Increasing the supply of medical services in various places to alleviate the pressure of seeing a doctor for respiratory diseases.

Cctv news(News Network): Recently, the epidemic periods of respiratory diseases in winter have overlapped in many parts of the country, and the demand for medical treatment of urban and rural residents, especially children, has increased significantly. The National Health and Wellness Commission has deployed various medical institutions at all levels to make overall arrangements for medical resources to facilitate people to seek medical treatment.

Since the beginning of winter, all localities have continuously increased the supply of medical services, improved service processes, and met the medical needs of the masses to the greatest extent. In Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other areas where medical resources are relatively concentrated, daily monitoring is carried out on the data of patients’ diagnosis and treatment within their jurisdiction. Major hospitals have increased consultation rooms, infusion places and patient rest areas, increased inspection windows, shortened the time for reporting medical images, and improved the efficiency of medical treatment. Major hospitals should mobilize qualified medical staff in the whole hospital to support the front line of pediatrics, extend the working hours of outpatient clinics and set up night clinics as needed.

In order to alleviate the problem of difficulty in registration and slow treatment in some large hospitals, all localities have given full play to the role of primary medical and health institutions, and timely released the list of primary medical and health institutions that can provide pediatric services within their jurisdiction, so as to facilitate the people to seek medical treatment in an orderly manner nearby. Dahongmen Community Health Service Center in Fengtai District, Beijing implements fast appointment triage, and children with fever, cough and other symptoms can first issue a laboratory test sheet, and then see a doctor after the results are issued.

In addition to further expanding medical strength, all localities have played the role of close urban medical associations, counterpart support and referral mechanisms, unblocked referral channels, and guided mild children to give priority to primary medical and health institutions.

The departments of health, education and civil affairs in Chongqing, Fujian and Jiangxi have joined forces to strengthen the prevention and control of respiratory diseases in key groups and places such as old-age care institutions and schools.

Source: CCTV