a cumulative sales volume of 1,686,500 vehicles, up about 18% year-on-year, and its annual sales volume has reached a record high. At the same time, Geely Automobile has also become one of the few car companies that successfully completed the annual sales target.

It is worth noting that the new energy vehicle business has become a strong support for Geely’s performance growth. In 2023, the domestic new energy vehicle market still maintained a growth trend, and the cumulative wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger cars was 8.864 million, a year-on-year increase of 36.3%.

In this context, Geely Automobile’s sales of new energy vehicles still outperformed the broader market in 2023, with a year-on-year increase of 48%, a penetration rate of 29%, and a monthly penetration rate of over 40%.

Among them, the brand-new middle and high-end new energy brand "Geely Yinhe" series has rapidly brought three products, namely Yinhe L7, Yinhe L6 and Yinhe E8, to the market since it was released in February last year, forming a product layout of pure electric+hybrid electric, car +SUV in the mainstream new energy market, and achieving a cumulative sales volume of over 110,000 vehicles in nine months after listing. Since the release of the brand, Geely Galaxy has continuously strengthened its "high-value reputation", and its models are equipped with self-developed Aegis battery safety system, Raytheon hybrid, Galaxy N OS and other technological configurations, becoming the "king of volume" in the mainstream new energy market.

At present, the Krypton brand has firmly established itself in the luxury intelligent pure electric market. 2023 is a year of accelerated evolution of Krypton, and two new models have been launched, and the product matrix continues to expand. In 2023, a total of 118,700 vehicles were delivered, a year-on-year increase of 65%. As of December 31, 2023, the cumulative delivery of Extreme Krypton brand exceeded 190,000, setting a new record for the delivery speed of new forces, and its four models have become the benchmark of market segments.

In addition, the electrification transformation of the Lectra brand has also achieved good results. In 2023, Lectra brand launched a number of new energy vehicles equipped with plug-in hybrid technology, such as Lectra 09, Lectra 08 and Lectra 06. Among them, the sales volume of LEEK 08EM-P increased steadily after its listing, and it became a hot-selling product in the high-end plug-in SUV market. According to the data in December 2023, the new energy vehicles of the Lectra brand account for 55.3% of the total monthly sales, and the electrification transformation is expected in the future.

At the same time, Geely Holding Group has owned a number of listed companies, which also provides a more solid foundation and support for Geely Automobile’s future performance growth. For example, Lotus, which recently listed on the US stock market, has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

"The listing of sub-brands including Lotus has important positive significance for consolidating the core business of Geely Holding. Geely Holding and its global strategic partners have maintained continuous, stable and growing cooperation for a long time in terms of technology authorization and technology research and development services. The development of sub-brands has created a good foundation for Geely Holding’s internal collaboration and cooperation with Geely Automobile based on the principle of marketization, and also brought opportunities for revenue growth for Geely Automobile Group. " Li Donghui, CEO of Geely Holding Group, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Geely Automobile Holdings Limited, said.

At present, the competition of electric vehicles has entered the intelligent competition in the second half. It is very important for major car companies to master the core technologies in the intelligent field and apply them on a large scale, which is also the key to win the competition.

For Geely Automobile, intelligence is also its key business area. In 2023, Geely Automobile’s strategic layout in intelligence gradually ushered in the "harvest period", and the results of "Smart Geely 2025" successively landed.

For example, in February 2023, Geely Star Smart Computing Center was officially launched, becoming a smart computing center with leading self-built equipment scale, leading comprehensive computing power, leading business coverage, leading intelligent support capability and high security level among domestic car companies. In January, 2024, Geely Xingrui AI model was officially released, leading the AI era of China automobile in full scene.

In the field of intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, the satellite communication technology of "integration of heaven and earth" has been initially constructed. At present, two orbital surfaces have been launched and deployed, and there are 20 satellites in orbit. Geely Yinhe E8 and Kyk-krypton 007 models have taken the lead in carrying self-developed satellite communication technology. In the case of no ground network coverage or damage to the ground network, users can send and receive satellite messages through the car to realize safe travel and "never lose contact".

In addition, the Geely NOA advanced intelligent driving assistance system and the Lectra NOA intelligent driving system have been opened, and the extremely high-speed autonomous navigation assistance of NZP has been opened in 22 cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. Starting from the second quarter of this year, the city NZP will also open the first batch of users’ public beta in the national core cities.

Thanks to the core intelligent technology, Geely Automobile’s product strength has grown strongly, and in the new round of market ‘ Inner volume ’ It is expected to form differentiated competition and win the initiative. In the beginning of 2024, the domestic auto market set off a new round of "price war", and the competition was extremely fierce. Under this background, Geely Automobile broke through the tight encirclement and ushered in a "good start". From January to February, the cumulative sales volume of Geely Automobile was 324,900 vehicles, up by over 55% year-on-year, among which the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 99,300 vehicles from January to February, up by 208% year-on-year.

"In 2024, the competition in China’s automobile industry will be more intense, and the knockout round will begin in an all-round way. The industry will enter the integration period and reshuffle. Geely Automobile adheres to the basic practice of internal strength and long-term, and insists on quality first and safety first for a long time. At the same time, it gives full play to the advantages of scale, systematic efficiency and innovation ability, improves product quality and achieves cost reduction and efficiency improvement. " Yan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said.

The profound technical background and constantly evolving product strength have given Geely Automobile the confidence to continue to soar. In 2024, Geely Automobile set an annual sales target of 1.9 million vehicles, up about 13% year-on-year, of which 810,000 vehicles were new energy vehicles, up more than 66% compared with the total sales achieved in 2023, and the penetration rate of new energy increased from 29% in 2023 to 42.6% in 2024.

At the product level, Geely Automobile accelerated the iteration, launched a new round of product offensive, and continued to push the brand upward. In 2024, Geely brand will push three new energy products; The lectra brand will push three brand-new new energy products, and the first new energy medium-sized car, Lectra 07 EM-P, will be launched in May. Extreme brand will push three new energy products.

Shen Wanhongyuan said in the research report that in the complicated competitive environment, only the brand is the element that can be remembered and preserved by the market. Geely, Link, and even Krypton have all proved Geely’s brand operation ability. Shen Wanhongyuan is still optimistic about the high-quality independent brand enterprises that insist on operating brands, and believes that they will eventually occupy a bigger sky after the big waves.

(This article does not constitute any investment advice, and the information disclosure content shall be subject to the company announcement. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk. )

China brand sails overseas smartphone market.

  Recently, the latest report released by Canalys, an international market research organization, shows that in 2023, the global smartphone shipments were 1.14 billion units, and China’s Xiaomi, OPPO and Voice were among the top five brands. In terms of sub-regions, China’s mobile phone brands have a high market share in India, Southeast Asia and Africa. In Europe, China’s smartphone brands are also accelerating their layout. With the development and maturity of smart phone industry in China, more and more China brands have gone overseas and gained consumer recognition.

  Seek business growth in overseas markets

  "China mobile phone manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative." According to the website of the German newspaper Le Monde, at the recent Mobile World Congress, the glory Magic6 Pro mobile phone uses artificial intelligence technology, and some functions can be controlled by eyes. Previously, Glory launched Magic V2, a foldable smart phone, with a thickness of only 9.9 mm, which is equivalent to that of ordinary mobile phones, which is the first time in the field of foldable smart phones.

  In recent years, with the development and maturity of China’s smart phone industry, China has become the world’s largest producer and exporter of mobile phones with the help of the wave of the global mobile Internet era. According to the statistics of China General Administration of Customs, in 2023, China exported 13.92 trillion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, accounting for 58.6% of the total export value. In the first two months of 2024, China exported 2.22 trillion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, up 11.8% year-on-year, accounting for 59.1% of the total export value, including 123.745 million mobile phones.

  According to the statistics of many international market research institutions, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023, global smartphone sales had been declining for several consecutive quarters, showing a recovery trend. The total smartphone shipments in China market also stopped falling and rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2023.

  "In the bustling shopping area of downtown Nairobi, billboards of China mobile phone brands such as TECNO, itel and Infinix can be seen everywhere, and blue, red and black and white storefront signs attract customers. These mobile phone brands are all produced by Voice. This Shenzhen-based company once sold mobile phones only in Africa, and then gradually expanded its business to other markets such as Latin America, India, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. " The South China Morning Post quoted Ali Sachu, a sub-Saharan geo-economic analyst, as saying: China mobile phone brands are "everywhere in the whole African continent".

  According to a report quoted by Sputnik, in 2023, China brand smartphones accounted for 79% of Russian imported smartphones, which was 4 percentage points higher than that in 2022 and 29 percentage points higher than that in 2021.

  Liu Yixuan, research manager of Canalys, analyzed that at present, overseas markets, especially emerging markets, are an important breakthrough for China smart phone brands to seek business growth, and different mobile phone brands also have their own development areas. Xiaomi has made full efforts in markets such as Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The overseas markets of OPPO and vivo are mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, and the overseas focus of glory is in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Seeking business growth in overseas markets is a strategic choice for many China mobile phone brands.

  From "Winning by Price" to "Excellent Quality and Price"

  Why do China smart phone brands sail in overseas markets? The technological innovation, industrial chain layout, product positioning and marketing strategy of China smart phone brand have attracted attention in the global mobile phone market. Alceni Thiam, an associate researcher at the European Institute for Outlook and Security, said that China’s products have been "winning by price" in the past to "excellent in quality and price" now, and they have advantages in research and development in smart phones, electric vehicles and other fields. China’s products are being favored by more and more countries.

  Bai Ming, a member of the Academic Degree Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, said in an interview with this reporter that at present, China’s smart phones have occupied an important position in the international market and have strong market competitiveness in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. The advantages of smart phones in China are as follows: First, the cost performance is high, and the functional design meets the local needs of overseas markets; Second, China has infrastructure cooperation with many countries in the field of communication, which facilitates the matching of smart phones and communication technologies; Third, China’s domestic smart phone industry is mature, with many sub-categories, complete industrial chain and high product update frequency. After full competition in the domestic market, the products have strong "hard power" when participating in overseas market competition.

  Taking HONOR as an example, Canalys and Counterpoint data show that in the fourth quarter of 2023, it returned to overseas markets for less than two years, and its sales volume in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and other regions has ranked among the top five in the market, and a global sales service network covering more than 70 countries and regions has been established. Zhao Ming, CEO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., said in an interview with this reporter that Glory has maintained a rapid growth trend in the context of the global smartphone market decline, thanks to Glory’s insistence on high-quality development, targeting user needs, strengthening global industrial chain cooperation, and transforming technological innovation into products needed by the market. In addition, glory focuses on adapting to local conditions in different regional markets, providing product portfolios that match the needs of local users, and strengthening communication and cooperation with local partners to better enhance the user experience.

  Advance into the developed market with "hard power"

  According to the trend data of smartphone price segment share in China from 2019 to 2023 recently released by IDC, an international market research institute, the high-end market share of China brands above $600 has been growing continuously for five years, reaching 27.4% in 2023, an increase of 3.7 percentage points over 2022, and a full double of that in 2019.

  According to Canalys data, in the recent fourth quarter of 2023, Apple’s share in the European smartphone market reached 33%, surpassing Samsung for the first time in seven quarters. Among the mobile phone brands in China, Xiaomi’s market share in Europe dropped from 17% to 16%, and Glory’s market share increased from 1% to 3%. At present, entering the developed markets has become a strategic choice for some smart phone brands in China.

  "2023, as a year of vigorous development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, brings a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and also brings new opportunities and challenges to the global smart terminal market. The European mobile phone market is a representative mature market in the world, with a relatively high proportion of high-end users and large operators, and a high demand for innovative products and high-end brands. " Zhao Ming said that Glory regards Europe as the "second local market" and hopes to enter the European market with "hard power" such as innovative technology and high-end products. For example, glory has invested as much as 10 billion yuan in research and development in the AI field, obtained more than 2,000 AI-related patents, and used platform-level AI technology to promote the application of innovative technologies such as cross-device collaboration and next-generation intention recognition human-computer interaction in smart phones.

  According to a recent report on the German newspaper Le Monde, it was not easy to buy a non-Apple brand smartphone in Germany a few months ago because there were not many choices. Previously, due to patent disputes, many Android mobile phone brands disappeared from the shelves of European countries. At the beginning of this year, related companies shelved patent disputes. China mobile phone manufacturers, including OPPO, Yijia, vivo and Realme, may try new things in Germany soon. As these brands re-enter the German market, the mobile phone brands that can be selected in the future should be more diversified.

  "With the emergence of more and more application scenarios and requirements and the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the iterative update of China smartphones in terms of functions and technologies is worth looking forward to." Bai Ming believes that at present, China is still facing a bottleneck in the field of high-end smart phone chips, and it is urgent to continue to promote technological breakthroughs. In addition, in the markets of developed countries in Europe and America, China’s smartphones still face certain development bottlenecks and policy risks, and it is still necessary to speed up localization, strengthen cooperation with local industries, and build a diversified supply chain system.

Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: People’s power will eventually break the artificial obstacles on the way forward for cross-strait exchanges.

On December 19, 2023, Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office, answered a reporter’s question.
Q: It is reported that 41 prefects in Taipei were accused of traveling to the mainland to receive hospitality from the mainland and returning to Taiwan to engage in propaganda and support for specific candidates. The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office conducted a search on the grounds of violating the so-called "reverse osmosis law" and interviewed Li Changzhi. What’s your comment on this?
A: Recently, we have been receiving reports from Taiwan Province people and people from all walks of life that when they come to the mainland for normal exchanges and visits, they are often questioned, intimidated and obstructed by the relevant agencies of the DPP authorities, and some people are even investigated for trumped-up charges by Luo Zhi. Cross-strait personnel exchanges and exchanges in various fields have been carried out for more than 30 years. The chilling and chilling atmosphere created by the DPP authorities has made the Taiwan Province people strongly dissatisfied and questioned that the DPP has brought Taiwan Province back to the previous "martial law" period.
We deeply understand that the people of Taiwan Province have been wronged by autocratic repression, and the perverse actions of the DPP are unpopular. The general trend of cross-strait exchanges is unstoppable. No winter can stop the arrival of spring. The power of the people will eventually break the artificial obstacles on the way forward for cross-strait exchanges.

Master these three dressing skills, fashionable and versatile! Ordinary people can also easily wear a sense of advanced.

Fashion and decent modeling should not only care about the design of clothes, but also consider whether the look and feel of their combination are harmonious and eye-catching. This is the most important link to test women’s collocation ability. For ordinary people, there is no need to care too much about whether the design can keep up with the trend. As long as the dressing skills are used reasonably, the basic items can also be dressed in a foreign style.

Skill 1: Appropriate use of pattern elements in modeling

In the vibrant summer, many interesting patterns will frequently appear in the public’s field of vision, and whether it is printed elements or stripe design, don’t forget to balance the shape with solid colors.

For those women who love to dress up, nothing can set off a romantic atmosphere better than flowers, just like a printed coat with yellow and purple tulip flowers on the surface, which is not saturated enough and looks shallow and soft, and will not make people have too much control pressure.

Printed patterns can certainly enhance the fashion temperament of the appearance, but not all patterns are pleasing to the eye. You’d better choose some light colors with white as the base, so as not to look cumbersome or boring.

The shirt is printed in fine blue, which looks very small and fresh. The bottom is combined with jeans in the same color, which not only echoes, but also superimposes a more stylish and advanced feeling.

The unique versatile advantage of white shirt can combine many different patterns, among which stripes are the most classic, especially the thin stripe design, which can create a more delicate feeling.

Striped shirts are not as romantic as printed designs. On the contrary, stripes can reflect the professional sense of shirts, making them look more capable and stylish, which is very suitable for women in the workplace.

Compared with tops with rich patterns, some female friends prefer to arrange the patterns in the bottoms to reduce the impact on the face.

In the process of wearing, the white shirt is matched with the printed skirt, and the combination of simplicity and complexity is full of harmony without losing the fashion charm.

Tip 2: Pay more attention to fashion design.

If you want to make the shape fit your own style, then clothing design can’t be ignored. For example, the neckline shape and the width of the version are all important factors that affect the appearance.

Women with excellent physical conditions can easily control all kinds of clothes, but ordinary people’s bodies will always have some shortcomings, such as a short neck is a key point to weaken their temperament. At this time, we should pay more attention to the neckline design of the jacket, pay attention to whether there is an appropriate exposed area, and avoid the narrow neckline to create a more formal and unnatural feeling.

The U-neck design used in the T-shirt can show the graceful clavicle, and at the same time, it can also pull down the neck line, thus modifying the face or shoulder line.

V-neck is also an effective design to improve the neck lines. Compared with U-neck or square face, it will have a stronger sense of extension of lines and it is easier to wear a stretched and elegant image.

For example, a white shirt uses the V-neck design to create a more outstanding temperament, while the bow ribbon design can also highlight a lighter atmosphere with white and enhance the interpretation of intellectual style.

The purpose of effective wearing is to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. Compared with the flaws in the upper body, the leg shape can not be ignored. If there is fat in the legs or the leg shape is not popular enough, women can wear wide-leg pants, which are simple and beautiful, fashionable and casual.

Tip 3: Pay attention to proportion when dressing.

Clothing with a narrow outline will easily expose body defects, and loose clothing is not so good to wear. If you don’t pay attention to highlighting the waistline, you may feel crushed. Wide-leg pants are especially popular in summer, which makes people comfortable and cool to wear, and can accommodate the lack of legs, and contains a lazy and casual atmosphere.

However, this kind of clothing with too wide and loose version will strengthen the sense of volume in the horizontal direction, so we must pay attention to the vertical division of modeling in order to avoid the problem of being fat and heavy. We can learn from the classic wearing method and stretch the proportion by "short on the top and long on the bottom".

Today’s SMG football recommendation: How to use ChatGPT to balance the director: Las Palmas vs Atletico Madrid

A new version of AI analysis, real-time update of the latest data, such as Poisson distribution method, Margin model, Bernoulli’s law of large numbers and other big data analysis, high efficiency, accurate algorithm!

In football analysis, no one can guarantee a 100% winning rate. However, AI can increase its chances of winning by continuous learning, improvement and adaptation. Focus on long-term analysis strategies and treat every decision with a steady and firm attitude.