Urumqi Volvo XC60 new energy is on sale! The maximum discount is 140 thousand, and the quantity is limited

Recently, car home Urumqi preferential promotion channel has brought you a wave of good benefits! Now, the price reduction promotion is being carried out in Urumqi, with the highest discount as high as 140,000 and the lowest starting price of 390,900. If you are interested in this luxury SUV, you may wish to click "Check the price of the car" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. As a hybrid vehicle, Volvo XC60 New Energy has a good performance in terms of power and energy saving, and has a luxurious and comfortable driving experience, which is worthy of attention. Act quickly and seize this preferential opportunity!


Volvo XC60 New Energy is a luxury medium-sized SUV, and its design is highly recognizable. The front face adopts a unique Volvo family-style design, and a large area of chrome-plated decorative strips makes the whole car look more exquisite. The air intake grille is hexagonal in design, and the interior is decorated with transverse decorative strips, which are integrated with the "T"-shaped daytime running lights on both sides to make the whole front look wider. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, highlighting Volvo’s consistent Nordic style. The side of the car body uses smooth lines to outline the slender outline of the car body, while the luggage rack on the roof and chrome trim above the window also increase the fashion sense of the car. The tail design adopts Volvo’s family-style "L"-shaped taillights, which are matched with two exhaust pipes on both sides, showing the sporty atmosphere of XC60 new energy. Generally speaking, the design of Volvo XC60 new energy not only keeps Volvo’s simple atmosphere, but also incorporates fashion elements, showing the style of luxury medium-sized SUV.


Volvo XC60 New Energy has a body size of 4708*1902*1656 mm, a wheelbase of 2865 mm, a front tread of 1649 mm and a rear tread of 1653 mm.. The body lines are smooth, the overall shape is fashionable and atmospheric, the front face design is simple and exquisite, and the side lines of the body are simple and smooth, showing a beautiful curve and a strong sense of lines. Tyre size is 255/45 R20, and the rim style is exquisite, which complements the car body. The overall design is exquisite and elegant, showing the consistent low-key luxury style of Volvo brand.


The interior design of Volvo XC60 New Energy is simple and fashionable, made of high-quality materials, creating a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The steering wheel is made of genuine leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them best. The 9-inch central control screen has a moderate size and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can easily operate multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces, and the front row also has the function of wireless charging of mobile phones, which is convenient and practical. The seat is made of leather, and the main and co-pilot seats support front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment, leg rest adjustment and lumbar support, so that both drivers and passengers can get the best comfort experience. In addition, the front seats also have heating function, and the co-pilot seat and the driver’s seat also have electric seat memory function, which is convenient for different drivers to use. The rear seats are laid down in proportion, which can be adjusted flexibly as needed to increase storage space. In a word, the interior design and configuration of Volvo XC60 New Energy are very humanized, providing a comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.


Volvo XC60 New Energy is equipped with a 2.0T 310 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 228 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. Equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, it can provide a smooth shift experience and efficient power output. This engine not only has strong power performance, but also has excellent fuel economy, which can meet the dual needs of drivers for driving performance and energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the engine of Volvo XC60 New Energy also adopts advanced technology and design, which makes it perform well in noise and vibration and bring drivers a more comfortable driving experience.

In the design of Volvo XC60 new energy, we can see the family-style big mouth grille, the LED headlights of Raytheon Hammer and Viking Axe, which undoubtedly add a lot of beauty to the vehicle. As the owner of car home said, the design of this model is tough and unforgettable. The design of Viking Axe is inspired by the ancient Nordic mythology. Incorporating it into the design of headlights not only enhances the recognition of vehicles, but also makes the whole front face more refined. The hammer of Raytheon is more domineering, making the vehicle more eye-catching when driving. The integration of these design elements not only makes Volvo XC60 new energy unique in appearance, but also shows the unique temperament of the brand. Whether on urban roads or mountain roads, Volvo XC60 new energy can become a beautiful landscape in people’s eyes.

World Taekwondo Federation Team World Cup Finals, China mixed team team went straight to the Paris Olympics.

On December 19th, the finals of the 2023 World Taekwondo Team World Cup Championship officially started in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, with nine teams including China. After a day of fierce competition, China won the championship, Uzbekistan won the runner-up, and Brazil and Daejeon City Hall won the third place. As this competition is a straight-through qualification trial for the mixed team exhibition of the Paris Olympic Games, according to the pre-competition regulations, the champion China and the runner-up Uzbekistan took the lead in locking in the qualification for the mixed team exhibition of Taekwondo in the Paris Olympic Games. The two third-place teams were judged according to the total score advantage of the audience, and Brazil won the last place to go straight to Paris.
The World Taekwondo Team World Cup Championship is an event founded in Wuxi, and the World Taekwondo Federation will settle in Wuxi for the annual World Cup finals. The rules and competition system of mixed team events have also been explored and shaped in this event. At present, Taekwondo mixed team events have been an Olympic performance event for two consecutive years (Tokyo and Paris), and have become an official event in the Asian Games and Youth Olympic Games. At this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, China won the championship of this event.
China team sent Jay Song, Zhou Zeqi, Xing Jiani, Cui Yang, Xiang Qizhang and Meng Mingkuan to participate in this tournament. According to the rules of mixed team competition, athletes can only be composed of two men and two women in each competition. Two women generals, Jay Song and Zhou Zeqi, and two men, Cui Yang and Meng Mingkuan, will form the final team against Uzbekistan. According to the principle of male before female, from light to heavy, the four athletes were numbered from 1 to 4 respectively.
The game is divided into three games. The first game lasts for 4 minutes, and the traditional team competition form is adopted. Athletes should compete with athletes of the same number from the other side in the order of light to heavy, and each pair of competitions lasts for 1 minute. The last two games are 3 minutes each. The competition is played in the form of free rotation confrontation. In the battle, the sexes of the athletes of both sides should match. There is no limit to the number of substitutions, but before proposing a replacement, one’s own player should play for at least 15 seconds.
In the first game, Jay Song, who took the lead in the game, scored points in a row, helping the China team to start at 9:0. However, Uzbekistan, with good strength, continued to chase after points, and once overtook at 14:10. Cui Yang scored a precious 3 points at the last moment of his game, followed by Meng Mingkuan, and China led at 16:14 in the first game. In the second game, the two teams played very closely, and the score was alternately ahead. The two games were tied to 20.
After the third game was tied at 24, the China team made a sudden effort, and several players performed extremely well, scoring 11 points in a row to lay the foundation for victory. In the end, China won the championship with 36:30. After the game, Zhou Zeqi said that the game could be won mainly by uniting with everyone and implementing the tactics arranged by the coach. Meng Mingkuan, who participated in the team competition for the first time, said that his task was not to let the other team score. "The performance was ok." Finally, according to the cumulative scores obtained by the two teams in the third game, the outcome was judged.
From December 13th, the 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Championship Series, the 2023 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Series and the 2023 World Taekwondo Team World Cup Championship Finals were held one after another. The three important international competitions are all through cards for the Paris Olympic Games. Among them, the first two competitions produce eight through qualifications for individual taekwondo events and the latter one produces three through qualifications for mixed team events. A total of five competition days, in Wuxi Economic Development Zone, a blessed place, the China team got a full harvest, including the through cards for men’s 68kg class, women’s 57kg class, 67kg class and over 67kg class, and obtained a through Olympic quota for a mixed team Olympic exhibition.
Seize the opportunity, take the tournament as an opportunity, and rely on the World Taekwondo (Wuxi) Center, Wuxi will further improve the operation mode of the whole industry chain of Taekwondo, promote the further flourishing of Taekwondo in China, and actively contribute to the development of global Taekwondo.
Source: China Daily.

It’s enough to read this article, which is a quick cheat sheet for World Cup fans.

At 0: 00 Beijing time on November 21st, 2022, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will officially kick off in 2022. As a large-scale sports event in the world every four years, the World Cup always attracts many people’s attention.

However, most netizens may not always pay attention to football matches, watching people around them talk about the World Cup in full swing, but they don’t know how to join the topic. What should I do? Don’t panic,CCTV News World Cup series feature "Come and watch the ball! 》Take you for 10 minutes to learn something about football.

A few things you need to know about football and the World Cup.

one There are 11 players from each side in the football match, and these 11 players also bear different responsibilities. The goalkeeper is mainly responsible for guarding the goal; The defender is mainly responsible for the team’s defense; The midfielder is mainly responsible for organizing and dispatching, intercepting the ball and making offensive; The striker is mainly responsible for attacking the city and pulling out the village for the team.

2 The regular time of a football match is 90 minutes, and the first half is 45 minutes each.

three If the two sides are tied in the regular time and the winner must be decided, it will take 30 minutes of overtime.

four After the overtime, if the two sides are still tied, a penalty shootout is needed. The players on both sides decided the outcome of the game by shooting penalties at each other.

△ Penalty shootout-one of the most exciting links in football match

five In FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, each team can change five players in a game at regular time. In the knockout stage, if you enter overtime, each team can get an extra substitution quota.

six However, the replaced players can no longer play, which is different from basketball and volleyball. So, if you see a player playing badly, don’t angrily accuse him: "Why don’t someone else go up quickly?" After all, substitution is a technical job, and the head coach of the team may be more worried than you.

seven There are no players such as Ronaldinho, Kaka, Beckham and Rooney in this World Cup. They used to be the stars of the shining World Cup, but now they have hung up their boots and retired.

eight There are no Jordan, James, Curry and Durant on the American team. They are all basketball players. Don’t confuse them.

nine There are no clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Bayern in the World Cup. Players only represent the associations of their countries or regions.

10 In addition to Italy’s regret, teams familiar to everyone, such as Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Spain and England, all came to Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Mbappé are not absent. The group list of the World Cup finals is listed by Xiaobian for you:

Do you still use "staying up late to explode your liver" in this World Cup?

A bad news and a good news.The bad news is that there are still many wonderful games in this World Cup that kick off at 3:00 am Beijing time. The strong dialogue in the group stage (for example, Spain VS Germany) and almost half of the competitions in the knockout stage are arranged at this time. The good news is that the kick-off time of the final is 23: 00 on December 18th, Beijing time, and the finish time is about 1: 00 on December 19th. In this final, you don’t need to set an alarm clock at two or three o’clock at night to watch the whole game with sleepiness.

I wonder which one to watch. Xiaobian helps you with your ideas.

France is the defending champion of the World Cup, with many stars, while Denmark ranks 10th in the world. In last year’s European Cup, it also reached the top four, with strong strength. It is worth mentioning that in the last three encounters between the two sides, the Danish team remained unbeaten against France with 2 wins and 1 draw. This game is a strong dialogue worth looking forward to.

Two traditional strong teams, both of which have won the World Cup, will stage a "Mars hit the earth"-like confrontation in the group stage. Although the two teams are close in world ranking and paper strength, Spain beat Germany 6-0 in the last European League match. In this World Cup, there is no shortage of highlights in the contest between the two teams.

Both teams are led by the world’s top strikers. Who can lead the team to victory, lewandowski of the Polish team or Messi of the Argentine team, deserves attention.

In the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, the two teams competed for qualifying in the final round of the group stage. In that game, two players of Portugal were sent off by red cards, while South Korea scored a goal in the dominant position, which knocked Portugal out of the group. Now, 20 years later, what will be the result of the second match between the two sides in the history of the World Cup? The game is worth watching.

For many people, when watching a football match, if you don’t know any of the 22 players on the field, you may be sleepy before you see half of the 90-minute game. How to choose when you don’t watch the ball and face 32 strange teams and players?

If you only know Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo …

For those who rarely watch football and only know Ronaldo and Messi when it comes to football, choose to watch.Portugal, ArgentinaThe match between the two teams is a good choice. Of course, in addition to these two core players, the two teams also have many world-class stars in other positions.

Portugal has a luxurious lineup, with midfielder Fernandez and defender Diaz having great strength in their respective positions. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, has not been in a satisfactory state recently. This World Cup is also the last chance for the star who has been playing for Portugal for nearly 20 years to realize his dream of winning the World Cup.

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo, this tournament is also likely to be the 35-year-old Messi’s last World Cup. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi has been in relatively good shape recently. In addition to Messi, lautaro Martinez is a stable attack point for Argentina, while Romero and other players can provide Argentina with defense protection.

If you are keen on enjoying the feeling of victory …

Brazil and France, the two favourites to win the World Cup, can pay attention.

Brazil has a team that can hit the championship. In many positions, there are excellent players in the team, even substitutes, who can reach world-class standards. The only fly in the ointment is the position of full-back, and the relatively short talent pool may become Brazil’s weakness.

The French team has the world’s top player Mbappé, the young midfield star Chuameni, and the defensive line with a talent blowout. However, the football match has never been a competition of paper strength. In this year’s European League, France lost to Denmark twice, and it is hard to win in the face of Croatia. The strength of the players in the French team can be said to be the top 32, but how to arrange a suitable starting lineup and let the players exert their greatest strength is also a problem that coach Deschamps needs to consider.

If you want to chase an unpopular team …

If you don’t like conformity, then Xiaobian recommends it to you.Senegal, DenmarkTwo teams that are expected to make great achievements in this World Cup.

Senegalese, the African champion, has world-class stars such as coulibaly and Eduardo Mendi in the team, and the team members basically play in the five major leagues in Europe, so their strength cannot be underestimated. The withdrawal of the top star, Mane, due to injury will affect the strength of the team to some extent, but in the group stage, Senegal still has strong competitiveness.

Denmark ranks 10th in the FIFA world rankings. In last year’s European Cup, the team reached the top four without Eriksson, the core of the team. Today, Eriksson has recovered from injury, and players such as Heibel are in the prime of their careers, which makes Denmark a team worth looking forward to in this tournament.

If you pay more attention to face value …

For fans who are concerned about players’ face value, Xiaobian recommends several "drop-dead gorgeous" in their respective teams.

Of course, the judgment of face value varies from person to person. In the one-month competition, I believe you will also find your own football star.

As a true fan, if you see beautiful passes and goals, you can only say "this ball is awesome!" " It would be unprofessional. Xiaobian has prepared a set of necessary terms for you to watch the ball, turning the commentator’s "heavenly book" into an easy-to-understand language and chatting happily with friends.


In a game, we often hear commentators mention 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2 and other formations. In most cases, the number at the top of the formation name represents the number of guards, the number at the bottom represents the number of strikers, and the number in the middle is the number of midfielders, excluding the goalkeeper. As shown in the figure below

According to the team’s staffing, tactics and opponents’ situation, the head coach may arrange various formations. "Changing the array" can often become a magic weapon for a team to defeat the enemy.

"Forbidden area", bottom line and sideline

Look at the picture ↓↓↓↓


The defender kicked (touched) the ball out of his own baseline and the attacker got a corner kick.

△ Corner kick should be taken from a specific corner kick area (data map)

penalty kick

The defender fouls or intentionally handballs in his own restricted area, and the attacker gets a penalty.

wave of the world

It means a wonderful goal. If you see a shocking and unforgettable goal in the game, you can say, "This is a world wave!" "

"Score twice", "hat trick" and "Big Four Happiness"

A player who scores two goals in a game is called "scoring twice", scoring three goals is called "hat trick" and scoring four goals is called "big four happiness".

own goal

Our players kick (throw) the ball into their own goal to help their opponents score.

△ There is no doubt that this is indeed an own goal that has appeared in the official competition.


Video Assistant Referee (video assistant referee). Through video playback technology, they help the referee to correct mistakes and omissions and improve the accuracy of the penalty.

△ In the last World Cup, VAR already appeared in the competition.

yellow card

When a player commits a relatively serious foul, the referee will show a yellow card to warn him. Some commentators also call it the "Golden God of War Card".

red card

If a player commits a serious foul or gets two yellow cards in total, the referee will show a red card. Players who get a red card must leave the stadium, which some commentators also call "the Ruby God of War Card".


Offside is one of the most complicated rules in football. To put it simply, the commentator said that the ball was offside, so nine times out of ten it was offside …

Seeing this, you must have known something about football and this World Cup. Tomorrow at 0: 00 am, prepare fried chicken for drinks, or put a hot pot on the shelf, and watch and talk about the ball together!

Source of this article: CCTV News WeChat WeChat official account

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I’ll give you all the technical points of badminton entry!

Little friends who can’t play badminton or those who can’t play badminton around, forward them at will, pick up the racket quickly, and learn how to get started badminton correctly with Xiaobian!

Grip mode

To learn badminton, of course, we should start with the racket. Without weapons, how can we "fight"!

Forehand grip: The tiger’s mouth faces the small edge of the narrow face of the racket handle, and the thumb and forefinger are attached to the two wide faces of the racket handle. The forefinger and middle finger are slightly separated, and the middle finger, ring finger and little finger are close together to hold the racket handle, and the palms are not close together. The end of the racket handle is flat with the thenar muscle near the wrist, and the racket face is basically vertical to the ground.

Backhand grip: On the basis of forehand grip, the thumb and forefinger turn the grip slightly outward, with the thumb vertex on the wide surface or the inner edge of the grip, the middle finger, ring finger and little finger close together to hold the grip, and the grip end is close to the root of the little finger, leaving a gap in the palm. The racket leans to the left of the body, and the racket face leans back later.

Serve technique

After learning the grip, let’s see how to serve. A good serve is the premise of winning, because a bad serve will directly make you miss the opponent’s return.

Serve techniques can be divided into forehand and backhand techniques. Generally speaking, forehand serve can be used for serve before serve, serve flat, serve flat high, serve flat and serve before serve net.

Serve a high ball: The so-called high ball is to serve the ball high and far, so that the ball flies above the opponent’s backcourt. The flight path of the ball forms an angle with the ground, which is greater than 45 degrees, so that the ball falls vertically near the bottom line of the opponent’s court.

Forehand serve: The forehand serve is to serve the ball near the foreserve line in the opponent’s service area. When the racket touches the ball, it hits the ball obliquely from right to left, so that the ball just crosses the net and falls near the opponent’s foreserve line.

Backhand low serve: Backhand serve is characterized by fast serve speed and tricky landing. In particular, if the skill is mastered, try to hit the ball against the net when serving, fast, low, far and wide, that is, it falls near the boundary, leaving the opponent helpless. When hitting the ball, the racket face forms a small inclination angle (acute angle) with the badminton, which is just the opposite of the flat high ball, so that the ball hit is a low flat ball with faster speed.

Power technology

When it comes to badminton technology, we have to talk about the core "power" technology. If you want to crush an egg with your hand, you should use the strength of your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, not the strength of your whole hand. In the same way, for badminton, if you hold the racket tightly and use the strength of the whole palm to hit the badminton, it will be difficult to control the ball delicately and make the force concentrate on one point.


Before playing ball, the body must relax and be in a state of readiness. In this relaxation, the most important thing is to relax the wrist, then the fingers will naturally relax, the racket will not be tightly held, and the swing action will not be stiff. In addition to the relaxation of the wrist, the waist and legs should be relaxed, and it is difficult to make strength when it is tightened. The body should also relax, so that the swing action can be achieved. Remember, the subtle differences in grip will also affect the force and swing speed.

Accelerated swing

The swing action must be a sudden action, and the swing process is an accelerated swing process, which must be explosive. The faster you swing out, the greater the impact on the ball. The process of playing the ball should be calm, the action should have a sense of rhythm, and the moment of hitting the ball suddenly accelerates.

Wrist flashing

This is the essence of badminton action, and it is also the most critical part of exerting strength. The so-called "flashing wrist" means that after throwing it out like a whip, the wrist should suddenly stop, instead of continuing to swing in the direction of the swing. This pause will make the initial speed of the ball extremely fast, but after passing the opponent, it will slow down and fall without going out of bounds.

As long as you can master these three points, you can play a quality ball even if the pace is not in place, the swing is not sufficient, the hitting point is not high enough, and so on.

Ball killing technique

Killing the ball is one of the most offensive ways in badminton, which includes jumping, forehand and backhand. When killing the ball, there should be light and heavy, slow and urgent.

Jump kill: the location of the jump kill is about three-quarters of the site. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, your body at a 45-degree angle with the net, and your grip foot back. When preparing to jump, you should move backwards. After jumping up, the racket has its head raised above its head, and the racket is held in the forehand to hit the ball quickly and forcefully.

Forehand kill: generally, you should stand back, but don’t exceed the back sideline, sideways to the net, with your feet shoulder-width apart, your right arm bent upward to spread your chest and your left arm straight to keep your body balanced. Hit the ball simply and quickly. When killing the ball on the top of your head, lean back and contract your abdominal muscles to balance your body and return quickly.

Backhand killing: Choose the backhand killing position to be three-quarters of the court. When you are ready to hit the ball, turn your body to the left from the middle of the court, and turn your shoulders at the same time so that your elbow points downwards. Take the racket arm on the right side to make a good stroke, and swing your left arm backwards to keep your body balanced. When killing the ball reversely, turn your body to the right, push down the ground to increase your strength, shrink your back at the same time, turn your upper body and shoulders, turn your elbow upside down, and then stretch your elbow and forearm to hit the ball quickly. If you want to kill a straight ball, your shoulders should point to the center line at the moment of hitting the ball. After hitting the ball, quickly reverse your body and prepare for defense.

In badminton, the combination of killing the ball and controlling before the net will produce greater effect. It feels good to kill your opponent with one beat, but never think about killing your opponent with one beat. You should regard killing the ball as a means to attack your opponent and create better opportunities.

If you want to practice killing the ball well, you must first keep up with your wrist strength.

The position of the force should be correct, and it depends on the strength of the wrist "shaking" and "throwing".

You can find a rope to tie the ball to a high place and practice fixed click and smash. Experience the point of grabbing when killing the ball, and the point of shooting should be before the center of gravity.

Adjustment of landing point of killing ball

Try to straighten your arm to kill the ball, and the hitting point is slightly ahead, which can help you to exert enough force and make the angle sharper. Try to take off and kill the ball if possible, so that the hitting point is higher and the psychological threat to the opponent is greater.

Kill the ball with variety.

More changes make it easier to score goals without blindly pursuing the speed of killing the ball. Try not to kill if the opponent returns the ball in place.

Be good at finding each other’s killing habits.  

For an opponent who likes to catch and kill with his right hand all the time, he often subconsciously gives up a position to the left before catching and killing. At this time, it is necessary to kill the ball in advance and directly kill it under his left shoulder, which can be exactly what he wants.

Ball picking technique

Pick the ball must be in place, so that defense can achieve "twice the result with half the effort." So what should we do?

Forehand pick: Hold the racket in the forehand and hold it on your chest. Take a big step forward with your right foot, backward with your left foot, sideways with your center of gravity on your right foot. At the same time, the right arm swings backwards, naturally stretching the wrist to make the racket pull back. Then, take the elbow joint as the axis, bend your arm and rotate inward, hold the racket tightly, and hit the ball forward and upward with the strength of your index finger and wrist.

Backhand pick: Hold the racket on your chest with your backhand. Take a big step forward to the left with your right foot, and focus on your right foot. At the same time, the right shoulder is facing the net, and the elbow is flexed to lead the racket to the left shoulder. Then, with the elbow as the axis, hold the racket warp from bottom to top, press the wide surface of the racket handle with the first knuckle of the thumb, and hit the ball hard.

(Source: Badminton Teaching)