The Great Wall Gun "Fired" Shanhai Gun Performance Edition Hard Core Debuted 23 Black Bombs.

[Text/Financial Circle Society & Dao Ge said that cars are shallow] At present, China’s automobile industry is in a period of deep change. On the one hand, new energy vehicles are rising rapidly, and product categories are undergoing drastic changes. On the other hand, the domestic automobile market is undergoing a fierce price war. The more such an era, the more profound the actions of automobile brands are. As the weather vane of the central and western automobile market, the 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition opened on August 25th, and major automobile brands competed with each other. In the meantime, Caiquan Society and its "Brother Daoge Talking about Cars" will provide first-hand information on new cars for the majority of car enthusiasts, so please pay attention!

There are only two kinds of pickup trucks in China, one is the Great Wall and the other is others. "The first high-end pickup truck brand in China that broke through 500,000 units" made Great Wall Gun attract the attention of the whole industry in the past week. Thanks to the glory of being the first seller at home and abroad for 25 years in a row, Great Wall has already become the leader in the pickup truck market.

At this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, the Great Wall Gun was unveiled with a full-featured family. As the leading model, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition, a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck owned by Great Wall Gun, is the world’s first show. With the ultimate strength of "bigger, stronger and more luxurious", it has made China’s toughest off-road pickup truck, customized a total of 2023 black bombs, and launched them with an official guide price of 258,800 yuan.

At the same time, Shanhai Gun Passenger Edition, 2023 Cross-country Gun Everest Edition-500,000 commemorative editions, and Great Wall Gun "Bomb" series performance pickups-2023 Dragon Bomb and Fire Bomb Single-row E-family Limited Edition, etc., made a concentrated appearance and attracted the attention of the audience, leading the value of pickup trucks in China to rise. The managers of the five major battalions of Shanhaiying also made their debut. The Great Wall Gun joined hands with Shanhaiying Culture to create an official, continuously linked users and fans, and created a full-scene pickup truck life, which injected new impetus into the development of pickup culture in China.

Leading the value of high-end off-road pickup trucks. Advanced Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is the world’s first show.

As another masterpiece of passenger leisure category, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is based on the tank platform, which perfectly integrates hard-core off-road and intelligent luxury, making it bigger, stronger and more luxurious. Original factory mass production, ensuring worry-free licensing, worry-free on the road, worry-free annual inspection and worry-free after-sales, and becoming a super partner for users all over the world to enjoy outdoor and vertical and horizontal worlds.

The performance version of Shanhai Gun is 5493mm long and nearly 2 meters wide, which is close to a full-size pickup truck. For the first time, the unique body color of "Golden Armor" is adopted, which symbolizes the cross-country spirit of courage to challenge and constantly break through, and reflects the courage and strength of China pickup truck to attack the world and the top three in the sword.

Thanks to the design of shortening the rear suspension, increasing the wheelbase, widening the wheel track and optimizing the shock absorption layout, the performance version of Shanhai Gun has a more harmonious body proportion and the largest driving space in its class. The elbow bandwidth in the car reaches 1.6 meters, allowing users to enjoy the first-class driving experience.

In addition to high face value and large space, the performance version of Shanhai Gun is inherently powerful. Equipped with the only and most powerful domestic 3.0T V6 engine, with 9AT, it is full of power and always online.

The whole system comes standard with Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive, and comes standard with front and rear axle electronically controlled jaw differential locks, which are the real three locks, improving the ability to get out of trouble, off-road experience and high energy all the way. The original factory comes with millions of off-road equipment, 18-inch off-road AT tires, K-MAN nitrogen shock absorption and 12,500-pound T-MAX winch blessing, which is easy to conquer. The whole vehicle is raised by 1.5 inches, the minimum ground clearance is 239mm, and the wading throat is added. The maximum wading depth is 900mm, and the passability is the strongest at the same level.

In addition, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition has an open and ever-changing trunk, factory-provided C6 towing qualification, meets the certification of 3.3-ton trailer, is the first three-door canopy in China, is electrically controlled, can be detached, increases the variety of space, and plays with the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene.

Shanhai cannon performance version cockpit, leap above luxury. The interior is covered with all-black gold, with matte electroplating decoration, and adopts 12.3-inch instrument and 14.6-inch central control panel suspension design, which is bursting with science and technology.

The first electric small window on the rear windshield in China is convenient for photography and pet interaction; The pickup truck is the first electric adjustment of the rear seat, with a maximum backrest angle of 33 degrees, and a quiet and comfortable cockpit with NVH. The performance version of Shanhai Gun is the most comfortable and quiet pickup truck within one million classes. Equipped with L2-level advanced intelligent driving assistance, it supports ACC adaptive cruise, intelligent cruise and other functions, fully satisfying users to realize high-quality intelligent travel.

Born for cross-country, for the ultimate. The performance version of Shanhai Gun is expected to be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the official price may be as low as 300,000 yuan, which is worth looking forward to.

23 black bombs are stunning, and the full-performance family lineup shines.

At this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, the 2023 Black Bomb was officially launched. Based on the genes of high value, high performance and high reliability, it realized "interior upgrade, power upgrade and intelligent safety upgrade", leading China to create a personalized pickup truck with higher quality, stronger performance and better experience.

23 black bullets are all-black with bright orange embellishment, which is full of fashion temperament. The interior is fully upgraded, with a large area of soft coating and veneto red, which is very advanced; Equipped with 12.3-inch Zhilian touch screen +7-inch color LCD instrument, laser carving process luminous decorative board, 50 watt wireless fast charging, full of science and technology.

The power of the new car is fully upgraded, equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine, and the maximum net power is increased to 160kW, and the maximum net torque is increased to 380 N m. With the help of Borgwarner part-time 4wd system and front and rear axle differential locks, it can cope with all kinds of extreme terrain calmly. In addition, the original factory of Black Bomb is equipped with K-MAN nitrogen off-road shock absorber, 12,000-pound winch, Bailuchi KO2 tire, wading throat and other fever-grade off-road equipment. The original factory comes with 2.5 tons of traction qualification to help users enjoy hard-core outdoor life.

The new car is fully upgraded in intelligence and safety. It is equipped with ESP body stabilization system, megapixel 540-degree viewing system, and new high-order intelligent driving assistance system, which covers ACC adaptive cruise, intelligent dodge, etc., and cooperates with high-strength body active and passive safety to bring all-round armor protection and ensure driving safety.

In addition to Shanhai Gun Performance Edition and 2023 Black Bomb two hard-core pickups, Great Wall Gun also brought a variety of full-performance family products on the same stage, showing the charm of pickups.

Join hands with the ultimate players to create mountain and sea culture

At this auto show, Great Wall Gun promoted the brand 2.0 strategy to continue to land with the comprehensive TO C service concept. Focusing on the concept of mountain and sea culture, Great Wall Gun constantly links people with interests such as off-road and refitting, creating a full-scene pickup truck life with users and exploring the ultimate life.

He Xudong, the top ten contemporary explorers in China, and Shao Haifeng, the founder of Cross-country Road, two extreme life players, appeared at the Great Wall Gun booth as special guests of Shanhai Culture Co-creation, bringing users the ultimate life story and unlocking the ultimate experience of infinite surprises; The five managers of Shanhaiying announced the follow-up plan for the co-creation of Shanhaiying culture, fully empowered users to cross mountains and seas, and injected new impetus into the pickup truck culture in China.

Standing under the glory of 500,000 sets, Great Wall Gun will continue to insist on category innovation and user co-creation, create high-value pickup products with technological innovation, and fight for the international mainstream brands in the global market, making China pickup trucks popular all over the world.

Tell the story of China with a documentary to make the image of China brighter.

In recent years, under the vigorous promotion of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television, documentaries reflecting the current progress in China have attracted increasing attention, and a multi-theme and three-dimensional documentary creation and dissemination pattern in China is taking shape.

Author: Zhang Yanli

Source: People’s Daily (abridged original)

Documentary creation and dissemination is an important part of strengthening international communication capacity building. For a long time, documentaries with authenticity as their essential features, because of their credibility, appeal and artistry, are easy to gain people’s understanding and recognition under different cultural backgrounds, and then become cultural and artistic carriers to tell the story of China well, spread the voice of China and show the true three-dimensional and comprehensive image of China.


In terms of subject matter, documentaries on natural science and technology, history and culture are favored in the international community. In recent years, under the vigorous promotion of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television, documentaries reflecting the current progress of China have attracted increasing attention, such as the theme of building a century-old party, building a well-off society in an all-round way, tackling poverty and fighting the epidemic. A multi-theme, three-dimensional China documentary creation and dissemination pattern is taking shape.

Pay attention to international expression, co-production and cooperation into common forms.

The international dissemination of documentaries includes two ways: promoting domestic documentaries to "go global" and strengthening international cooperation in co-broadcasting.


Since 2021, Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China and the State Administration of Radio and Television have jointly implemented the China Documentary Promotion and Support Project, which supports and rewards outstanding domestic documentaries that have achieved good international communication effects every quarter, accelerates the "going out" of domestic documentaries, tells the story of China to the world, spreads Chinese culture well, and shows a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China.

At present, some excellent domestic documentaries have brought international communication into their field of vision from the beginning of their creation. Qinghai Our National Park, which is directed by the State Administration of Radio and Television and focuses on the protection and construction of the first batch of national parks, pays attention to international expression. The documentary is broadcast on the international mainstream media platform and won the prize in the international documentary festival.

A series of documentaries "Remember Homesickness" organized by CCTV Chinese International Channel of the Central Radio and Television General Station launched an international edition, which refined the elements of Chinese excellent traditional culture and launched a new exploration of perceiving Chinese culture.

With the continuous updating of the concept of documentary international communication, appropriate international expressions have been used more effectively, and co-production and cooperative communication between China and foreign countries have become a common form of documentary "going out". The number of works created by this way of cooperation is increasing, the themes are increasingly rich, and the partners are increasingly diverse.


Producer of the State Council Information Office, the documentary "On Rice, Oil and Salt" about realizing a well-off society in an all-round way is broadcast simultaneously by domestic and foreign mainstream media platforms and market-oriented new media organizations by adopting the co-production and cooperative communication mechanism.

The documentary "The Great Poet Du Fu" filmed by CCTV in cooperation with the British media tells the story of China’s Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. The whole film is told by British historians in the process of pursuing Du Fu’s life footprint, and Du Fu is compared with Shakespeare and Dante, which are familiar to western audiences, so that foreign audiences can understand the story of Du Fu, a poet in China.

Through the cooperation between China and foreign countries, the story is told from the audience’s perspective, the contextual barriers are broken, and the common empathy points are found, which makes the story easier to understand and accept, and the works are easy to obtain better communication effects.

Pay attention to effect orientation, realize quality and efficiency improvement by internal and external linkage

After the normalization of co-production and cooperative communication between China and foreign countries, there are higher and higher requirements for further improving the ability level of cooperative communication, strengthening the effect orientation of cooperation, and continuously enhancing and optimizing the effectiveness of domestic and international communication of China documentaries.


The second season of the documentary "From Chang ‘an to Rome", which was planned by the Central Radio and Television General Station and co-produced by China and Italy, uses the parallel perspective of "A Tale of Two Cities" and short video to tell the story of past lives, two ancient capitals, blending and learning from different civilizations in a simple way, which is an example of cooperative communication of national TV media platforms. Directed by Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Foreign Promotion Bureau, the documentary "Return to the City of Thorn" takes the Oriental Travel Notes "The City of Light" written by Jacob D ‘Ancona as the lead, decoding the oriental color and influence of China’s marine civilization from a global perspective, and showing Quanzhou as a world cultural heritage to the world.

As the first English documentary showing the course of Wuhan’s fight against COVID-19 epidemic, China International Television, the general radio and television station of China Central, let netizens around the world know the real situation of China’s fight against COVID-19 epidemic in time.


Under the background of the rapid development of Internet industry and the deepening of media integration in China, documentaries have entered the "Internet Age". The network platform is not only a communication channel, but also an important emerging force to tell the story of China well with documentaries through highly market-oriented joint production, self-control and cooperation. Tencent video self-made series documentary "Flavor Origin" has won the favor of overseas streaming media platforms. The third part of this series, Flavor Origin Gansu, has been broadcast in more than 190 countries and regions around the world, providing a window for people all over the world to know and understand China culture.


"Borrowing the exhibition to the sea" is also an important channel for documentary international communication. By participating in international mainstream documentary festivals and exhibitions, we will take the opportunity of participating in the awards to attract potential partners. Excellent documentaries such as "Love in the Yangtze River" jointly produced by several provincial satellite TV stations along the Yangtze River under the guidance of the State Administration of Radio and Television and led by Shanghai Radio and Television Station have entered the international stage by participating in international mainstream documentary festivals and exhibitions.

Pay attention to humanistic care, and win the recognition of the people through emotional resonance.

Telling the story of a century-old party with a documentary has become a beautiful scenery for the documentary to spread abroad in 2021. The large-scale documentary feature film "Dare to Teach the Sun and Moon to Change the Sky" was carefully translated in a more acceptable way for the target audience. It was broadcast on six channels in five languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian, and on various new media platforms at the Central Radio and Television General Station. While strengthening the global expression, the program paid attention to regional and differentiated expression, and achieved good external communication effects.

The "Vitality Code" produced by China International Television, the Central Radio and Television General Station, shows the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s unswerving spirit in an international narrative voice, and vividly depicts the historical leap of China’s development. The documentary Return to the Red Flag Canal, co-produced by China Education Television and other units in conjunction with France, explores the era significance of the Red Flag Canal through the eyes of two travelers, and presents the era glory of the Communist Party of China (CPC) people’s spiritual pedigree. The documentary "Journey of the Brave" focuses on the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s great party-building spirit, tells the real experience of revisiting Jiajin Mountains, Wujiang and Qiongya with the help of guests, and vividly explains the great party-building spirit.


On the basis of real records, documentaries bear the presentation and construction of human emotions and values, and shoulder the aesthetic pursuit and humanistic care that film and television art should have. Documentary creation should establish a sense of community of human destiny, focusing not only on China’s theme and China’s story, but also on the common concerns of human society, so as to open the channel of emotional resonance with genuine dialogue, thus realizing value recognition and promoting the common feelings of the people.


The documentary "The Frozen Kingdom of Snow Leopard", initiated by the Central Radio and Television General Station and co-produced by several international teams, tells the story from an anthropomorphic perspective and endows the work with strong feelings and humanistic care. After the program was broadcast on the opening day of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, it attracted the attention of the international community and showed the natural beauty and cultural charm of China in winter to overseas audiences. The China News Agency of China Foreign Languages Bureau interprets the documentary "Approaching Daliangshan" produced by China Studio and Japanese documentary director Takeuchi Ryo, and tells the story of getting rid of poverty in Daliangshan based on a Japanese director’s personal travel experience in Daliangshan. After the film was launched in mainstream media at home and abroad, it touched many Chinese and foreign netizens.


The story of China told by documentary makes the lovely and respectable image of China brighter. Documentary creation has a broader vision, is closer to the times, tells a more peaceful tone, and pays more attention to touching people’s hearts with human empathy.

Editor | Rao Wenyuan Xu Lei

Ma Huailong’s busy year: Go to the Spring Festival Evening with special products, and help after returning! The New Year’s Eve dinner arranged with the old people was arranged after the Lantern Festiv

Sun Guidong, all-media reporter on the Peninsula, Jiang Kai, Mao Ziquan

  Bring Wang Gezhuang’s big steamed bread and other Qingdao specialties to the Spring Festival Evening, and CALL; Qingdao for extra points; During the rehearsal, the phone kept on, and every old man’s New Year’s Eve dinner was arranged. A family of three celebrated the New Year in three places respectively. After the Spring Festival Evening in anxious to return, the gifts bought for the elderly can no longer fit, and the dinner arranged with the elderly has been arranged after the Lantern Festival … As a representative of the most beautiful grass-roots police in China, Ma Huailong, a policeman from Xinglong Road Police Station, Shibei Branch of Qingdao Public Security Bureau, was invited to watch CCTV Spring Festival Evening. I am busy in the process of attending the Spring Festival Gala. What are your feelings at the Spring Festival Gala? On the eve of the Spring Festival, our reporter went to CCTV to participate in the Spring Festival Gala exclusively with the policeman Ma Huailong, and recorded the story in this different kind of Spring Festival.

Buy gifts for the elderly between cars.

Qingdao specialty "not enough points" and "dragon" big steamed bread are too bright

  On February 8, policeman Ma Huailong took a box full of Qingdao specialties and set foot on the train to Beijing. In his suitcase, he bought Wanggezhuang big steamed bread, Laoshan coke, Laoshan white snake grass water and green calcium milk biscuits in advance.

  Ma Huailong said that in the backstage of the rehearsal of CCTV Spring Festival Evening, there are guests and actors from all over the country. Bringing these Qingdao specialties for them to taste is also to promote our Qingdao characteristics.

  "It’s too popular, and there are staff members who come to the background to find these specialties." Ma Huailong said that the most eye-catching is Wanggezhuang Big Steamed Bread with the theme of year of the loong. People in many places have never seen such a big and creative steamed bread. Many guests came to ask about the production method, and they were full of praise after tasting it.

After coming back from the Spring Festival Evening, I will send gifts to help the people’s homes.

  Laoshan coke, white snake grass water and calcium milk biscuits were quickly eaten in the background of the rehearsal. Ma Huailong lamented that it is not enough to take a few more boxes. The key point is to let more people know about our Qingdao characteristics. At the same time, in the warm-up video before the official start of the Spring Festival Evening, CCTV also introduced Wang Gezhuang’s big steamed bread.

  "With the help of a big stage like CCTV, let more people know about Qingdao specialties," Ma Huailong said. Many people also came to ask for specific details and asked about the purchase.

Bo Huang and Lao Ma celebrate the New Year together, and the number of views in Weibo exceeds 10 million

  On the stage of this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Qingdao star Bo Huang is also highly anticipated by people all over the country. As early as before the Spring Festival Gala began, Bo Huang repeatedly forwarded reports about police officer Ma Huailong.

  This year’s China People’s Police Festival, Bo Huang wrote in his Weibo, "Like Ma Huailong, the most beautiful grass-roots policeman in Qingdao! Pay tribute to every people’s policeman and wish you a happy Police Day! "

  In the gap between rehearsals, Bo Huang also specially gave the old horse a surprise. Bo Huang deliberately found the old horse, and together they used Qingdao dialect to pay a New Year call to the people of the whole country. "Bo Huang is the star of Qingdao, and many people who help others are his die-hard fans," said Ma Huailong. After learning that he was going to participate in the Spring Festival Evening program, many old people asked Lao Ma to help Bo Huang find a photo instead of them.

  "Success helped them realize their wishes," said Ma Huailong, who also shared the good news with the people who helped them. And the video of two people paying New Year’s greetings together quickly became a hot topic in Weibo, and the number of views soon exceeded 10 million.

  Bo Huang sang "Pinyin" live in the Spring Festival Evening, singing the love between father and son. Ma Huailong said that after listening to this song, he actually felt deeply in his heart and sang it in his heart. It is also such a family relationship between him and helping the elderly. When listening to songs, many pictures with the old people come to mind.

A family of three is busy with their wives and daughters’ "happy reunion"

  Even if I attend the Spring Festival Evening, the old horse is most concerned about the elderly who need help in the community. During the follow-up visit, the old horse’s mobile phone almost never stopped. He told the volunteers and the old people in every detail, and told them not to burn the old people even when they cooked dumplings.

  During the Spring Festival, he was most concerned about helping the elderly eat dumplings. Under the influence of Ma Huailong, his wife and daughter have already joined the volunteer team. On the night of New Year’s Eve, my daughter went to a helping family to pack jiaozi with the elderly and watch the Spring Festival Gala. The wife is at home, and invites another helper to come home to have dinner together.

  Sacrifice little reunion, have a happy ending. Ma Huailong said that he has become a relative with the object of help, and even though his family of three is in different places, he still feels very warm in his heart.

  At the same time, he also carefully selected gifts for the old people. Towels for the rehearsal of the Spring Festival Evening and some mascots were carefully received in the suitcase and ready to be taken back to the elderly. "The red envelopes brought back in the Spring Festival Evening will be brought back, and some cash will be put in them to celebrate the New Year for the old people," Ma Huailong said. Although some old people didn’t say anything, they always thought about what gifts the old horse would bring back.

The gift for the old man can’t fit in the suitcase.

The gift for the old man can’t fit in the suitcase.

  When I returned to the hotel where I lived, the suitcase of the old horse was full of gifts except my own clothes. While waiting for the train in the morning, he saw that there was still half an hour before leaving the train. He hurried to the store of the railway station and bought some Beijing specialty products such as snacks.

  "These authentic products may not be eaten by the old people at ordinary times, so take them back and try them." Ma Huailong said that the old people in the community kept calling and asking when they would go home and wanted to have a reunion dinner together. In the eyes of the old man, he has been regarded as a relative. Although jiaozi has eaten, the old horse is not here, even if the year is not really over.

After returning, "non-stop" ran between helping the elderly.

  At 3: 10 pm on February 10th, Ma Huailong returned to Qingdao from Beijing after attending the Spring Festival Gala. When he went home and put down his luggage, Ma Huailong hurried to the home of Wang Zexie, a disabled old man living alone at No.1 Dasha Branch Road, because when he was in Beijing years ago, Ma Huailong learned that the old man was suddenly hospitalized due to illness, which made Ma Huailong worried at that time.

On the way back, I’m still sorting out the things that need attention to help the masses.

  "Aunt Wang, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you weren’t feeling well?" At 6 o’clock in the evening, Ma Huailong, who saw the old man Wang Zexie, asked some reproachfully. "Officer Ma, you are so busy attending the Spring Festival Gala. I’m sorry to trouble you. I just felt a little uncomfortable. I went to the hospital for observation for 2 days, and now it’s okay. " The old man Wang Zexie said with some apologies. "I am a community policeman. It is my job to take care of you. What’s embarrassing? If you don’t say it, it will make me more worried. You must tell me if you are unwell in the future." Ma Huailong said slowly. Wang Zexie, the old man, nodded and agreed like a child who did something wrong.

  Ma Huailong was relieved to see that the old man was in good health. He took out a red scarf and said with a smile, "I specially chose this for you from CCTV. I hope you will be prosperous and healthy in the future." The old man Wang Zexie took the scarf and immediately brought it up for himself. "Officer Ma has a good eye. This scarf looks good." The old man said to himself happily. Ma Huailong took out a "little dragon claw" from his bag and handed it to the old man, letting him pass through the dragon claw with his hand and hold it tightly. "This year is year of the loong, and we are grasping at the dragon’s claws and touching the dragon’s spirit." Ma Huailong said with a smile. Wang Zexie, an old man holding a "little dragon claw", was smiling. When Ma Huailong turned to take back the Beijing specialty, the old man quickly wiped his eyes and put away his happy tears …

  On the morning of the second day of February 11th, Ma Huailong rushed to the home of Wang Deting, a lonely old man, to pack jiaozi for the old man, accompany the old man to make up for the New Year’s Eve, and tell the old man about his participation in the Spring Festival Evening. In the afternoon, I went to Wei Ruiqing’s home, a disabled family, to have dinner with the elderly. "I go from house to house to eat with these old people every New Year. For so many years, the old people have also developed a habit. I always feel that I didn’t meet me during the New Year. This year is not counted. Therefore, during the Chinese New Year, I will try my best to find opportunities to meet, talk and have dinner with every old man. It usually starts from the 23 rd day of the twelfth lunar month and is arranged until the eighth day of the first month. " Ma Huailong smiled and explained to reporters.

After coming back from the Spring Festival Gala, I will send gifts to help the people to visit and eat jiaozi together.

After coming back from the Spring Festival Evening, I will send gifts to help the people’s homes.

  This year’s participation in CCTV Spring Festival Gala affected the plan to spend the New Year with the elderly. In order not to disappoint the old people, Ma Huailong arranged his first month to the brim. At noon on the third day, I accompanied Wang Tianen, an elderly person living alone, and visited Tian Xuchang and Xu Xiuhua, disabled couples, in the afternoon. In the middle of the fourth day, I lived in the home of Zangmei, a lonely old man, and Zhao Guiqing, a lonely old man at night; Zou Yingkuan, a solitary old man, Zhu Huaying, a centenarian, and Fu Guizhen, a widowed old man … In the first month, Ma Huailong shuttled through these old people’s homes just to let them feel warm during the Spring Festival.

An exclusive dialogue between peninsula reporters and old horse daughters:

I never understood it until I took the initiative to integrate. When I grew up, I became you.

  It is easier to be his colleague and the people in his jurisdiction than his daughter and wife; From morning till night, there seems to be endless phone calls, and I didn’t understand the need to pay extra money and time to help others when I was a child. When I grew up, I gradually realized the significance and value of these little things, and took the initiative to join the volunteer service team … 46 keys are the concern of the old policeman for helping the masses in his jurisdiction, and the spirit behind them has also become an example for his daughter Ma Qingqing to learn. Recently, the reporter talked to Ma Qingqing, who works as an auxiliary police officer in the airport branch of Qingdao Public Security Bureau, and listened to how the old horse and kind and simple family style were passed down in her daughter’s eyes.

Ma Qingqing

Never attended a parent-teacher conference. It’s easier to be a colleague and the people in the jurisdiction than to be a daughter.

  In 2008, Ma Huailong transferred from the army to the police station to become a community policeman. At that time, my daughter Ma Qingqing was in Grade One.

  In my daughter’s impression, my father is always very busy, leaving early and returning late every day.

  At the beginning, my daughter was also full of incomprehension. There is a parent-teacher conference at school, and my father has never been there once. When I was in high school, I went home on weekends and saw that other students were all picked up by my father. "My dad never took it once and probably didn’t even know where my classroom was," Ma Qingqing said, filled with envy at that time, wishing his father could spend more time with his family.

  I feel a little sick, because my mother is busy before and after, and my father is always busy and has no time to take care of it.

  Sometimes I really feel that it is much easier to be a father’s colleague, friend and the people in the jurisdiction than to be a wife and daughter. "In Ma Qingqing’s memory, the number of times her father took care of her illness was almost zero, and her mother was pestering for her growth, while the lonely old man in the jurisdiction was ill and hospitalized, while her father accompanied her bed and delivered meals.

  "I go to work early now, and he is earlier than me," Ma Qingqing said. My father usually goes out after 6 o’clock in the morning. Before going to work, he will go to the home of the old people who help him, and some people who are inconvenient to buy food will buy some food and send it there.

  Even when I got home, my father kept calling, and it was often several times before I could finish a meal.

  "Once my dad was having dinner at home and received a phone call saying that he had a problem with his mother," Ma Qingqing said. At that time, the other party asked police officer Ma if he could go to our house for a walk. My father immediately agreed, and after dinner, he quickly went to the residents’ home to mediate.

Helping the object’s smile warms people’s hearts and takes the initiative to join.

  However, when you get in touch with his work and help the family together, you will feel what a meaningful thing it is.

  At first, my father was too busy and would ask her to help. Ma Qingqing said that he just wanted to help share some manual labor. My father is too old to be so tired.

  With more and more activities, the more I can understand my father’s work, and I can appreciate the happiness and happiness gained from these helping work.

I fell asleep because I was too tired, and I was still holding my mobile phone in my hand to prepare for sorting things out.

I fell asleep because I was too tired.

  The first time I went to a grandfather’s house, I helped cook and clean together. Grandpa will sit next to his father and talk about trivial things as if he were chatting with his own son. At this moment, the old man didn’t realize that his father was a helping policeman.

  Ma Qingqing said that at that moment, she realized that her father’s job was not just to help others, but to really treat each other as relatives. It is a very lucky thing to be able to turn strangers into relatives and gain their recognition and trust at the same time. Later, I went to my grandmother’s house and regarded myself as my granddaughter.

  When they saw their father’s death, there was a smile on their faces. This kind of smile made her unforgettable for a long time and felt incomparable warmth and healing.

  Slowly, she helped passively from the beginning and began to take the initiative to help the elderly clean up with her father. During the Chinese New Year holiday, they went to help the family have a reunion dinner. Now, as long as I have time, I will follow my father to help the object’s home for a while and chat with them like friends, so I will feel very comfortable and have a sense of accomplishment.

Time is divided into 46 families and they still feel that they are not taken care of enough.

  "Although my dad has done a lot, sharing it with so many people will leave everyone with little time," Ma Qingqing said. In the process of helping, they all regard each other as family and can chat and talk together. However, sometimes there are regrets.

  Ma Qingqing said that a grandfather met in 2013 and passed away a few days ago. The grandfather went out to work when he was young and didn’t get married. After coming back, only the household registration is here, and there is no file or house. Later, my father managed to arrange public rental housing for him and visited him every year.

The gift for the old man can’t fit in the suitcase.

  I left a few days ago, because the child was still young, and my father didn’t let her go to the hospital. Later, when I mentioned it, I was very sad, like my grandfather who had known me for many years died suddenly.

  "I had something to go out that weekend, and on the way back, I suddenly cried when my nose was sour." Ma Qingqing said that his grandfather regarded his family as his closest relatives, and his photo with them was always in the most conspicuous position. They will visit whenever they have time. When the old man died, she regretted not visiting more.

  "It is in every accumulation that I slowly understand his work." Ma Qingqing said with red eyes that it is a fate for them to know these people at work.

Family tradition, daughter and son-in-law all join in

Ma Qingqing

  "Under the influence of my dad, I feel that it is a very happy thing to help others, rather than simply as a commuting job, hoping to gain something.

  Like working in an airport, I can get in touch with many travelers, especially those who come to Qingdao for the first time. Sometimes they can’t find a network car, and their mood will be very upset. She hopes to help them solve their problems, calm their emotions and contribute to the safe operation of the airport.

  Under the influence of their father, they also slowly joined the team. Now, her partner will help to look after the elderly when she has time.

  "My partner is more supportive of my father’s work than I am," Ma Qingqing said. He felt that this was a meaningful thing, and the whole family should support Qi Xin.

  At the same time, this spirit of helping others is a family style. She also hopes to bring her son in in the future, pass on this kind heart from generation to generation, and help more people together.

Knowing your father better after becoming an auxiliary police officer is an example to learn from.

  In 2021, Ma Qingqing became an auxiliary police officer in the Airport Public Security Bureau.

  In the eyes of colleagues, since joining the auxiliary police force, Ma Qingqing has been diligent, willing to learn, dedicated and responsible. Although I am an office worker, I often go to the duty room to help, and my professionalism is relatively high.

  Previously, a child was lost at the airport. After receiving the alarm, she immediately helped to find the monitoring and helped her colleagues find the trace of the child in less than half an hour.

  Usually, the back office work is busy and always handled in a clear way.

  However, it was not until a few days ago that everyone knew that Ma Huailong was going to watch the Spring Festival Gala that colleagues discovered their father-daughter relationship from some video clips.

  Ma Qingqing himself has joined the public security team now, and his father has a great influence on himself. First of all, the execution is very strong. When the old man encounters any difficulties, he never hesitates and will solve them now.

  Secondly, I am very patient at work. Sometimes helping people with all kinds of things, all kinds of processes are complicated, but he solves them patiently. I have never felt that this is very troublesome and difficult, and I have always faced difficulties.

  "These are all worth learning," said Ma Qingqing, who is now engaged in the back office work of the police station, and things are rather complicated. From her father, she learned to be patient and meticulous, to do everything one by one, and not to give up easily.

  Since last year, she has participated in 12 Golden Shield volunteer service activities carried out by the police station, sent more than 300 leaflets to merchants, and served more than 600 merchants, and the number of passengers who have helped is even more difficult to count.


Shanghai Sports Lottery issued a notice of closing for the Spring Festival holiday.

Recently, Shanghai Sports Lottery issued a notice of suspension during the Spring Festival. According to the notice, according to the Announcement of the Ministry of Finance on the Arrangements for the Closing of the Lottery Market in 2024 (Announcement No.73 of the Ministry of Finance in 2023), the closing time of the sports lottery in the Spring Festival of 2024 is from 0: 00 on February 8 to 24: 00 on February 17. During the closing period, except for instant lottery tickets, the sales, lottery and redemption of other lottery games in the country will be stopped.

The national networking lottery and digital games of sports lottery stopped selling at 0: 00 on February 8, 2024, and resumed selling at 0: 00 on February 18; The arrangement of quiz sessions, opening time, closing time and drawing time of traditional sports lottery football games shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant quiz sessions announced by the Lottery Center of the General Administration of Sports. The sales of national online single quiz football games and basketball games stopped at 22: 00 on February 7 and resumed at 11: 00 on February 18. The specific matters are subject to the announcement of SMG.

It is worth noting that the manual service of Shanghai 95086 Sports Lottery Customer Service Hotline Platform was suspended during the closing period and resumed at 9: 00 on February 18th.

In terms of redemption, during the closing period from February 8 to February 17, all sports lottery stores in Shanghai stopped paying small prizes of less than 20,000 yuan (including 20,000 yuan) for computer-based lottery tickets, and resumed redemption on February 18. The redemption time of CCB grand prize is from February 8 to February 17, when the market is closed, the redemption of grand prize will be suspended, and the redemption will be resumed from February 18.

In order to protect the rights and interests of lottery buyers, if the last day of the redemption period of various games falls during the Spring Festival holiday, the deadline for redemption will be postponed to the first day after the holiday (February 18); If the game redemption period includes 10 days (including February 17th) during the Spring Festival holiday, the deadline for redemption will be extended by 2 days. (From January 30th, China Sports Daily, 08 edition) 

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Exercise and no exercise, the original difference is so big!

Academician Zhong Nanshan said in the online open class: Since he was young, he has always insisted on physical exercise, taking physical exercise as a part of his life like eating and sleeping, so that he can undertake his daily work normally, and the growth of his age is only a number.

The picture comes from the National Healthy Lifestyle Action.

Is there really such a big difference between exercising and not exercising?


Long-term exercise leads to slow aging.

A mouse study conducted in 2020 found that aerobic exercise improved the muscle repair ability of old mice and improved muscle stem cells. The study published in Nature Metabolism mentioned that the exercised mice did not produce more muscle stem cells, but the "old cells" recovered their vitality. In this way, exercise is the most reliable way of "reverse growth".


Exercise can fight against vascular aging

Studies have found that running for six months can make blood vessels 4 years younger. This foreign study has trained people who have no previous running experience for six months and participated in the marathon. After such a process, it was found that six months of exercise significantly reduced their blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, which was equivalent to aging blood vessels.


Exercise "brakes" skin aging.

It is said that exercise is the best skin care product. Domestic studies have found that exercise can promote microcirculation and increase the ability of skin to inhale oxygen. At the same time, with the secretion of sweat during exercise, it will help the waste in the skin to be discharged, which can clean the skin and make the skin smoother.


Long-term exercise can slow down muscle loss.

In the research progress of muscle attenuation syndrome published in the international journal of gerontology in 2012, it is mentioned that after 30 years old, muscles lose 1% ~ 5% every year; After the age of 60, the muscle strength decreases by 3 ~ 5% every year; After 70 years old, the muscle strength of elderly women will drop by 50%~70%. The loss of 30% muscle will affect normal function, and the loss of 40% will be life-threatening. Muscles decrease with age, but exercise can delay this process.


Exercise can slow down heart and lung aging.

Breathless climbing stairs? It’s time to add some exercises to improve heart and lung function. Cardiopulmonary endurance is a person’s ability to continue physical activities. A lot of aerobic exercise can help us exercise cardiopulmonary function and slow down cardiopulmonary aging. The easiest exercise: brisk walking, jogging, cycling and so on.


People who exercise will be in a better mood

A study published in The Lancet Psychiatry found that the average person always has a few unhappy days every month, and those who actively exercise have 1.5 fewer depressed days than those who don’t participate in any exercise. It can be seen that exercise is good for people with mild depression and a history of depression, and depressed days are much less.


It’s better to keep exercising and sleeping.

For people who often suffer from insomnia, exercise is one of the effective ways to regulate sleep. Insomnia people can play a certain role in regulating the excitement and inhibition of the nervous system if they take physical exercise for a period of time, and establish a good cycle for sleep.


People who exercise are less sick.

Most people still stay in exercise to lose weight. In fact, when the weight is controlled, it will promote the regulation of blood pressure and blood lipid, so as to better control diabetes, improve physical condition and reduce the probability of disease.


Exercise makes people digest well.

It feels comfortable to take a walk after dinner. This is because exercise shortens the time of intestinal transmission, is conducive to defecation, and also helps to promote digestion and absorption. Sticking to long-term regular exercise is more beneficial to digestion. For example, when walking, our internal organs tremble slightly, and the diaphragm will move up and down during breathing, which will massage the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion and absorption.


It is better to insist on exercising bones.

Does exercise harm bone health? Improper exercise will affect bone health, but proper exercise will also stimulate the secretion of cytokines and mobilize bone reconstruction units. Especially in sports, under the proper stress, the bones are deformed, and the "bone reconstruction project" of the body begins to start!


Exercise makes people smarter.

Studies have found that even low-intensity exercise can have a significant impact on expanding brain capacity and delaying brain aging. Compared with those who walk less than 5,000 steps a day, it reaches 5,000 ~ 7,499 steps, 7,500 ~ 9,999 steps, 10,000 steps or more, which is equivalent to delaying brain aging for 0.45 years, 1.45 years and 1.75 years respectively.

The text is synthesized from Health Times.


Transfer from: Healthy Yunnan Action

Source: Traffic Police Brigade of Wenshan Public Security Bureau